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Bigass audrey gets her wet pussy fucked hard
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The Neighborly Thing To Do!

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Story: #43 Copyright ©2009 Written: March 21 2009 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed By: KaosAngel Story Named By: Ay-Wun Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ******************************************** Noise and the rumbling of a truck coming to a stop can be heard from outside the house, "Looks assfucked at movie audition doggystyle and pornstars someone finally bought the Wilks house next door" Steve said looking out the window as the new neighbors unpacked the moving van, "I wonder what their like" was the reply from Susan, Steve's wife who was standing beside him looking out the window with him, "I hope their not weirdos" They said together and went over to the couch to sit.

"Hey daddy, what was that noise?" Jessica said as she bounced naked into the living room into her daddy's lap, "New neighbors" he replied, "I hope their better then the Wilks" She said and jumped off her daddy's lap and made her way for the door, "Be home on time for dinner tonight" Steve said looking to his daughter, "Sure thing dad" She replied and left for school.

"Maybe we should invite them over for dinner" Susan said looking to her husband, "I don't know, we know nothing about them they might not even like what we prepare, remember how the Wilks were when we invited them?" Steve said as he got up to look thought the window at the strangers next door again.

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"Well I have to start dinner" Susan said and went into the kitchen to start chopping and mixing, "Let me know when you have the meat ready" She yelled out to her husband who went out to the back yard to prepare the fire pit, Once outside Steve started by grabbing the large bag of charcoal and hickory smoked wood and began to fill the pit with a mix of the two. When that was done he went over to the large redwood picnic table in the center of the backyard and picked up a long gleaming silver spit and began to polish it and coat it with grease, "Well hello Neighbor" Steve heard and looked up to see the new neighbor hanging over the wooden fence looking at him, "Hey" Steve replied and put hot amateur redhead loves to get pounded the spit to walk over to the fence, "My name is Ted and im your new neighbor, me, my wife Amy, our son John and our daughter Jenna just moved here from Montana" Ted said reaching over the fence to shake Steve's hand, "Yes I know, we heard your truck, Im Steve" Steve said shaking the offered hand.

"So your having a barbeque tonight?" Ted asked looking over to the large pit filled with coal, "Yep, your welcome to drop by if you like, just come on over, there's plenty of pig for all" Steve said, "Dinner's at 7" he added and went back to polishing his spit, "Thanks Steve, we will try to make it but lots to unpack, you know how it is" Ted said giving Steve a friendly nod and went back to what he was doing.

Steve went into the kitchen grabbed his wife by her nude waist and pulled her close to him for a kiss, "Just met Ted the new neighbor, seems friendly enough, invited him for the barbeque tonight" Steve said picking some stuffing from the fresh bowl Susan had just mixed, "Great" Susan said and went back to her prep cooking.

At just a little after 3pm Jessica walked into the house and threw her bag on to then nearby chair and went into the kitchen to see her mom and dad standing next to the counter hugging close and kissing in a slow dance, "Im home" She said startling her parents back to reality, "Oh good just in time, if we start now we can get the meat on to cook" Steve said walking over to give his daughter a kiss, "Do we have to start now dad?" Jessica asked, "Yes you know I need you, I cant get the meat on without you" Steve replied with a smile, "I was hoping to meet up with Jason before dinner" Jessica said with a frown, "No time we have to start now if we are going to have dinner on time" Her mother said and patted Jessica on the bottom with a wooden spoon she was using to mix a barbeque sauce.

Jessica looked like she was going to protest further but chose not too by the look on her mothers face, "Ok im ready then" she said and turned her back on her father and placed her hands behind her back to be bound with cooking twine, "Good girl" was her mothers reply as she went back to prep work, Steve gave Jessica a quick kiss on the lips and a pat on her behind to get her moving out the back door.

Over the fence Jenna was sunbathing in her new bikini laying in a lounge chair enjoying the sun when she looked over and could not believe what she thought she saw through the slats of the wooden fence and had to get up to check it out, looking over the fence she was what happens in the club stays in the club dancingbear and strippers to see a man leading a naked girl who looked about her age with her hands bound behind her back across the yard to the large picnic table and push her chest down onto the table, "Daddy come check this out" she called to her father who was still moving boxes around.

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By the time Ted came over to see what Jenna was talking about she was watching Steve pound Jessica from behind using her bound wrists as handle bars to thrust deeper into her causing her to moan and squeal with each trust until he gave her one last hard thrust and emptied his balls inside her dripping pussy. Ted was in shock just as Jenna had been when she first caught her eye's on the scene, now she is hot and horny, "What the hell is he doing?" Ted said softly to himself as he watched Steve's cock slip out of Jessica's pussy and he picked up the steel spit and started to slip the tip into Jessica's pussy, "STEVE!" Ted yelled and Steve turned to look at him, "What the hell are you doing?" Ted asked.

"Im getting the pig on the spit" Steve said and turned away from Ted and started to push the spit forward into her daughter, Ted moved quicky over to Steve's yard but as he got their he heard an ear shattering scream, "AHHHHHH" was all Jessica could say as Steve gave the spit one fast hard trust past her cervix into her uterus, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Ted yelled when he reached Steve, "Quiet, if I lose my concentration ill kill the pig too soon" Steve said and slowly continued to push the spit though Jessica causing her to squeal lauder.

"But she's not a pig, she's a young girl" Ted said watching blood and cum drip from her pussy, Steve was ignoring Ted now and just continued his work, Ted moved over to the impaled girl and looked into her tear soaked eye's as she screamed, "Did you want this?, is he forcing you?" He asked, "I don't want this, I don't want to die, but he is my father and I must obey" was the last thing Jessica said as the sharp tip of the spit came out of her mouth and silenced her.

Steve was stunned and slumped to the ground still staring into Jessica's eye's, with Jessica fully impaled Steve attached a smaller spit to the larger one and slid it painfully into Jessica's anus causing her to scream in more pain and then tied her ankles to the spit, "SUE, SHE'S READY!" he called to the kitchen and Susan came out with a large bowl of barbeque sauce and a paint brush, with Susan now tending to Jessica with sauce, Steve turned to Ted who was still mesmerized by Jessica's tear soaked eye's and the steel spit virile stud pleasures lascivious oriental japanese hardcore was now three inches from his face.

"So Ted, Nice of you to drop by, your early" Steve said using a towel to wiped the grease and Jessica's pussy juice from his horny lesbians having fun with their dildos, "What was that?, why did you do that to her?" Ted asked as he got up and moved his eye's from Jessica to look at Steve, "She is a pig, Im going to roast her for dinner" Steve replied as they slowly walked over to the fence where Jenna was still watching, "You must be Jenna?" Steve said looking toward the shocked and excited girl looking over the fence, "Yes sir, why did you shove that pole through that girl?" Jenna asked.

"She is 18 and where we come from when a young girl turns 18 she is considered a pig and can be spit roasted, if her owner chooses, I am her owner and have chosen" Steve said, "So your going to eat her?" Jenna asked, "When she is fully cooked, yes" Steve replied, "right now she is raw and still alive" He added, "Who is she?" Jenna asked, Steve could tell she was interested in more then just who Jessica was, "She is my daughter, Jessica and today is her birthday" Steve replied, "So you, what did you call it?, spit her, for her birthday?" Ted asked, "Yes, a perfect present where we come from" Steve replied and walked away.

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"DAD, mom wants you" John said as he got to the fence and looked over to see Jessica on the picnic table her mother slathering her with barbeque sauce and the fire pit burning waiting to cook her, "WOW, is that what I think it is?" John said and like a shot was gone, seconds later he was in Steve's yeard running toward Jessica and her mother, Steve, Ted and Jenna followed, "WOW" He said again looking all over the spitted girl, taping the sharp tip with his finger to see how sharp it was, moveing to the other side and runing his fingers down the shaft of the spit to where it entered Jessica's pussy, "WOW!" he said again, "Can I stay for dinner dad?

can I please?" he said beging his father, "John dosen't this shock you?" Ted said to his son, "No why should it?" John said, "They are killing thier daughter for food" Ted said. "Ya dad I can see that" John said, "They do it in Dolcett all the time" John added, "Dolcett?

what's that?" Ted asked his son who seemed to know more then he did, "That's where we came from, it's a small town in California where cannibalisim is not only legal its manditory" Steve said as he stuck his finger into Jessica's pussy and then sucked off the barbeque suace and pussy juice from his finger, "You do know your not in this Dolcett, right?" Ted asked, "Of course Ted, Im not stupid, roasting your daughter, sister or wife will be done all over the world soon, you might even roast a few yourself one day" Steve replied looking down at Jenna who's eye's were glued to Jessica again.

"So dad can we stay for dinner?" John asked, Jenna gave a little look of disgust at the whole idea of eating Jessica but was still secretly excited about the whole thing, "Well it's up to Steve, it is woodman casting elizabeth rose aka angel hott house and food" Ted said and gave a little shudder as he realized he used the word food to describe Jessica who was still alive twitching on the pole as Susan applied the barbeque sauce, "Ted I already invited you and your family, remember?" Steve said looking at Ted and the others, "WOW!

thanks" John said moving toward Jessica's head and looking into her eye's, "Why is she crying?" Jenna asked, "She is in a great deal of pain at the moment, a spitting is done with no drugs to ease pain since they taint the meat, she will be in a great deal more when she goes over the fire" Steve replied. "Why is she, huffing and puffing around the pole?" John asked, "If you had a steel pole shoved all the way through your body you would be huffing and puffing too" Steve replied, "Why is she trying to move her ankles off the pole?" Jenna asked, her attention on Jessica's lower half gyrating on the spit, "She isn't trying to get her ankles off the spit she cheerleading girls sugar baby and szofia invite you to have sex trying to move it in and out of her pussy, see here its rubbing on her clit, she is trying to get it to rub harder to cum a few more times before she dies" Steve said pointing to Jessica's clit with one hand and placing the other onto Jenna's shoulder.

When Susan was done with the sauce Ted helped Steve lift the spit and move Jessica over to the fire pit that was now ready with just the right amount of heat and hickory smoke to cook Jessica just right, "Well Ted dinner is at 7, you can all stay if you like or come back then" Steve said as they all stared at Jessica as she started to rotate and roast over the fire, "So Ted, have you ever thought about roasting that sweet meat of yours?" Steve asked looking at Jenna who was walking with John back over to their house to tell their mother what they have seen.

"What?, you can't be serious" Ted replied, "I never heard of this until today" Ted added, "She's eighteen right?" Steve asked looking at her ass as she moved out of sight, "Nineteen actually" Ted replied, "Perfect roasting age, think it over?" Steve said as Ted followed his son and daughter out of the yard back to his house.