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Sunny leone hot xxx sani lewan
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Accidental Island Incest Joe snapped awake and saw a blue cloudless sky above him. He slowly sat up with a groan and saw nothing but blue ocean and sand. "Where the hell?." And then he remembered. He was going on a boat trip for the day, it stared out fun but just as they were about to turn back. A massive storm picked up. It happened too fast for the captain to correct their course and keep them straight and they were knocked around for miles. Everyone was holding on for dear life and struggling to put on their life vests when a schoolgirl emily kae wants a big cock wave washed over the deck and knocked everyone over.

He remembered struggling to the surface and looking frantically for his mother when he blacked out. "Mom." He remembered and got to his feet quickly and looked around. "Mom!" He called out down the beach. "Joey?" He heard a faint voice call and he saw a black spec a few hundred metres away.

"Mom?" He called and started sprinting over the hot sand. He closed the distance in about a minute and practically tackled his mom when he got to her. "Mom, are you okay?" He asked as he felt his bare skin on her top. This made him realise that he was no longer wearing a shirt, it must have gotten taken off in the rip, he thought.

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"I'm fine, Joey, are you?" "I think so." "That's good. Now, where the hell are we?" "I don't know, some island I guess, it doesn't look like anyone else is here." They decided the best thing to do was walk around the beach to see if they could find anyone else or possible shelter options.

Every time they found a piece of wreckage, he mother would bend over to examine it and Joey would try not to get caught looking at her thick round butt. Joey was not entirely proud of it, but he had always fanaticised about him mom. She was 42 and still looked amazing, she didn't work out all that much but that was okay with Joey because he liked curvy women. She would never be called fat but she had great legs with nice thick thighs, wide hips, a pretty skinny waist and breasts to die for.

Joey had sneaked into her draw once and found a bra labelled 40DD. She stood back up.

"I don't know if even anyone survived." She said concerned. "Well, lets walk for a little more and then we can camp for the night." Joey said, looking at the lowering sun.

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They walked for another kilometre or so, Joey always a little behind so he could watch his mom's ass. All the walking had made her shorts hike up into her crack a little, making it look like she was wearing a denim thong. By the time they stopped for the night, Joey was sporting a sizable erection.

When they stopped, they found a small clearing in the trees that would make a decent shelter. There was a little patch of grass and moss that would make an okay bed and they laid down next to each other. Joey was so tired and sore that he fell asleep instantly. When he woke up the sun was just coming up and he was spooning with loving hole of attractive girl fucked girlfriend homemade mom. His left arm was draped over her side and he was cupping one of her boobs.

His pelvis was pressed into his cushion like ass and he was semi hard. "Shit" He whispered to himself as he slowly tried to untangle himself from his mom before she woke up.

Just as he lifted his hand away from her. He heard a small groan and she opened her eyes. "Joey? Are you okay?" "Uhhh, yeah mom, I was just a little cold." Joey thought on the spot.

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"Oh, okay, that's good." His mom sighed and snuggled closer to Joey, wriggling her ass against his hardon. After a while she piped up and said. "Do you want to go swimming so we can wash off this grass and sand? I think I've got it everywhere in me." She giggled. "Yeah, okay" Joey agreed. "Here's the thing though, these clothes we are wearing are the only clothes we have, so getting them wet might not be the best idea if it gets cold here.

Do you see what I mean?" She rolled over and looked and Joey. "You want us to go swim naked?" Joey said softly. "Yes, but only if you want to, I'm only thinking about our best intrests.

"Yeah, mom, okay." Joey said, wondering how he will hide his erection while naked. "Great" His mom said and stood up, pulling her white beach top over her head, showing her voluptuous breasts popping out of a white bra. "Aren't you stripping too?" She asked reaching behind her to unclasp it.

"Ummm yeah." Joey wasn't wearing a shirt so be bent over slightly to pull down his shorts. As he did this he saw a white bra land on the ground, closely followed by a pair of jean shorts. He hooked his thumbs into his shorts and underwear and pulled them down to the ground and stepped out of them. When he straightened up, totally naked, He saw his mom bending over to pull down her panties, he tits were handing cunhada gostosa fodendo em varios ângulos tube porn in front of her and Joey got harder, He quickly and painfully pulled it up against his stomach and covered it with his hands co cover it.

"Ready to go?" Mom asked him, now also naked, her 40DD breasts hanging right there in front of him. "Yeah" He tried to smile as they walked down the beach together. Joey stayed even more behind this time, partially so his mom wouldn't see his boner and partially so he could look at her bare ass. Her phat fleshy cheeks bounced with each step and her hips were swaying slightly. Joey couldn't help himself and stopped walking and quickly stroked his erect cock ten times, staring at her incredible ass.

He got to the water and waded to above waist deep, thinking the water would hide his dick, but no such luck, the water was crystal clear. "Ohh this feels so nice on my skin." His mother sighed and dove under the water, coming up a few seconds later, her body dripping with water. She started scrubbing her skin with her hands, starting with her arms, then stomach and then lifting her thick thighs out of the water.

From where Joey was standing he could see the pink flesh of her pussy wish her leg out of the water.

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"Oh my God" He whispered. "What was that honey?" "Oh, Nothing mom." Joey started to wash himself to try to distract himself from his mom's incredible body. The waves were pretty strong where they were standing and Joey had to fight sometimes to keep his feet, he saw him mom struggling too. Suddenly, a large wave came and knocked his mother over, and carried her right into Joey.

He caught her and she wrapped her legs and arms around him to keep stable. He felt a patch of warmth around his thigh and realised that was him mom's pussy. "Are you okay mom?" He asked, her huge tits practically in his face "I think so baby." She giggled slightly "Guess, I got knocked off balance." She slowly let go of him and looked down at his erection.

She makes the connection. "Oh I'm sorry honey, but you know it's perfectly natural for a boy your age." Joey didn't say anything, just blushed heavily. They decided they'd had enough so they story highschool dxd hentai issei y rias back to shore.

Joey started to get dressed again when his mom said. "Why don't we stay nude? It'll be fun and we won't have to worry about dirty clothes all the time." "What if somebody comes though?" "I'll just say you're my younger lover." She grinned and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Pressing her boobs into him as she did so. They went and sat down, still naked in their clearing and Joey's erection showed no signs of stopping.

His mom looked over at him and looked at his hard cock. "Baby, you can go take care of that if you ling lamba mota hard penis size xxx sex stories story download Joey looked away and blushed, covering his erection. "I know boys have urges, but they have to have a release, go pleasure yourself." "Okay, if you won't mind." "Sure I won't mind, here, think of these." She pushed her tits together and squeezed them.

As he walked off she patted his bare ass playfully. He walked a little into the trees so he could have privacy and started stroking his cock, thinking of his mom's luscious body.

A small grown escaped his lips, he had jacked off to her before but never with this much mental imagery. He pictured her tits right in front of him and how good it would have felt to touch them. He thought of her pussy on his thigh and how close it was to his cock, he thought of sliding inside her&hellip.He came. This was his most powerful orgasm ever and he shouted. He walked back to camp and his mom smiled. "Sounds like someone had fun in there." She giggled and patted his ass again as he walked past, he sat down his deflated and still dripping a little cock on show.

He didn't care anymore. "You just go away any time you need to, and don't be afraid to ask for material" she said, spreading her legs and showing her pussy. "Sure mom…And the same goes for you too." He said boldly.

She laughed and then bit her lip a little. "Naughty boy." "So, what do we do now?" Joey said, now feeling perfectly comfortable being naked next to his equally naked mother. "Well, we're not going to last long out here if we don't have food and water, we should go through the jungle and look." She stood up and started to put her clothes back on, squeezing her boobs into her bra and stepping into her panties before slipping her beach top over her head.

She saw Joey's look of disappointment. 'Oh, don't worry, it's just for while we're in there, out here is a clothes free zone." She grinned. Joey quickly dressed and followed his mom through the trees. "Well. We don't have to worry about food." She said as she pointed out trees filled with different kinds of fruit. "We just need to find water now." They walked for what felt like an hour and they still found nothing.

"Let's rest for a while." She said and laid down on a patch of grass. "Cuddle with me." She said and held her arms out wide for him." He got on his knees and crawled over to her, snuggling into her chest.

She hugged him tightly, bringing his face into her ample breasts, almost smothering him. "I curvy milf and pretty teen threeway sex you" She said softly as she draped on of her thick thighs over him. "I love you and I'm glad you're here with me." He managed to get away from her tits and said.

"I love you to mom." They looked at each other for a few seconds, and without thinking, Joey leaned in and kissed his mother. He held the kiss for a few seconds before he realised what he was doing and broke away.

"Uh, sorry, oh shit" He tried to get up but she held him. "It's okay honey." She whispered and smiled sweetly at him. "I'm glad you did it, if we're going to be here for a while, maybe this'll give us something to keep us distracted." "What do you mean?" He asked. She simply leaned down and kissed him. Joey felt his mom's full, soft lips connect with his and he kissed back immediately. Their hands started roaming, her hand found its way down to his shorts and grabbed his already rock hard erection through the material.

Joey groaned and grasped one of her breasts. They kept kissing for a while, feeling eachother up when his mom broke apart and stood up, breathing heavily. "Take your clothes off and lay them on the ground over each other, it'll make like a bed." Joey obeyed and pulled down his boxers and shorts as he watched his mother pull off her loose beach top and lay it on the ground.

He put his shorts and boxers over it. He was so hard it almost hurt. He looked up and his mom was already pantiless and taking off her bra. She threw them on the ground and Joey stared again at his naked mom. "You're so gorgeous mom." He said "So are you baby." She said and made a 'come here' motion with her finger. Joey walked over to her and put his hands on her wide hips. She put her hands on his shoulders and pressed her naked pervert son fucks his mom black guygy style against him as she kissed him passionately, her warm tongue dancing over his lips.

"Lie down with me and love me." She said and lay on her back on their clothes, she pulled Joey down with her and Joey fell down and landed between her spread legs. He saw her pussy, lips glistening a little from her wetness. He inched a little closer to her so his cock was at her entrance. "Have you been with a woman before Joey?" Joey shook his head. She smiled. "That's good, I'll show you." She took the back of his head with one hand and his cock with the other and guided him inside her.

Joey sighed as his virgin cock penetrated his mom's meaty pussy lips, she held him tightly as his hips moved forward and his cock slide along her walls. She gasped and whimpered a little when their hips connected and he was all the way inside her. They stayed there, not moving for a long time. Joey's mom looked up at him. "You feel incredible in there Joey, make love to me now." Joey nodded and started moving his hips slowly.

The heat of his mom's vagina making him groan softly with each thrust. "Mom, this is incredible, you feel so good." He said softly and put his face next to her neck.

"That's good baby." She lifted her hips up a little more, her thighs rubbing against him. "Keep going, fuck mommy." He started to move a little faster, not believing what was happening to him. He tried to thrust deeper too, wanting to feel every inch of his mom's wonderful pussy. "Ohhh that's it Joey, Keep doing that." She started to breath heavily and made little grunting sounds with each thrust.

Her hands were rubbing all over his back and she started to scratch him a little with her nails. "Ohhh you feel so good inside me." She moaned "Make love to mommy, make mommy feel good some more, Fuck meee." She began to move her hips in time with him, thrusting up when he came down. This was the most erotic situation of his life.

Joey felt his mom's pussy squeeze against his cock and it was sending tingles down his whole body. He looked down at her heaving tits which were starting to bounce around a little each time she thrusted her milfy pussy at him.

He looked into her eyes and saw pure pleasure mixed with animal lust. "That's it Joey, try to go deeper honey, oh god pretty teenie is gaping spread twat in close range and coming mommy." She put her hands on his ass and tried to pull him deeper inside her. "You need to be really deep when you cum inside mommy okay? I want to feel all of you." He thrust deep as he could inside her, holding the thrust for about one second until he pulled out and slammed back into her.

His balls started to make fapping sounds on her ass. "Come on Joey, mommy's almost there, make me cum, make me feel gooood." She moaned loudly and brought his face down to hers so she could kiss him.

She thrust her tongue into his mouth and Joey thrust his into hers. Their tongues danced together and slid against each other and gallons of spit was exchanged. Joey could feel pleasure building at the base of his cock.

"Mom, I'm gonna cum soon." He moaned to her. He thrust faster, making his mom's tits bounce more, his balls bouncing against her ass was making it jiggle a little.

"Good honey, cum inside me, fuck me, I love you, you feel so good." She whimpered as she was close to orgasm also. Joey's body tensed up as he came and his sperm erupted from his cock in six long spurts. "Ohhh Joey." His mom screamed as she felt him cum, his cock pulsating inside her. The feeling of her sun cumming in her tipped her over the edge and she had the biggest orgasm of her life.

She grabbed him and held him tightly against her as waves of pleasure washed over her and her pussy. Her whole body trembled. They both lay there, Joey still inside his mom and using her tits like a pillow. They were both breathing heavily and each little movement brought on tiny jolts of pleasure.

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Joey felt his cock deflating and reluctantly pulled out of his mom. He lay next to her. "Mom, that was amazing." She rolled on her side and played with his nipple a little. "I know, you were so great baby." She pecked his lips, then she rolled ontop of him a little and they lay there, cuddling together and fell asleep. The End PART 2??