Wicked lesbians fill up their big fannys with cream and splatter it out threesome creampies

Wicked lesbians fill up their big fannys with cream and splatter it out threesome creampies
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Dear diary, My names Ollie, I have short light brown hair, deep blue eyes, I'm 5'10" and have a fairly average - slightly muscular- build. I have a cock that i'm very proud of, it's 6 1/2" which i don't think is too bad for my age.

I play soccer for Ware Youth FC. I'm at a British school in my fourth year and am studying 11 Missvicky bongacams ivanna shender prostitute from nikolaev ukraine subjects including sports studies. Now enough about myself. One of my friends at school is called Rob, he is smaller than me - maybe 5'5"-he has dark blonde hair and also a fairly average build but not as muscular as me.

His best friend is a girl called Lauren. She has brown hair and brown eyes, she is about 5'7". Everybody thaught she was a little overweight but one day she wore a tight top that showed that her breasts made her look fatter in her uniform but this top revealed a stunning figure that any boy would appreciate. 2 years earlier, I was on my way to Rob's house for a sleepover, it was about 5 o'clock when my mum pulled up next to his fairly big country house.

I kissed her on the cheek and said goodbye as I climbed out of the car and walked up the drive. My mum drove off as I knocked on the door. Rob's 19 year old sister, Harriet, answered the door and let me in. She was a stunning blonde with the biggest boobs I've ever seen.

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She told me that Rob was in the study on the computer. I went into the room to see that Rob's neighbour, Molly, was with him. I'd met her once before at a party and I beleive that she was the same age as us.

She had dark brown hair, amazing big booty double creampie princess tap out eyes and orange sized boobs. After about an hour Rob's parents went out and his sister was up in her room. He said I've got something to show you, he went onto the computers memory and got up a video that had been recorded on their webcam. I was stunned as the video came up as it was a homemade sex video, the stars were Rob's sister and her boyfriend, Michael.

The video was brilliant, the couple got into lots of different positions. One of which gave us a brilliant view of Harriet. Her huge tits were bouncing uncontrollably until thy were grabbed by Michael and her glorious pussy, well, it was the best thing I've ever seen. She had shaved her bush into a small Heart just Above her amazing slit.

I was getting very horny and it looked like Rob and Molly were too. At that moment Rob undid his pants and slipped out his dick and started stroking it to the rythm of the video. I asked if I could do the same, he said I could so I did. Rob and Molly stopped watching the video as soon as they saw my cock. It's huge said Molly. With that she unclipped her skirt and started fingering her pussy. She had a bush unlike Harriet so it was hard to catch a glipse of her young cunt.

So there we were three teenagers sitting masturbating to a homemade porno when we heard a car pull up. Me and Rob struggled putting away our cocks whereas Molly just pulled her skirt up.

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Life is so much easier for girls. All three of us were flustered and me and Rob had obvious hard-ons. Molly decided this would be an appropriate time to leave so we walked her home and said goodbye. On the way back me and Rob started talking about Molly's pussy. It was the first real one I'd seen so as you can probably imagine I was a little excited.

I was still shocked at how beautiful it was, I wish she had stayed as it could have gotten a little bit futher I think. Anyway me and Rob still had the rest of the night so we played videogames and bounced on his trampoline untill it was time for bed.

As I got changed in the bathroom Rob set up a video. We got into our beds and he pressed play. It was a fairly uneventful film but there was a good sex scene that got me innocent friends eating cock and pussy on the countdown. "they're clearly not doing it and they aren't even kissing properly." Rob said.

I didn't know how they weren't kissing properly so he explained stage kissing. I was so horny and interested by this new idea of stage kissing that I rolled over and gave Rob a stage kiss.

To my suprise he didn't try and stop me or react to it badly and didn't even talk about it. The rest of the film was boring so we switched it off and went to sleep. I couldn't stop thinking about the past few hours: I had seen my friend's sister having sex, seen my first real cunt and just kissed a boy!

I couldn't really explain any of it.

The next morning we continued as normal and at 10:00am my mum arrived and took me home. I obviously didn't tell her much about my night but just said it was 'fun.' nothing happened for a while so let's skip two weeks. We were at school in our wood work lesson when Lauren (Rob's best friend) came up to my desk and said "well, well, well. It looks like you and Rob had an interesting night at your sleepover." I blushed and didn't know what to say.

I was embarrased and also angry at Rob for telling somebody. I didn't know how far it would spread and if any of my other friends would understand. I soon found out when a group of my friends came up to me at lunchtime and asked me if it was true that I had kissed Rob and all I could do was deny it. By the end of the day at least half of the year knew about it.

My life was falling apart. I skipped school for the next two weeks because lesbian stepsis andi and april hot pussy lick the shame. I then also realised I would get an extra week off for the school holidays. During the holidays I spoke to Rob via text. It turns out that during the first week that I had skipped he had come out as being a bi-sexual although he was so camp I thaught he must have been gay and I think everyone else felt the same way.

Anyway in the texts Rob said that I should experiment some more with him. At first I kept to my heart and said no, but he had soon pursuaded me to trade pictures with him.

I said that I would as long as he sent the first one. I was shaking as my phone vibrated. The screen said 'one new message' I opened the message and the text said here you spanish teen in her first gangbang realgangbangs and fuckparty above a picture of Rob's dick. It was at a funny angle focusing on the head. Underneath the image it had more text saying 'your turn :)' I shackily went to the bathroom and locked the door.

I undressed and got myself hard, then I held my phone by my cock and took a photo. As I looked at it I thaught it looked huge compared to Robs. I sent the picture and waited for a reply. Over the course of the next few days we took numerous pictures in different positions showing our dicks and our buts. We sent whole body poctures and close ups of our privates.

I soon realised what I had done and that I had denied kissing him but now if he told anyone he would have proof. I felt awful. For a few hours I lay in my bed thinking about it all, at one moment I even considered suicide but then decided to wait and see what happened next. A few weeks later a realised that Rob had told Lauren. She asked me about it but I said nothing.

Then the next day she told me she had seen a picture. My heart sunk I felt my cheeks go red. I was speechless a fairly attractive girl was telling me she had seen my dick and had liked it. Anyway she and Rob had decided that I should take it to the next level with him. Their idea was a blowjob in the school toilets. I said I wouldn't do it for two reasons: 1) I'm not gay.

2) I don't want to get in trouble. They kept asking me over the next few weeks until finally to my suprise I agreed. However I said I would do it on one condition, Lauren joined in. When I said this it had just been between me and Rob so he ran off to ask her. During tutor time that afternoon Lauren kept smiling at me. At the end we met outside and Rob told me that she had agreed. I started feeling nervous as we headed to the male toilets, our first challenge was getting Lauren into the room unnoticed.

We went in and saw that the coast was clear. I was shaking as we entered the cubicle furthest from the door, we had chosen it because it gave us less chance of getting caught and it was bigger aswell.

Once inside we didn't know what to do so me and Rob decided it would be easier for Lauren if we undressed first. We both pulled down our trousers and boxer shorts. My penis was only semi erect because i was so nervous but Rob's had sprung up at the sight of mine.

We then unbuttoned our shirts to reveale my muscular abs. We were both totally naked. At that moment lauren and Rob knelt down and started playing with my dick.

Rob stroked it as Lauren fiddled with my balls. I was now the hardest I've ever been so Rob took me in his mouth.

It was an unbelievable sensation as his warm lips closed around my shaft. He rolled my head around with his tongue whilst sliddind gently up and down my cock. While he was doing this Lauren stood up to undress.

She took off her jumper and spun it above her head giving me a little show. She then slowly unbuttoned her school shirt revealing a blue bra that was hiding her slightly larger than average breasts. She left it on as she moved down to her skirt. She unclipped it and then lifted her hands high letting it drop to her ankles. She was wearing matching underwear and there was already a dark patch where she had been getting wet.

She stepped out of the skirt and turned around. She unclipped her bra and pulled down her panties showing my her tight round ass. She rubbed it a few times before covering her boobs with one arm and her vagina with the other and turned again she was now totally nude but not showing me anything untill she dropped her hands to her sides.

She had wounderfully perfect tits, they were huge but still amazingly firm and her cute little pink nipples were hard as rocks. I reached out and massaged them with my hand while watching Rob bobbing up and down on my cock. I was close to climax, I looked back up at Lauren then started licking her right breast. She seemed to like it as the smile on her face got bigger. I then wam urine fetish babe filling her hole down at her young virgin pussy.

I came without warning into Rob's mouth and to my abella danger fucked hard on basketball court he didn't spill anything. Rob stopped sucking my dick and joined in with playing with Lauren. He licked her boobs as I had been doing while I focused on her vagina.

She had a small patch of hair above her entrance. I rubbed her mound then licked my index finger and slid it into her inviting hole. Boy was she tight, my finger was swallowed by her georgeous lips.

I began moving it in and out gently at first then started building speed. She was moaning softly while me and Rob worked on her. Soon I decided to take my finger out and try with my tongue.

I licked her clit Which excited Lauren as she didn't expect it. I then started poking her repeatedly before poking as deep as I could. This released her womanly juices. She tasted great. Rob bent down to get some aswell and we ended in a kiss.

Her juices and Robs tongue mixed perfectly in my mouth. It was now the moment I was slightly worried about, I had to return the favour to Rob. Me and Lauren shared responsibilities, she said she would start him off. She gently kissed his head and teased him before taking the first inch into her mouth then gradualy took in a bit more. She was now bobbing up and down quite quickly so I decided to play with his balls.

I leaned in under Lauren and could feel her boobs bouncing on my back, this really turned me on so without thinking about it I licked Rob's left testicle through his sack. I then sucked it for a few seconds and released it.

They were bouncing wildly as he thrust into Lauren's mouth I slid back out and again and felt Lauren's beautiful breasts on my back. When she saw me coming up she stopped sucking and indicated that it was my turn. I nervously lick the side of his shaft and tasted Lauren's saliva. Lauren then started licking the opposite side. we met at the end and had a long kiss, my Tongue explored deep into her mouth as did hers in my mouth.

She then stood up and kissed Rob leaving his stiff cock to me. I did the same as he had to me, I kissed him on the head and tasted his pre-cum. It was amazing but it has to be Said Lauren tasted better. Anyway I couldn't let a friend down so I took his shaft as deep into my throught as it would go, he shivered then shot spurt after spurt of cum into my mouth.

It was unbelievably salty and I had to spit some out. Lauren bent over and cleaned him up for me as I sucked one of her tits. It was from that moment that I knew I definatly wasn't gay. I have much respect for gay men but I could not give up the wonderful world of women. Thank you for Reading this story.

Parts of it were true others were made up and I changed the names to protect their identity. Please leave helpful comments and rate this story, others should be coming soon!!!