Tali dova loves to get fucked tali dova

Tali dova loves to get fucked tali dova
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With that Danny went back into the room and said Her asshole is already back to normal, guess I will have to change that !! He spread her legs, and laid on her back and said ,are you ready for this cock to be in your ass?

Dee moaned uh hu! His put the head of his monster cock at her anal opening, blood trickling from it and pushed the head into it until the wrinkles flattened out around it. When it his her sphincter, Dee jumped up and yelled "No!" Up on her hands Danny just "fish hooked " her mouth, and forced her head back, and pulled her against his now growing cock. Inch by inch Danny pushed until Dee's ass held all of his mammoth black cock.

Once it was in he let go of her mouth and grabbed her by the hair, forching her to ass fuck his cock! You like that cock in your ass don't you bitch? Yes,said Dee.

Yes what bitch? Yes I like your cock in my ass. After about 5 minutes of brutal fucking,Danny grunted and unloaded about five huge loads of cum into Dee's ass.Steve was there with a digital camera to record the event and got some pics of Danny's cock in her ass, and her asshole dripping with come, as well as some nice face shots full of cum. Well, that was pretty good, thanks guys Danny said wiping the shit off his cock.

Him, and Jerry said their goodbyes, which left Steve and I to clean Dee up and get her dressed. When we finished, we got her into the car. Steve, said that was great, we will have to do that again. We shook hands and we drove back to our house. When we got home Dee was still semi out of it, but could walk.

I got her into bed ,stripped her of her clothes. The cum covered panties went into the washer. I spooned her naked body my cock resting against an asshole that ha been abused a few hours earlier, and drifted off into a very horny sleep. The morning after Dee's initiation into group interacial sex, she woke up complaining of abdomen pain, and a sore ass. What did we do last night? I said, you were some kind of animal when we got home, you actually let me fuck you in the beautiful and hot brunette babe kristall gets fucked in the ass hard !!

You kidding? That's why my ass hurts? Why is there a sucker bite on my tits? Got carried away I guess I'm sorry. The following weeks were pretty dull compared to that night at Steve's. One day I same home, and Dee said, I think I'm pregnant. I've been sick, and starving all at the same time. My breasts are sore, and I think I'm preggerss. Great I thought, then I remembered the huge loads of Black and white come dumped into her that night!

Any of four people could be the father! Another month went by and the pregnancy was proven. The months went by and her belly and breasts grew,and before long it was time to deliver the baby.Dee told the OB doctor that if he had to do an epesiotomy ,please sew her vaginal opening a little tighter, which he was willing to do. As they sedated her for delivery I held my breath. When the little girl came out she had all the feature of a little black girl,dark curly hair and brown eyes, flat nose, no way to mistake it.

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When they layed her onto Dee's chest ,Dee got a horrified look on her face. "This isn't possible! How can this be?? There is some mistake. No mistake Mrs,Jones that is your baby girl. She looked at me ,"this can't be !" The doctors gave her more sedation and finished sewing up Dee's vagina.

She awoke two hours later in her room."I had the worst dream",she said.I dreamt we had a black baby girl. Just then the nurse brought the baby into the room to nurse for the first time. The nurse placed the baby into Dee's arms and uncovered her head. It was no dream,she said.

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O my god !! The nurse put the baby to Dee's breast and it suckled the mothers milk from her tit. How can this be? How can I have a black baby? I have never fucked a black man in my life?

She looked at me, does this not upset you? What can we do?, I said maybe there is some black in one of our lineages? It's not like we can give her back, look at her. The baby was so content sucking on her momma's teat!

She is cute, Dee said. Soon, it was time for Dee to go back to work, but while she was away on maternity leave hre nursing position was eliminated. She found work in the town, where we had met Steve and Lisa in a nursing home there. Three or four weeks after she started she called me one afternoon(she worked the 7a-3p shift), to tell me that she had saw Steve at the nursing home, and he wanted her to stop by the house,that Lisa wanted him to give her something, that she would be home a little later than usual.

I was suspicious,but said ok, that I 'd see her later. The hours went by and finally, I got a call from her around 9 saying she was on the way home. I asked what took her so long ? She said, I'll telll you later, and said goodbye. About 45 minutes later Dee walked in,hair dishevled, mascara smeared, and the noticiable smell of cum and pussy juice. She sat down in tears? What happened?I asked her. Well, I went to Steve's to pick up what Lisa had for me.

When I got there Steve was there with a friend of his Danny, and his girlfriend Toya. Steve said ,sit down, I'll get it for you its in the other room. After a couple of minutes, he asked if I could come in and help him? So, I went in. He was naked! Naked I started to turn away and Danny was right behind me. He asked where I was going? I told him out of there, and he said,I don't think so sugar.

Time for some fun. He pushed me down on the bed, and Toya came in and she was naked too. I want to taste the red pussy baby, then I have something for you! I don't do this, never !!

O I think you will, said Steve, notice inyone in these pictures? They were pictures of Dee getting fucked. Maybe your mom red lipstick fuck son would naughty cops sucking arrested guy black boner these,huh?

Yea, Danny said. How did my baby feel coming out of your pussy? Thats right I fucked you, and that baby is mine! So, who first? I am.said Toya, get your clothes of cunt! I tried to get away but they held me down.

Toyo got on top of me and started sucking my tits, and my milk started flowing, but she kept sucking.Um milk's sweet she said. Then Steve put his cock in my face and told me to suck his dick,I wouldn't, so Toya bit my tit and when I yelled Steve stuck his cock in my mouth. He told me if I didn't suck him off he would use his cock to choke me until I did. By that time Danny's cock had become huge and he shoved Toya over and rubbed the head of that thing up and down my pussy lips, I told him that there was now way that would fit in me.

But, he said it has, and it will again, and he started to shove it in me. It hurt, it hurt so bad, but Toya sucking my tits, and Danny fucking me I finally started to cream, and Danny sunk his whole cock in me I felt him hit my cervix! He and Steve came at the same time and I almost choked on the cum!

Danny pulled out I could feel his cum running out of my pussy and Toya moved down and started sucking the cum from my cunt. When she was done, she slide up on me and kissed me forcing the cum into my mouth with her tongue.Now, its your turn bitch!.To be continued

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