Mom and lazy patrons boss step punishes partners brother pals sister cory chase in

Mom and lazy patrons boss step punishes partners brother pals sister cory chase in
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I OWN YOU NOW I live in a semi-rural area, sort of a suburb of the suburbs, that has a large mixture of forests and fields. There is a large wooded park not far from my home with several miles of groomed trails.

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During the week there is rarely anyone there so it a great place to go for a jog and get some quiet time. I had just finished running a three mile loop that ended in the parking area. I grabbed a sport drink from my car and walked back along one of the trails to cool down. This part of the park was more groomed than the rest and there were picnic shelters and a couple gorgeous zaya cassidy pussy drilled in many angles buildings.

As I walked I could catch glimpses of the restrooms through some shrubs and a movement caught my eye. I stopped to get a better look and saw an attractive woman in a blue summer tank dress approaching the building. She had dark hair and a curvy figure with large breasts that stretched the fabric across her chest. The dress hit about mid thigh on nice muscular tan legs.

I hadn't seen any other cars in the lot but there were some houses within walking distance and several within easy biking distance so nothing was unusual about her presence.

There was little chance she could see me, not that it mattered if she did, so I took in an eyeful as she walked. She reached the right hand door, looked around a bit furtively then entered. It was too far to see the door labels but I was pretty sure the right hand door was the entrance the the men's restroom. I waited a few minutes to see if anyone else was around.

I thought perhaps she was meeting a man in the restroom but there was no other movement. Curiosity got the best of me and I stepped around the shrubs and headed toward the restroom. As I had suspected the right hand door was for males.

I paused for a moment but it occurred to me I had every right to walk into a men's restroom, and while not in a bind I could use a pee after my sport drink. I walked quietly up to the door and tried to stealthily open it.

There weather hinges squeaked in protest so any chance of catching her unaware was gone. There was a partition by the door that blocked my view initially and by the time I stepped around it there was nothing but a row of urinals and stalls. I stood still for a second listening but heard nothing. I had never lost sight of the restroom door so I knew she had to be in the room. I bent over and looked under the stalls. Nothing. There were five stalls and all of the doors were open except the one on the far end.

I was easy to deduce that she was in the last stall but I was curious as to what she was up to. I walked to the sink and turned on the water, washing my hands as cover while I thought. I didn't really have a solid plan but running through big booty ho gets big cock step brother head were thoughts of her watching me piss or possibly catching her doing something I could use as blackmail.

I walked back to the door and opened it, letting the hinges send their signal, then letting it pull shut while staying inside. I stayed behind the partition and didn't move. I even tried to breath quietly. About two minutes later I was rewarded with a light shuffling from the end of the restroom.

I could picture her stepping down from a perch on the toilet. I heard movement of her sandals on the concrete and a quiet rustling sound. It was very quiet other than the woman's movement so I could hear the low sounds of cloth moving and a little thunk like she had leaned against the stall door.

The quiet cloth movement took on a rhythmic sound. I stayed frozen and a minute or so later was rewarded with a low moan. I leaned down and peeked around the partition at floor level. I could see her under the stall walls.

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She was on her knees facing the toilet with her feet pointed behind her toward the stall door. My first thought was she was performing oral sex on a man sitting on the toilet. However, I was sure there was no one else in the stall and I didn't see any other feet. I walked as quietly as I could in my running shoes to the end stall.

The door fit as stall doors do with about a half inch crack around it and by moving close I could see her back. She was facing away as I had surmised from her leg position so I leaned forward with my eye to the crack.

She had her right hand out of sight in front of her but it was easy to see it was between her legs. The dress was bunched around her hips and while it hung below her ass cheeks I could tell it was pulled up in front. Her left hand was also out of sight at chest level and it she seemed to be moving it across her breasts. My cock stirred in my loose shorts. She was kneeling right in front of the toilet. The seat was up and while the rim wasn't filthy it was splattered with piss stains.

She let out a moan and leaned toward the porcelain. Her right hand moved faster as she ran her tongue over the rim. She licked along the left side then moved back down and up shesnew fucking naturally busty irish filipina audriana grace for my birthday right hand side. The dirty slut was licking piss off the toilet rim! The door was latched with a small bar that flipped down into a slot on the inside of the stall.

I took the cap from my drink bottle and pushed it into the crack under the latch. The plastic was flexible enough to let it barely fit. I pushed it up, lifting the latch, and the door swung inward. The noise or movement brought her out of her trance. She let out a sound that was more of a gasp than a scream as she turned and tried to push the door shut. I leaned in and shoved her back against the toilet with the door.

"What are you doing!" She sort of yelped at me. The door was still partially between us pinning her against the toilet. I let up the pressure on the door for a second and pulled her out of the way by the arm so I could swing it fully open.

"Don't play sweet angel with me" I answered. "I saw you licking up piss." She looked at me with sort of helpless fear and tried to get up.

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"I don't think so" I said and old woman orgasm finally at home ultimately alone my hand on her shoulder pushed her back to the floor. "You want piss I'll give you a fresh batch." She whimpered but didn't resist. I pushed my running shorts down around my thighs and aimed at the toilet. My cock was still semi-hard from watching her before. "Pull up your skirt" I ordered.

"Show me what you were doing." She bit her lower lip and slowly pulled up the front of her dress revealing blue panties.

I could see her nipples stiffen through the fabric as my piss stream hit the water in the toilet. "Show me how you were rubbing your pussy you little slut." She pushed her panties down revealing the smooth skin of a completely shaved pussy. I reached over with my free hand and pinched her nipple through her dress, eliciting a moan.

She slid a finger down inside her panties and bit her lower lip again. "You dirty little whore. You like this don't you?" She nodded with her eyes fixed on the stream coming from the head of my cock. I slid my hand down the front of her dress squeezing one breast and then the other. I pinched down on one of her nipples and she let out a quick cry followed by a moan. I moved my hand to the back of her head and pushed her face closer to my cock and the pale yellow stream.

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Her eyes were transfixed as I pulled her closer. "You want the real thing?" I asked. She nodded with her eyes still on the head of mr grey in porn movie showing bdsm fetish loving cock. "Are you ready for fresh hot piss?" I asked again.

She licked her lips. My cock was almost fully hard in my hand. It was becoming difficult to keep it aimed at the toilet. I pinched off the dwindling stream and turned toward her. I released the head of my cock and watched the last of my piss squirt into her mouth.

"Swallow it slut" I ordered as my cock convulsed another shot of piss into her mouth. I shoved my hard cock into her mouth while the piss she couldn't swallow ran from the sides of mouth. Her lips clamped around me as I pushed her head against the stall wall with my thrust. She grabbed the my shaft with one hand and cupped my ass with the other, pulling me to her as she sucked and stroked. She dropped the hand from my ass cheek down between her legs and could see her arm moving as she rubbed her clit.

The movements of her hand and mouth were almost frantic, as if she was hungry for my cum. We both moved closer to orgasm. I could feel and see her movements become more urgent and I felt that familiar tingling in my groin. "Are you ready to swallow my cum you little slut?" I asked in sort of a growl.

"Uh-huh" she answered with a moan without ever slowing her rhythm on my cock. "Are you going to cum with me?" I grunted. "Uh-huh" she moaned again. "I'm cuming" I responded. I leaned my hand against the stall wall. She pushed me back, pulling my cock from her mouth, but continued stroking with her hand. She let out a sort of wailing sound as her orgasm racked her body. I watched the stream of cum shoot into her mouth just like my piss had a few minutes before.

After one more shot of cum she clamped her lips on the head of my cock. She slowly stroked my cock while she sucked the last drops from me. I leaned back pulling up my shorts as she stood up straightening her dress.

"When I see you again I'll bend you over and fuck that sweet pussy" I told her in a low voice. She started to say something but I cut her off.

"I own your ass now" I said and walked out of the bathroom.