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Sexy amateur webcam brunette cowgirl penetration doggy style doggystyle
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Jan had a large hillside home and since her divorce someone had to keep up on the property. She found a handyman and had him doing some yard work in the afternoon while she did her office work. The list of his tasks was left outside in the mailbox and his broad brimmed hat hid him from any prying gazes out her window.

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He was still unknown and unseen in the physical sense. As the dusk approached he was finishing the gardening and she saw him pause below. The appointed hour was here and she took a nervous gulp and started to get ready for what would happen cocksucking beauty pays her towing in pussy. She stripped down to her sexy panties and nursing bra and went down stairs. There she had a sip of wine and a fragrantly sweet toke to get in a comfortable mood.

She unlocked the front door and went to the couch. Then she put on her hood and gag and lay down expectantly on the sofa, blindfolded, mute with her protruding nipples full from below with her sweet, warm, milk.

The clock ticked of the last minutes as she grew moist with expectations of wild things yet to be. Dan quietly turned the door knob and silently entered the room taking in the surroundings and adjusting to the dim light.

He found his glass of wine and the remaining herb to smoke. Her new handyman took his mood to that relaxed place while he viewed her protruding breasts and milk spouts.

Her need to be taken anonymously would be realized, very soon. Then calmly Dan went to her side and held one nipple lightly between his fingers and took the other softly in his lips and sucked it in. She bit down on her gag as he suckled and brought forth his reward. Then she signed and gave in to the silent taking. He sucked on.and his free hand's fingers wandered down her belly and pressed on top of her pubic bone, stimulating the g spot beneath. Her panties showed a little wetness as her arousal progressed.

He smiled to himself and traced the elastic waistband before reaching beneath to explore further. She shuddered with mounting excitement.

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Her labial lips parted visibly through her panties and he touched the outer edges very lightly in approval. She was now quite wet and reflexively humped back against his exploring hand.

He changed nipples in his mouth to give equal time to each milk spout and spread the sensations. Now one hand traced and tickled her belly while the other continued to circle her vulva. A smile was just possible with her mouth plug and she was doing it, though it could not be seen.

Now his finger entered her love cave, just enough to feel the other edge of those pouting lips. She bit down on her gag and he sucked harder as he felt her reaction. He was feeling stronger from her sweet nourishment and he put one of her hands on his smoothly shaved circumcised penis. She gripped softly and in time to his rhythmical sucking. He moaned softly and their pleasures began to merge in the darkness of the evening. Jan had found her pleasure in lactation with her son Greg. It had felt so good to nurse him but, taboo too.

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After a time Dan, the new handyman, finished the current supply of mammary juice. Her milk gift made him erect for some reason and hungered for more. He pulled Jan's panties off and kissed her love flower softly and began to taste that juice too, tracing around the edges with his tongue. Now his finger entered further while his tongue found her fat bulging clitoris.

She shuddered and convulsed as he brought her to the first orgasm.and the next. She squeezed his smooth rod hopefully but he continues to lick relentlessly bringing her off again and again. Dan had a strong oral fixation and eating Jan just got him going after nursing her swollen glands.

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Her unconscious need to lactate had her buying and taking the herbs and using her breast pump both at home and at work. She wanted to try to feel that sensation again and succeeded. Dan's childhood hunger never had been satisfied completely.

Now this forgotten taste began to strengthen him in many ways. Jan moaned under her muffled hood as the hired man licked her pussy relentlessly. She could orgasm from breast attention alone and this suck and lick session was certain to put her over the edge of a new erotic realm. Submission was a need Jan had felt but, never really explored.

Now it made her so hot it might set the sofa on fire. Dan took a break and smoked a little more of her smoking herb and a sip of wine. The sun had set over the hills and his new employer was a sopping mess of milk and female gland lubrication.

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Dan's dick needed to get inside her for both of their needs. He let her lay there, taking another sip of wine and toke while he enjoyed the view of pointed breasts filling again through the specialty garment. He went back to nursing, though she was not completely full, and took all there was. The he pulled his smooth cock up against her sloppy entrance and drove it inside her slowly but, relentlessly.

She gasped and twisted as she took him all the way to her cervix. Dan adjusted his angle and leaned back until his glans rubbed her g spot.

Jan whimpered and gave in mentally. She had found her true master who could please her and play her body like a four keyboard pipe organ. He pulled out all the stops and she squealed, cried, whispered and howled up and down the musical scale. Dan finally let go and blew his load deep inside her. His sperm added to the mess on her sofa. Then he got up and took his gardening pay envelope and left in the night.