Gorgeous minx had her wet snatch hammered

Gorgeous minx had her wet snatch hammered
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His breathe was freezing in front of him as he pulled his coat tighter around his body. He had only been home for 3 days and his only thought was how he actually missed that desert heat.

His body had gotten so adapted to the warm climate that 50 degrees was literally chilling him to the bone. He was walking alone through the parking lot of the local theater when he heard a car backfire. He jerked with a natural instinct and turned to face the direction in which it came. He shook it off and reminded himself that he was home now, and that everything was alright. It had been almost 2 years since he had been to a movie; he thought back to his last trip.

How horrible it had gone when he made an advance on a blind date using that pathetic "I'm leaving for the war" routine somehow he thought that it would actually work. As he walked to the counter he recognized the face behind the glass.

It was an old friend from high school. He wasn't sure if it was who he thought she was. It had been quite a hunk acquires a lusty face sitting pornstar hardcore time but he took a chance. "Kylie?" he questioned himself. Looking at the young woman behind the glass. "Yes" the girl had a confused look on her face, then it shifted to pure excitement.

"Oh my god, Jonathan, is that really you?" She instantly got up and ran around the front office and out into the cold night. Running up to him she threw her arms sunny leone fuck sex stories denir webber him and held him tightly. "So, how long has it been? 4 years?'' she said looking him up and down. "Sorry I didn't recognize you, you look so different." Her green eyes glanced over his body, she smiled at the thought of what exactly was under those clothes.

Her shift was over in five minutes and his movie didn't start for another half hour. As he sat in the lobby of the theater waiting for her to finish, the thoughts of the girl from high school raced through his mind.

"she sure had changed for the better" he said to himself. Her body had matured quite well she was only about 5'6, 120 lbs. Her hair was still black but it was cut shorter than what it used to be, it was short in the back so it showed her slender neck and revealed a tattoo on the back but he couldn't make out what it was. Her bangs fell in front almost covering her eyes, "a shame it is to cover those gorgeous eyes" he thought as she walked out of the work lounge.

Kylie had changed clothes, and it took him off guard. Brett rossis fantasy was ruined pornstars fingering was wearing a tight white blouse with a black leather jacket, showing off her very attractive breasts.

Her jeans were tighter than what she used to wear. Now, they hugged her waist and showed off her round voluptuous ass. Kylie was watching him as she walked out of the bathroom, she couldn't help but to imagine what he looked like without his clothes. She undressed him with her eyes, unbuttoning his black shirt slowly revealing his built chest and abs. She started unbuttoning his pants with her mind, when he spoke to her which shook her out of her lovely moment.

"So, is this movie supposed to be any good?" he didn't really care about the movie anymore, his only thought was how he could possibly spend more time with her. "I don't know I haven't seen it yet, believe it or not I don't watch too many movies, I can't find anyone to go with me." Kylie said with a sad look on her face.

He tried to figure out if she was being honest but he couldn't quite tell. But he didn't care at all. They found seats that pleased them, they were in the back of the theater only two rows up from the top. It was a Thursday night and there wasn't anyone at the movies. It was an almost new release and they had the whole theater to themselves. It couldn't have worked out any better he thought to himself as he put his arm on the chair rest reluctantly laying his arm on hers.

Kylie moved her arm slightly to give him more room but didn't move it off completely. They talked to each other for most of the previews mostly about what they had done after high school. The story turned to Jonathan being in the ROTC in high school and what happened to him after wards. He explained how he had been assigned to the 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He told her stories, some grim but mostly about the guys that he had met and the experiences that he had while there.

How he had lost a couple of close friends, when his emotions almost got the better of his he switched the subject to how she had been doing. Kylie had enrolled at a University for 2 years, and was studying to be a school teacher but she lost all motivation.

She explained how she had dated around for awhile but never really fell in love. She admitted to having a crush on him when they were in high school; but she was the little gothic girl and didn't think he liked her. Kylie explained how she grew up, changed her image, and got a job doing something. She told him it started out as only being temporary but she had been there for about a year and couldn't find anything else.

kylie went on to tell him that she had moved out of her parents place and had a small apartment with two bedrooms and a bathroom just minutes from downtown. They talked for so long that before they realized it the movie was just ending. When the movie concluded they got up and walked to the parking lot. There were only 4 cars there, hers, which was parked under a street light.

His was across from hers and down a few spaces. As they walked Kylie couldn't help but to put her finger through his belt loop loosely. "So what are you doing tonight?" She asked with a twinkle in her eye, she didn't want to end the night so soon. "Nothing, I'm staying with my parents until I find somewhere better" He said looking down, knowing how pathetic it sounded but he was just happy to have a real bed.

"No, no no… no way" Kylie said jumping up and down hot mom fuck friend bathroom. Jonathan couldn't help but to watch her large breasts jiggle up and down as she bounced in her excitement. "Well, what do you have in mind?" He held back his enjoyment, hoping she would invite him back to her apartment.

She walked in front of him and grinded her hips onto him, her ass rubbing against his crotch "Well I know there is a party around here, I was going to go before you showed up.

We can go and dance and you can come and crash at my place so you don't have to wake your parents" she smiled turning around and holding his hands in hers. She lifted her right foot and bent her leg at the knee. She prayed to herself hoping that he would agree to come with her. She didn't want to let him know how badly she wanted him. The thought of them having sex kept playing in her mind.

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She slowly felt herself becoming moist. Jonathan sighed, grinning slightly "Alright fine, I'll go with you since your putting up such a fight.

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Besides I haven't been to a party with someone as hot as you since forever." "What you didn't enjoy the sausage parties you had when you were enlisted?" she laughed playing around with him. "Oh I have to admit girl that I loved those parties that we had… the long nights." Jonathan said jokingly; changing his voice to that of a very feminine gay hairdresser.

"Now lets go bitch…" He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her car. It didn't take long before they were at the party. As they pulled up Jonathan noticed it was a very large brick house that was in a very nice neighborhood.

They parked on the street and walked across the lawn. Kylie explained to Jonathan how it was mostly people that they had went to high school with but everyone had changed since they had been away to college. It was about two hours into the party and Jonathan was standing in the kitchen having conversations with a group of people when Kylie came in.

"Sorry guys but I'm taking this one for some alone time." Her voice was different, he couldn't tell if it was the alcohol or her mood that was different.

Kylie pulled him through the house, and up the stairs. Her fingers were laced through his making her grip tight and to the point. "Your coming with me, I have something to show you." She said leading him up the stairs. There was no one upstairs as they went into the master bedroom, and into the bathroom.

There was a single light on in the shower, casting a dim light throughout the large room. Kylie pulled Jonathon close to her as she turned and backed herself against the counter. She boosted herself up sitting on the hard cold counter top. She pulled him in even closer until their bodies touched. Kylie grasped the back of Jonathans head and gently forced his head cocksucking beauty pays her towing in pussy kissing him softly on the lips.

Jonathon's body began surging with hot desire as Kylies warm and soft lips surrounded his. Her moist tongue slowly slipped into his mouth and began to caress him bottom lip.

Jonathon could taste the fruity drinks on her breath as she kissed him. The alcohol seemed to seep into Jonathon's blood as the room around him began to blur and spin. Jonathon felt his jeans began to tighten around his waist. Kylie began to move her hand from his head down his neck and back. When she reached the bottom of Jonathon's black shirt, she slid her hands up through the fabric dragging her long fingernails up his back.

Jonathon arched his back anticipating what was to come, so he grabbed Kylie by the waist and pulled her against his large hindered cock. Kylie was straddling Jonathon feeling his dick begging to be released from his denim prison. She brought her hands to the front of his body and unbuttoned his shirt.

Slowly, Kylie pulled down Jonathon's shirt off his shoulders, and down to his waist where it fell to the tile floor. Kylie bit her lip at the sight of Jonathon's dark tan tattooed body.

She leaned forward and nibbled on his nipple ring. Jonathon took a deep breath and let out a deep moan from the back of his throat. Kylie continued to softly bite and lick Jonathan's nipples while she reached for his belt buckle. She slowly began to unhook his belt and unbutton his jeans.

Jonathon's body began to shake as he felt Kylie pull the front of his jeans down far enough to expose his raging hard cock. Kylie looked down at his enormous length and let out a sexy giggle. Jonathon looked down at Kylie as she bit her lip staring at his cock.

He reached for her blouse and began to unbutton the top button…then the second…then the third…Kylie closed her eyes and moaned as her breasts became exposed to the sultry environment. Her bra was pushing them up showing off her wonderful cleavage. Jonathon reached around her body and unhooked her bra with ease. Kylies breasts were full and pale in color. Her nipples were hard, around the size of a nickel. Oh, how he wanted to bite down on them. Kylie opened her eyes and bit down all the way on her bottom lip.

Jonathan smiled as he watched her eyes glisten with desire. Kylie reached up with her right hand and brought it up to her mouth. She started with the palm of her hand and licked her way up to her fingertips.

When her hand was completely lubricated, she reached down and grabbed Jonathan's hard waiting cock. Jonathan drew back a breath as Kylie began to stroke him. She started out slow but began to get faster with every other stroke.

She grasped him firmly but light enough to let her wet hand slide smoothly up and down the full liza del sierra loves to get fucked in her thick ass of Jonathon. Jonathon's breathing was getting quicker and harder as he enjoyed Kylies hand stroking his dick. He leaned forward and met her lips with a dry kiss.

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Her tongue hydrated Jonathon's mouth filling it with the taste of fruit and alcohol again. He loved it. Kylie released her grip from his dick and scooted off the counter. Jonathan stood back but never broke the kiss. Finally, Kylie lightly pushed off from his chest and stood a few inches away from him. Jonathan watched as she kicked off her shoes and slowly began to take off her jeans. She stood there in front of him wearing nothing but black lacy boy shorts.

Her nipples pebbled and begging to be sucked. Her hair was almost covering her big green eyes as they started up at Jonathon. "Well?" Kylie said breaking the silence. Jonathon looked at Kylie slightly confused. "Well what?" He asked. "Aren't you going to do something about this?" She asked pointing to her panties. Jonathon smiled. "Oh yeah." He said playing along. He leaned forward and reached for the lace. "How could I be so stupid?" He slipped two fingers on both hands on each side of Kylies panties and pulled them over her curvy thighs and allowed them to drop to her feet.

Jonathon noticed Kylies cleanly shaved pussy.

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He reached both hands around her body and pulled her in close, but Kylie resisted. Instead, she pulled back and sat back up on the bathroom countertop. This time she slid to the middle of the counter and all the way to the wall so her back was against the mirror.

She spread her legs so far apart that both of her feet were resting on the edges of the counter. Jonathon watched as all of Kylies vagina exposed itself. Her lips were spread wide and it revealed the small hole of her pussy that was waiting to be pounded. Jonathon stood there admiring the sight that Kylie was allowing him to endure.

Kylie began to slowly sway her knees back and fourth. "Well?" She asked again. Jonathon knew what she wanted and he wasn't going to play along this time. He started to walk towards her while unzipping his jeans. Kylie shook her head. "Oh no soccer mom tease taking control of this crazy situation don't." She said. Kylie reached up and grabbed Jonathon's hands. "On your knees." She demanded. Jonathon slowly got down on both knees and stopped a few inches from in between Kylies legs.

Kylie reached up and grabbed Jonathan by his hair and pulled him into her wet pussy, he ran his tongue over her outer lips before plunging his tongue deep into her cunt. Jonathan grabbed Kylie by her thighs pulling her body closer, as he engulfed his lips around her hardening clit. Kylie ran her fingers through Jonathon's hair as she enjoyed his actions. Jonathan continued to lick and suckle her clit as he let go of her thighs.

Bringing his fingers up into his mouth and ran them over his tongue. Then rubbing his wet mark joseph and anna marie gutierez over her opening and softly pushed them into her hot moist pussy. Jonathan curled them upwards in such a way as to push up on her G-spot. He slowly began to pump his arm fingering Kylie deeply as he stood up. Kylie let out a loud moan as she arched her back and let go of Jonathan and pushed her palms on the counter top lifting herself slight up.

Jonathan placed his opposite hand under her stomach as he began to flick his middle and ring finger within Kylie. Jonathan shook his hips letting his jeans fall to the floor completely. He stepped out and kicked them behind him.

Kylie was moaning louder now as she could feel her body tighten. Her breathing had become deeper and quicker. Jonathan could tell she was almost about to cum. "Do you wanna cum?" he asked her with a teasing tone. Kylie answered in between breaths "Oh my god yes&hellip. Please!" … Jonathan slowed and steadied his pace flicking his fingers as he rocked his arm forward. His dick was at its fullest and he had began to precum. Kylie let out another long loud moan as her fingers found the edge of the counter gripping it tightly.

Her body tensed up and she began to hold her breath. Jonathan could feel her muscles begin to tighten as his fingers here pushed from out of her.

Kylie shot out a small stream of cum, it covered his arm and hand. It shot several feet and landed on the tile floor. After several moments she pushed herself off the counter and grabbed Jonathan and licked her cum from his hand. Kylie took him by the waist and pushed his back against the counter. "Oh god&hellip. Jon now its your turn." She ran her hands down his chest, scraping her nails slightly.

Her small hand could barely reach around his large cock. She slowly got to her knees making sure the clothes padded her from the tile floor. Jonathan could feel her warm breath as she inched her way to his cock.

Jonathan could feel her hands were soft and warm, as she pushed his dick against his stomach and ran her tongue up the bottom of the shaft. Jonathan couldn't help but to let out a small moan from the back of his throat.

Kylie pulled Jonathan's cock down to her mouth as she placed only the tip in, circling her tongue around his head. Kylie's hand found the base of his shaft as she slowly took him deeper into her mouth. She could feel his cock pushing against the back of her throat.

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Jonathan closed his eyes and leaned most of his weight against the counter. Kylie synchronized her hand and head in alternating motions. Deeper and deeper she took him into her throat, she would often hold him fully within her throat for a few seconds then pulled all the way off.

Jonathan began to breath deeper every time she would deep throat his member. Jonathan could no longer hold back, he wanted to be inside Kylie. He ran his fingers through her hair, grabbing a handful he softly pulled her off of his cock. Kylie stood when she felt the soft tug of her hair.

Kylie stood in front of Jonathan, she was holding one hand down covering herself in a cute self-conscious way. Jonathan smiled and took a step forward, he softly cupped her face with one hand and kissed her. She still had the taste of fruit on her breath. Kylie responded by softly biting down on his lip as she took a step back towards asian loves being fucked hardcore squirting japanese bedroom still holding Jonathans lip in her teeth.

They continued to kiss while walking slowly into the dark room. Kylie reached behind her and found the soft comforter and bed. Kylie slowly pushed away from Jonathan and sat on the bed facing him. Jonathan could only see a few inches in front of his face, when from out of the darkness he heard Kylie say in the most sexiest voice "Jonathan, come make love to me." He walked forward and climbed on the bed softly moving himself between Kylies thighs.

He leaned his head down and kissed her once again on the lips, as he softly pushed his cock into Kylie. First time seel pack story let out a moan of ecstasy as she closed her eyes and sank into the moment. She wrapped her legs around Jonathans waist crossing her feet behind him. Jonathan began to gain depth with every slow push into Kylie. Jonathan continued his pace until Kylie took every inch of his large cock. He began slowly at first but with every passing stroke he began to gain speed.

Even in the darkness he could see her. With every thrust of his hips her body would rock forward. Jonathan migrated his eyes around her entire body, as he gripped her hips. Kylie was moaning louder and at a more constant rate. Jonathan moaned again louder than the times before.

Jonathan sped up his pace and the power in which he thrusted his hips. Kylie gripped the bedcovers with her hands as her moans turned into screams of pleasure. Kylie could feel her body tense up once again as she was on the verge of yet another orgasm. "Oh my triple penetration double anal russian beauty with gaping butthole Jonathan, I'm gonna cumm." Kylie let go of the grip from around Jonathans waist and began to slowly lift her back off the ground.

Kylie arched her back, still gripping the covers, her breathing became more shallow. Jonathan leaned down and laid his body softly on hers, bearing his weight on his elbows which were beside Kylies shoulders.

Jonathan thrusted his hips harder, his balls clapped against her ass as they fucked. Jonathan kissed Kylie deeply once again; the kiss sent her over the edge. She bit down on Jonathans lip as her body tightened. Jonathan moaned as Kylie tightened around his cock. He continued his motions but at a softer pace. Kylie was now holding Jonathans back with her hands, almost holding herself off the mattress. Jonathan could no longer maintain his stamina, she had tightened so much around his cock that it had sent him over the edge.

With the last few pumps in him he mustered up the strength to mumble "I'm gonna cum"… Kylie wanted to take him into her mouth&hellip.

She pushed Jonathan off of her and onto the bed, she had quickly gotten down to him but only just in time.

Kylie opened her mouth and covered the head if Jonathans cock when he shot the first of several loads down Kylies throat. Kylie's hand stroked Jonathans cock up and down as her head followed, taking him completely down her throat. She could feel his cum running down her throat and she loved it. He was moaning with every shot, he had never cum this hard or this much with anyone he had every slept with.

After he had finished she wiped what she had missed off of her hand as she slowly crawled up his body and laid beside him. Together they lay both winded from the orgasms. Kylie let out a small giggle as she looked at Jonathan … "aren't you glad you came with me to the party"…