Jeune beurette francaise se fait demonter comme une chienne

Jeune beurette francaise se fait demonter comme une chienne
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To the Reader. This is a revision of an earlier story. I am reviewing and reposting even more. ****************************************************************** "You lied to me you little cunt! You said 'anything' remember? You were so fucking desperate you promised to do anything so I would help you and now you're fucking backing out on your promise?

Fucking lying bitch!" "You're no better than those assholes!" I screamed, "We didn't call you just so you could be a rapist too! Fuck you Chad, get out of here!" He slammed the door to my room so hard it shook the walls, I heard him swearing as he stomped out of the house.

Even though my brother was awesomely mad at me and I did promise him anything to get me out of a jam, I couldn't do what he asked. No fucking way was I going to ask my best friend over so he and his three friends could gang bang us. That was way wrong, and not only was I not going to do it; I was shocked he would ask. He had come to our rescue. I was out with Shannon and we let ourselves get picked up by three really hot guys but our fun time quickly turned into a run through hell with those creeps chasing us.

We were really stupid when we let them take us to a house where they wanted to fuck us and when we refused they got mean. Shannon and I knew we were in deep trouble when the leader of the group started taking his pants off and telling his friends to hold me down so he could screw my mouth.

I threatened to bite off his balls if he tried but that didn't scare him. Shannon exploded like a cat on a dog and scratched long gouges in one guy's face then we managed to get out of the house and ran forever through some strange neighborhood until we were sure they couldn't find us.

We were lost and scared, our stuff was still at the house including our phones so we were double afraid they would find our addresses and chase us all the way home. We went into a 7-11 and asked the clerk to use his phone and he let us. I called my brother Chad, gave him the address then waited until he came.

He brought three of his friends and after he picked us up we managed to find the horror house again. We girls knocked on the door so them guys would open but only the boys went into the house then a few minutes later came back with our stuff.

Chad and Gene both naughty lesbians fill up their huge fannys with whipped cream and squirt it out bloody knuckles and we never saw them bastards again. But now my own brother was being a bastard; I fumed, I pouted, I cried. I couldn't believe my brother, who had always been my hero, asked me to let two of his friends fuck me while he and the other screwed my best friend. In the same fucking room!

I had never been so shocked, so disappointed, so let down in my life. As soon as my heart slowed down I called Shannon to rant about the evil crap my brother wanted. She listened to me without interruption for five minutes while I spat out my feelings and thoughts for my brother and his friends. When I was done she asked "Was this just him or do his friends know what he wants to do?" I couldn't answer her.

I assumed the gang of four were all in league but her question made me think. "I don't know, he didn't say anything about that.

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Why?" "Because Gene and your brother are both really hot and I wouldn't mind some time with them. If it has to be together then I guess I could do that but I don't wouldn't want them to be planning something.

If Gene or Chris and Roger know what Chad is trying I would stay away from them." I didn't understand "That doesn't make sense." "Yes it does, I don't want half the fucking campus thinking I would do a gang bang" said my best friend, "Think about it then ask Chad if Gene and the others know what he asked us." "Us?" "Us. Did you forget I was invited to the party too?" Goddamn her! I called her to rage about my nasty, evil brother and she turned it all around and even sounded like she would play in the game.

I put the phone down and listened to her words over and over like the repeat button on my CD player. Was she telling me she wanted to fuck two guys at once?

She could have done that with the creeps and I would have watched her be a slut, but I didn't want to be that way. Eventually I calmed down enough to breathe right again. By the time I saw Chad that night I was over my shock so I asked him "Did you tell your fucking buddies that me and Shannon aren't interested in your playtime?" He stopped still, turned to look at me "They don't know what we talked about; I wouldn't do that to you.

I thought it would be fun, and you might pay us back for saving your hot little ass but they don't know anything. That would be over the top to let them think you would do something like that with us before you said okay.

It would be an awesome surprise." A wave of relief washed through me, maybe my son-of-a-bitch brother wasn't a total asshole. "I told Shannon what you asked, you know what she said?" "You gonna tell me or do I have to guess?" "She said it might be fun, you and Gene and her." Chad's eyes flared with interest "And Chris and Roger?

Are you thinking about them?" Anger flashed in my gut as I spat back at him "I'm a virgin, you can't expect a virgin to flop down for two dicks at the same time." Chad smirked "To hear Jasper tell it you are about as pure as a Las Vegas whore." With that he left leaving me flabbergasted, at that exact moment Jasper became a footnote in my book of life.

For the next two weeks Chad's proposal ran through my head. I didn't want it too but the idea of a party with two girls and four guys lingered like a tantalizing scent. Shannon was no help, she hinted more than once she liked the idea and I caught her flirting openly with my brother. They were getting too friendly and I began to resent when she came over and paid more attention to him than me.

It was late Friday after I got home. Shannon and I were out with a couple of boys, they were cute and we let them make some passes at us but we kept our clothes on all night. My parents were in bed and I was looking for a late night nibble when Chad showed up. I lady home guard punishment fuck his boss him come into the kitchen and as he bent into the refrigerator for a soda my entire body suddenly went haywire.

"Chad," I whispered, he turned to look at me, "we're ready, me and Shannon." He stopped moving, staring into my face as if he didn't hear me right. I nudged him again "You guys and me and her, we can party." In that one sentence I committed myself and my best friend to an orgy.

His chest puffed with a deep breath "You two want to fuck us? Together? A total sex horny blonde likes her holes filled w ombfun vibrators huge squirts masturbation and squirting I glanced from his wide questioning eyes to his crotch and saw how my commitment had affected him.

I watched his cock become an erection; the bulge was long and thick. I'd had sex with four guys and none of them impressed me like the lump I was looking at. My knees went weak; my heart began to flutter rapidly as the heat in my loins increased. The most decadent thoughts in the world were raging in my mind which was by then soaked in hormones and flooded with sexy images. I was on a roll and I liked the feelings that tingled my nerve endings so I built his lust and my fires even more, the words rolled huskily off my tongue as I described, "Yeah, it was your fucking idea; four nice hard-ons, eight heavy hairy balls and two very sexy, hot naked girls side by side on a bed, their pussies dripping cum." I teased my lips with the tip of my tongue, "Think about it." I left my brother to ponder my words.

I couldn't sleep. My motors were running and I wasn't ready to give up the warm sexy feelings so I called Shannon. As soon as she answered sleepily I hit her with "Let's do it. I just told Chad we would fuck them!" My phone vibrated in my hand from Shannon's quick burst of words "You didn't!? You did!? You really want to do that?" "That's what I told him just a few minutes ago. He looked sexy even to me and I thought about you fucking him and I said we would do them all." "All?

We do all four?" "Course not, I won't let my brother but I will his friends, you can do all four. What do you think?" "Hmmm, you fucking bitch, I think I just got hot and wet, now I won't get any sleep." I said goodnight then snugged into my blanket to fantasize; the image of Chad's swift erection lingered in my mind's eye.

The boys that had screwed me were just that, boys on the verge of becoming men but my brother was already full grown, 6'1, man sized. I wondered if he was man sized in his underwear too.

It was late but I couldn't sleep, I had too much on my mind so I decided to talk to Chad. I crept from my room past our parents to his. A soft glow of light shown from under his door so I tapped lightly then opened it slowly and peeked in. My brother was sitting at his laptop in deep red thigh hugging briefs, he turned, "What is it?" I slipped into his room and eased the door shut, my head went dizzy, I felt light, almost like I was floating when the words came out of my mouth "I want to see your prick hard, stand up, show me." Chad stared at me uncomprehending for a few moments then slowly my words sank in.

He stood away from his desk and faced me while pushing the elastic band of his underwear off his hips. His briefs fell down his long muscular thighs to the floor where he kicked free of them. His cock hung slack over his big nuts; it looked longer limp than my boyfriends hard.

As I watched as it flexed and twitched then the skin that covered end of it started to shrink, my brother was getting an erection as I stared at it. I could only stand there; I couldn't pull my eyes away from his growing member. As it lengthened the head of it crowned ai himeno lovely japanese nurse get fucked in hospital the foreskin until the entire arrow shaped end of his hard-on was pointed at me, the shaft was thick and long, protruding from the thick forest of dark pubic hair.

While he transformed in front of me my body began to quiver, my knees turned to jello, my heart began to thud and I felt my face get hot. I tore my eyes from the erotic display to his face and saw what he was thinking so I told him "If me and Shannon party with you guys I'll be naked, maybe I should do that now so you won't act all stupid when the other guys are looking at me;" I paused to catch a quick breath then added, "or when they fuck me." My brother could only nod his head as his cock bobbed with a contraction.

I pulled my night gown off my shoulders and let it drop down my body to the floor, posing for Chad, inviting him to ogle me. His eyes locked onto my firm round breasts then drifted easily down my stomach to the junction of my legs. I put my fingers into the elastic band of my panties and pushed them down my asian babe plays with some sex toys until they could fall freely.

As I stepped out of my clothing my pussy was swelling, she was seeping, my heart was ready to explode from the force of his stare. I turned in a full circle for him, displaying my tight round ass, my firm 34D tits.

Chad looked up into my eyes and I saw pure animal lust bubbling in his, I picked up my shift and panties then fled from his eyes and my feelings.

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Back in the security of my bed my mind tumbled and buzzed. I was ready to fuck all three of his friends and if they had been there, I would have lined them up alphabetically and let them take turns all night. Maybe ten minutes after I left Chad's room my door eased open and he sneaked quietly through it. The latched clicked softly closed then my brother came across the room and sat on the bed, it wasn't totally dark so I could see that he was still naked and his prick looked half hard.

I was startled that he was there but then I reflected that I had just been naked in his room so this was probably okay too. "When do you want to do it?" he asked. My filthy mind caused me to spurt "I can't do this with you!" "No bitch, with Gene and them! When can we all get together? Friday night? Rogers parents will be gone for the weekend; we can go over there and fuck ourselves stupid all night and day." "I have to ask Shannon if she can get out that long." My brother smiled broadly in the dim light, "You better ask her if she can handle four guys that long." His ketrinakeep sex stories best bf xxx nettled me "Not fair," I pouted, "she can have all four of you, I only get three." Chad shrugged his shoulders and looked like he wanted to say something else.

I looked into his lap and saw that he had grown solid and long again while sitting next to me. I glanced back into his eyes and saw my peril; he stood up, pulled the blanket off my nude body then reached for my ankles. My brother pulled me around until my legs were hanging over the edge of the bed then he pushed my knees apart and stepped between them. I knew what he intended to do and my mind yelled for him to stop but the words never passed my lips.

Chad put the end of his cock against my crack, rubbed it up and down twice then pushed gently into the entrance of my body. I tried to tell him to get out, to stop fucking me but from the neck down I caved in and became a petite emma snow anal fuck by black man partner to the prick sliding in. My pussy quickly flooded with warm wet permission and in moments my hips were humping, my pelvis thrusting against his as he pummeled me.

Chad fucked me quietly; the only thing I could hear was the slip squish of him sliding in and out of my cunt, the rush of breath through my lungs. I was shocked that he could just stick it to me like that but what shocked me even more was how readily I accepted his long thick erection. The longer he huffed and puffed and screwed, the more turned on I got.

My legs were starting to jerk and rub on his thighs, my tits were tingling when Chad braced his feet then slammed into my pussy while his cock convulsed and spewed his load. My womb flooded with the hot viscous juices from his nuts while he shook and grunted softly.

When he was done twitching he stood still for a few moments then lifted his eyes to mine. He looked embarrassed; he looked like he wanted to escape. I put my hand on his ripped stomach and pushed him gently out. As soon as his cock slid from my cunt I could feel his discharge seeping down the crack of my body.

"Jesus Gayle, I don't know what happened---" he started. I sat up and put a hand over his mouth then whispered "Shh! They might hear." Chad moved back so I stood in front of him and pulled my hand from his face, "You fucked me" I stated the obvious. He hung his head again as if ashamed but I put my hands flat on his broad chest then kissed him in the middle of the small patch of dark curly chest hair. I reached for his still stiff cock and stroked it softly then breathed into his ear "Next time, wait until we are alone, then we can get all wild and noisy." I pushed him toward the door to leave.

I went to bed and spent the rest of the night thinking about what we had done. I had sex with my own brother and I liked it. It was the perfect quickie and the more I thought about it, the warmer I got, the more determined I became to do it again, I had to fight the urge to go get into his bed with him.

I finally had to masturbate to relieve the internal pressure, the building desire for Chad. When I sex xxx china story com done with the self-satisfaction, I still wasn't satisfied but I could sleep.

The next morning Chad came into the kitchen while I was sitting at the table with an orange juice. He looked at me searchingly then turned red again. I stared back at him, not giving him a hint of what I was thinking until he managed to stutter "I should have pulled out, I big boobs milf kendra lust gets smashed mean to take chances." If that was his only worry then I had the answer he needed "I should start in a couple of days, I'm okay." Then I had another thought, less encouraging, "I just remembered, if I'm on my period this weekend won't be good to party." Chad looked relieved and said, "We can wait, I won't tell them guys until it's a date, okay?" "Shannon will be disappointed." "Will she fuck me before that?" asked my brother.

"I don't know, she's a fucking bitch in heat most of the time, flop your dick at her, I don't think she'll run away." My brother looked down on me "And you?

When can I flop my dick at you again?" The question slammed me hard in the guts; my cunt swelled with instant heat "Where are mom and dad?" "I think they went golfing, I heard them leave." I made the offer "You can screw me right now if you can get it up." Chad put his glass on the table then started to open his pants "Get naked and lean over the table." The audacity of his demand, the way he expected me to obey should have pissed me off but it had just the opposite effect.

I stood from my chair and started pulling my clothes off. By the time my panties were piled over my skirt on the floor my pussy was swollen open, dilated and seeping; it took only seconds for my body to prepare for his ready erection. Leaving my blouse on I laid over the table and spread my legs, my tits mashed on the hard surface. Chad stepped behind me, held my ass cheeks in his hands then put the head of his cock into the center of my heated lust.

Feeling him push his long heavy muscle into me caused my stomach to shiver with small orgasmic contractions. I rested my head on the table while Chad fucked me, holding my hips so I couldn't get away from him. My ass was moving up and down, I could feel my butt cheeks bounce every time his stomach slapped against me.

My pussy was getting hotter and wetter, making each slide of his stiff prick in and out of me an erotic breath taking thrill, the faster he fucked me, the faster the thrills shivered through my body. I reached over my ass and held my finger tips against the shaft of his cock, it was a rock solid piston pounding through the lips of my pussy, Chad moaned when I touched him. As I lay over the table getting fucked heatedly I had a flash of guilt that it was my brother, that we shouldn't be having sex but it was only a momentary, random thought, quickly discarded, I liked what we were doing.

In fact I liked it so much I wanted more, I wanted to play with him, take our time, enjoy the physical contact, not just fuck until he busted his nuts; we'd already done that.

I pushed up from the table which caused Chad to pull out of me. I turned, grabbed his hand and pulled him from the kitchen through the house to his bedroom. Standing beside the bed I pulled my blouse over my head then said to him "Take the damn shirt off, I want to feel your chest on my tits." When he shed the shirt I wrapped my arms around him, pulled him tight and enjoyed the feel of his hard body from breasts to thighs.

His erection was bent up, trapped between us so I rocked my hips, rubbing my stomach against it. Chad shuddered and gripped my ass and pulled me closer. I humped against him for a few moments then reached between us and took him in my fingers then stepped away to look at the treasure I held.

The cock I was holding was bigger than both my hands; I held him in both fists and still the end of it was standing free, beckoning my attention. No fucking wonder it felt so good in my body, it filled me completely. I dropped to my knees in front of Chad and flickered the tip of my tongue against the crown of his cock.

His stomach rippled and he thrust through my hands, pressing the end of it against my lips. I held it up and kissed the underside of it then licked him from nuts to head. My brother sipped a deep breath then sighed it out when I opened my mouth and put the end of that monster on my tongue. My mouth was watering as I tasted the clear drops oozing from the end of his prick. With two bobs of my head I was eagerly giving my brother a blow job and he wasn't the only one enjoying it.

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I sucked, kissed and licked my brother's dick until I sensed he was ready to cum, I needed him to fuck me again so I reluctantly pulled off and stood. Chad pushed me to the bed where I fell back, my knees bent over the edge. He spread my legs then went to his knees as he put his mouth over my cunt. My older brother took me on a ride of new and wild sensations as he fucked me with his mouth. He suckled my clit, he probed between the lips of my sex, he licked my cunt and ass. Chad made love to me with his mouth until I was thrashing in ecstasy, gasping for air.

He put two fingers into me and hand fucked me, fingering my G spot until I thought I was going to explode.

I had two orgasms, the second stronger than the first and could feel the third and final boiling under increasing pressure. Chad pulled his fingers from me then stood between my legs and rammed his big beautiful erection into me again. He lifted my legs until they were straight up, my heels resting on his shoulders then he fucked me as if I were the only woman on earth.

It wasn't even another minute of bliss before that third sexy brunette gives a blowjob and gets cum on her ass of climaxes clawed from my womb and crippled me with heart stopping convulsions, as my body heaved I cried out explosions of rapture.

My brother stayed in my pussy until I collapsed limp to the bed then he slipped his cock out. He arranged my boneless body on the bed so he could sit over me. Chad rested his big ball sack between my tits then leaned up and put the end of his cock in my open mouth. I pulled it in with a hand then pressed my tongue against it as he started fucking my face.

His cannon was primed for a shot so it didn't take long before the head of his boner started pulsing.

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I felt the contractions start and bent my head back giving him a straight path down my throat. Chad's eyes slammed closed as the first pulse of cum gushed over my tongue and my throat flexed.

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I managed to swallow once but he came so fast and so much I couldn't keep his discharge from gushing from my lips.

It flowed around his plunging cock down my chin and over my neck. We were completely relaxed, side by side, both of us staring at his ceiling light, my breath was coming in fast deep gulps as my body slowly recovered from the intense, explosive sex. Chad rolled his head to me and said "I never fucked a girl so goddamn hot, sweet lord that was the best!" The praise made me shiver with delight, I was glad he enjoyed me as much as I did him.

I glanced down at his prick which was still long and thick, lying to the left over his nuts. "I thought I took care of that, it still looks loaded." Chad didn't say anything but he rolled up and over me again then put his semi-stiff cock against my cunt lips. He and I worked our hips and butts until it slid into me invigorating oral stimulation with wild adorable chick hardcore and blowjob half way then we stopped moving.

As I looked up into my brothers eyes I felt his cock getting thicker, the force of it growing inside me caused an avalanche of shivers in my thighs.

I humped my hips to encourage him then laid still as he started fucking me again. I didn't need to fuck him back, I didn't need to have another orgasm, I just wanted l him fill to me with cum. I splayed my legs as wide as I could then let my arousing oral sex and pecker riding hardcore and blowjob screw me. It took about ten minutes before he finished, I enjoyed watching his eyes roll up as rushes of hot semen and sperm soaked my womb.

I was hooked. Addicted. Hung up on what hung between my brother's legs. It only took those two times to become a sex toy for Chad and his prick.

Chad and I took a shower together where we fueled our new sibling relationship with taunts, hints, and petting. I could have screwed him again but we both had plans outside the house and agreed to put our next tryst on hold until after I quit bleeding. I didn't think about it then but waiting for my cycle to start then end was going to be the longest week I'd ever spent. Just before he left the house he asked me "Is it okay if I call Shannon and ask her to the movies or something?" "Why are you asking me?" "Because of what we just did, I don't want you to get all fucked up and weird because I screwed you then asked another girl out." I had to laugh at him "God Chad, I'm your sister, it's not like I want to marry your sorry ass.

We just had some fun and we'll do it again but if you want warm fuzzies and love, you better find a different girl, I'm only going to use you for sex." My older brother smiled then put a hand over my left tit and pressed it firmly as he kissed my lips, "you got nice tits."