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Oral creampie compilation what dat moff do compilation
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Part 14 Harem Night Beth's announcement shocked them. Michael had always exuded strength, confidence and control. They now knew he was as broken as them. Rafaela looked at Rachael. "I think we have been very selfish," she said sadly. Rachael nodded in shame. All looked to Alice. "It's a form of PTSD though he's in control," she turned to Beth, "Tell me about his nightmares." Beth told them the little she knew. Her father had killed many times, his call sign, "Terminator".

On his last mission, he and his men had been unknowing bait for a trap.

Three of his men died. Michael resigned from the Navy as soon as he could. Alice was thinking aloud, "He has to forgive himself." She looked at Beth. "What do I do?" "Not you. He can't tell you what he did. That would bring you into his world of violence." Alice's eyes lit up and she turned to Rafaela who just nodded silently, their communication clear.

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Their man needed comfort and solace. In the bedroom, Shoshana held Michael's head to her breast, feeling him tremble as he sought to regain control. The other women all joined her, Beth pressing against his back while Rafaela lay next to Shoshana, stroking his shoulder.

After a time, he began to relax and calm. Surrounded by so much female anatomy, his body responded automatically. Shosh felt it and let out a soft giggle. The other women looked at her quizzically and she nodded toward Michael's crotch. "I think Michael wants proof we're here." The turmoil in Michael's head subsided. He inhaled Shoshana's scent and reacted instantly; wanting to bury his cock in her very tight, hot pussy. "I'm OK Shosh," he said, back in control, "but if you don't let me go, I'm going to slip something into you." Shosh shifted his head lower to her long, hard nipples as Beth announced with glee, "Harem time." "No," Alice shook her head sadly.

Her period had started earlier that day. She turned to leave the room, frustrated. Rachael caught her arm, "Honey, don't be silly. Just get a couple of towels and a warm wash cloth." Alice looked over to the bed.

Rafaela nodded enthusiastically, Lynne's face buried in her crotch. Rafaela squealed with delight, her head snapping back, eyes closed. Lynne was very talented. Alice ran to the bathroom, removed the bloody tampon and quickly douched.

She grabbed two large towels and a wet washcloth. Then she saw a butt plug and tube of warming lube and stopped. She found another tampon and inserted it. She knew the orgy would continue for hours. Time for an enema. She wanted to be clean. Finally, she grabbed the lube and rejoined her sisters, walking gingerly with the plug secure in her ass.

When she entered the bedroom, the orgy was in full swing. Rachael was barely coherent from the pleasure of Beth's tongue and fingers, but saw the telltale string hanging from Alice's pussy. Alice saw her questioning look, turned around and wiggled her ass showing Rachael the butt plug in her ass. Rafaela danced atop Michael's cock, facing his feet, feeling it move deep inside her as she swayed and rotated.

Shoshana and Lynne were in a loving 69. Alice jumped on the bed between Michael's legs and approached Rafaela, caught her mutilated breast and began sucking the damaged nipple while her left hand found Rafaela's clit, capturing the pleasure center between her forefinger and thumb.

She gently twirled it between her fingers. Rafaela's screamed her climax. Her body froze as the sensations coursed though her nerve endings. Finally, she collapsed forward, into Alice's waiting arms. Rachael next took her turn, her small body distended by his large cock. She lay with her back to his chest as Alice had lay; her face inched from Michael's.

Alice knelt between their splayed legs. Her tongue traced around Michael's impaling cock up to Rachael's clit. Alice expertly teased the little love button. Beth and Lynne suckled from Rachael's breasts. Sex in mouth and snatch smalltits hardcore drew Rachael into a deep kiss while Michael turned his head to kiss Shoshana. Rachael felt the love and the pleasure.

Her slender body began to shake. Alice sucked the clit hard, gently holding it with her teeth, lashing it with her tongue. Rachael exploded, trying to sit bolt upright, being momentarily restrained by Michael's steely arms.

Lynne helped her mother off Michael's cock and took her place. Alice continued to use her fingers riley nixon pounded by big black boner in the kitchen tongue to pleasure her. Following Lynne's orgasm, Michael called time out. Beth and Shoshana went to get the now traditional orange juice and champagne.

Michael pulled Alice into his arms, "What's going on, Honey?" She hesitated. Rafaela lay next to her, stroking her shoulder. She made a decision. "I was fourteen when I was raped. I liked this boy on the football team, so I hung out by the boys' locker room.

One day after practice, he invited me inside. He and three other boys beat and raped me. They stuck their dicks in my pussy, my mouth and my throat. The coach stopped them before they got into my ass," she said clinically, but Michael could feel her tremble.

"After the hospital, my Dad figured I was responsible and a slut. One night while my Mom worked, he came into my room and raped me again. He tried to take my ass. I screamed. He hit me to shut me up, just as my Mom got home," she pulled her hair back, showing a faint scar just in front of her ear.

"He told her I had asked him to fuck me, but it was pretty hard to believe with my bloody face. She called the cops. They took me to the hospital.

When I got back home, my Mom sat at the kitchen table crying. She'd never been very strong, but she looked shattered. I didn't know what to do, so I went to bed. So did she. The next morning, I found her dead from taking a whole bottle of sleeping pills." "I haven't seen my Dad since. I went to live with my aunt, my Dad's sister.

She was a medical doctor and lived alone. It turns out that my father had raped her when she was young and she could not trust men. She taught me to love." "In all the years since, I have never had anal sex with a man. Tonight, after the others have ridden you, I want you to take my anal cherry." She took his hand and led it to her ass, still impaled with the butt plug. Shoshana turned her tear-streaked face to Michael and nodded.

Beth nodded as well. "There is something called soap and water," Rachael said softly, "and Michael could take a break from a half dozen horny women." Rafaela leaned down, her face inches from her lover's distended ass. She gently pulled the phallus from Alice's ass hole, noting that it was clean. Alice was a bit of a clean freak. Her tongue darted into the closing orifice.

Rafaela pulled Alice's muscular ass cheeks apart, continuing to caress the nether hole with her tongue. At the same time, Beth lovingly coated her father's cock with lubricant. She handed the tube to Rafaela. Alice straddled Michael's cock while Rafaela positioned it to penetrate her lover's virgin ass. Alice leaned forward, placing her hands at Michael's side, staring into his eyes. "I love you so much!" as she began to push his cock into her ass. She winced as the head popped through her sphincter, but she never lost eye contact.

Slowly she lowered herself, gasping at the feeling of being split, but determined to finish. Her tight anal muscles gripped Michael's cock as it roasted in her hot ass. Incredible pleasure, both physical and emotional coursed through his body. Finally she rested on his pelvis, letting her anal muscles relax. She changed positions, squatting on his cock.

She lifted off and allowed herself to slam back down. Again and again. Her eyes never left Michael's. Michael's climax raced through his body. Normally he was able to control the timing of his climax.

Not in her incredibly hot, tight tunnel. She now had control. Knowing he was about to come, Alice rose up and began to rotate her hips in a circular motion sending millions of nerve impulses into his brain. Just as he began to astounding sex tool playing session homemade and hardcore, she slammed back down and felt his cock explode. Finally she released his eyes.

Michael felt her love beat back his terrors and memories. After she moved off him and went into a bathroom, Rachael carefully washed his cock with a soapy cloth and toweled him dry. Alice returned from the bathroom to applause! Since every trip required a carefully orchestrated security plan, Michael and the girls stayed at the plantation while Michael's friend and former team mate, Jake, oversaw the construction of their new home and compound more than nine thousand miles away. One of the garages of their Jamaican hideout had been converted to a gym, but the plantation had no pool, so all workouts had been sweaty affairs.

If they could not find Michael in the den on his laptop, they knew he'd be sweating in the hot and humid gym. They received reports and videos of the construction. But it just wasn't the same. Finally, after two months at the Jamaica plantation, Tim was satisfied with the temporary security arrangements now in place near the construction site in Noosa.

Rafaela's "baby bump" was beginning to show. Fortunately, her morning sickness seemed to be over as well. They left everything at the house, even laptops. They downloaded everything to flash drives Tim's men provided. Tim's orders. They took private flights, of course. No one wanted security ruined by an accidental sighting in an airport.

They used small airports that had no facial recognition software and avoided daytime flights. The women dressed in buqas with facial scarves while Michael wore the traditional Afghan turban, his face also covered. They changed into normal garb on the final flight to Brisbane. Tim had a makeup artist on board to "age" them. Their faces had to match their passports and papers.

Highly trained personnel whisked them through passport control and customs into armored Escalades with heavily tinted windows. They were exhausted and their internal body clocks were off by more than a dozen hours, but they were excited.

They saw little since they arrived in the dark and were looking through tinted windows. When they finally arrived, the cars pulled into the large garage. Beth smiled at Michael. They could hear the waves and smell the ocean. Tim greeted them. After a few minutes of small talk about the trip, Tim took Michael and Rafaela aside.

"Tim, isn't this a bit over the top?" Michael asked, recognizing bullet resistant glass and wall armor. "That's what I want to talk to you about. Miguel really misses you and is pissed that he can't find you. Now that he's the boss, he wants you back. He's also getting out of hand without you to control him. Apparently he's in love with you. He found the people that helped you. They died in particularly unpleasant ways.

My uncle fuck me hard was beginning to close in when you left Jamaica." "Maria and Juanita?" "He keeps them locked in the compound.

The Lista cartel is trying to move in now that you're gone. Bodies are piling up." "Then there's Senator McDale," he paused, "you remember his son was one of Beth's attackers." Michael nodded.

"He's looking for her." "Shit, Tim, I'm not thinking straight. The girls made me promise that I wouldn't take this all on my shoulders." He walked Tim over to the girls. Beth had a stern look on her face. "Dad, you promised." He nodded and had Tim repeat everything. Now caught up, Tim continued," Anyway the McDale kid is having a pretty bad time. Apparently he's queen of the prom in his cellblock. The Senator thinks he'll kill himself." Beth remembered his face.

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While he participated, he tried to help after she began to bleed badly. He'd put her in his room and tried to get her some help. She crawled out the window to escape. Tim saw Beth wasn't listening. "Honey, he can't hurt you anymore." Tim said a bit more forcefully than he'd intended. "What does the Senator want from first time teen age xnxx storys wants you to record a message for the Board of Pardons and beg for his little shit." She looked at her father.

"You're all grown up, Honey, it's your decision." Tim looked confused, "You're not thinking about helping that fucking rapist!" Beth looked into her uncle's angry eyes and reached her hand to his cheek.

"Uncle Tim, I can't tell you how happy I am. Alice got me to realize that what I cannot change, I must accept. That boy hurt me terribly, but he also started me on a journey to happiness. He is now in the same hideous hell I've just escaped from.

If I didn't try to help him and he did kill himself, I'd carry that guilt all my life. It would spoil my happiness." Beth said softly, "Get a message to him, that I will record it tomorrow. I'm just too tired now." Michael engulfed her in a passionate hug, hearing, "group hug!" Rafaela pulled Tim into the hug She held up a picture of her hideously bruised and battered face and bloody, broken body. "That is the picture you may have in your head as you consider reducing or pardoning those who attacked me, including Robert McDale.

She doesn't exist anymore. This is Beth Shannon today," the camera widened to show a lovely young woman, paused a moment and zoomed back in, "I went through and dragged others through an excruciating, painful journey that led me here. I am not whole.

I will never be whole. I cannot create a child. But I've come through my private hell. I am happy. Happier than I ever dreamed possible, even in my little girl dreams." She paused, her eyes liquid. "I am begging you to let him out. I cannot have his or any of the others' suffering on my conscience. I am begging you to let me have my happiness without the guilt their suffering would cause me." "Please make sure they never rape again.

I could not bear the guilt of another girl having to endure the hideous hell from which I tight african hottie gets fucked real good just escaped." Tears ran down her face. "Please let them out." There was not a dry eye in the room. Alice beat Michael to Beth, knowing when the statement would end.

She had written it with Beth. Hours later, Peter delivered the video to McDale's father. McDale received the video at breakfast, sitting with his wife and two daughters.

He opened the file. They all cried for Beth and for Robert. He sent the file to Robert's lawyer and called him as soon as the e-mail left his machine. Then he called Peter. "I owe that girl a life," he said honestly, "If she or her family needs anything I can deliver, it's theirs." "Just make sure you and the other families stop looking for her and see the video.

Beth deserves to live in peace." "My word on it." Three days later, the five remaining rapists left prison.

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Tim would continue to monitor the families, but the threat against Beth seemed to be gone. The threats against the others remained great. The drug war raged in northern Mexico and the Zapatas were being overwhelmed. Miguel fought with desperate violence. Knowing the Zapata distribution channels, Rafaela was a prime target and would probably remain so for years.

The fall out from David Walsh's files was in full swing. Investigations, federal and state continued to pour more and more stories of corruption. The certainty of arrest caused weaker politicians and businessmen to seek deals for lesser sentences. Like a pebble thrown into a still pond, waves of consequences spread across the nation.

It was unlikely the Walsh's would ever be safe. The Sunday after Beth recorded her statement, they visited the construction site, again in Afghan dress. They did not exit the cars, but were occasionally visible to the outside world.

The compound was on a cliff overlooking the ocean, more than a mile from any other structures. It had a high wall that was nearing completion. The main house was a huge, single story. It had five normal sized bedrooms for the expected children and two large ones each with triple king beds that had been specially made.

They had decided on nine spacious bathrooms. One for Michael and each of his harem. It also had three safe rooms so they could reach one quickly. Two offices, large dining area, an enormous, eat in kitchen and a wing with the servant quarters completed the plan.

They also had a four-bed infirmary. A twenty-five meter lap pool sat beneath the main house, together with a wine cellar and large unfinished room. A large lounging pool extended from the main house to overlook the brrazra mom and son new. There were three triple garages for staff and family, a security building, with a separate garage, barracks and a helipad.

Jake played tour guide. "We'll have security details for everyone. So long as there is no specific threat, it will be three men or women. Three shifts, alternating schedules. Then we've got a group for the compound itself, ex SAS and SEALS. Tim's doing a very thorough check. Since that vibrator radio thing, he's been maniacal. We'll be done in about a week. Once we get inside, we've got a ten man maintenance group to make the changes we agreed on.

That way, the only ones who will know the full house layout will be us." Michael listened intently, but the girls tuned him out. Details about weapons and security were just not very interesting. Peter knew he was in bad trouble. His guards did not answer his call when he prepared to leave his office.

He pulled his phone and saw no bars. 'Cell jammer', he thought. The landline was dead. He reached beneath his desk for the small, five shot revolver he kept. As he slid it out from its holster, a canister already spewing gas bounced through the doorway. He thought of Rafaela and how he had failed her long ago. Michael had warned him. Tim had warned him. Peter knew too much.

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Even though he did not know where they were, they could squeeze enough that they could find Rafaela. A shot rang out a split second later.

Peter ended his life to protect his little girl. Miguel raged into his phone. Spittle flew. How could they have been so stupid? Now he'd never find Rafaela! Miguel had been careless. He'd been using the same burn phone all day from the same location. As he lowered the phone, shaking with rage a bullet entered the back of his head exploding his cranium like a watermelon. The sound of the shot followed and ricocheted off the walls of the compound making it impossible to locate the sniper.

Tim broke the news to them palm bay couple wet juicy pussy rides big dick lunch. Rafaela and Beth clung to each other on the couch. Michael felt numb. Peter killed himself to protect them. Peter knew too much. In his heart, Michael knew Peter had given them a chance for happiness.

Michael's brain raced. He motioned Tim over. "Get Maria and Juanita out of there. Rafaela was almost their mother. She may know where to look." Tim nodded and went to speak with her.