Pretty chick likes to relax in the pool

Pretty chick likes to relax in the pool
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Me & my wife was married at a very young age. I accidentally shotgun her when we were both 16yo. We sign paper and got married at early 17yo! We were both Chinese from Malaysia and because we are 16yo we had to get permission from our Government Chief minister, the process took months.

Sadly, we lost our 1st baby during the process but we still got married. I'm the first to bang my wife as I'm her first BF. My wife, Samantha Teh was very popular during high school. She is very hot, with long hair, atlethic body, C cup breast size which looks perfect for her heigh standing at 5"5. She's also active in school cheerleading, tennis club and took kickboxing lesson. Lots of my friends always say how lucky I am. Back then I remember showing my friends our sex tape turns me on, as slowly ive developed the love for being cuckold.

I like how much they want my wife and it makes me Jealous.

It was during our final exam when i had hard time focusing on study, my wife motivates me. She promise she will do something sexually for me, be it anything if I pass my finals.

I told her exactly what I want and it was her to bear another man's kid, i want to see her fuck by another guy. She lost focus on studying that day, as she got horny and start masturbating next to me in our study room but she thought I was joking. Everything change when it we finish our final paper, I asked her to sleep with my best friend, who is Malay. His name is Abdul, he isn't good looking hairy asian wet crack sucked and fucked he is fat type so he get pick on quite a bit.

She know I wasn't joking and the result isn't out yet but she played along because she said she love me a lot.

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I already got lisence at that time and I drove my dad car, an Estima with full Tinted glass. Abdul was sitting at the back seat, my nervous wife was sitting right next to me. I park at a back alley and start filming my wife with a camcorder *at that time handphone camera not good yet*.

In the video, started recording overlooking the car steering as i slowly turn to my beautiful wife, she is shy and nervous.

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I ask her to unbutton her shirt. She unbuttoned it one by one showing her C cup size bra with little cleavage. I said, your panties as well, she took it off.

Then I ask her to push her breast out of her bra and pull her shirt up a little so I can video her breast all together. Abdul then say to me in his native language "Cepat bro, dah xtahan" which translate to faster bro, can't wait anymore. I say I need to record this down and need her to take out her ID. She took it out with our wedding ring and show it to the cameraand i say "my wife Samantha is gonna be fuck by my brother here" and Abdul took out his ID.

He ask "can we start yet?" I then ask my wife to climb to the back. As she climb to the back the video clearly show her ass and pussy.

Her shave pussy still look tight as fuck like cameltoe. Her ass is like peach perfect with small looking asshole. I was taking video from the front sit, Abdul push the seats to the back so xxx sex moti girl sex stories have enough space to kneel on the carpet while she gave him a blowjob.

I ask her to show her pussy to the camera while she is giving a blowjob. He cum within 3mins into the video. I couldn't catch the right angle for it as i was masturbating myself but the video could see he hold push her head deep into his penis before he came.

She struggle to breath a little when he does that. After he cum, she slowly turn to the camera with cum dripping out from her mouth. I ask her to show the camera how she swallow. She gulp it and then i ask her to lick the carpet clean else my dad will notice. She tries to use tissue but I told her no. She ended up licking it. She thought it was done as after that.

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She tries to climb back to sanyloine xxx ht story com front by squeezing in between the driver and passenger seats. Abdul hold her torso and say "nak gi mana?"/ where you are going ? i kiss her mouth to mouth and put the camcorder in the front dashboard.

The video shows my wife frontal and me engage in a passionate kiss while Abdul slowly take off all her clothes. She is now totally naked, Abdul tries to put it in her and she ask innocently for condom. I told her not to worry but before I could finish, he already pulled her to the back and her whole front was facing me and riding my buddy dick. I took the camcorder and film them closer.

My wife have limited head space, her whole body had to twist to the side while both her hand is up against the car sunroof, so she won't knock her head. He hold my wife hips and move faster creating noise of his body banging my wife wet pussy.

Samantha moans was so cute as she is very soft spoken. Her breast was bouncing up and down. Then Abdul release one of the weirdest "ahhhhhhh" as he cum deep inside her. I zoom in nearer to Samantha pussy, we can clearly see her pussy was twitching and grabbing tight to Abdul penis. Again it wasn't long as the whole process took 8mins before he cum.

I zoom back out, can still see a little bit of cum start to drip out. Samantha was still on top of him, he accidentally pushes my wife who just had orgasm, way too hard. She fell to the side, she looks tired. Abdul ask when he can have a go with Samantha?

i told him only if he beat me in exam and laughed it off. We just left her on the car floor while I fetch Abdul home. The video ended. I told the kids, no worry.

Abdul is not their father. My Son was jerking and my daughter hands was inside her pants touching herself. My daughter ask if her actual dad is white? I told her that Sam will show them more. She was curious, she was slightly older than Samantha now and still she havent date anyone yet.

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She has her mom attribute. She calculated her mom age is about 17-18 years older than her as Samantha is 34yo before her birthday. I ask the kids if they still love their mom, they nodded. I told them i love them no matter what too. I told them to go to bed as i will be waiting for my lovely wife to come home. My wife came home around 6am that day. I fell asleep on the couch. Then suddenly there is a very strong smell like as if sexy blonde sucks his cock like a lollipop are in the fish market.

I saw my beautiful wife, Even after 2 kids, Samantha is still slim and her body still very firm. Still look very young and pretty as if she is 25yo. I wonder where is her dress as she is wearing a huge white shirt. As she walks towards me, i couldn't help but to look at her nipple poking out of the shirt and the huge shirt could barely cover her bottom. She is wearing a cream color pantie. I was so focus on her i didn't notice my driver is right behind her.

Raj, my driver is 53yo Indian. He use to be homeless, i gave him a job and a place to stay. He is very loyal to me. I tried to sit up but she push me back down and gave me a passionate kiss.

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She tasted like cum. I push her away softly and ask my driver Raj if he had release his loads, he shake his head. I took out a condom from my wallet, ask my wife to raise her booty up a little so Raj didn't have to kneel down to bang her. Raj bang her from behind she my wife struggles to have her lips lock on mine. Each pump goes harder and harder, she tries to hold in her moans as Raj had his 8 inch long dick deep inside her.

He hold both her hands to the back while he doggy fuck her. He took off Samantha shirt and fondle her breast. After he came, he throw the condom on the floor and went into the guest room. Samantha then climb over me and start riding my 5inch cock, i came in her. I then went back to our room while she took a bath before she came to the bed. She put her head on my chest and fell asleep within minutes.

I knew she must be very tired. It was around 7am, i heard the kids gracie gets fucked by her shrink who uses a strapon up preparing for school. I look at my lovely wife, her fair white skin, her C cup boobs, her beautiful face, her slim body and talk to myself, how lucky I am to have found her.

She is my love, my wife, my pornstar.