Curvy real amateur is a screamer captain willy

Curvy real amateur is a screamer captain willy
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Chapter 1 Arthur was sitting on his sofa it was a quiet Saturday morningnothing out of the ordinary except his momSonia was licking his balls & his neighbour Helen was sucking his prick as he watched a nasty golden shower porno on screen. Two older hungarian sluts were being pissed on by a 20 year old guy . Relishing in the depravityArthur unloaded a massive load of jism down the throat of his 50 something cumslut HelenMom like usual who was wearing her french maid outfit french kissed her best girlfiend as Arthur watched them triumphantly exchange his man dessert.

Both ladies thanked their master & left the room as Arthur continued to jerk off. His sluts were going to washup before they paid a suprise afternoon visit to a friend of his. Chapter 2 Nyomi shoved her black fist up Annettes cunt as the mommy/slave continued deepthroating her sons massive schlong.

Chris was having a great timeNyomi was spending the weekend and mom was always hungry for prick.

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Last night, he had Nyomi strapon fuck Annette in the ass, & then Annette gave Nyomi a golden shower ,so her face was stained with his piss, so he texted that acter ashi singh xx storys to Nyomi's husband ( fuck he was a mind controlled cuckoldso he he probably jerked off to it all night he laughed ) Annette was stretched & gaped by Nyomis dark fist.

So Chris decided to get really nasty. He told the ladies to continue as he had to get something from the garage. Chris came back with his little league baseball bat.

He lubed it up, & as Nyomi took her fist out of Annettes pussyChris replaced it with his baseball bat. Beauty with hot body gives a blow couldnt believe that the bat fit her cunt so snug. gaped & stretched ,the mother & sex slag moaned with pleasure. After she orgasmedChris lubed his moms right hand.

Nyomi who was rubbing her clit as she watched the bat fucking spectacle didnt know what was going to happen next. Annette lubed Nyomis ass before she shoved her full right fist up her assAs Nyomi screamed in pain & ecstasyAnnettes fist was replaced by the bat. Nyomi yelled out a aaaaaaaaaaah as Chris shoved more of the bat up her ass.

Nyomi under mind control had an orgasm. Her pussy was wet. Chapter 3 Arthur recognized the scream, thats the high school principal Penny pax playing with her masseuses pussy, Chris must be abusing the tall ebony married slut real good he smirked.

Arthur was about to ring the doorbellhe had brought his two sluts with him both were collaredleashed & wearing trench coatshis mom Sonia had 7inch spiked heels & Helen wore 6 inch spiked leopard heels .Both were wearing bikins underneathHelen lime green & Sonia yellow.

Arthur rang the doorbell. Chapter 4 It was a saturday afternoon and Chris was continuing his fun with his mom /slave Annette & nubian slave /whore Nyomi, who the fuck was at the door he thought as he told his bitches to go hide in his bedroom.

As Chris opened the doorArthur said Ding Dong., laughing. Hey you weasel smirked Chris why didnt you tell me you were coming over? "I thought id suprise you & i know your pops is out of town so i brought my wenches over for some fun. Where's Nyomi Chris ?" I'll go get her, make yourselves at home. Chapter 5 Chris collared & leashed both Nyomi & Annette and brought them out they were both covered in cumfrom all the facefucking they had received all morning.

You fucking perv. Chris you enslaved your mom too. hahahah. Yeah i saw how much you & Mark enjoyed it so i thought why not.

Dont worry about pops he's under mind control too. Cool Arthur responded. Now mom you & Nyomi go take a quick shower. Cuz when when you come back. You four will be in a daisy chain as"Arthur & i watch.

Chapter 6 Nyomi was licking Helens ass as Helen licked Annettes pussy as Sonia sat on Annettes face. Soon Chris began roughly facefucking Arthurs moms face, as Sonia choked & gagged on Chris's massive wang. Nearby Sonia's son Arthur shoved his prick way up Nyomis ass as she hummed in agony as she continued eating that middleaged white milf pussy by the name of Helen.

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Soon both Arthur and Chris unloaded massive loads of jism as Nyomis ass was given a creampie by Arthurs mangoo and Sonia's face was covered in Chris's man jizzwhich the other 3 ladies quickly licked off Sonia's visage.

Chapter 7 Both Arthur & Chris were leisure smoking a joint as used each others slaves. Arthur now had Annette licking his balls & ass as Nyomi kissed his feet & sucked on his toes. Chris on the otherhand was fisting Sonia as she licked his assHelen was licking Chris's legs & was nearing his toes.

" i guess the ladies have a foot fetish smirked Arthur laughing. You maybe right Chris said sarcastically., as he tugged on the collars & leashes of his sex slaves. Chapter 8 It was the evening & NyomiHelenSonia & Annette had been used as facial fucktoystheir sons & masters had covered their faces with manjuice and were now busy texting the evidence to their cuckold husbandswho thru mind control would now enjoy seeing these cumfacials.

Covered in jism the ladies kissed each other in the nude as a lot of pictures were taken