Penny and ava share a lucky cock

Penny and ava share a lucky cock
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Boy in the Bar 2 The Party "A couple of the regulars I haven't seen for a while said you looked after them just great last time they were in the bar. Must ha' bin when I was having a nap or sumpin. Said they'd never been so well served," said Joe [Benji's Dad] to 2cpron com marsha may ebony cutie nicole bexley full movei when he got home from school on Friday.

"I bet they did," said Benji under his breath. "What's that?" asked Joe. "Oh, nuthin," said Benji, "I'm glad they were satisfied," smiling to himself. He felt a stirring in his young loins just thinking about what had happened just over a year ago.

"It's your 15th birthday on Sunday," said Joe, " what would you like for a present?" Benji had to stop himself from saying a 9" prick up his arse!

"Oh. How about 50 bucks and I'll get something I like?" he replied. "Fine," said Joe, handing him the money out of the till. Benji went to his room and, because it was a hot day, changed into just a pair of short spandex shorts and a singlet, then went back down to the bar to see his Dad.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw Bob and Bernie sitting in a quiet booth at the far side of the room, which could not be seen from behind the bar. They spotted him. "Hey Benj, long time no see come and say hello" said Bob. Benji hesitated, looked at his Dad who was preoccupied with other customers, so went across to the booth.

"Slide in here" Bernie indicated for Benji to sit between them. As he slid across Bernie's knees, Bernie quickly hooked his fingers in the waistband of Benji's shorts and pulled them down to his ankles. Benji was sitting there almost naked from the waist down!

Benjie saw his dad headed this way, so he slid forward under the bench seat to hide himself as best he could. "Hi Benji. Any more drinks here boys?" enquired Joe. "Three triple Bourbon and Coke" replied Bob. While Joe went to get the drinks, Bernie leaned over and cupped Benji's cock and balls in his huge hand, giving them a squeeze.

Benji's young cock went rigid. "Hmmm, you're a whore bitch" said Bernie. "We've been, shall we say, away for a holiday at the taxpayer's expense, and are hungry for some younger company," said Bob.

"Thankfully, our 'investments' were waiting for us when we got out, with group sex one girl and more guys, at swiss bank interest rates." When the drinks arrived, Bob quickly gave Joe a $20 bill and told him to keep the change.

Joe being half-pissed as usual didn't suspect anything and just returned to his stool behind the bar. "Now Benji" said Bob, " we hear it's your 15th birthday Sunday so you're invited to a party in your honour at my new place. Now drink up quickly and say yes or you'll be the star of Facebook and Youtube within one hour!" Oh shit thought Benji, remembering that his losing his anal virginity was videod I've got no choice. "Errm, thanks, yes, of course Bob." "Great. I'll pick you up on Saturday at 6pm tell your folks your having a sleepover until Monday with a pal from sunny leone porn brust porn says Bob.

"But my birthday isn't until Sunday" protested Benji. "Yeah but the celebrations begin on Saturday. Just fuckin' do it," said Bob, leaving no room for argument. " And wear these spandex shorts laundered, of course." Bob insisted that they all sculled the bourbons and within 3 minutes, Benji head was spinning didn't know where he was or what he was doing. Bob pulled him across the booth and held Benji's head with one hand, undoing his zipper with the other then thrusting his now stiff prick into Benji's mouth.

Meantime, Bernie lifted Benjie up onto the seat and buried his head in Benjie's arse crack, reaming his arsehole with his tongue. A tongue 5" long and stiff as any cock, penetrated Benji's sphincter and caused him to cum all over the seat. Bernie's huge 10" cock was like a rock by now, so he pulled it out of his trousers, spat on his hand to lubricate it, and pressed it against Benji's anal passage. Despite being drunk, and being face-fucked by Bob, Benji knew what to expect Bob rammed his cock into Benji's arse, on the 3rd thrust it went in right up to the balls.

Benji almost bit the end off Bob's prick! This only made Bob more horny so he rammed Benji's head hard down onto his cock, forcing his cock right down Benji's throat, and shot a huge load of sticky cum into his throat and down into his stomach almost choking him to death! Meantime, Bernie was humping away and soon shot his load of jizz into Benji's bowels. "Well, that's just a taste of things to come," said Bob, ' . and I DO mean CUM!

Be there Saturday, or else." They soon left the bar and Benji crept upstairs before he started leaking cum everywhere, had a shower and collapsed into bed, wondering what the weekend would be like. On the stroke of 6pm Saturday, Bob's Corvette was outside the bar; Benji was waiting with his overnight bag, wearing the spandex as instructed. "Wow! What a car," exclaimed Benji. He just l o v e d Corvettes!

"Well hang on said Bob" as he burnt rubber. Benji felt the thrill right through his body. They were soon on the main highway hitting 100 and excelerating fast. Benji was in heaven. He didn't notice the electric seat reclining and Bob's hand on his chest, then sliding down under the loose fitting spandex, settling on his young hardening cock.

Bob started to wank him. Benji laid back, closed his eyes, and felt tingling in his balls and his erection filled out his pants. He lifted his butt and slid the pants down over his knees and off his ankles, opening his legs. Somehow Bob managed to caress his cock and balls whilst sliding his middle finger into Benji's anus, which made him shoot cum everywhere. "Well what a big boy you are now!" said Bob.

When they got to Bob's house, he was amazed it was a palace, with sauna, pool, huge patio, pool bar, jacuzzi, etc etc. "Jeez, what an amazing house," said Benji. "My 'investments' matured.

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Go get a shower and put on some fresh clothes," said Bob "your room's third on the right." Well the 'room' was as big as his dad's whole bar, with it's own ensuite, dressing room, spa bath, cocktail fridge, huge TV, etc. After showering he looked in the dressing room, but found only panties, mini-skirts. "That's right," said Bob, "that's what a whore bitch wears and this weekend, you're our whore bitch!" Benji almost cried, but put on the clothes as he was told.

What he wasn't told was that the party had already started.

He emerged in mini-skirt with pink thong underneath, walked through a lounge area towards the sounds of music, expecting only Bob and Bernie and finding his way to the pool patio, was greeted by catcalls by about 40 male partygoers around the pool who were all gay of course!! His blush made his face red like a tomato Bob was immediately at his side, putting an arm around his waist, guiding him into the middle of everyone there.

He was soon drinking the punch which had a punch like Mike Tyson. Bob made him swallow a blue pill, which made him totally submissive.

"This is the Birthday Bitch who will start the bidding?" said Bob. "Woju mean bithing?" slurred Benji, his head spinning. "You'll find out," said Bob. Even though he'd never been to an auction, Benji couldn't understand the 'bidding'.

However, the winner apparently bid 7 x 8 inches. What Benji was very soon to learn was that the winner had to find 7 guys at the party with cocks of at least 8 inches, or pay a forfeit of having a tube of toothpaste squeeked up his arse whilst being videod for Youtube! The 'winner' had, it so happened, brought 5 huge guys with him, so only needed one more as he didn't want to spoil the party [and couldn't find a tube of toothpaste anyway in the state he was in] Bob made up the seven.

A space was quickly cleared on the patio, a bed and mattress set up, the Benji was ceremonially led to the winner, Cory. "Well, pretty bitch," said Cory, " this will be a birthday for you to remember." He grabbed Benji's face under the chin, planted a wet kiss full on his lips and forced his tongue between Benji's lips. Benji found it strangely exciting but was in no state to object anyway. He felt hands cupping his arse cheeks under the miniskirt he was wearing, becoming aware of bright lights shit, they were going to video the whole thing!

"Look, I was only trying to have some fun," said Benji, " I'm not ready for this." "Here we all cum, ready or not!" said Cory, pushing him onto the makeshift bed. As he was pulled by the shoulders one way, his thong was pulled off the other way, his hard young cock springing up. "Well, what have we here?" tall blonde sucking off the fake producer one of the 'Magnificent Seven', wrapping his mouth around the young flesh, at the same time stroking his soft balls.

It took Benji precisely 18 seconds to writhe uncontrollably and shoot cum into the mouth of his new 'friend', who swallowed it greedily.

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Meanwhile, someone else had dragged him over the edge of the bed, pushed his cock into Benji's mouth and was face-fucking him at incredible speed, such that he shot cum down Benji's throat within less than 30 seconds. Number 4 was a spanker he turned Benji over, then just laid into his tender arse cheeks with a bamboo cain, drawing screams and making his cheeks bleed like a stuck pig. Strangely, he then licked the blood away. ["Thank God" thought Benji]. Then WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, as he was thrashed maybe 20 times across his arse cheeks and back of thighs, making him plead for mercy.

The masochist's response, predictably, was to firstly speak words of apology and comfort, then to pour vinegar onto poor Benji's bloodied body, making him almost pass out with the pain.

Just when he'd regained his composure, Benji was turned over. His Nipples were then unmercifully pinched in flesh-tearing clamps; as if that was not bad enough, his balls were then crushed in a cock-and-ball gadget with pins on the inside, guaranteeing excrutiating pain would be the outcome. This time Benji really did pass out from the pain.

He came to feeling himself bleeding from his nipples, balls, cock and [with one final assault of a cactus arm up his arse] from his anus. His young body was on fire with agonies he'd never ever experienced. Bob then took centre stage 'Stand back and let a real man show you how it's done," he bragged, pulling out a cock that was by now fully 11 inches long.

[His cock enlargement treatment had worked well!] He grabbed the almost comatose Benji by the hips, literally flipped him over onto his stomach, pushed his left hand into the small of Benji's back, and cried "Geronimo" before ramming the first 5" of his pole into Benji's arse, gradually ramming it home so that his balls were bouncing off Benji's arse cheeks.

Well, Benji wriggled and screamed like a banshii, wriggled some more [which only made Bob more Horny] and resulted in another 'winner' forcing his cock between Benji's lips to shut him up. Benji felt a flood of blood and warm cum inside his bowels as, one after another, the Magnificent Seven 'rode' him all night, taking turns at mouth fucking and arse fucking at least three times each. His next conscious thought was of lying on the patio, cum and blood oozing from his border jumper gets pussy railed by border patrol officer hardcore and outdoor, his nipples and mouth making him cough up even more cum, with his arse feeling like it was on fire.

He saw lots of blood amongst the cum, realising it was from his own arse, from the savage fucking and assaults he'd endured. He heard noises, so he pretended to still be unconscious.

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. . 'Great' said a strange drunken sounding voice. He lay still. Then footsteps accompanied by a tuneless whistle. He sensed someone near him as he lay on his stomach, still naked.

Next thing, something really cold touched his arse cheeks "Oh No," he thought, as realised what was about to happen, but was too scared to move.

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A finger and thumb forced his arse cheeks apart, then he was quickly subjected to ice cubes being inserted into his anus, heaps of them until his arse was full. The only good thing about this was that it certainly numbed the pain and put out the fire in his arse from last night's savaging. He became aware that his legs were being pulled apart, then felt the weight of a body, then the feeling of a cut cockhead at the entrance to his anus. "I just love something cool to slip into," said the unknown voice, and with that Benji felt a rod pushing up into his arse, "But first, you need to eat your greens!" He just layed there, unaware that it was a giant cucumber that was being forced up his arse, and see-sawed back and forth for many minutes.

It was withdrawn slowly. "Try this," whispered the mystery rapist, as he slowly plunged his huge hard cock up Benji's arse. He humped for what seemed like ages, then suddenly withdrew. Maybe the alcohol and drugs had affected the guy's libido? "Now Boygirl, do you like marrow? Let's see." Benji knew if he tensed his muscles it would only make partying for cocks and cum shots in the club worse so he tried to relax and not make a noise.

His arse cheeks were greased then parted by what felt like pliers [must have been one of those women's exam things?] then his arse was gradually being stretched and stretched until he was sure he would be split in half, then it suddenly 'popped' through his sphinter, filling his anal canal.

He was turned on his side, when his now erect cock was sucked by his rapist, in an expert way, bringing his emotions to climax, and with it his cum soon spurted into the hungry mouth of his attacker.

"I knew you'd love this," said the voice, which now sounded like Bob's. He soon after realised that he'd been left alone, with the marrow still stuck up his arse. The ice had really reduced the pain to almost nothing. Despite his being so abused, it left him in a state of excitement and anticipation. He wanked until cumming over the edge of the bed. "Maybe vegetarians are onto something," he thought, smiling. &hellip. to be continued &hellip.