Blonde babe gets that big cock vca

Blonde babe gets that big cock vca
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This is my first time writing, so please only helpful comments. Mrs Cox(Part 1) Brent had just turned 17 in the spring. Brent was 6feet tall and had short brown hair. He had a six pack and his arm muscle was toned due to weightlifting for football. It was the middle of august and he had football practice every morning from 6 to 10. Since Brent's parents and sisters were going to New York to visit his grandparents, Brent was going to stay with Mrs.

Cox, who's family was also gone for 2 weeks. The Cox's were family friends with Mrs. Cox and Brent's mom being very close. Now, Brent would never admit it, but he had a crush on Mrs. Cox for a few years now. She was probably in her mid forties but she was still incredibly hot, she was about 5'8'' with straight auburn hair that went just below her shoulders, she had a nice firm ass that every time Brent saw it he just wanted to squeeze it, but her best feature was definitely her two huge sweater stretchers that Brent guessed were double D's.

"Now you do everything Mrs. Cox tells you, got it?", Brent's mom told him. "I know mom," replied Brent. "I'll be her personal butler for 2 weeks". His mom said ,"good bye" and they drove off. Brent locked the house, got in his car and drove the 5 minute drive to the Cox's house. "Good morning Brent," Mrs Cox said as she opened the door. She was a tight fitting shirt that exposed about half of her breasts.

At first Brent was entranced with her cleavage but after a second he finally looked up and said "good morning," hoping that he hadn'tbeen caught. She smiled and said,"come inside". Brent took his bag inside.

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She turned around ,"follow me and I'll show sluts fill a pool with pussy juice your room". Brent followed her up the stairs, since she was a few steps ahead of him her tight ass was in his face. She was wearing a pair jean shorts that perfectly showed her ass as it swayed back and forth. "This is Ryan's room," Ryan was her 13 year old son,"you can stay in here, get settled and come down to the backyard, I need help with some gardening." Brent got dressed in a loose fitting shirt and some athletic shorts.

When he showed up in the backyard Mrs. Cox smiled got up from her knees and told him start packing plants into the ground, as she had already dug the holes so it wouldn't take long. The whole time Brent couldn't keep his eyes off of her ass as she was down on all fours planting tulips.

Brent was sure that she had caught him staring a few times but she never said anything. After he finished Mrs. Cox told him that there wasn't anything else she needed and that he could do what he wanted. She then told him he could swim in the pool if he liked."Sure," replied Brent,"it's pretty hot out here, I could use a swim" Brent got changed in his room, walked outside and jumped into the deep end of the pool, it was only 5 and a half feet deep.

He swam around the pool for 10 minutes until Mrs. Cox walked out in a small black bikini. The top barely covered her breasts and the bottom showed off practically all of her asscheeks. He stood there in the water mesmerized by her body, her magnificent ass, and flawless skin.

This time he knew he got caught staring, because she was looking directly at him. But instead of the reaction Brent was expecting as she smiled at him and gave a wink. She slipped herself slowly into the hot tub next to the pool."Wake me up in 30 minutes," she yelled as she closed her eyes. After 30 minutes Brent stood over Mrs. Cox allowing him to see right down her top, the only thing he couldn't see were the nipples. He tapped her shoulder to wake her up."Thanks Brent," she said yawning.

She reached her hand up and asked him to help her out of the hot tub. As she stood up the right side of her top fell down revealing her entire right breast, her fully erect nipple and just how perky her tits really were. Seeing this gave Brent's 8 inch dick a full erection. Then she realized what had happened she quickly fixed her top and looked at Brent with a panic look in her eyes, couple bitches try to steal and pounded by pawn keeper that he didn't see anything.

That's when she noticed Brent's huge bulge sticking out in his shorts. "Oh my god!," she exclaimed when she saw it."Oh my god!" Brent said just realizing what had happened to his penis.

"Well," she began,"I suppose you'll need to take care of that?" Before Brent could reply she continued,"you can use the computer in Ryan's room" Brent simply nodded his head and got out of there. Still a little shaken up after what happened, he barely was able to get on to his favorite porn site. He watched porn for nearly 40 minutes but nothing was working for him. Chinese porn download amazing storys eventually gave up and went into the bathroom to take a dump.

On his way there he heard some moaning coming from Mrs. Cox's bedroom. He pressed his ear up to the door and listened as every few moans he'd here Mrs. Cox say his name. He couldn't believe it! Mrs. Cox was masturbating thinking of him. That was enough to make Brent explode right there. Luckily he didnt, but he barely made it to the toilet in time before the biggest load of his life came out.

That night at dinner they sat ate the steaks that Brent had prepared, cooking was a passion of Brent's. "Wow Brent, you are a really good cook," exclaimed Mrs. Cox,"I wish my husband could cook like this." They talked about all kinds of things like sports, family, and work.

Mrs. Cox kept having him get up and get her wine. Brent noticed that every time he got up Mrs. Cox checked out his ass and would often feel his biceps as he was returning her wine. After dinner they sat outside by the pool and continued to talk. They sat out there until 11:30. At that point Mrs. Cox had had to many drinks and was pretty drunk.

"I wanna go swimming," she said."Alright," he said,"just go get your bathing suit" She started laughing and then began to take her shirt off."What are you doing!?," asked Brent miss pooja ki xstory punjabi singer ki a panicky way.

"Oh relax Brent, it's not like you can see anything, it's really dark out here," she took off the rest of her clothes.

When she was done she said,"see can't see anything right?". The truth was Brent could see every last glorious detail of her body. But instead of telling her this and ruining the best shot to see her naked, he simply said,"your right, I can't see a thing." "See, I told you," she bragged. But Brent was to focused on her body, her beautiful erect nipples, her gorgeous legs, the perfect curves of her body, and while it was harder to see he could still manage to see her pussy.

His thoughts were interrupted by a loud splash. He looked at the pool and saw Mrs. Cox rising out of the water. The moonlight reflecting of her wet breasts.

The sight 70 plus rare story granny this gave him a gigantic erection. "What are doing silly?," she asked,"take off your clothes and get in here!" She didn't have to ask Brent twice. He immediately took off all of his clothes." Oh look who lied to get a peek at me!," exclaimed Mrs. Cox," I can see everything you got there!" She obviously saw the scared look on Brent's face as she said,"relax, I didn't say I wasn't impressed by it.," he couldn't believe what he heard."It seems very big, I bet the girls at school are all over you." There was a bit of a silence for a second before she broke it by saying,"are you getting in or not?" Brent jumped in making a huge splash.

That's when she had the idea to play Marco Polo. "Close your eyes, your it ," she said. "Marco" "Polo" "Marco" "Polo" "Marco" "Polo" It was at this point that he finally reached Mrs. Cox. He reached out and grabbed her. "Ha, got you," he said opening his eyes. Brent was shocked as he saw that he had grabbed hear breast. He quickly drew his hand away and began to apologize when Mrs. Cox started chuckling. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her left breast. She started squeezing his hand.

She took her other hand and grabbed his penis and started stroking it. Brent leaned forward and embraced her with a kiss. Her lips were so soft he felt as if he could kiss her forever.

He took his right hand and began moving a couple fingers in and out of her pussy making her pussy dripping wet. Suddenly Mrs. Cox pulled away and pushed him off of her. "I can't believe I just did that," she said, 'shit' thought Brent,"I'm married, this is wrong, we can't do that ever again." She got out of the water and ran into the house in a panic.

Brent stayed in the pool for another 30 minutes thinking about how great that was and how pissed he was that she stopped it. He sulked up to his room, but before going into his room he pressed his ear against Mrs. Cox's door, but he didn't hear anything. He laid in his bed, unable to go to sleep. Until Mrs. Cox opened the door and asked if he could help her with something in her room. Brent got up and followed her to her room.Mrs. Cox looked at him and said ,"I want you Brent," Brent couldn't believe it," I know it's wrong but I couldn't stop thinking about you." She didn't have to ask Brent twice, as he grabbed her hips and began kissing her deeply.

Unlike the kiss in the pool earlier, she continues this one, darting her tongue in and out of Brent's mouth and moaning slightly as they continued to kiss.

Brent starts to move his hips and line up his hard member at the entrance to her now soaking slit. She feels what he's doing and moans softly into his mouth. "Are you sure about this Mrs. Cox?", Brent asked her.

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"It's so wrong Brent, but I can't help myself, I need you inside of me. Fuck me Brent, fuck me with your big dick" she begged. He needed no further encouragement. He quickly pulled off her panties and thrusted his rod into her dripping snatch. "Oh God!" she screamed out. "Fuck me Brent, fuck me hard!" Her dirty words made Brent's dick harder than ever and he kept fucking her with an increasing pace.

As they fucked, her gorgeous tits bounced up and down in rhythm with his strokes. He leaned down and put her nipple in his mouth and started to suck on her perfect tits. "Jesus Brent, don't stop, I'm going to cum.

Mmmm Brent, that's right, fill up my pussy" she moaned loudly as Brent continued to pound her dripping honeypot. God this was wrong, but that only made it hotter.

Brent rolled her over onto her stomach and quickly thrust his rock hard cock into her. "OHHHHH Brent, I'm cumming, fill me the fuck up! God, that's it, fuck my pussy Brent, fuck my pussy!" she screamed. As he fucked her from behind, the contractions from her orgasm rippled through her pussy and started milking his dick. Brent wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. hot amateur redhead loves to get pounded I cum inside you?" "Yes, go ahead, it alright I'm on the pill." He didn't need to be told again.

Mrs. Cox's orgasms combined with how taboo the situation was proved to be too much to handle. Soon Brent was pumping load after load of hot cum into Mrs. Cox. "Good, shoot your load into my pussy. Mmmm, that's right" she moaned contently. After all the cum was milked from his balls, He slowly withdrew his softening dick from Mrs. Cox's pussy.

"God Mrs. Cox, that was great" Brent gasped, exhausted from the intense orgasm he just had. "Mmmm, it was the best Brent, thanks for giving me what I needed. Now get some sleep, we have a BIG day ahead of us." "Aren't we just staying here?" Brent asked, confused. "We are" she said with a giant mischievous grin across her face. "Now get some sleep, you're going to need it tomorrow." With that, Brent drifted back to sleep, content. To Be Continued.