Teen showing pussy and weekend with my cronys sister first time comradely family

Teen showing pussy and weekend with my cronys sister first time comradely family
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The ticking of the clock drove Oli insane. The one on his bedside table and the one on his wall. His baby brother was in the shower; the one connected to his room. Tom's was running out of hot water, and Oliver had decided to be nice to his little brother. Half way through Tom's shower though, he began fantasizing about his little brother jerking off.and he began to mumble to himself. "Shit." He looked down and sighed. "Another hard on caused by Tom." Tom, running soap in his hair, hummed gently to himself.

He quickly realized that he was humming "Chelsea Smile" by his brother's band. He scrunched his nose and laughed softly, water tickling his chest. He wiped the water from his eyes and called his brother's name. "Can you get me a towel?" No reply. The only sounds coming from Oli were panting, and moans of his brother's name.

Oliver hadn't heard, also hadn't registered Tom was calling him to hand him a towel. "Fuck Tom.UGH!" Oli's hips shot up as he palmed his erection, still moaning. Even though the shower had stopped. Tom had a look of confusion bianca luckiest girl on earth swallow sperm cocktail his face.

Why was his brother cussing him? All he had asked for was a bloody towel. He opened the door and stuck his head out. His eyes widened and he froze. Oliver was still completely lost in his bliss and oblivious to Tom opening the door.

"Mmgh, Tom, baby brother, I love you." He moaned and jerked himself a few times, spurting his cum over his hand, thighs, and sheets. He opened his eyes and panted, only then noticing that the bathroom door was opened, and Tom was staring at him. Tom's bottom lip quivered and he slammed the door.

What. The. Fuck. He leaned against the bathroom door, knowing it didn't have a lock. His brother was.wanking off.to HIM. Tom felt like he was going to hyperventilate, he really didn't need this. He had JUST gotten over his lust for Oliver. He had realized how sick and disturbing the ordeal was. He looked for his jeans, sliding them around his still wet frame. Oli opened the door to the bathroom and looked at Tom. His stomach held a ton of emotions to see his little brother dripping wet and half naked right in front of him.

He could feel himself growing hard again and he tried to suppress the moan but it tumbled from his lips before he could stop it. "God, Tom.' The elder Sykes brother took a step forward and felt the sudden urge to fuck Tom. "Fuck," he whispered. Tom's eyes darted at the exit of the bathroom. The hurtful words fell from his lips before he could stop them. "Get the bloody fuck away from me, Sykes." As bad as Tom's words hurt, Oli didn't move.

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He just stared at his little brother, his eyes gliding over him like ice on a hot surface. "No." Oli stepped forward again, then stepped back, shutting the door.

He blocked it with his body and smirked. "What's wrong, baby brother?" Oliver felt his stomach flip and felt his cock stir in his jeans that he'd just quickly pulled back on.

"Scared of me?" "Very." Tom answered truthfully. He swallowed softly and tried to stand. Oliver had always been capable of scaring the fuck out of anyone, and he used it well. Tom wanted to leave, and cry. He had never seen that look on his brother's face before. Oli licked his lips and smirked. His eyes grew dark and glassy with pure animalistic lust for his baby brother, and pmv #17 compilation tube porn crouched next to him.

"I won't hurt you unless you resist." He put a painfully hard grip on Tom's shoulder and leaned into his ear, licking around the shell slowly. "Let me fuck you tight little ass, baby brother." Tom shivered and shook his head, "No." Tears now leaked delicately from his eyes and stained his face and chest.

He wanted to leave. He couldn't believe he was hearing this. A deep, frustrated growl emitted from Oliver's throat and he shoved Tom hard back against the wall. "I'm only gonna ask one more time before I tear into you." He smirked again and straddled Tom, moaning as his erection rubbed Tom's stomach.

"Let me, fuck you." Tom's tears fell at rapid speed. He feebly shook his head. "N-n-no." he cringed at the feeling. He gently grabbed Oliver's arm.

"Y-you don't have t-to be li-li-like this." As he had before, Oliver slammed Tom back on the wall hard, earning a soft pained squeak from his brother. He jerked his arm away and hit Tom in the stomach hard, grabbing him tightly by the throat. "Fuck you," he said simply, leaning forward to kiss his brother sloppily, shoving his tongue in his baby brother's mouth. Tom reflexively bit down on his tongue, regretting that he did.

He braced the wall, knowing he was about to die. Oliver pulled back and spit blood from his mouth then growled, lifting Tom up by his hair. He threw him against the toilet and sat down on him, slapping his face hard though he was bleeding badly from hitting his head.

"Tom, behave," he whispered, panting. Tom whimpered softly, he could feel blood draining from him. "Ol-Oli.w-why are you doing this?" It was then that Oli was glad they were home alone, for the screaming that was about to fill the house would've cause too much attention to be drawn to his room. "Do you have any FUCKING clue how bloody long I've waited to have you? TOO LONG!

You always taunt me, walking around looking so bloody beautiful. And I'm nice to you. Then I ask you to fuck me and you say NO? That's why!" Oli grabbed him and pulled him up, carrying him to his bedroom. He slung him down on the bed and pinned him down underneath him.

"I bet you're so tight, Tom. Foxy redhead mira has her pussy drilled bet you're a virgin." Oliver laughed and gently stroked him through his jeans. Tom whimpered softly, and nodded.

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He gripped at Oliver's shirt and cried, "P-please Oliver.Don't do this." He let the innocence of his nature seep into his eyes. he loved Oliver so much.he didn't want this though, he didn't think Oliver did either. "O-oliver.we c-can talk about this." "Too fucking late.

I can't control it anymore Tom. I just want to fuck you so bad.and I love you." Oli pushed his lips to Toms again but this time he didn't slip his tongue in.

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He reached under his bed and pulled out a pair of hand cuffs a fan had given him. He cuffed Tom's wrists together and rocked his hips down. "Moan for me baby brother," he whispered, sucking on Tom's neck. Tom whimpered and shook his head, "I-if you love me.you won't d-do this." The words really pissed Oli off then. "I do fucking love you." Oliver hooked the handcuffs on his bedpost and bit down into Tom's neck, slowly shedding his baby brother's jeans.

When he looked at his cock, he smirked, rubbing his hand over it. "I'm impressed baby brother," he whispered, "It looks nice. Really quite big." He leaned down and gently sucked at the shaft, then sat back up. Tom couldn't do anything, he felt paralyzed against his brother.

He felt pressure build up in his stomach and he wanted to honestly die. He had seen his brother as a person he could trust and be protected by. Now he needed protection from his protector. Oliver's hands massaged down Tom's sides and gently, he reached around to his ass and stroked a few fingers over his brother's entrance. "I know you want this Tom." He slipped a finger in and moaned as he felt resistance. "You're so amazingly tight baby brother." Oli leaned forward and kissed his neck up to his ear.

"I can't wait to see what it feels like to fuck your little ass." Tom wiggled and tried to think of something else. His heart was breaking into thousands of pieces. He wanted to run away from everything. Tom honestly wished he could slice open his wrists on these handcuffs and be free of this pain.

He looks up at Oliver, his vision blurry from un-fallen tears. He choked and pleaded again, "p-please don't do this." The oldest of the two pretended he heard nothing and continued to finger his baby brother until he could slip in another finger.

"Shush now, don't cry," he whispered, smirking. He pulled his fingers out of Tom and pulled his own jeans off, rubbing his dick on Tom's stomach. "You have a cute mouth.I bed you can suck dick." He laughed and touched Tom's cheek, scooting up onto his chest and pushing his cock to Tom's lips.

"Suck.now." Tom held his mouth closed. He had dreamed of the day that he could suck off Oliver, but he didn't want it this way.

He shook his head, trying to wiggle free, though he knew his bids for freedom were pointless. Oliver growled and hit Tom hard in the stomach. "Open your fucking mouth Tom!" He glared and rubbed his dick against Tom's lips.

"Open!" Tom opened his mouth and whimpered, suckling Oliver's head. He cried harder and harder, his will power ebbing away. Oliver moaned and softly pet Tom's hair back. "Good boy. Keep sucking and I'll think about being gentle on you." He smirked and suddenly thrust his hips forward, shoving his dick down Tom's throat. Tom choked and tried his best not to get hit by Oliver again. He glided his teeth down Oliver's length and slowly started twisting his wrists on the metal of his handcuffs.

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he tongued gently at Oliver's slit, trying to keep him from noticing. he wanted to die. Oli gasped and grabbed Tom's wrists, taking the cuffs off. "Stop fucking trying to kill yourself." He pinned Tom's hands above his head and this time he tied them tightly with a belt and put them behind his brother's back.

Oliver jerked his dick out of Tom's mouth and hit him a few more times, making him slightly dizzy. Tom's eyes blurred and he gave up the will to fight. He cried harder, his heart now a pile of dust. His only salvation was that if Pretty brunette adorable girl rides up corpulent cock girlfriend and homemade kept hitting him, he would pass out. Gently Oliver leaned forward and kissed Tom slowly, stroking his hair back.

He lifted Tom's legs and wrapped them around himself, rubbing his cock at Tom's entrance. "Mmm, I'm gonna fuck you now." Tom felt a surge of anger hit his stomach. "This is fucking sick." he knew he couldn't fight it, but at least Oliver would know what he felt.

Oliver laughed and then his eyes narrowed. "I don't care what the fuck you think." He hit him one more time in the face then thrust in hard, all the way up to the end of his shaft. Tom would have blacked out if it wasn't for the tremendous pain ripping through him. He screamed and gripped the leather under his fingers.

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He felt himself tear and rip, blood flowing once again. "Oh shit. TOM!" Oliver moaned and started to thrust deeper, hitting his baby brother's spot dead on. "Mm, you're so slick." Oli smirked. "Could be the blood all in you though." Tom groaned, it sounded like a thick choke.

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He cried and tried to grip the sheets under him, trying to level himself. He felt so dirty, so sick. Bile rose in his throat, he started choking on it. He turned his head, throwing up on his brother's sheets. It was nothing more than blood and stomach acid, his throat was on fire from the acidic mix and yet, he still screamed. Oli growled and slapped Tom. "Fucker!" He started to thrust into him painfully hard and fast.

"Mmm, Tom, I love you." Oliver was already close to orgasm because Tom was so tight. "Oh shit, Baby.baby, I love you." He started to shake and palm Tom's cock hard. Tom bit harshly on his own lip and tried to move his hips away.

He didn't want this at all. He cried harder and the edges of his vision started to haze. Salvation was soon. The sensation was almost too much as Oliver kept fucking his little brother. "Mgh, mm, Tom." He touched his cheek and rubbed his hips softly, thrusting deeper, deeper. He could feel the cum moving in his balls and it started to flow down his cock. "UGH." It began thickly coating Tom's insides but Oli still didn't stop.

"Mm, god damn." The searing heat hit Tom and he screamed again. He sobbed, his chest shaking. He looked up at his brother, shock ridding his face. he still didn't hate his brother. Even after this.he looked down and cried more. "Mm, baby brother. I love you." Oli gripped Watch what my slutty girlfriend sent me hair in his fist and moaned, still riding out his orgasm deep inside his sibling. "You look so beautiful." Split lip, bleeding head, crying like mad, cum dripping from his ass and vomit dribbling from his mouth…Oliver still loved how gorgeous he looked.

When Oliver finally stopped, he curled into a ball and cried even harder. The only thing he had stamina to do was look at Oliver. "I-I still love you, even though you've fucking killed me." with that, he blacked out, unconscious from the blood loss and trauma.

Oliver looked over at Tom and bit his lip. "Oh." His hand touched the side of Tom's face and he whimpered. "I'm so sorry." Oli leaned forward and wiped Tom's face clean, dabbing at the vomit with his shirt.

"I can't believe I hurt him." He just untied him and watched him lay limp. Though, he was still breathing. He felt that he would one day make it up. Or one day, he would just do this again.