Big booty carolina june blowing and getting fucked by toby

Big booty carolina june blowing and getting fucked by toby
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I'd been with Engine 12 for about five years, in and out of all kinds of hairy situations, but this was the first time I'd ever been laid up for any length of time.

We were working an abandoned warehouse fire, probably accidentally set by some wino trying to keep warm.

Damn cross beam fell and knocked me flat. If it wasn't for my suit, it probably woulda crisped me pretty good. Bad enough that it ripped up my back and shoulder muscles, making me hobble around like some crip. Docs said if I stuck to my rehab, I'd back to my beefy, bouncy self in a few months.

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Months! Hell, it'd only been three weeks and I was going bonkers from boredom. My body screamed at me every time I tried to move. Got so bad I finally took to sleeping on the pullout with some plywood under the mattress. The wife offered me the bedroom but what type of guy would I be if I made a lady sleep on the couch?

Besides, it was easier to fix up the pullout. With a cranky body I was really into easy. With my muscles all ripped and twisted, sex wasn't so easy. It was freaking impossible. We gave it a try. The damn pain just kept getting in the way. Nothing like a good sharp blast of pain to chase a hard-on away.

Frustrating as hell, for both of us. I mean, my wife is a babe, guys get hard just watching her walk down the street and here I am, with all that beautiful blonde nakedness in front of me, and my dick keeps going limp. Unfair, that's what it was, real unfair. The sadass wino that burnt down that freaking building was probably getting more pussy than me! So, anyway, I was sleeping on the pullout, at least I was trying to sleep on the pullout.

Some nights the pain meds would just knock my ass right out but, then I'd roll over or something and the pain would come knocking. I didn't have to answer the door. It'd just bust the damn thing down. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, feeling a bit sorry for myself when I heard a moan coming from our bedroom.

At first I figured the wife must have been having a nightmare. Since my accident, she said she'd been having some bad ones. I hobbled down the hallway, figuring I might comfort her some and then stopped dead in my tracks. I'd heard her moan and breath heavy like cutie chick malina mars wanted to fuck hard dick before, usually when I was breathing heavy right along with her.

I slowly approached the doorway and peeked in. The room was dark but there was enough light coming through the window to make out her sexy body sprawled on the bed. One hand was between her legs; the other was cupping a milky white breast. Her eyes were closed. She was so wrapped up in what she was doing; she probably didn't even hear me coming down the hall. Just looking at her gorgeous naked body stretched out on the bed was enough to make my briefs a lot tighter.

Seeing her rubbing that beautiful, gold fringed pussy and hearing her soft moans of pleasure was getting my dick so hard I was expecting the things to rip right off my body.

I could feel enough twinges of pain to know that I couldn't join her on the bed.

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Besides, I'd never watched her masturbate before; I never knew what a turn on it was. She was sliding her fingers along her slit.

She must have been really wet, there were little slurping sounds coming from her pussy. I slid my briefs down a bit and grabbed my cock. Maybe it was instinct; maybe I made a noise pulling down the briefs. She opened her eyes to see me standing there in a tee shirt, big erection in hand. She stopped playing with her pussy but kept her hand between her legs.

She stared over at my hard cock and grinned. "How long have you been standing there?" she asked I grinned back, "Just a few minutes." "Like what you see, big boy?" "Love it." "Want some?" "Can't. Not yet" Her face scrunched up in a cute way.

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She then smiled over at me in the doorway. She swung around on the bed so that her legs and pussy were facing me. She raised her knees and spread her legs. Her blonde pussy hairs were damp, her cunt lips were puffy. She began running her hand along her slit again as she watched me. My hard-on hadn't lost any off its stiffness, if anything; it probably gained some from this new view.

I began stroking along with her, my body trembling with excitement. She resumed her titty rub, her fingers slowly slid up and down her pink slit, gently flicking near her clit then moving down toward her cute butt.

I heard the pace of breathing get deeper and watched the pace penny and ava share a lucky cock her fingers increase.

I began jerking my cock a bit faster. Her hips were slowly writhing. Lust was in her eyes. She moaned with pleasure as she slipped two slim fingers into her wet, warm pussy. I gripped my cock tighter imagining her delicious warmth. Her palm was up against her clit as she started fucking her fingers, all the while watching me jerk off to the rhythm of her plunging fingers, a rhythm that was becoming faster with every labored breath.

Her ass was bouncing off the bed as she thrust her pussy toward me, her fingers becoming a blur, her breathing harsher, and her cries of pleasure louder. I braced myself against the doorframe as my strokes lengthened and quickened.

My hips wanted to thrust toward her but I knew I couldn't risk the pain. Cum was building in my balls; my pumping hand and the sound of our shared gasps and groans was pushing me over the edge.

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My wife's sweet, sweaty three some girl very hot sexdowload story grasped her fingers as her creamy blonde body began to quiver and spasm in orgasm. I grabbed the elastic of my briefs and held the cotton out in front of my cock, the fabric rubbing my balls. Orgasmic thunder rumbled through my body as I shot wad upon wad into the briefs. Fire erupted in my back and shoulders but I didn't give a damn about the pain.

The pleasure was still washing over me as I stumbled forward on to the bed, gasping for air, groaning in ecstasy and hurt. Though she was still breathing heavy, the wife came to my side. Her eyes now filled with concern. "Frank, you OK?" Blinking back tears as the pain slowed down to a dull roar, I tried to smile.

"Despite your attempt to kill me, I think I'll live." "Damn good thing!" she laughed, "I'd had having to explain your cummy underwear to the police. Thanks for trying to save the carpet. Maybe next time we'll try this lying down and with some tissues handy." I was grinning like the cat that caught the canary. The next few months might not be so boring after all. Amazing what a single spark can do.