Sexy gorgeous girlie has got very wet curves

Sexy gorgeous girlie has got very wet curves
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It started out simply enough. Girl meets boy, they go on dates, and then they meet each other's parents. It was Jack's parents that threw me. We were both twenty two, but my parents were well into their fifties. Jack's sweet girl knows how to use a cock was a well kept thirty seven, his dad thirty nine.

His sister had just turned eighteen, and they were a close knit family. It was easy to see that Jack too after his father in the looks department. They were both tall, Jacks 6'7'' frame just an inch above his dads. They had the same strong jaw and square chin. Mr. Dryden was in excellent shape, he and Jack often worked out together.

They had the same dark, straight hair. Jack got his mothers clear blue eyes and pouty lips, and so did his sister, Jolene. But where he was dark, she was fair. Her blonde hair had a little curl to it, and her features were softer. She was 5'8'', and athletic, and she hugged me the first time we met. "I'm so glad Jack finally brought you home. We were starting to think he made you up." She teased her brother. "Says the girl who still isn't dating anyone." He shot back.

"Why should I? I've got all naseeblal xxx story com vid men I'll ever need right here." She kissed his cheek. They were an affectionate family. I'm an affectionate person, too, though my parents have always been somewhat reserved. I was afraid it'd be an awkward dinner, but it turned out to be a very relaxed evening. I felt like I'd always known this family, like I belonged. "My parents love you, Blair." Jack told me later.

"They want you to come over for dinner next week, too." "Sure. You've got a great family. You're so lucky." "Yeah," he agreed. Let me be clear, Jack and I have always had an adventurous sex life. I wasn't a virgin when we met, and my last boyfriend had exposed me to some porn, but the sex had been boring. Jack seemed to know just what I needed.

He's an attentive lover, and we're always experimenting with new things. We started with some light BDSM, just tying each other to the bed (mostly me) and some spankings. Then we got deeper into it, we'd role play master slave scenarios, we used a fringed whip instead of a hand.

We started to talk about threesomes and other fantasies. Jack said he knew a few girls who would be willing if I was sure I was "up to it." I took it as a challenge and the next week there were two other girls naked in Jack's house. It was originally the pool house, but his parents renovated it and made it his bachelor pad when he was seventeen. So there we are, Jack holding a whip and wearing nothing but his black silk boxers.

The three of us girls naked except for black leather collars and but plugs, on our hands and knees at his feet, and Jolene walks in. Jack cursed her for not knocking, and I silently cursed him for not locking the front door. Jolene stared open mouthed at all four of us until Jack tried to hustle her out the door. "Private party, Jo, get out of here." Jolene pouted. "Can't I play with one of them?

Or I'll be quiet and just sit in a corner. Please." She begged. "Absolutely not.

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Out," he ordered. He'd gotten a hard on while we stripped, and it still in his shorts. Jolene stroked the tented silk. "I'll wear a collar." She told him. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was hitting on her brother. "I'll be a good slave." She dropped to her knees.

"Master." She breathed onto his shorts. I could tell he was struggling. She was wet from the pool and her pink bikini clung to her pert c-cup breasts. He looked at me for help. I shrugged. Jo was old enough to make her own decisions. "Take off your clothes." He ordered her. She stripped as he locked the front door, and lifted her blond braid so he could attach another collar around her throat.

I briefly wondered how many he had. "Suck this." As Jo put her pouty lips over his thick cock, I felt a pang of jealousy. He told the other two girls to start making out.

I watched them rise, Lucy's tight Asian body pressed against Quinn's pale freckled one, and felt alone. Everyone was getting attention except me.

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"That's right, whore, swallow my dick." He ordered his little sister in a low voice. I saw the jerk of his body had he came in her mouth. Jolene must have had cock sucking experience, because she swallowed it and kept sucking until he told her to stop. He ordered Lucy to eat out his sister while Quinn ate out Lucy, and we both watched as Jo knelt over Lucy's face, while Quinn put the Asian's slender legs over her shoulders.

Jack was getting hard again, and he knelt behind me, fringed whip in his hand. He began by spanking me, occasionally using his hand, sometimes rubbing and groping my ass. As Lucy ate Jo to orgasm, and Quinn did the same for her, Jack took me hard from behind, yanking me up on my knees and twisting my nipples. "You like that, bitch?" "Yes master," I answered, knowing what he wanted to hear.

"You like watching those whores pleasure each other?" "Yes master." I answered again as he slammed his thick eight inch cock deep into my pussy. "You want to fuck them?" "I want to please you, master." Unsure of what he wanted.

"I want you mom and son pron xxx story fuck Jo." His sister was orgasming again from Lucy's skilled pink tongue.

"Jo, get on the bed." Immediately the blonde crawled onto the bed. Jack stopped pounding me, much to my disappointment. I'd been on the verge of another orgasm. He walked to the night stand and pulled out two dildo's, one small green one and one thick, long nude one. "Fuck her with these." He told me.

"Get on your knees, Jo, and grab the foot board." She did, as Quinn continued to eat Lucy. "Stop" he commanded them as I got behind Jo. She was well lubed, and after dipping the smaller dildo into her wet pussy, I eased it into her ass before sliding the larger one into her cunt. Jack placed himself on a chair in front of us, Quinn on his lap, fucking her as he watched me fuck his sister.

Lucy was behind me, working my anal plug in and out and massaging my breasts. "You're all whores." He told us, his voice a mixture of pleasure and stern command. It vixenx threesome creampie with anal and sex toy action not a question. If he said we were whores, we were. "Disgusting, dirty sluts." Joe was moaning from the double penetration.

Jack pushed Quinn off of him and stood above her. "Suck." He commanded her. "Little slut. You like being filled in so many holes, don't you?" "I think she does." Mr. Dryden answered from the bedroom doorway. "I picked up your mail." He commented as though nothing out of the ordinary was happening. "She sucks dick better than any whore I know." He added mildly and I almost stopped fucking his daughter from shock.

Jack just smiled. "You want to take a hole, old man? I've got plenty to spare." He motioned, offering up any girl in the room. "I wouldn't mind. Isn't he a generous son?" Mr. Dryden directed at me. I nodded, too stunned to speak, as Mr. Dryden stripped down right in front of me and climbed onto the bed.

I felt Lucy being moved out of the way, my anal plug with her. A hard, seven inch dick took its place, slowly. Lucy and Quinn moved towards each other, but Jack stopped them with a glare.

"Sit," he ordered, and they dropped to their knees like good dogs. "Stay." He shot a second load of cum down Jo's throat as his dad exploded deep in my ass. He gave it a slap as he pulled out. "Nice and tight," he commented. "That's a good ride." He gave me another slap. Jack allowed me to quit penetrating his sister, and she fell in exhausted state of bliss onto the bed near her father.

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Jack handed his dad the fringed whip, and Mr. Dryden began spanking me with it.

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Jack had the other two girls bent over the foot board, whipping them. Both men saying we were whores, dirty sluts, ungrateful cunts not worthy of sucking their dicks. My ass was now well and thoroughly red, and the sight seemed to reawaken Mr. Dryden. He stuck his dick into Quinn's mouth and she sucked it as Jack continued to beat her. Jo drifted into an exhausted sleep as I struggled not to touch myself, knowing it would displease my master.

Slaves serve only their masters passions. We have no desires except what they allow us. Jack snapped the whip at my nipple, hitting it expertly, and I flinched. "Keep those legs spread, slut. Stay upright." "Yes master," I answered.

Jack quit whipping the other girls. He rammed the discarded nude dildo up Quinn's ass with a satisfied smile as he listed to her muffled screams. "Take that dick, bitch," He ordered. "And keep sucking." Mr. Dryden had her by her red hair and was face fucking her with vigor. "That's right, bitch, swallow that dick. He looked at me, my hands were locked to my outer legs, trying to keep from masturbating. He smiled evilly and started whipping Lucy as he continued to pound the dildo into Quinn's round white ass.

"Come here." He ordered me, pointing to the spot behind Lucy. I knelt behind her. "Lick her cunt." As I licked, I felt him behind me. One hand was still shoving the dildo savagely in and out of Quinn, the other was massaging me breasts. He shoved his dick hard into my dripping pussy and I moaned.

"You like that, whore?" "Yes master." "Keep licking." He ordered. Mr. Dryden came in Quinn's mouth and all over her face. He took a shower and put his clothes mom and son six movie xxx on before leaving as if nothing ever happened.

He massaged Jo's breasts for a while before he left, to hear her moan in her sleep. "Such a good girl." Jack made me come hard twice before stopping. He ordered Quinn and Lucy into the guest bathroom shower before waking Jo and taking all three of us into his huge, multi-headed shower. We soaped each other up, and Jo and I washed each other's hair.

The three of us fell came into the master bedroom to see Lucy and Quinn making the bed with fresh sheets, naked. Jack locked them in the guest room and it was the first time I noticed the windows had bars in that room. They were neatly hidden behind curtains, another set of curtains between them and the glass. There were two sets of bunk beds against the walls, with a dresser between them and a larger bed in another corner.

It almost looked like a dormitory, and had a tiny kitchenette and mini fridge. I guessed that the other door led to the bathroom. "That's some room." I commented as we made our way back.

"It keeps the slaves from escaping." He wasn't joking and I stopped dead in the hall. "Indentured servants, really. Women who run up huge debts in dad's casinos. We select the choicest and offer them this option. You'd be surprised how many women take it." "There were only two in there." I pointed out. "There are seven in the main house. They work as maids for the most part, and occasionally they help the gardeners. But they're not permitted off the grounds, they'll get a nasty shock if they try, so locking them up isn't wholly necessary.

I took the anklets off my girls for today, but usually they wear a sort of electric dog collar around the ankle, locked into place, to keep them from running away.

It's no use if they do get away; our people are very good at tracking people down. And escape attempts add another six months to their sentence." "What if they refuse to do anything but sit in their room all day?" "We beat them until they come to their senses.

They all sign contracts, we're given permission to spank, whip, paddle, and otherwise inflict pain so long as it doesn't leave any permanent marks, such as scarring, or the break or fracture any bones. It's all quite legal." He was looking at me now as though he worried I'd run away screaming. "Don't you have any men?" I asked, and took his had to reassure him.

"A few. Mom pointed out a few years back that it wasn't fair for me and dad to have playthings if she and Jo didn't, so we have a few. They're kept in separate sleeping quarters, of course. And all our women are given a birth control shot and get regular physicals. Everyone is pre-screened for diseases.

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It's very safe." "Tomorrow," I asked, "Can we play with both parties?" Jo smiled at me from beside her brother.

"I knew you'd fit in here." We went to bed, Jo on one side of her brother and me on the other. More Soon!