Salacious vagina pounding for awesome teen maddy rose hardcore blowjob

Salacious vagina pounding for awesome teen maddy rose hardcore blowjob
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My first time having sex in a public area. I have always wanted to do it, but you know, I just have not found the right girl to do it with. Well the sophomore year of my college semester, I found that girl in a very unusual place.

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I have been attending the local college for one reason and one reason only, MONEY, I grew up in a good family, my parents just didnt have the money to send 4 kids to college on their own, so there I was, left with one choice, go to the local university and work my ass off, dont get me wrong, this is a University, not some 2 year college, but you get the point.

I guess I should describe myself a little bit, I'm your average dude, I'm 5'11, in pretty good shape, Brown hair, blue eyes, and overall a pretty good-looking guy.

I never had trouble with girls in high school considering I was part of the "in" crowd and I was really outgoing. So there I was, first day of my sophomore year, I was in my Econ class sitting alone in the back as usual, when a pleasant surprise walked into the class.

Kristy, a girl I knew from high school came strolling in looking for a place to sit. "Hey, Kristy." I said waving her down, big brother nl ladies nude shaving in shower flashed a smile that could make any mans heart melt, and walked to the back, "Hey Drew, I'm glad youre in this class, I feel like I dont know anyone in any of my classes." I replied, "Yeah I know, same here, well at least we have one class together, do you done after this one?" "Nope, got one more, Marketing I think." she replied.

"No kidding, me too, well I guess were lucky we have two classes together." I replied smiling as the teacher walked in and began lecturing. I have had this professor before, and I know from experience that he is a huge hard ass and his classes are incredibly hard. At least I had Kristy to look forward to for this class. But I guess I am getting ahead of myself, let me describe Kristy and you will understand why I would look forward to this class.

First, she has an awesome personality, I know what you are thinking, oh shit, she must be some chubby girl with glasses, wrong. Kristy, is gorgeous, and that doesnt even do her justice, a perfect 10 in my eyes no doubt. She is about five feet and one inches tall and couldnt break 100 pounds soaking wet, and no she is not just skin and bones, she is incredibly fit, I mean tight toned stomach, the only reason I know is because we used to party at the beach together in high school.

Now I get to the good stuff, she has brown curly hair, blue eyes, smooth lightly tanned skin, and to top it off, every boys wet dream body. Very nice hips that was followed by an incredibly tight and toned bubble butt, and thats not all, to top it off, a very nice set of tits, a C cup at most but incredibly perky, and to set it all off, a pearly white smile and lips that were just begging for you to put your dick between them.

To say the least, I was obsessed with her looks, but like I said she also had an awesome personality, I mean we could about anything, she is very sweet, nice, and the farthest from stuck-up I have ever met, surprisingly so because she came from a very well off family.

But lets get back to the story. Fast forward 4 weeks and me and Kristy were hitting it off great, to bad her grade in Economics wasn't doing as well as our relationship.

Now Marketing was a different story, it was a blow off class that we could miss every time and still pass so we had no worries. I was doing very well in Economics so far, with our first text coming up at the next class I took advantage of the opportunity to ask Kristy if she wanted to study together, as the teacher dismissed us I asked, "Hey, wanna try to get together this weekend and study a little bit for the exam, you know you need me" I had the cockiest smile on my face that I could possibly pull off.

She gave me a whatever look and said, "You know what Mr. Drew, you keep that attitude up and you may have to find someone else to sit with, but yes I would like your help, let me talk to Brad after class and make sure he doesnt have anything planned for my birthday weekend, but you know him, he probably forgot it was even my birthday this weekend." Shit, well I guess that makes two of us, at least I was not her boyfriend forgetting about her birthday though.

"Ok Krist, well I'm ditching Marketing and going home, just let me know what he says." We said our goodbyes and I went home and patiently waited for her text, okay, by patiently I mean, checking my phone every 5 minutes begging for something to show up on my screen, when at 9 o'clock that night, I received this text, 'Brad forgot.' and that was it. So there I was, with a dilemma, there were two ways I could respond, and one way would definitely through me into the friend-zone, but to be honest, I liked Kristy, I could take advantage of this so I responded, 'I'm sorry :(.

everything ok?' I the cumshot on tits compilation of compilations kicking myself as soon as Krakenhot bdsm with a chained cosplay girl said it. Here I go again, putting myself into the friendzone without even giving the girl a chance to do it herself. I quick response from Kristy brought be back from my pity-party, 'It is now, we broke up and to be honest, I'm glad, I'll be ok, but hows Saturday night at my apartment sound?' At this point I didnt know what to think so I just responded with, 'Yeah, sounds good, I'll be there at 8.' Saturday night came around and I was getting ready to head over to Kristy's.

So many decisions to make, what clothes to wear, should I wear cologne? Well I decided on a slight spray of my cologne and just some comfortable shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed my backpack and headed over to her apartment which was about 15 minutes away. I texted her, letting her know that I had arrived and about 30 seconds later I saw Kristy waving and smiling at the entrance of her apartment building.

I grabbed my bag and hurried into her building. I couldnt keep my eyes off of her incredible ass as I followed her up the stairs, too bad we only had three flights of stairs to travel.

We walked into her apartment and to my surprise, it was moderately middle-class, dont get me wrong, I was not expecting persian rugs and what not, but I wasnt expecting this. It was just your average apartment, living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. "Where we gonna do this thing?" I asked, trying to find a place to put down my bag. She replied, "At the kitchen table, hey you want a beer?

Brad left all of his PBR in his fridge and I can't stand the taste of it so it's all yours if you want." I smiled, what a douche I thought, "Sure, you got any sour milk I could wash it down with." Me-one, Brad-zero.

"Hey now, I cant stand it either but if you really dont want one, I guess I could dip into my secret stash of goodies." And with that she brought out a 6 pack of Blue Moon, my favorite beer.

"No shit, please tell me you have more than 6, that stuff goes down like water, its my favorite." Turns out my Saturday night would not be so boring after all. "I do, but lets save the rest for celebration of after we study Mr. Drew." Working on my cock all day till i cum tube porn she goes again, calling me Mr. Drew, is she flirting? Am I missing something? She handed me my beer and we started drinking. Four beers to me and two to her and we were hardly getting any studying done.

"Gosh I hate this stuff." Kristy complained and put her head down on the table. "I agree, I dont know about you, but I could use a break, lets watch some tv." We left the dining room and walked into the attached living room. There was a large couch, a love seat and a recliner in the room, I chose to sit in the recliner and propped the foot rest up.

Kristy brought out a bottle of wine and two glasses and said, "It's either this or the PBR." I nodded my head in acceptance and she poured me a glass of wine, my head at this point was starting to fog over, I was a beginning to feel the beer hit me. "I say we watch a movie." she set her glass down on the coffee table and walked to the tv and bent down. When I mean bend down I mean bend down, she didnt squat, which is what anyone would do in this situation, and I was glad she didnt, I had a full on view of her magnificent ass.

The tight yoga pants were not helping my situation, I felt myself begin to get hard. As she reached into the back of her entertainment center her t-shirt rode up her back and gave me a slight view of the THONG she was wearing. Welp, full hard on has been achieved. "How's 'Insidious' sound?" she asked whipping her head around, she went into full smile and said, "I doubt you even care, but uhm, Mr.

Drew, you are in my seat." I replied smugly, "Oh am I?" laughing as I spoke. "Yes indeed you are Mr. Drew, now you better move your butt or I am gonna have to beat your butt out of my seat." She put the movie into her DVD player and ran over to the seat and jumped directly onto my full on rager. I was in shock, she was in shock, my face turned bright red.

She jumped off, and I quickly stood up, grabbed my books and my bag and quickly left without even waiting for her response.

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As I drove away I cursed myself, you idiot Drew, you blew it, fuck me fuck me fuck me. How can I even face her after that, I sped home and walked into my room, dropped my books on my desk and dropped into bed. I was thanking god for the alcohol because without it, there was no way I would be able to sleep that night.

I awoke Sunday feeling alright except for the fact that I was dreading going into class on Monday. But it was test day, and I had no choice, I passed the day studying and avoiding any human contact whatsoever. Sunday night I slept sporadically and awoke startled, I glanced at my clock, shit I thought, my alarm had not gone off, it was 850 and my class started at 915, with a 20 minute drive to campus I knew I would be cutting it close.

I got to the school parking lot at 913 and walked briskly to class, it was 916 as I walked into the class, the professor was handing out the tests as I grabbed my seat next to Kristy. Well, at least I didn't have to talk to her right away. I guess being late morfa a lid cxe story sex stories sex stories out to be a good thing. Halfway through the test I realized that it was incredibly hard. This was definitely going to go down to the end of the time allowed.

I looked up at the clock, 10:00 it read, the class ended at 10:30. I should be okay I thought. One by one, kids started to file out of the class. 10:28, one problem left for me, and Kristy had just finished, I took my time hoping she wouldnt wait outside for me. I answered the problem and walked the test up to the professor as the clock hit 10:30. "Thanks Professor, see ya next class." He mumbled something and I walked out of the class. And to my horror, Kristy was waiting there.

Fuck fuck fuck. "Hey, uhh Drew, how'd you do?" she asked, clearly fumbling for words. I smiled, she smiled, and the tension went away. "Beats me, you?" I asked.

"Ehh, pretty good I think, thanks to you of course." We started heading to class and began the descent into the basement of the building where our next class was located. We never went straight to class, we usually walked around the square hallway of the building and just chatted, we did the same today.

10:44 and we started to enter the class, except there was no one in it. Clearly it was canceled. If we ever went to class we would know this shit. I joked about it telling her that she needed to start going to class she responded, "Yeah, I'm the one, when was the last time you went to all of your classes in a day." Busted I thought, oh well I guess. Most of the tension had went away as we navigated our way to the stairs.

The hallway was empty and there werent very many classes in the basement, to be honest, I bet we were the only ones down there at the time.

As we walked I stopped by the bathroom to get a drink of water from the fountain, as I bent down I stopped, and said, "Uhh, I think we should uhh, talk about what happened." I mumbled as I started to drink from the fountain.

I took a long drink trying to gain composure and begged my face to lose the red.

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"Yeah, uhm maybe we should." She said, as I stood up and leaned against the bathroom wall. "It's all my fault, I'm so sorry, its just, your so gosh darn beautiful and all, and the alcohol didnt help and you know I'm really sorry, lets just forget about it please." All she did was smile and say, "You know, you should have stayed, I was just surprised, it didnt bother me one bit." Holy shit, did she say what I think she said.

"Oh really?" I replied I was dumbfounded. I started to walk away when I felt a tug on my arm as she dragged me into the restroom. "Kristy, what are" I didnt finish my sentence, she pulled me into a kiss. I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around me as I cradled her soft ass. I put her against the wall as we went at it, our tongues dancing with one another. She moaned as I massaged her ass. I let her down, and pushed her by her shoulder back against the concrete wall, I began to kiss her neck and breathe hot air into her ear.

"Ughhh, Drew." she moaned. Our breathes were heavy as I stripped her of her shirt, leaving nothing on but a pink lacy bra.

My hands moved to her breast as I began to play with them, she threw her head back as I did so. Gosh this is fucking hot. I was already hard when she grabbed my dick and fished it out of my shorts. She slowly began to jerk me off. I took of her bra and took a nipple in my mouth and began to slightly nibble on it. With each pinch, she moaned. "Drew, you have no idea how long I have wanted this." I replied, "You have no idea how many times I have dreamed of this." I turned her around and allowed her to rub her amazing ass to rub up against my dick.

This girl really knew how to get a guy going. I could clearly tell she was fighting to be the dominant one, but there was no cuckold watches his wife fuck a stranger in hell I would let her fuck me after how many times I had dreamed of me fucking her.

I backed away slightly, wound up and slapped her ass. She moaned in pleasure. "Ohhhh, you bad boy." I slapped her ass again. I dropped down to one knee and slowly pulled her pants down, revealing the sexiest dark blue lace thong I had ever seen. Her ass cheeks had completely swallowed it. I slapped her ass again, this time harder. She moaned loudly, I put my hand over my mouth and said, "You better be quiet, or someones gonna come investigate." She turned her head, smiled and responded, "I cant promise anything." I turned her around, pushed her thong aside, and took in the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen.

It was tight, incredibly tight from what I could see, and her pubic mound had just a slight landing patch of hair. I was in heaven, I dove right in, my tongue expertly around download ben 10 xxx storys in ebony delicious pussy.

She tasted amazing and smelled even better. "Ughhh Drew, gosh, no one has ever done this, OHHHH MY GOSHHH." she nearly screamed as her body shook with an orgasm.

I continued my assault on her, slowly inserting my index finger into her pussy, and encircling her ass hole with my pinky. She continued moaning and cursing my name. I stuck my pinky finger into her ass hole, her body began to shake yet again, this time, after her orgasm she collapsed. She was exhausted already, "Drew, your fucking amazing." I replied laughingly, "You aint seen nothing yet, its my turn." I lifted her to her knees.

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She understood, she grabbed my 8 inch dick and swirled her tongue around the tip of the head of my dick. This time, it was me moaning and cursing her name. She engulfed my dick, taking nearly 6 inches as it slid down the back of her throat. I grabbed her hair, and pulled, causing her to moan, sending vibrations up and down my dick and she pulled it out of her mouth.

She smiled as she lifted it up, and licked from the bottom of my balls all the way back to the tip, and engulfed it again. A few more minutes of this and I dont think I could last much longer.

"Kristy, it feels so damn good." She continued to bob up and down on my dick. It was the normal dry blowjob that I was used to, she left just the right amount of saliva all over my cock.

This was definitely the best blowjob I had ever received.

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Just when I thought it couldnt get any better, Kristy pulled off of my dick and said, "Fuck my face." I was shocked but did as I was yr old callie cyprus gets a facial. I grabbed a handful of her hair, and slowly started rocking my dick in and out of her mouth.

I sped up, my orgasm was building, "Kristy, I'm about to cum." She took control, grabbed my ass cheeks and began forcefully shoving my dick in and out of her throat. I stopped breathing as it came over me, I shot 7 or 8 forceful loads down teen fingers her luscious girlfriend using a sex toy throat. As I finished I realized that I had not yet gotten soft. "Mhmmm, you taste much better than Brad, and a lot bigger, now how about you fuck the shit out of me." We headed to the large handicap stall, realizing if anyone walked in, they were definitely see us.

As I shut the door of the stall and turned around, I saw she had already taken a hold of the hand rail and arched her back, allowing me a perfect view of her ass. "You just gonna stare? Or are you gonna Fuck my tight little pussy?" I responded with slap of her ass, "Is that all you got? I want it harder." I wound up, and slapped her ass hard, it bounced up and down as I did so, she moaned loudly.

I lined my dick up, and slowly began to push my dick into her pussy. It was insanely tight, but slowly, inch by inch, moan by moan, my dick slid all the way into her pussy. I had bottomed out as I began to slowly fuck her. "Fuck me HARDER!" she demanded. I grabbed her by her throat and whispered into her ear, "Listen, you little slut, I make the orders, not you." She responded, "Oh you bad boy. Please, Fuck me hard Drew." I started to speed up slowly, ramming my dick in and out of her pussy.

She was incredibly wet. As I gained speed, she moaned louder and louder. "So good, Fuck, so good." she exclaimed. I was beginning to feel an orgasm come.

"Kristy, I think I am going to cum." "Me too, your so big Drew, fuck me harder." I grabbed her hips and rammed my dick and out of her tight pussy as fast and as hard as I could. "Kristttttyyyy, I'm going to cum." "I want you to cum inside me Drewwwwwww." She moaned, as she started her orgasm, her pussy squeezed my dick and I was done for, we were both cumming at the same time.

I shot my load into her soaked pussy. After we both came down from our orgasms we just sat there, my dick still inside of her. The days events had completely jumbled my mind, but nothing could prepare me for what happened next. We both froze as we heard the door open. I swear I held my breath as the woman opened the stall and began to pee.

I didnt start breathing again until she had left the bathroom. "Fuck that was close, we need to go." I told Kristy. "I agree, but hey do you work today?" she asked me. "No, why?" I replied. "I could use some study help today." she smiled devilishly. Part two is on the way.