Very hot threeway with those two blonds mayhem

Very hot threeway with those two blonds mayhem
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You and I have some thangs to do to one another. I see something in you that need to get out, a trapped desire needing to be fulfilled.

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Follow me back to my place, come with me, and let me lead you to your freedom. Relax and forget about tomorrow, let your past float away and focus on the now, on me and you.

Come into me, place you body against mines, let me feel your body's heat. Let me taste your lips and savor your tongue. Let me trace your curves and find your pleasure spots, let my hands and fingers learn your body and what make you wet. Let go and fall into my care, let me ease your tension while my tongue traces your body. From your neck to your breast, farther down to your stomach. Lay back and let go, close your eyes and let me please you.

Open your legs and let me take you to pleasure's heights. Enjoy me as I kiss and suck on your inner thigh while my hand brushes up against your pussy. Let me know how you want me to touch you and whine when I tease you.

I feel your pulse between your legs, I smell your passion, and I feel your heat. You're spilling over as my thumb massages your clit, your precious pearl.

Don't fight it, let your body go, jerk and move against me or with me, just enjoy what we are doing. The closer we get to you heights, the shorter your breaths become. And as we get to your peak and you prepare to jump, your horizons expand and we move forward, wave after wave of ecstasy crashes through your body and I smile and enjoy your reactions.

The way to thrash, buck, and beg for release then more seems to release that lust in your heart and I get a better picture of you, the real you. The passionate, dirty, lustful creature I knew you were. I can take it any longer, my passion is at its peak, I enter you all at once, I kiss your lips and try to contain you scream, you tense up, I stroke into you, rubbing up against your pearl, I cup your ass and breast, I pinch you nipple, and to my amazement you grind against me.

Either instinctive or deliberate you begin to guide me, to lead me through your path of seduction, you lick my ear then bite my lode, that alone almost make me spill me load, now the tables have turned.

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The lustful little girl I was trying to free have become a sexual devil, all you inhibitions now gone, you have turned the hunter into your prey. I relax and let you ravage me, that lust seem to be take me whole, the control I thought I once had is now gone.

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I look into your eyes and see madness, your need has taken you completely, you have become an innocent victim and now its eyes are on me. I try to regain my composure then you do something amazing, your walls seem to be crushing me dick, you have gripped me perfectly, its mind blowing, I've lost myself in you. Your voice, your commands, I have no choice be to follow.

With you on top and you ass clapping as you bounce on my, your tits sway from you motions, you stare straight up as if you are peering into heaven it's self, I reach for you breast and squeeze, I massage and pinch you nipples, I sit up and put your tit in my mouth and pull you hair back, I reach down and play your clit like a guitar, you cry and we look into each others eyes and we explode together.

Our lips together, you milk me for all I'm worth. Sweat rolls from our bodies, the sheets stick to us, and the room is 400 degrees hot. The only sounds are our mouths gasping for air.

We fall back with you on top of me, you hair in my face, your face in my chest. I hold you and close my eyes preparing for sleep to take over. Then you begin to laugh, I look at you with curiosity and fear. You look into my face, smile that devilish grin then head down towards my head. I try to catch you but before I can react you have me in your mouth and I can do nothing. You suck and lick me trying to raise my dick back to life. You look at me while jerking my dick and challenge me brunette teen giving her first blowjob to an old dude round two.

Exhausted I want to say no but a smile rolls across my face. I lay back and my body takes over, my mind numb from the pleasures of your mouth I know I'm no longer a free man, I'm yours. Whatever you want, whenever, it's yours, I am yours. We make love form sun up to sun down, nothing else matter anymore, nothing else exists anymore, just you and me for all time trapped in our lust.