Luck of the irish bbw banged by bbc redzilla p reality amateur

Luck of the irish bbw banged by bbc redzilla p reality amateur
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Lisa was walking home from school one sunny afternoon.

She was thinking about what colleges she was going to apply to. She was a tiny little thing, as most gymnasts are. Small frame and flat chest. She got made fun of a lot for having a flat chest, she tried to stuff but it was pretty clear it was fake. So it was no surprise to her when a car full of guys drove by her and yelled some less than polite comments about her chest and her sexual preference. She was a little fire cracker so of course she yelled back them.

She called them queers and told them they had tiny dicks. Just then the car screeched to a halt and backed up. They Jumped out and grabbed her and put her in the back seat between two of them. The held her tight so she couldn't move and they blared music so loud no one could hear her screams. She knew 3 of the boys but the one driving was someone new, he looked older. Jordan the only black boy that went to their school was holding exotic beauty with big tits on the beach on the right side.

Fin, just your average trouble maker that has had to have failed 5 times was to her left. And no big surprise there Grant Rogers the Mayor's own pride and joy son in the passenger seat. The guy driving was a pretty big muscle looking guy.

Why would he hang out with these losers? The next this she knew they were in a car garage, They pulled her out of the car and tied her wrists together and then her ankles and put a bit of tape over her mouth.

Then they carried her into the house and sat her on a couch. She was wondering what was going to happen but she was pretty sure she knew. She was so scared and she cried and cried.

They started playing music and video games and drinking. The driver came over to her and asked if she would be a good girl and not scream when he took the tape off.

She shook her head yes right away, since she had been crying she couldn't breath. He took the tape of and told her they were going to have a little talk.

He told her they were all going to have a really good time, that she would have a really good time. She knew now!

He told her she would not ever tell and she agreed,he made it sound like a threat. She could get raped and not tell right? This guy looked like a boxer he was huge and beefy he picked her and carried her over to the kitchen bar and laid petite girl likes to please a stiff pecker on it.He then took a knife from his pocket and began to cut her clothing off.

The other guys noticed this and started to circle around watching. They called the big guy Butch, probably a nick name.

Once all of her clothing was off she was scared. Butch told her to calm down and he started kissing her neck and rubbing her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples. This hurt her but it also turned her on, she could not help but to think Butch was really hot.

So were the other guys, that's what was so strange, they could date just about any girl they wanted to. But they chose her. Butch started rubbing his pointer finger over her pussy lips, her pussy betrayed her right away.

It opened right up, her lips spread apart and her rubbed her clit, she jerked like it was an electric shock. The boys came closer to watch this. Butch started to kiss her mouth and she kissed him back with force. She stated to buck her hip around and orgasmed and moans. Her pussy literally squirt juices 3 feet away. He asked her if she had been fucked before and she said yes. He told her she acted like it. Her cheeks wet red. He asked who had fucked her.

She toldin between kisses,about how her gymnastics coach helped her do special stretches and he has given her special massages for years now.

He asked if her parents knew. She said she thought so but as long as She is on her way to the Olympics they didn't care. He shoved his finger into her tight pussy, He asks, Does he have a big cock? She said no it's about the size of the finger he has in her. He starts fucking into her and rubbing her clit with his thumb. She goes spastic again and just about passes out, its like she's on drugs. Butch pulled out his finger and pulled her to the edge of the counter.

He licks her clit and sucked at her pussy she squirted again right in his mouth and he liked it. He said to the other guys, that this was going to be a lot better then fucking the prissy boys in prison, Then she got scared again. But her pussy was aching for more and she could do nothing but writhe on the counter while the guys talked. Butch cut the rope around her ankles and she knew he was going to fuck her, She wanted it to she sat on the edge of the counter grinding her pussy against it, dripping.

Butch took off his shirt, he was like Vin Diesel ripped. Then his pants, he wore no underwear and OMG WTF his cock was bigger then she had ever seen let alone fucked. He stood right infront of her and kissed her and rubbed her clit a little. Her put her arms over his head and pulled off the counter so she was hangin around his neck. Her little muscular body climbed his hold herself ot by putting her feet on his hip bones. She immediately felt the baseball head of his cock rubbing her clit, she thought she was holding herself further from it but it looks like it got bigger.

He started rocking his hips and made his cock rub her clit more. She couldn't help it she started to grind her pussy against it, she wanted inside so bad but it just wont go in.

He lets her try and put and grind on his cock for a while. Mean while the boys are more or less taking notes. All watching with great curiosity. She tried slamming her pussy down and the head popped in! Lisa thought right away what a big cock and what a big mistake because this hurts like hell.

She came again shaking and squirting cum all over. Her legs went limp so Butch held her by her hips not letting her cock go any further.

She stretch her arms and wrists since she wasn't hanging anymore, then she realized his cock was still in her. He kissed her hard before she could talk, his tongue in her mouth he started rocking her back and for moving his cock with her but not moving it in her.

She didn't seem to mind this so he started rocking his hips so a little more went in. Lisa moaned.

Then he just held still like stone and let go of her hips. She hung off his neck with her feet back on his hips again.

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Still as can be her told her to move! She started rocking a bit then she pushed and got another inch in her. She stared shaking around on him and then she fucked herself on the tip of his cock pretty fast she was wanting it bad. Bam!

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Butch grabbed her hips and slammed his whole 9 inch long coke can cock right into her. She Screamed and he stuck his tongue in her mouth. HE held still for a moment so she could get used to it. Then he would fuck her in little short strokes just barely pulling any out, the long slow stroke where he pulled almost all the way out. She screamed and moaned and dripped and squirted pussy juice he stopped and held still again and let her take over.

She fucked his cock so hard you could see it in her bellyshe liked having the whole thing in her it was something she had never let before. Butch told her he had to cum and she pulled him out of her. He let her down and she stood there being only 4 feet three cougars with dripping wet cunts take turns on guy s boner and him 6 feet bad sucked his cock an swallowed all of his cum.

When they were done he grabbed sun dress and told her to wear it home. He told her she better stay quiet. She agreed. The 3 boys took her to the car cut her wrists free and drove her back to where they picked her up.

Lisa got out of the car and no one said a word. The boys drove off and she walked home. Thinking the whole way there, that lesson for they boys was the best sex she ever had, and wondered if she could find Butch again?