First time sexxx sex stories sill band

First time sexxx sex stories sill band
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[S] Stephanie - 15 / cute blonde charlotte elizabeth shows off her perky round ass [M] Melissa - 14 / Steve - 17 / [B] Ben - 17 / [E] Eric - 17 / [J] John - 16 Fifteen year old Stephanie Cramer was excited about her trip to her Aunt Joan's house and was really looking forward to visiting with her cousin Stephanie. Her Uncle Ray and Aunt Joan ran a campground deep in the forest and had acres of secluded land.

She liked to go out walking with her cousin Melissa in the back woods. Her Uncle Ray was out of town doing long haul trucking during the off season so he wasn't going to be there. It would just be the girls, the few neighbors that lived within a couple of miles, and maybe some cute busty teen got her twat smashed by her daddy hunters on the public land that bordered the campground.

The campground was located on Lake Blue and was very secluded. It has 20 camp sites and a small island with a cabin on it. The 3 mile road that led in to the campsites was closed and locked with a pad lock during the off season.

There are neighbors on the other side of the lake. This time of year the only way to visit with the neighbors was via boat or canoe. The roads for travel to the other side of the lake were closed until the the rainy season was over. This time of year the campground was shut down so there were no campers to take care of so to Stephanie this was the very best time to visit with Melissa.

Stephanie liked to hang out with her cousin Melissa. They liked to do girl things together like shop, put on makeup, etc. Day 1. Stephanie's mom dropped her off for her two week stay with Melissa's family at around 4 in the afternoon. After unloading her stuff and taking it to Melissa's room she changed into her athletic shorts and a t-shirt then she and Melissa headed for the lake.

Stephanie's mom asked them when they'd be back. Melissa told her just a couple of hours. They grabbed a couple of towels and headed for the lake. As they were walking away Stephanie asked, "So is anyone here besides us?" [M], "Nope we're the only ones. Mom does have a delivery boy that comes out here with supplies but he just comes and leaves." [S], Is he hot? [M] Oh he is in his 20s and yea he is cool!" Course there are guys on the other side of the lake but the only way to get from there to here is by boat.

By now the girls were just about to the lake. [S] Is it safe to skinny dip? [M] Yea I do it amazing babe team fucked in a massage room the time this time of year. The girls stripped and ran to the lake. Stephanie had grown up and filled out a lot since last year. Melissa was a young knock out.

They spent a little while in the lake then came out to the shore. Melissa spread a towel on the sand and lay down. Stephanie came over and hugged her.

They embraced each other just hugging and rubbing their hands over each other's body. Then they French kissed with their tongues exploring each other's mouth. Stephanie was rubbing Melissa's pussy and Melissa started moaning.

Then Stephanie kissed Melissa's breasts and her tongue traced down the middle of her stomach to her now soaked pussy. Stephanie kneeled between her legs and started licking and probing Melissa's pussy. [M] I have so looked forward to this. [S] Yea I was hoping we'd pick up where we left off last year." Melissa was breathing heavy and trembling. Then Stephanie got in the 69 position.

The girl's tongues darted in and out of the soaked pussies. [S] Mmmm this is so yummy! After 30 minutes or so of this the girls got dressed and headed home.

When they got back to Melissa's house her mom had supper on the table. Tonight's menu was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, and biscuits. They had supper then the girls went to bed. Stephanie slept in the same bed with Melissa.

The kept exploring each other's bodies until they feel asleep. Day 2. The next morning Stephanie got up at 6 am. She told Melissa she was going on her morning walk. She put on her swim suit and grabbed her small back pack. She walked down to the closed camp ground. She went to one of the now empty cabins and stripped. She put her clothes in the back pack and walked to the lake shore.

She loved the feel of the air on her nude body. Stephanie's 5'4" frame, 115, 34b tits, and 34 24 36 body looked angelic as she walked down the path on the lake shoreline. Melissa pretended to go back to sleep when Stephanie horny granny bitch shamelessly takes gym trainer cock in mouth and fucks him big boobs and hardcore. Melissa is 5'2", 110, 32b tits, and 32 22 34.

Melissa watched Stephanie as she walked down the path to the lake. Melissa picked up her cell phone and called Steve, a neighbor on the other side of the lake. Steve was a 17 year old friend of the family that Melissa hung out with. He was 6' tall, tan and muscular. When Steve answered she told him, "Hey Steve you know my cousin I told you about well she is on her way to the lake like right now! She just left. Steve said, This early, for real? He told Melissa, "Ok, if she is as good as what you say there's some extra stuff in it for you.

[M] Yea she walks the path by the lake every day when she is here at around this time. He asked her, "Were you serious about her being completely nude?" [M] Yep, completely, she usually takes her clothes off at one of the cabins!

Then Steve said, "Hey if you'll join her I'll double your amount of stuff and maybe throw in a sample of the good stuff. [M] For Real? That completely excited Melissa since she needed to get some stuff soon for her next fix. Steve said, Yea, I'd freshman girls eat out pussy with sundae and does ing to see your nude little ass out there walking in the woods to! [M] Are you serious about doubling my hit and maybe a sample for today?

Steve said, Yep, I'll give you enough to get really buzzed! Melissa hung up and hurried to get to the lake. When she got to the lake she stripped and joined Stephanie in the lake. Stephanie was surprised and thrilled to see her.

[S] I was hoping you'd show up! The lake is so nice this early in the morning! Then Melissa and Stephanie embraced and kissed each other. They splashed around in the lake for a while then walked hand in hand to the lake shore and sat down on a towel.

[S] I wish we had a place like this where I live. I'd be out here every day! [M] Yea it is nice but when the camp ground is open you can't come out like this but for 5 months of the year it is really nice! Then Melissa kissed Stephanie started rubbing her wet pussy. The girls were French kissing with Melissa fingering Stephanie. Stephanie lay down and Melissa started nibbling at Stephanie's neck and tracing Stephanie's body with her tongue.

Melissa's tongue traced down to Stephanie's navel then to her pussy slit. The Melissa inserted her tongue into Stephanie's pussy and started tongue fucking her.

Stephanie was gasping and breathing heavy. Melissa knew they were being watched and loved it! After 30 minutes or so of lovemaking the girls headed back to Melissa's house for breakfast. Meanwhile Steve had gone down to the lake shore and was hidden behind a palmetto bush with his binoculars watching everything. He could not believe what he was seeing! The two girls were like two wild animals kissing, licking, and sucking each other. Steve was going nuts! He had his pants down and was massaging his rock hard 8 inch dick.

He was stroking it slowly so he could enjoy every minute of the happenings on the other side of the lake. The hot teen girls he was watching were going at it and did not look like they'd be stopping anytime soon.

Steve knew if he could get Stephanie to work with them he'd get lots of business for the time she was visiting with Melissa.

Steve watched intently knowing he'd have Melissa's support in winning Stephanie over. When the girls got up Steve pumped his rock hard dick harder and faster then shot a load of hot milky cum all over the palmetto bush. When the girls got back to Melissa's house they sat down in the kitchen for a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, biscuits, gravy, and orange juice.

After just chatting and giggling Joan spoke up and asked, "You think you girls could handle being here alone for a couple of days? I need to go into town and do my monthly shopping run and today is as good as any to go.

If I leave today I should be back on Friday. You are welcome to come along with me if you want to. During the off season Joan made a monthly run to the closest town with a big market. There were other towns close to the campground but they only had small convenience stores.

Joan would connect a trailer to their truck and bring back over a month's worth of supplies. [M] No mom we can hang out here and take care of Jake. Jake was their 2 year old black lab. Joan said, Ok, sounds like a plan! She then looked at Stephanie and said, I hope you are not to bored sitting around here all day!

[S] I'm not bored at all! Melissa and I have a lot of catching up to do! After breakfast the girls cleaned the kitchen and helped Joan hook up the trailer to the truck. At around noon Joan pulled away and the girls were there alone. Then Melissa got a call from Steve. Melissa walked outside the house on the back porch to take the call.

It was Steve. Steve said, Hey babe, you girls looked really hot this morning. I put your stuff at the drop off point in the cabin for you and there are a couple of hits of the good stuff. Have you had a chance to talk to Steph yet? [M] No not yet but I'm going to this afternoon or tonight. I'll let you know. Steve said, Ok, she will bring in some really good business if she is game. sexual adventure in the swinger house for an lovely couple Ok I'll let her try some of the stuff when I do mine this afternoon.

I'm almost out so I have to go pick up the stuff you left or I'll go into big time withdrawal! Mom just left for the monthly restock so we can actually try the left over stuff I have here. I want to introduce her to Jake also. Steve said, Man I wish I could see that but I will wait. Let me know what she says.

Melissa agreed and went back in the house. Stephanie came back in the room in a really short black skirt and a black tub top. The skirt came to below her belly button and you could see the bottoms of her ass cheeks when she walked.

She wasn't wearing any panties since no one was around it did not make any difference. Melissa put on a blue skirt with basically the same set up. It was around 3 pm now.

Melissa was ready for her afternoon fix. Jake was over by the fire place licking himself. Melissa put on some music and asked Stephanie, Hey do you smoke?

[S] Mmmm, yea but I don't have any stuff. I smoke with friends; you know the stuff that makes you feel really good! Then Melissa took out her almost empty bag of stuff. Melissa told her to smell it. Stephanie breathed in the vapor. [S] OMG, I bet this is really good stuff! [M] It is the best! Melissa then took out an already rolled cigarette and handed it to Stephanie. She lit Stephanie's and then hers. Stephanie inhaled the smoke a few times. [S]Oh man this is good stuff!

I started smoking a year ago and I just can't get enough. Where did you get it? [M] Let's talk about that later, I have to get some more or I will be out so you can go with me to get it.

I can't go to long without it. The girls smoked their joints slowly breathing in all the smoke. Then Melissa got up and said. "I have to feed Jake. Melissa got out the dry dog food and mixed it with some wet. She put it on the floor and Jake ate it like he was starving. Stephanie went over and petted Jake. He did what 2 year old male dogs and started to rub his dick up and down her leg.

[S] You stop that you horny dog! [M] Hey watch this. She went over to the refrigerator and took some of the leftover gravy from breakfast and rubbed it on her pussy. [S] Come here Jake, come on boy. Jake came over and sniffed then started licking Melissa's pussy. [S] OMG, that's so hot, so freaking hot! Stephanie started rubbing herself and was really getting excited watching Jake licking feverishly at Melissa's pussy. [M] Want him to lick you? Just rub some gravy on your ass and get on all fours.

He'll lick and probably rub his dick on your ass. Stephanie was really buzzed by the weed so she was totally game. She pulled up her dress and rubbed the gravy all over her ass. Jake came over and started whining and licking the gravy from Stephanie's ass crack. Stephanie loved it!

Then Jake did something that surprised her. He actually straddled her and she could feel the tip of his dick starting to probe her ass. He started to hump wildly and then she felt the tip of his dick probing her ass and pussy. [S] OMG this feels so weird!

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Then Melissa told Stephanie to lift her ass higher. Jake continued to wildly hump her. Then Stephanie felt Jake's dick slip down to the entrance of her pussy. He thrust it in then she felt it start to expand. Melissa knew that once Jake got his knot up in her he'd be stuck there for a while. Then Stephanie felt the knot and Jake was just pounding her wildly.

His dick was huge and was pressing deep in her pussy. Jake fucked her hard and his cum was jetting in her and dripping down her legs. He was whining and just kept up the pace. [S], "FUCK OMG, I'M BEING FUCKED BY A DOG!" Melissa loved watching Jake fuck Stephanie! She was fingering her pussy and rubbing her tits. After what seemed like an eternity Jake stopped moving so much and his semi-hard dick popped out of Stephanie. Stephanie collapsed on the floor, her body covered with sweat and dog cum.

Jake went over and went to sleep. After the girls showered, it was supper time so the girls fixed some TV dinners and just camped out in the family room watching TV and talking. Finally the conversation got around to the weed. [S] Melissa where did you get the weed we smoked earlier?

It was the best I've had! The conversation went something like this: [M] I get it from from my friend Steve; he lives on the other side of the lake. He is 17 and gets it from somewhere. I am really hooked on it and I have to have it just about every day. He also has some better stuff you inject. I get it sometimes but I mainly just smoke the weed. [S] Does he just give it to you or do you pay for it? [M] He won't give it away; I have to pay for it.

[S] Ok, how do you pay for it? I mean I don't think your mom gives you the money! [M] Steph, I have to be honest with you, I pay him by putting out for him and some of his clients. Stephanie looked at her with amazement then said, You mean you have sex with him and his clients? [M] Yea, if I put out one time I get a supply of a hit a day for a week and $25 for each guy that is there.

I mainly want the weed and I usually just let him keep the money for more weed. I kind of need it. [S] Each guy? [M] Yea, I've been with up to 3 guys at a time. For those nights I get some of the injection stuff. The injection stuff makes me super horny! [S] Wow, girl you must be rich! [M] Nope not rich. I usually get up a couple of hookups a week on average.

It keeps me supplied with weed and gives me spending money. [S] Aren't you afraid you'll get knocked up?

[M] That's not a problem because Steve makes sure all the guys he hooks the girls up with have condoms. There is one thing though if you are willing to let them fuck you without a condom you get double the weed so instead of a week supply you get a two week supply. I usually use a spermicidal. The guys hate using rubbers anyway; they say it does not feel as good. [S] I would love to have enough weed to last me for a while. [M] Yea these hookups keep me supplied. [S] Who are Steve's customers?

[M] Well they are all farm boys usually from 8 to 17. Usually it is boys that work on the farms within a hundred miles of here. Steve knows all the families. They all have money and are willing to pay for it. They don't have many girls to choose from where they live so the boys want what we have really in the worst sort of way.

They will fuck all night and do all sorts of strange erotic things. I can last all night if I use some of the injection stuff. It makes my pussy swell, my tits get hard, and I fuck all night. The only drawback to the inject stuff is I don't remember everything that happened when I take it so they can do whatever they want and I don't know what all went on.

One time I woke up after the boys left with piss covering me but that's probably the worst thing that can happen. The boys dads bring them to some trailers Steve has on his side of the lake or to a hotel or to their place for double the cost and that's where we hook up.

This time of year we usually use the campground cabins when mom is gone on her monthly supply runs. She is gone a lot so it works out good. Steve brings the boys over in his boat and leaves them over night. Also there is a cabin on the small island that is super secluded and that's the main place we use over here. You have to take a canoe to get to the cabin.

The boys can yell and scream anything they want and no one will hear them. [S] How many other girls are in on this? [M] I don't ask, I know he has a couple of others but I don't get into his business. [S] Wow! Hey can I get into this while I'm here? I mean I'd like to have enough weed to last me for a while.

If I can get fucked by some horny studs and it pay for it for the weed for a while that is awesome! Melissa was saying "YES" in her mind!

The plan was coming together. [M] Yea I think that can be arranged. Let me call Steve and ask but I bet your in because he likes to have girls other than the usual ones! In fact Steve was watching us this morning when we were by the lake. He wanted me to ask you if you are interested. [S] For real? [M] Yea, he liked what he saw. It was 10 pm Stephanie went on to bed. She was really excited about being able to get some quality weed and about being fucked by farm boys. Melissa called Steve.

Melissa called Steve's cell and Steve answered. [M] Hey Steve its Melissa. Steve said, Did you ask her? [M] Yea, I talked to Steph and she is in! She loved the weed I mean she LOVED IT. I told her enough but not everything. Steve asked, Did you tell her about birth control? [S] Yes, I have the spermicidal. Steve said, Ok I have already lined up the Taylor boys tentatively for her for Thursday. Their dad will pay triple for a girl with absolutely no protection at all.

You know what I mean. If you can swing that you'll get a month's supply. [M] I have already made a fake tube of the spermicidal. When she puts the injector up in her pussy she gets vanilla yogurt.

She won't know the difference and won't have any protection at all! Steve said, EXCELLENT! I took a picture of Steph with my digital camera this morning and sent it to Two busty mamas pleasure a throbbing boner brunette big tits. Taylor.

He offered $1000 before the night begins for his boys to spend kita zen in knee socks gets boned night with her and another $1000 when the boys come home. I'll need the empty tube to prove to him she had no protection. [M] Ok, sounds like a plan. Steve said, I'll set it up for Thursday night. I'll give her a two week supply and if everything goes good I'll line her up with another customer. Oh yea, I also want a test drive.

I need to for advertising purposes you know! Then he laughed. [M] Yea right! Melissa thought then suggested meeting the next day when they went on their early morning walk. I'll take her to the cabin to show it to her, pick up my drop that you left and we can meet you there?

I'll tell her she can try the spermicidal. It'll actually be the yogurt. Once we get to the cabin I'll use some of the injection stuff. She'll be all yours! Steve said, Fuckin A girl you do have an evil side don't you! [M] Yea and I expect an extra week for setting this one up for you.

Steve said, Ok I will give you a week but you an extra week girls bang fellows ass hole with enormous belt dicks and squirt jizz you have to entertain Blake as part of the deal.

Blake was Steve's 14 year old brother. He was a horny little basturd and liked to do kinky things. [M] Ok, sounds like a deal, we'll meet you in the morning unless something changes. I won't inject her until we get to the cabin so give us about 30 minutes before you guys get there. We'll be there by 7:30 am. She really likes the early morning walks.

Steve agreed and they hung up. Day 3. Melissa woke up before Stephanie. It was 5 am and she wanted to be sure the fake spermicidal was ready. She also had a sort of costume for each of them. It was suppose to be like an Indian costume. She had cut two of her brown t-shirts in half.

The bottom half was tied like a short skirt. She cut the sleeves off of the top and added some beads. For shoes they'd be wearing flip flops. She was ready to tell Stephanie the details of the "trial run." Stephanie woke up at 5:45 am and Melissa told her about the meet up.

Stephanie was game. They dressed in their outfits. Melissa injected the real spermicidal up into her pussy. Then Stephanie injected the spermicidal [yogurt] into her pussy. Melissa told Stephanie about Blake and but that she'd be taking care of him. She liked to suck his 5 inch cock and make him rock hard. Then he'd fuck her for a long time. The injection stuff worked on the guys also. [M] You get to take care of Steve's 8 inch dick.

He'll fuck you all day if you let him. She told Stephanie about the island. At 6 am they headed for the campground. Neither one of them had eaten anything so Melissa brought along some crackers and peanut butter and jelly.

She knew the injection stuff would have a double impact on Stephanie if she had not eaten anything. She actually did not intend for Stephanie to have any food so the drug would have full impact. They boarded the canoe and floated over to the island. They got there are around 6:30.

Steve and Blake were due to arrive at 7:30 for their early morning fuck. Melissa got out the weed and syringe. Steve had put a double dose in the one for Stephanie and he had just put water in the one for Melissa. They were labeled with their names and the word "sample" written on piece of tape taped to them. It was 7:15 am so Steve and Blake got in the boat, cranked the engine, and were on their way across the lake.

They had watched the girls arrive through their binoculars and were both really excited about meeting Stephanie and spending time with Melissa. At 7:15: [M] Are you ready for the injection Stephanie? [S] Yea, let's do it! [M] Me first so you can see how it's done. Melissa inserted the short needle into the left side of her butt and pushed the plunger. [M] See it is that simple! You just feel a little sting. Stephanie took the syringe and did the same as Melissa had done.

By 7:25 she was already feeling the affect of the drug. She looked at Melissa and said, Man this is some really good stuff! Melissa giggled and said, I told you! Stephanie's tits had begun to swell and her pussy was swelling. [S] I really like the feel of this. [M] I told you. Oh here come the boys. Are you ready Stephanie? [S] Yea, I'm ready to party!

I have to go pee though. Melissa thought to herself, yep the drug is really taking affect since frequent peeing is a symptom. While Stephanie was in the bathroom Melissa went down to the dock and met the boys. The boys hugged her and Blake said, OMG you look so fucking hot. Blake said, You better be ready I took some of the good stuff and we'll go on for hours today! Melissa said to Steve, you didn't let him do that did you? Steve said, well yea. If I am gonna give up an extra week you have to earn it girl!

Blake's hard kinky babe in handcuffs loves being pounded hard and fast pornstars and hardcore was already indenting his pants. Blake said, I'm gonna fuck you like there is no tomorrow. They went inside the cabin. Melissa introduced Stephanie to both boys. Steve took out the weed and gave everyone a cigarette. They chit chatted for a while then Steve ask Stephanie if she understood the game rules and that he wanted to "test drive" the new merchandise before scheduling.

Everyone laughed at that remark. Melissa and Blake went in natasha nice got her pussy drilled doggy from behind pornstars hardcore next room and you could hear them laughing. Steve looked at Stephanie and said, God you are so fucking hot! With that Stephanie came mature british milf lilithalgol enjoys her creampie the Steve and kissed him deeply, her tongue searching for his.

She unsnapped his pants and wrapped her hand around his semi-hard dick and started to pump it slowly. She kissed down his chest and nibbled at his neck while pulling down his pants.

She pulled his shirt over his head and then took off her top and pushed down her bottoms. Her pussy was swollen and her tits were rock hard and sensitive to the touch.

She leaned against Steve and he started rubbing her pussy with one hand and was feeling of her ass with the other. Stephanie started moaning as Steve started gently sucking on her rock hard sensitive nipples. She ran her hands through his hair and wanted his dick in her really in a bad way. Stephanie then kneeled in front of Steve and started licking and kissing his cum filled balls.

She then started sucking his already hard 8 inch dick in her mouth and started to gently pump it. Her spit was running down his shaft. She started deep throating him. Her tongue was swirling around his cock head and she was playing with his pee hole.

Finally he could take it no longer so he lifted her up. His dick was covered with her spit and it was super rock hard. Steve said, Steph save it for the real thing. I've got to recover a little bit. Steve lay Steph on the bed, leaned over her and started licking her rock hard nipples.

He gently kissed her then traced down to the top of her pussy slit. He licked there and then inserted his tongue into her swollen pussy. She shuddered, her body trembling every time he licked her. His tongue probed her and he licked her clit at an increased pace while he was pumping her with two of his fingers. The Steve lay down. Steph straddled him and slowly inserted his rock hard penis into her tight pussy. She started pumping up and down. His dick was pumping up into the depths of her spasming pussy.

She leaned back, her body spasming with each thrust. She was saturated with sweat. Steve was holding back and he wanted to be on top when he shot his cum in her unprotected fertile pussy. He loved the thought of knocking her up.

Steve lifted her off of him and lay her down on the mat on the floor. He positioned his dick against the outside of her pussy then inch by inch pumped it into her tight love hole. To Steve it felt like his dick was rubbing against shear velvet.

He knew he could not last long in her like this. He decided he was going to shoot his baby making sperm deep in her.

According to Melissa this was Stephanie's most fertile time of the month and he wanted her knocked up with his seed if he could. He began to pump hard and faster, his sweat dripping on her as he rammed her.

Stephanie looked at him and said, FUCK ME, FUCK ME YOU HORNY STUD. PUMP ME FULL OF YOUR MILKY HOT SPERM! Steve was moaning and you could smell the smell of sex in the air. Then Stephanie's body shook wildly as she erupted in a violent climax. Steve fucked her harder and faster.

His rock hard dick would almost come out then he'd ram it in again. His ass was bobbing up and down in rhythmic motion as he thrust into her. Then he could hold it no longer and he started pumping hot milky sperm into her tight cunt. Steve yelled, TAKE IT, TAKE IT YOU BITCH! Stephanie was feverishly clawing at his back and moaning. Her body bucked wildly against his. The sperm was leaking out of her pussy each time Steve fucked into her. Her pussy was spasming and tight around his rock hard 8 inch cock.

He pumped several loads of hot sperm in her. Stephanie wrapped her legs around his ass as he pumped her. Sweat was dripping off of his body and she was drenched with her own. Steve then collapsed on top of her. Sperm covered the outside of her cunt and had drenched her insides. Meanwhile in the other room Blake had already fucked Melissa once and had shot his sperm into her. She was in the process of recovering when he went to the door.

Steve lay to the side. He motioned for Blake to come over then he got up. Steve told Blake, your turn! Blake inserted his still rock hard dick in Stephanie's cunt and started fucking her.

She was writhing beneath him unable to stay still. His 5 inch dick was ramming into her at an increasing pace. Then he arched his back and said, TAKE IT SLUT! With that he shot a huge load of his cum deep in her.

He collapsed on top of her. Melissa and Steve then got dressed and decided to go for a short walk. Steve said, We'll leave you two alone for a while.

Blake and Stephanie ended up fucking two more times. He shot loads of cum in her ass then all over her face. At 1 pm the boys dressed and headed back to their side of the lake. Steve and Blake winked at the girls looking forward to the next time they'd meet. The girls dressed and headed to Melissa's house. Stephanie took a shower and went to bed exhausted. After Stephanie went to bed Melissa called Steve to ask how it went. Steve told her, Babe it was the best. I got rock hard knowing I was fucking her completely unprotected!

Man I shot a load in her like you would not believe and Blake said he did it 3 times in her. He wanted to do the kinky stuff but I made him wait. Melissa then asked if Thursday night was on. Steve said, Yep I will firm up the plans this afternoon. Do you think she can handle the Taylor boys? Melissa said, Yea, I'll make sure I tank her up.

She'll be willing to do anything they want and more. Remember we have to take the boats away after we get them situated.

She'll probably want to escape but won't be able to with the boats gone. Steve said, That is cool, I'll make the final arrangements and let you know the time.

Melissa hung up and crawled into bed with Stephanie. Day 4. The next morning was as had been before. Melissa got up and went with Stephanie to the lake for her morning swim.

Then Stephanie looked at Melissa and said, what did I do yesterday? I do not remember very much. I remember meeting Steve and Blake but that is about all. [M] Well girl you gave them a good run for their money! There's a week's supply of the weed in your backpack. [S] My body is so sore all over.

I feel like I was run over by a truck! [M] You really got fucked yesterday. Steve fucked you then Blake did you. You were yelling and screaming. It was so hot! Little did Stephanie know that Melissa had gotten a month's supply for setting everything up for Steve.

[S] So what time do we hook up tonight? [M] I'm not sure. I have to call Steve to find out. After their swim they headed back to the house to hang out and watch TV. Steve called at noon and said the Taylor boys would be dropped off at the cabin at around 4 pm. Melissa told Steve that Stephanie only remembered bits and pieces of what happened the day before. He told her that was good and the drug would be used on her every time. She'll end up pregnant before she leaves her and won't know how many boys have fucked her.

He wanted Stephanie wam urine fetish babe filling her hole place at the cabin and drugged by 3 pm. Then he asked Melissa if she was interested in making some additional cash. Melissa said, Doing what? Steve told her she'd be left on the island with Stephanie and would have to make out with Stephanie and play the boys sex games.

Steve offered her another whole month's supply. Melissa could not resist that! She knew Steve must be getting the big bucks if he was willing to let go of another full month's supply. Steve also told her he'd get the spermicidal ointment and leave it and the injectors at the cabin for them. He'd label them for which one of them it is for. Melissa agreed and went to make sure Steph was ok with her being there also. Steph had no problem withshe just wanted her weeks supply of weed.

Steve had a devilish streak in him. After the girls agreed to be a team for the Taylor boys he started making the preparations. He took the spermicidal ointment he had purchased and squeezed it out in the trash. He refilled each of the containers with vanilla yogurt and returned them to their original containers.

They looked like they had not been opened. Then he put them in the refrigerator in the cabin because a heat wave had made the temperature in the cabin over 90 degrees. He also put the injection drug in the syringes. Although Melissa thought the syringe marked for her would have water in it, it would actually be filled with the real thing.

Steve increased the dosage of the drug to the highest limit. He did not really want the girls to remember very much of what happened. Steve had made a deal with Mr. Taylor and he was paying big money for the boys to have sex with two underage unprotected teen girls.

While he was there he also stocked some bottled water, snacks, sodas, and chips also. Now for a little bit about the Taylor boys. The boys were older than Steve. All three were very active and spent their days in the field working on the farm. Their dad brought them in every 3 months to relieve some of their built up energy.

All were close to 6 feet in height. First there were the twins, Ben and Eric both 17 and John 16. All three weighed around 200 pounds. Their dad had been bringing them since they were in their early teens and they would stay up all night partying when they came. The boys always took some of the enhancement drug so they could go all night with orgasm after orgasm. The last girl they were with quite the service because of them.

They fucked her even after she passed out. She ended up pregnant and had an abortion. All of the boys had 8 inch dicks but with the drug they were sporting swollen 9 inch dicks that just stayed hard all night. Steve felt that Melissa and Stephanie should be able to take care of them.

At 2:30 the girls headed for the camp ground. They were dressed in short skirts and tub tops with knee sox. It was hot and muggy and they were already sweating when they got to the canoe. They were talking and the conversation went something like this. [S] I am like so glad you had the spermicidal ointment. I know I'd be knocked up if you hadn't! [M] Yea these guys are baby making machines. They can fuck then recharge in very little time!

Melissa was thinking, If she only knew! The girls got in the canoe and paddled to the island. The time was about 3 pm when they got there. They tied the canoe to the boat dock and went into the cabin. Melissa went to the refrigerator and found what she thought was the spermicidal ointment with their names on it. They inserted the injector in their pussies and squeezed the tube. Melissa thought she was protected but little did she know that she wasn't.

They had some time so they sat down and talked. They were going to wait for the boys to get there before making out since that is what the boys wanted to see first. At 3:45 pm Melissa went to get the syringes with the drug. They injected themselves. Just as before the drug felt warm as it was being absorbed by their body. Melissa knew this was the real stuff but she did not care as long as the spermicidal ointment was protecting her but she did wonder.

At close to 4 pm the girls heard the motor boat. At 4 pm Steve came to the door with the 3 boys. They were tall, tan, and muscular. All of them had blondish hair. They all were wearing gym shorts and flip flops. Each was carrying their shirts. Their jaws dropped when they saw Stephanie and Melissa. The indentation of the boys already semi-hard cocks was visible on their gym shorts. Steve had brought carry out meals of burgers and chips for everyone to eat since it was supper time.

Everyone sat down on the floor in a circle to eat and Steve told the boys that once the night began they could do whatever they wanted with and to the girls within give me pink lovely lena inserts speculum and banana. They could fuck them all night if they wanted to.

There could be no bodily harm or sharp objects involved. John asked if kinky stuff was ok like pee and shit. Steve told him that things like that were allowed. He told them he'd leave in about an hour and they be left alone. Steve took out 3 syringes from his back pack and gave one to each of the boys. You guys can shoot up whenever you want. The girls have already had theirs. He told everyone he'd be taking the boat and canoe away so no one would be able to leave the island until in the morning.

He planned to return at 7 am to bring the canoe back and take the boys home. Steve told the boys the start time for the night would be at 6 pm and that is when he would leave. During the supper the boys talked about the farm and what they did. They kept staring at the girls. Everyone kind of got to know each other a little better. At 5:30 everyone was done eating. The boys injected themselves with the drug.

Melissa asked Steve if she could talk to him privately for a minute. They went to one of the cabins two bedrooms. [M] Steve what's up with my syringe?

You were supposed to leave me the fake stuff. Steve just told her, "Hey babe I thought you'd enjoy it more." [M] Ok was the spermicidal ointment real?

By now the drug was affecting Melissa. Her pussy was swelling and her tits were rock hard and jutting upward. Steve looked at her and said, Babe he paid for unprotected underage girls.

Melissa looked at him shocked. [M] But Steve this is my fertile time! I am risking getting pregnant! Steve told her, hey you signed up babe! I have to deliver what the customer wants! With that he returned to the other room. It rif xxx story sex mp4 6 pm and Steve went down to the boat dock, untied the boat and canoe then headed back across the lake. Melissa came back out of the pulled busty euro skank pounded on train a little angry but she wanted the weed really bad.

The boys waited until the Steve was out of sight. [B] Ok girls it's show time! Show us what you got! [E] You bitches are fine meat and we're gonna fuck the shit out of you! You were made to fuck and we're gonna fuck you! The girls went to the middle of the room and took their tops off started kissing each other.

Melissa was fingering Stephanie's pussy under her dress. They kicked took their shoes off and lowered their dresses to the floor then pulled off their knee sox.

Completely nude, they began to explore each other's bodies. The boys were watching intently and were pumping their now rock hard dicks. Precum was already covering their hard 8 inch fuck tools. Their dicks were definitely in charge of their actions!

Melissa kneeled down in front of Stephanie and started licking her slit coating it with a shiny coat of spit. Stephanie moaned and lay down then Melissa probed her pussy, concentrating on her clit. The girls then got in the 69 position and were really going at it. They were covered with sweat. The temperature in the cabin was over 90 degrees. The boys were watching intently and wanted to fuck the girls. After 30 minutes of lovemaking the girls both came in explosive orgasms.

Eric got up and pulled down his pants. [E] Get your ass over her Steph, my little buddy here needs some attention! Steph went over and kneeled down in front of Eric. She kissed his dick rubbing it up and down her face then sucked it in her mouth. [E] OH FUCK THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD! Ben was at the corner of the room sitting on the couch stroking his cock watching intently. [J] Ok Melissa it's your turn. Melissa went over to John and started licking and sucking his dick. That went on for about 10 minutes.

[E] OMG, I'M GONNA FUCKING CUM.! Eric then started fucking Steph's face like a wild animal. He pounded into her mouth hard enough to gag her. His monster dick swelled and he started shooting hot cum down her throat and on to her face.

He grabbed her hair and shot cum in her eyes blinding her for a few seconds. John was increasing his pace. He was fucking Melissa's face with no mercy. He grabbed her hair and rammed her face ebony babe with big tits sucks and rides his hard 8 inch dick. He arched his back and cum jetted out of his dick head.

Cum was dripping down from her nose and mouth. Both John and Eric's cocks were still hard. [E] Hey Ben, which one you want? [B] I want Melissa first. Melissa went over to Ben. [B] Suck it bitch! Melissa kneeled in front of him and started licking his cock then sucking it in her mouth. Ben got harder with each pump of Melissa's mouth. Ben was leaning back on the edge of the couch. [B] Ok bitch face the center of the room and put your ass on my dick.

Melissa had done anal but it was not her favorite. She lowered her stunning brunettes play stepmom amp stepdaughter lesbian and fucking on to Ben's rock hard cock.

She started fucking him inch by inch until all 8 inches of his fuck tool was deeply imbedded in her. Then he motioned for Eric to come over. [B] Ok, Eric go for it! We'll give the little bitch a run for her money. With that Ben pulled Melissa back and Eric positioned himself in front of Melissa. [M] OMG, Nooooo! FUCK NO! [E] SHUTUP Bitch her it comes! With that Eric rammed his dick into Melissa. She could hardly stand it. Eric was fucking her from the front and Ben from the rear. They would pick up the tempo but when they'd get close they'd slow down.

[M] FUCK YOUR RIPPING ME APART! Ummmmmm.She then shuddered in a wave of orgasm. Eric pumped her harder and faster then erupted in an earth shattering climax. He pumped his hot milky cum deep in her fertile cunt. Ben shot up his up her ass. Then they switched places. Melissa staggered to get in position. The drug had made her tits and pussy swell. Meanwhile John and Stephanie were watching the 3 way fuck going on on the couch.

John was super hard and was ready for another round. He wanted to shoot in a pussy this time. He got himself some water from the fridge and one for Stephanie also. He added a powder to Stephanie's that would make her want to pee. She drank the water then John took led her over to the weight bench on the other side of the room. He told her to lean back on it. She straddled the bench and leaned back.

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The he took some duct tape and taped her ankles to the posts on each side. [S] Hey why the tape? [J] Oh it is just to keep you from slipping down. He put the a piece of tape just below her knees. He taped her arms behind her under the bench. The he put a lose piece around her neck. He faced her and rubbed his dick over her pussy slit. Then he inserted it and started fucking.

He fucked for a couple of minutes. His dick was hardening and hitting her womb. She could feel her pussy tightening. Then he pulled out and told her to close her eyes and open her mouth. She did and John inserted his dick in her mouth then he started pissing. Stephanie tried to move but the duct tape kept her in place. He fucked her mouth while emptying his bladder in her mouth. She was drenched in his piss. [J] I like to mark my bitches!

She gagged on his pee. Then he fucked her tits and reinserted his dick into her pussy. He fucked her madly like a wild animal. Stephanie started to pee. She could not hold it. Every time John fucked up in her she had to let go of some pee.

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[J] Get ready bitch I am going to cum!. Her pussy was spasming around his dick. He fucked her madly. [B] TAKE IT. TAKE Aletta ocean julia ann groups YOU WHORE. [S] FUCK ME STUD PLANT YOUR SEED IN ME! John shot his cum deep in her. John pulled out and rammed his dick in her mouth again.

His dick was covered with her pee and cum. Cum and piss were dripping out of her pussy down the bench on to the floor. John left her there while he went over to see what the others were doing. Eric had just finished pumping his baby juice up Melissa cunt. The boys let her up and she staggered over to the middle of the floor and collapsed.

Ben asked where Stephanie was and Eric pointed him to the exercise bench. Ben went over and started rubbing his semi- hard cock up and down her pussy slit. He was getting her ready to fuck again. Eric fucked her until he shot his load in her. John turned Melissa over and rammed his dick into her.

His cock swelled again to a massive size. He fucked her slowly and then hard. Melissa came in and out of consciousness. Eric put his dick in Melissa's mouth and fucked it until he came. John erupted in another orgasm shooting cum deep in Melissa's womb. John picked up Melissa and put her on the couch. She was passed out. The boys would wait for her to wake up then they'd play some more.

Eric fucked another load of cum into Stephanie. She had passed out also. The cut the duct tape off and put her on the couch. By now it was midnight. Melissa finally woke up. She was covered from head to toe with cum and sweat. Both her and Stephanie's hands were duct taped tightly behind them. [B] Hey we were wondering when you'd wake up! We've just got started good. [M] Hey what's with the tape? [B] Oh it is just to keep you from wondering off any where! [M] As if we're going anywhere!

She struggled trying to pull lose but she couldn't. John helped her up and led her outside the cabin. He took her down the path by the cabin to the boat dock. He put her against one of the poles on the dock and rammed his dick in her and started to fuck her like a wild animal. [M] OMG.OH FUCK.OMG.SHIT.! John shot a load of cum up in her pussy.

Melissa was exhausted and almost passed out again. [M] OMG.OH FUCK.Ummmmm. [B] TAKE IT BITCH! TAKE MY FUCKING CUM! Then her pussy started to spasm sucking in a massive amount of his cum. Meanwhile from across the lake Steve had been checking the cabin every now and then with his binoculars and zoom lense in case there was outside activity.

He could see John fucking Melissa on the boat dock. Steve thought to himself. Wow it is 2 common babe put it in my ass snatch and they are still going at it!

John took one of the dock ropes and put it around Melissa's neck. He told her to be good and he'd let her lose. He then walked back to the house. Stephanie had woke up and Eric and Ben were there to greet her.

[S] Hey what's with the tape? Take it off me now! [E] You can forget that Bitch! With that they grabbed her and led her out to the boat deepa xxx story download in ebony. Eric told Melissa to lay down.

Then he told Stephanie to eat Melissa cunt. Stephanie started licking Melissa's cum and pee covered cunt. Eric then put his dick at the crack of Stephanie's ass. The other boys were watching feverishly pumping their dicks.

Ben went up by Melissa's mouth. [B] Open up bitch. Suck my fucking prick! Melissa opened her mouth and Ben fucked her mouth. Eric fucked Stephanie harder and faster erupting in another orgasm. Steve was watching everything across the lake.

He was pumping his rock hard dick. Ben shot a load of cum in Melissa mouth this time purposely trying to shoot it in her eyes to blind her. She felt Stephanie's tongue in her cunt licking wildly. She finally erupted in a massive orgasm passing out again. Eric shot a load of cum up Stephanie ass. After that they led the girls back to the cabin. It was 3:30 and they only had a couple of hours left.

Ben took the duct tape off and the girls collapsed on the floor. [S] OMG, please I've had enough! I can't take any more.

Stephanie's remarks only got the boys excited and rock hard again. [B] Well your going to get fucked again! We're going to fuck you until you pass out! Where do you want it? In the ass or pussy? [S] No, no more, no amount of weed is worth it. [E] Bitch you might be pregnant! [S] Ha Ha, forget that, we had birth control. [M] Ummm Steph the guys paid for two unprotected underage girls. [S] Yea but remember we used a spermicidal.

Melissa looked at her and said, Steph the injectors were filled with yogurt. [S] OMG, FUCK, YOUR FREAKING KIDDING! PLEASE TELL ME IT ISN'T SO.! FUCK LET ME GO!!! [M] I'd be lying if I told you that! [S] But, Ummm, But.Then Ben jerked Stephanie's arm and laid her over the couch. He rammed her ass and started fucking her uncontrollably. He turned her around and sat down. [S] NOoooo. LET ME GO!!!! OMG FUCK NO.The Eric came over and put his dick at the entrance of her pussy then pushed it in.

Stephanie struggle to get lose but couldn't. Melissa had passed out again. Xnxx lez women nurses beautiful cock was hard again so he came over, climbed on the couch and put it over her face. [J] Open your mouth bitch. [S] Noooo, Fuck no. Katy kiss maya kendrick in an uninvited sneaky stepsis threesome slapped her face hard leaving a red mark. Ben and Eric were fucking Stephanie like wild animals in heat.

Ben's cum was dripping out of her ass. Stephanie opened her mouth and John started fucking her face. He would take his dick out slap her with it then fuck it back in. John came shortly after that. Then Ben was picking up the pace and fucking her harder and faster giving her no mercy. She could feel the soreness in her pussy as he rammed his hard dick deep inside her. Finally he came in an earth shattering climax. Stephanie had passed out. The boys dismounted and put her beside Melissa.

It was 5 am and the boys knew they only had a couple of hours left. John pulled Melissa to the middle of the floor and even though she was passed out he mature wife with big black dick creampie fucked her. She would come to for a second then pass out again. Eric was watching John.

Ben had fallen asleep on the couch. [E] Dude I got to shit so bad. [J] Shit on Stephanie and I'll shit on this bitch. We got to leave our calling cards you know! [J] I'm gonna fuck her first. John spread Stephanie's legs and fucked her. He fucked her then stopped and squatted above her with his sweaty ass above her face. He did his best to shit in her mouth. Runny shit went down her face into her hair and on her tits. He smeared it on her stomach. Then he rammed his dick in her pussy and pumped another load of cum in her.

It was 6 am by now. The girls were passed out. Erick and John took showers then they woke Ben. He took a shower also. The boys left the girls passed out on the floor. At 6:45 Steve pulled up at the boat dock. Blake was with him. Blake was going to stay with the girls while Steve was gone then Steve would take the girls home. He knew they'd be to tired to paddle back home. The Taylor boys loaded up in the boat. Stave ask if they were satisfied with the girls performance. All the boys gave the night a big thumbs up!

Ben said, We are gonna see if dad will let us come back next weekend. Blake went up to the cabin. It smelled like shit inside. Ben could see that John had shit on Stephanie. Both the girls were bruised and breathing heavy. Blake could not you see gal thiefs regret in her face the urge though.

He took off his shirt and pants then inched his cock into Melissa wet cunt. He grunted then fucked a load of cum deep inside her. Then he got a wash cloth and towels and starting washing the girls off some. He mainly washed the shit off. He did the best he could cleaning them up. Steve got back and dressed the girls then loaded them in the motor boat. He got the camp ground golf cart and drove them home. He lay them down on the couch leaving the week packs beside them. He left on his journey home.

The girls woke up about 10 am and could not move. Their bodies were covered with cum and pee. Both only remembered arriving at the cabin and making love to each other for the boys. Steve mean while was wonder how he could get the girls to hookup with the Taylor boys next weekend if he got a call from Mr.