Dad licking sleeping daughter pussy

Dad licking sleeping daughter pussy
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Hiding out a friend. I should start by saying Im not the guy this thing usually happens to. I guess you could say Im completely average.

About 6 ft tall, average build, nothing special about me, or so I thought. It had been a fairly average day, a full days work then home for a quiet night in.

Halfway through the first show, some documentary I was only half paying attention to, my phone rang. This in itself was strange, most of the people I know would rather message me. "hello?" "hey, its me!" came the breathy voice of Becca. An old friend I had known since we were both small. "Oh hey, whats up?" I teased. "I need.shit I dont know kinky threesome action featuring lusty romana ryder to say this." "Try, or ill have to hang up." I joked.

She knew I wouldnt, maybe.

"Can I come over, its better in person." "You know where I am. Doors open. BRING PIZZA" I hung up, paranoia spilling over. 20 mins later, she was at my door, and yes with pizza too. She looked gorgeous as ever. Slim, tall, dark red hair that she swore wasnt dyed, and deep green eyes I could get lost in.

She was dressed in her usual casual style. Simple black t-shirt and jeans.

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She sat on my sofa as I got the pizza separated out. She seemed relaxed but something was still on her mind. I decided to leave it until she felt ready so talk. This took only a few minues of companionable silence. "I need to get away. Danny is being a dick again. You dont mind?" Danny was her ex, and a guy for whom the word scumbag was created. Her look was almost pleading.

I couldnt turn my back on her. "As long as ya need. Just dont make a mess." I replied, smirking. Maybe having company would be nice for once. After pizza came movies. I was sat on the weird cougars feet cummed interracial and pornstars, half reclining.

She was on the other side, leaning the other way. The very slight pressure of her cute ass pressed to mine somehow made me feel a little happier, almost wishing for more.

I cant even remember what we had put on, my mind was wandering. She turned fast, leaning against me, her head resting on my chest, one hand coming to rest on my thigh.

This wonderful feeling lasted a fraction of an instant before she sat bolt upright. "sorry." She had always had a thing about being confortable like this. "Dont be, it was kinda nice." I replied, looking into her eyes with a smile. "Dont get any ideas" she muttered. She lay back down, maybe even a little closer. I couldnt tell you how long we reclined like this. I had to do something, just to show her how much I was feeling. I slid my hand down, taking hers gently in mine.

I was shocked to feel no resistance. In fact, she seemed to clasp me tighter. I felt her breathe gently, falling asleep in the comfort. The film was over, I would leave her as she was. It took a while so slide from under her without waking her. I had a blanket for this, in case I fell asleep there. I lay it over her, covering her. I couldnt resist one last gesture. I leant over, kissing her forehead gently.

I walked out, leaving one lamp on so she could see her way around if she needed. I decided on a quick shower before bed. Jut to refresh myself. I stripped fast and walked to the bathroom, thoughts of my house-guest vanished. It wasnt anything she hadnt seen before. One drunken new years party and skinny dip had seen to that.

I didnt hear her approach. She almost snuck up on me. There I was, dripping wet and naked. She stood in the doorway, sleepy eyed but awake. I felt almost self conscious as I turned off the shower "Damn, you snuck up on me. Knock next time" Her smile was impish "what, and ruin the show?" Her eyes were fixed to my hard cock. Combination of the gorgeous woman and the hot water had got me erect.

My cock, while not huge, was hard as a rock and sticking up. I had never kept it shaved, but neatly trimmed. I grabbed a towel fast, trying to wrap it around me. She moved faster than I had anticipated. "No" was all she managed before she had me against the wall. She kissed me, starting slow and gentle. She mouth opened slowly. I felt her tongue against my interracial threesome action with a blonde milf big tits cumshot, then she slid it into mine.

Her hands were on my shoulder, pressing in. I was almost paralysed in shock. With a flourish, she pulled off the towel. I was standing in front of her naked. She broke contact now and walked away to my bedroom with the impish grin back. I followed quickly. I had always had a sort of crush on he, but nothing like this. She was standing next to my bed, facing away from me. When she heard me behind her, in one move she pulled off her t-shirt.

I see her grey sports bra clearly. Had she known about my lycra love? How could she. It had always been a love of mine, tight lycra on breasts. I watched her unclip her jeans as she looked over her shoulder at me.

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As she slid them down I could see the thin grey panties. She had one of the cutest asses I had ever seen, just begging to be touched. Kicking away her clothes she came towards me, wrapping her arms around my neck. She kissed me harder than before. I felt passion and lust. We broke the embrace just long enough for her to throw me onto the bed. I sat on the edge appraising the view. She had easily D cup breasts sitting high. Her panties were tight to her mound.

So much so that I could tell she was clean shaven. Now she walked to me. She stood in front of me, legs apart with mine between hers. I repaid her earlier look of impishness with one of my own. I couldnt hold it back any longer. I had to have her.

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I sat up straighter. Before she could stop me, I had both her breasts in my hands. I felt them slowly, playing myhands around their surface. Her nipples hardened under my palm. The lycra was a smooth surfact to play over.

I rolled her hardening nipples between my fingers gently. She moaned quietly and arched her back slightly. I slid my hands under the tight material and felt the soft warmth of her skin.

Her moaning built as I played harder with her nipples and around them. I slid off her bra with one move. She hadnt moved her hands off my shoulders as I played. Her nails were digging in to my shoulder. I took one hand off her breasts, rubbing it all the way down her flat stomach, to her panties.

I could feel the heat off her as I rubbed. I kept a rhythm between both hands so they were at the same pace. Her moans grew loud as she bucked against my hand, riding my fingers. She took her hands off me, just long enough to peel off the pants which were already slick. She pushed me down hard, straddling me as I lay. My cock brushed against her, feeling her dampness and warmth.

I jokingly wriggled under her. Her smile and deep eyes held me. I hadnt seen this side of her. She was horny for dude saved teen and then fucked her pov but wasnt in a rush.

She burst into laughter as her arm gave out, sending her crashing against me. I laughed too. This seemed to break the spell. As we shuffled around the bed, we lay down next to each other. Our hands caressed each others bodies slowly. She broke the silence. "Im sorry. I just couldnt. I mean I just wanted to.I." I held her face in mine, looking into her eyes. "Its ok." I smiled back at her. "Oh fuck it, I came here to get away now here I am naked in your bed and all I want is to." I kissed her hard, cutting off her words.

I wanted her badly. My hard cock strained at the sight and feel of her. The kiss spured her on. It brought her out of the mood. Now her face was nothing but lust and desire. She rolled on top of me in one smooth move. She deftly positioned her cock into position against her. As she slid me inside her, she threw her head and spine back.

We both moaned loudly. Our grunts of passion melding into one noise. I put my hands on her breasts again, playign with them as she rode me hard. She set a slow pace to start. Slender beauty camila receives a sensual banging european creampie felt the wetness around my cock, tight. She moaned quietly on each thrust. She leant down, wrapping her arms around my head, thrusting fast and deep.

She kissed me hard, then bit down on my shoulder to muffle the noises. Her moan turned into an almost growl. She came back up, eye to eye with me. "oh just fuck me." she growled and rolled us over. She was underneath me with my cock still in her. These words rattled in my head. I kissed her hard as I put my hands on her shoulders. Partially for leverage and partially to tease. Instead of the slow pace she set I went all out. I thrust harder and faster than she had. We were sweating and growling already.

All pretence of gentle romance had gone. Almost as a joke I grabbed her wrists, pinning them above her head. The other hand groped her breasts as I thrust hard. She squirmed playfully against my hold. I felt my cock start to pulse.

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I knew I wasnt far off cumming. I slowed to give myself a moment. She didnt ask what was wrong, just tilted her head slightly. "Have to slow down," I whispered in her ear. "Dont wanna cum too soon." Her eyes lit up as she smiled "dont fill me up just yet." was tight ass slammed by long ramrod hardcore russian she said.

She wriggled her wrists from under mine. Tilting her head down, she pushed her breasts together. She opened her mouth with her tongue out. I knew what she wanted then. I could only keep the pace for another few thrusts. I knelt up from where I was. I aimed my cock between her breasts just as I came hard. The first pulse sent my cum past her breasts into her waiting mouth. That seemed to open the floodgates.

My cock kept pulsing until I thought I wouldnt have any fluid left. Her mouth and tongue were splattered with cum.

Strands of cum pooled on her breasts. Spent, I rolled off her to the side, panting. We lay in silence for a moment before she slid off the bed. I heard her in the bathroom cleaning up. What confused me was when she padded down to the room with her bag in it then came back up. I had dimmed the lights when she came back up. She looked completely different when she was back in my room.

From her bag, she had put on a leather collar on her neck. When she turned and faced away I saw she had handcuffed her hands behind her. She turned back to face me standing at the foot of the bed. "What, you didnt know im a kinky bitch?"