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All sex stories german sex v
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Somali Pirates and Their Prey Chapter two: Prelude to The Rescue and Quest for Sparkling Riches! This is a continuing story A young English woman in her last year of college is recruited along with other young women into a clandestine naval intelligence program that promises technical challenges travel and adventure!

This part is about those than are about to be kidnapped! These new female Royal Navy Officers and there clandestine assignment as naval oceanographers, off the coast of Somali. Are with the blessings of the British government and the strife ridden always changing rag tag Somalian government, and war lords one that always seemed to be involved in a civil war.

This vessel was suppose to help restore their depleted ocean fishing grounds! It is of course a guise in order to rescue the well to do kidnapped mother and her two teenage daughters! The girls Louise Vanessa Sarah and Corky after their training and graduation have been flown to Nairobi in Kenya, to secret British base.

From their they were taken by helicopter out to the HMS Bulwark one of the Royal Navy's old lady and cute teen shower and toysex ships that had been cruising in the Arabian sea it has accommodated their small clandestine oceanographers vessel!

Because lusty angel piaff seduced man with her beauty was a hush, hush need to know operation, only a few in the Royal navy were aware of what was about to happen! With all of the things they were to take they had been told to include their dress uniforms something, that under the circumstances seemed a most unusual request? But, did as they were told, with their personal gear stowed along with provisions for several weeks, and in the middle of night the well deck of the Bulwark was flooded and with them aboard the craft was pushed off!

This small boat had ample room and would easily accommodate these four young women, they sodomized dakoda brookes xstorys com in international waters off the southern tip of Somali. Their MI5 intelligence officers from satellite images and GPS coordinates had a good idea just where the Vattendaul's expensive Yacht was anchored, and had briefed them about it, but were unsure as to where the kidnapped mother and daughters were being kept?

The kidnapped woman Lady Jane Vattendaul had married Loyd Vattendaul, known as Lord Vattendaul, and to many in the upper crust of British royalty, knew him as a very rich and powerful man, and because of this was able to do pretty much as he dam well pleased.

The marriage to Jane had been an arranged one, and she has become a kept woman used mostly for social appearances! He was nasty vocal overbearing pompous asshole, that few liked! How they had become the parents of two lovely teenage daughters was certainly a mystery?

The only thing that Lord Vattendaul loved more than money was diamonds, and in his desire to possess more, is what had led him to this area off the East African coast of Somali, and the lure of black market diamonds.

They, were some of the most expensive and sought after diamonds in the world, and were known as Moussaieff Reds! Supposedly they were ones that could be had for a bargain price! Or at least this was what he had been led to believe! The fact that it young luscious chick at the casting show illegal to own them or purchase them on the black market mattered little to a nasty conniving bastard of a man like Lord Vattendaul! His Yacht renamed as the Diamond Trader had set Lord Vattendaul back an obscene amount of pounds sterling!

After owning it for less than a year and with little experience in sailing one. Had set sail from England to South Africa over four months ago. With a new, seasoned English crew and Captain! On board was Lord Vattendaul his wife, and their two teenage daughters. Lord Vattendaul was a very difficult man to deal with, and thinks he knows everything about sailing a yacht like this, especially from England to the Southern coast of South Africa and into the Indian ocean! He has hired and fired several crews, over the last year, never satisfied with anyone that takes issue with his overbearing know it all rants!

The trip is fraught with argument dislike and innuendo, his daughters both horny little sluts have tried with little success to seduce members of the all business like British crew. It has ended in Cape Town with The Capt a former royal naval officer telling Lord Vattendaul to, and I quote.

"Piss Off" after which he and the crew has tendered their resignation!.This has left the expensive Yacht at anchor without a Capt or crew! His girls one barely 18 yrs old and the other 19 both blond that look like twins have had everything that money can buy, and are spoiled rotten! By coincidence the older is named Paris, and the younger Lindsay! They have spent little time with their mother and have had nanny's for most of their upbringing with most of their childhood in private schools.

Their father has bribed them both in order for them to take a trip like this, with the promise of new and expensive sports cars He wants this trip to appear as a family vacation so that few would be suspicious of his travels, and the real reason for it. The trip down was uneventful with stops in Lisbon, Camp Verde, and finally Cape Town on the tip of South Africa !

The exception of course has been a continual bickering argument, with the Capt and crew.But this problem, has now been terminated by their speedy and self imposed departure! Lord Vattenhaul has assumed that he, with his wealth money and power, can easily hire another crew! His Yacht requires at least a four man crew, and because he is a cheap bastard has quickly interviewed and hired an all black Captain and crew! One of questionable character, that is unsavory, and quite an unkempt looking bunch of louts!

He is satisfied though that they have the ability, and at least enough expertise to safely operate his Yacht? Besides, these men have agreed to crew this Yacht for a pittance! A fact he relishes, as he fancies himself as a shrewd business man by acquiring their services so cheaply! But unknown to him they have other sinister plans? His wife Lady Jane and two young daughters are blissfully unaware of the English Captain and crews untimely departure.

They after docking have hired a local tour guide named lwando, he is a young black male in his early 20s, is articulate and very knowledgeable especially about european women and the points of interest in South Africa!

But this is not the only reason he has been hired? The two young daughters are boy crazy and have almost thrown themselves at this young black man, as neither are virgins, and the thought of sex with this charming black male is quite appealing! Although Lindsay the youngest is more virgin like and only trying to be like her older slutty sister!Lwando is a most interesting young man is well educated and wise beyond his years, these young girls are not the first European women that have paid for his dark and most satisfying services!

He loves women his favorite are white women and especially those looking for sexual adventure, the older ones are most tempting, and is a young man that has accommodated more than a few!

The girls of which neither, in their all white snobbish school have any experience with men of color and view him as a new and most appealing piece of tasty chocolate like sex! They have had sisterly competition and rivalry with many white freshmen boys in their private school, and have tempted and humiliated several by easily leading them on?

By showing just enough of their shapely legs cleavage, and unblemished young bottoms! This has left these boys with the expectation of more than just some innocent hugs and kisses! They would pick an choose, only ones that appealed to their sibling and would sleep with anyone the other seemed to have more than a passing interest in!

They were known in their school as prick teasers, and slutty little rich bitches, a less than endearing term coined by more than one of the lucky or unlucky young men that pursued wooed or had bedded them! The two naughty teen babe goes solo for the camera have talked their mother into a trip to several of the sites around Cape Town.

Lwando had first taken them to the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront but the girls were bored with this and wanted to shop, a term that meant spending money, something they were both quite good at!

Their mother Lady Jane, had been for her husbands wealth, quite sheltered in the UK as a kept woman for years, and usually did not venture out much and was only surrounded be a small group of well meaning friends.

She was quite taken with this trip to South Africa and chance to spend time with her daughters she hardly knew? But was blissfully unaware or chose not to notice that her two young daughters at least the older one was a slut!

But both were shamelessly throwing themselves at this young black tour guide! They have been in Cape Town, buying all sorts of clothes and expensive souvenirs. Being aboard the Yacht that left in cool English weather, they have not been able to enjoy the beach ocean or sun bathe and have been hounding Lwando to take them to a local beach. But first they need suits and for them skimpy bikini's are exactly what they have in mind, in hopes of more than just his gentlemanly attention!

Lwando knew exactly where to go, especially for the type of swim suits the girls wanted! The place was called Lady Chatterley's Chamber of Lingerie swimwear. It was a small Boutique in Cape Town not far from the beach. The place was incredible and their mum Lady Jane was at first shocked and almost hesitant to go in? She at 41 yrs old had not worn a swimsuit since she was a young girl and the ones on display in the store were certainly like no other she had ever seen!

The girls though loved the place as it was perfect and the suits on display were exactly what they had in mind? The Boutique had several changing rooms and an area where husbands or male friends could wait so that when their women would change into, and try on different suits or lingerie they, then could step out and model these most interesting items for them.

After their mother's initial shock, and with her interest perked had started investigating many of these things she never knew existed! The shelves clothing racks and display area was full of the most alluring sinful sleep wear and bathing attire. suits and lingerie that left nothing to ones imagination! For the girls they had insisted that Lwando sit out front and give his opinion of the suit's as the girls picked out and tried them on!

It was a job he was well suited for and most willing to do! It was also one that turned out to be much more enjoyable than he could have ever imagined. The girls Paris and Lindsay had become bolder and bolder in their quest to interest, and hopefully seduce Lwando! By first trying on swim suits that showed more and more of their ample shapely young curves, each trying very hard to out do the other!

For this young black male it was very stimulating amusing and a wonderful experience, and to be part of, as he approved and disapproved of, one suit after the other!

In desperation one of the girls Paris the older, left the changing room door wide open so that this young man could see her totally naked! After knowingly doing so, she smiled at him quite provocatively as she turned to give him a better view, he returned the smile by giving her a nod, of approval! The girls had picked out almost identical suits, pervcity sheena shaw has a crush on amy brookess ass shavedpussy threesome bikinis but of different colors and when about to leave!

Had teased their mother asking. why she had not picked out or purchased a suit? Lady Jane blushing and protesting, had never given it any real though, about her, in a revealing swim suit. Then said, not thinking, that suits like these were only for young girls like, her daughters, and certainly not for an older discriminating women like her! But she was wrong, dreadfully wrong! Lady Jane Vattendaul was in many ways a 41 yr old virgin as she had not been bedded by her business oriented, money grubbing ass hole of a husband in over 20 yrs!

Even then it had not been an experience of intimate lovemaking she cared to remember? She had almost forgotten what sex was all about, and with her girls first pulling her into one of the rooms, and now encouraging her to first try this suit and then that one! She had recalled feelings of sinful sex, ones she had forgotten long ago ? The daughters were having fun at their mothers expense, they kept handing her swim wear that covered less and less of her mature full figured 41 yr old body!

Then with her shamelessly embarrassed and protesting had drug her out of the changing room, holding both of her arms helplessly to each side! Then had asked Lwando for his opinion, followed by the comment doesn't she just look smashing!.

Smashing, was an understatement as the last suit they had picked out was a bit more modest in covering more than the previous ones! But, was a flesh colored thing with a string around her neck and back that had matching laces on both hips, and perfectly matched her fair British sunless skin,one that left her feeling almost like a naked young lass!

For lwando the sight of Lady Jane Vattendaul in this tight flesh colored string laced swim suit, is one that has made a normally reserved modestly dressed, English woman, into one that once her clothes are removed, a picture that instantly becomes a most desirable and very sinfully appealing one!

For him after the girls doing their best to show off their young female charms, and seduce him, he has had no difficulty showing his interest? But to have this mature full figured fair skinned woman standing exposed almost nude in his presence, afreen khan all xxx story instantly brought his male member to full attention! For lady Jane being exposed like this, is fraught with a mixture of terrifying embarrassment, and a strange although satisfying warm feeling of sex!

To be standing in front of a young black stranger, one she had only met, and hired earlier in the day! One that was looking her over with more than just gentlemanly interest. as their eyes met she could not believe the incredible desire it had aroused in her, a most deep burning sexual one! Oh My! She thought this can't be happening as she quickly looked away? The girls have left their suits on, and have encourage their mother to do the same. She thinking her suit, as it covered much more of her as a two piece swim suit than the girls bikini's and thinking it more modest,but having no real idea of how she really looked, has agreed to do so by wearing a beach robe over it!

Paris the older with her mother taking care of their purchase's, has asked Lwando to take them to the closest beach. Then had pulled him over close and said in a very mischievous voice, take us to a nude beach!

For this young black male, it was not a problem and one that he had satisfied a number of times before with other female cruise ship tourists! Cape Town had several clothing optional beaches but the best, an the closest was Sandy Bay!

It did have its problems though, Sandy Bay was one of the most inaccessible beaches in Cape Town. But only a 30 minute cab drive from the Cape Town Boutique.

Lwando with Lady Jane's help has instructed the driver to take all of their purchases clothes and omegle 18 sex vijen 2019 back to their Yacht and has told the driver to be back to pick them up before dark! Lady Jane is surprised after the cab has left, as there seems to be no ocean or beach in sight? But Lwando quickly explains it is a secluded beach for a reason and that first time dating fucking storys needs to walk slutty harmony has her gaping asshole drilled blonde and small distance about 10 minutes or so to get from the parking bay to the water.

He further explains that during the seasons it is normally quite crowded. So, one would need to get there early! Nevertheless, after this short trek with the teen girls racing ahead of them, he being a gentleman is helping Lady Jane through the rocks shrubs and sand. Then after arriving at Sandy Bay they are rewarded by the incredible fine white sand and absolutely beautiful location.

This stretch of coastline is a place that affords just about everything one would want from the ocean to a sandy beach! In one direction, pristine, with few people almost no one, and the other people, lots of people mostly young and nude!

The great thing is that this part of the beach is well protected from the ever changing and very strong winds. Although this is a nude beach It is not necessarily to tan, and you can leave your bathing suit on, if you like that doesn't seem to bother anyone.

but most are nude and this is the reason one comes here, as very little swimming takes place do to the cold water of the South Atlantic. They Lwando and Lady Jane have first stopped not far from others, and the girls have both removed their tops much to their mothers chagrin and have been badgering Lwando to assist in applying tanning lotion, mostly to their naked breasts! Their mother who they have spent little time with, is almost in shock!

Then have started tugging at this young man to accompany them out onto the sandy beach, as he has shed his modest clothes and is also in bathing attire. He is hesitant, and does not wish to leave Lady Jane, who is now almost in shear panic alone unattended and dressed in almost nothing only the suit and a beach robe!. The girls feeling his reluctance have quickly tired of it and have both bounded off towards a group of young men playing ball along the surf!

Lady Jane's fair white skinned body, needs protection badly, but she is reluctant to ask, Lwando takes the lead, by encouraging her towards a more secluded area of sand and rock farther down the almost deserted beach?

Then helps her remove the robe, lays out a big beach mat ,and has her quickly laying down, so he can lavish her almost virgin like white full figured body, and protect her with lotion!

For Jane her thoughts and feelings have slowly changed and are no longer so lady like! To have a virile male, and the hands of him a young black one on her.

is so sinfully appealing! At first he is most gentlemanly as the sun lotion is carefully applied, her back first followed by her calves and lower thighs!

By chance her pubic mound has found its way directly over a small perfectly shaped rock under the beach mat and as she has squirmed around has accomplished two things! One, her lovely full figured bottom and buttocks has continued to become ever so more inviting as it jiggled around, and two, the small boulder is now directly against her labia lips and clit a place that has had no meaningful sexual attention for a very long time!

The feeling is wonderful and she, not realizing it has started to squeeze her upper thighs and pubic muscles, quite forceful and sinfully against it! Lwando is intrigued as it is a most erotic thing to watch a mature woman do?

He can see her body responding, and has started rubbing lotion on her shoulders. In order to do so has carefully undone the string top of her two piece flesh colored suit, she either has not noticed or makes no effort to resist what he has done!

They are in between two rock outcroppings that make where they are, almost invisible to most! But not all? Lwando has continued to enjoy himself by rubbing more lotion on, but this is just another way for him to explore intimate places that have had no male attention in years!

With her arms above her head it has allowed his hands to roam freely along her rib cage and around her breasts that are against the mat and pooched out to each side making it easy for his thoughtful touch! Lady Jane is almost helpless and barely trembling with anticipation, something she never never experienced before, as his hands continue to explore? Then is frozen and holding her breath as she feels the laces holding the bottoms of her swim suit. undone first one side followed by the.

other! She cannot believe the wanton feeling this has aroused in her genitals as the flesh colored suit is pulled down exposing dimples and a white almost virgin pair of buttocks?

Laying there she is unsure what to do or say, and is barely able to muster a most unconvincing word"No"! But again makes no effort to move or resist as the feelings for Jane now, no longer a lady, is unconsciously tightening her bottom and pubic muscles so perversely, and quite erotic by dry humping the hard rock like bulge in the sand under her apex, and this sensation has overcome any rational thought! But there is more, much more. Lwando now in complete control, and her body taunt with expectation is helpless to resist he explores more boldly!

His fingers long black fingers first start caressing along the inside of her upper thighs easily spreading them apart, and finally touching her pubic hair, along with the soft wet folds that are almost dripping with anticipation that are hidden beneath! For Jane it is so pleasurable she does not even realize at first that his lingers have found her most swollen and stimulated clitoris! Just as she realizes what he has done, his fingers expertly touch then twist this most sensitive orb that is connected to sexual nerve ends that have never been zapped like this!

Then with no resistance or control left what so ever her body instantly gives up an incredible orgasm, the likes of which she has never known! She is shocked spent and trembling after experiencing a most incredible sexual release at the hands of this young black stranger and just lays there helplessly as he continues to pleasure and explore! She making the noise of a woman who is being helplessly, but pleasurably abused!

Several more uncontrolled mind blowing orgasms are to follow until she is softly blubbering and begging him to stop, then begging him not to stop! Leaving her unable to move and helplessly inert! He has just let her lay there on the mat, for what seems like an a lucky mumbling man gets to fuck his hot wife hard pornstars and hardcore. with the warm pleasurable afterglow of incredible sexual release fading, then has easily rolled her over!

She, now totally helpless is even more shapely and unable to move let alone cover herself! For Lwando this is exactly how he wants her, and takes full advantage.

from in between her soft thighs by first grabbing her hands and holding them out to each side! Then has leaned forward laying on her, as the soft white flesh of her breasts touch his firm black chest! Her eyes are wide in fright with his head is next to hers! He can smell her female ambiance and feel her naked body trembling beneath his, as his lips caress the tender white skin between her neck hot cuban gets pounded by pawnshop owner shoulder!

She can feel his manliness pressing on her most ready female apex! He is still wearing his swim suit, but there is no doubt as to what it is, that is that is pressing against her! Lady Jane is holding her breath and dares not move as his lips have found hers and a quick intimate kiss follows, and before she can say or do anything have descend to her breasts! He tries to smother himself in between her softness with his nose in her cleavage, followed by tenderly biting each of her perked mature swollen nipples!

But his travels continue down, and slowly down to her naval as his tongue encircles this most sensitive part of her nerve endings! Jane as sensations shoot through her body, is no longer able to restrain herself and tries to pull free of his grasp. as another meaningless and unconvincing word of no, escapes her lips! But Lwando is not one to be denied as his lips skim across that flat area of bare skin between her naval, and the almost virgin golden brown pubic hair! His hands release hers and have quickly and expertly taken a firm hold on her naked buttocks!

At the same time his loving black lips on hers only moments ago have found what they are looking for. beneath the wet pubic hair! For Lady Jane this is a new and very exciting experience as no one has ever done anything like this to her before something so sinful or perverse!

The sexual release she experienced earlier will be nothing compared to the next ones? As his lips touch her lower ones and his tongue enters the wet labia folds, she is shall we say had! Her response is to naturally place her hands on his head. First trying to push him away, and then trying pull him deeper make daddy cum first time dukke the philanthropist her tender treasure! It is a battle she will surely loose and one she will be most willing to surrender, as he most expertly allows his tongue and lips to play.

pleasure and sinfully abuse this most intimate neglected place!. Lovely hairy brunettes lick and rub each other then endures the first of several more mind blowing toe curling orgasm's and as she does so, lets out a most sinful scream of incredible female sexual pleasure!

This, even with the noisy surf and wind has brought the attention of others, but for her, and for him this matters little? Lady Jane and many women like her, those that have never experienced oral sex preformed on them and the incredible pleasurable results of it. Especially by an accomplished male like Lwando, one that is so good at it! Have in the past turned women like her into insatiable nymphomaniacs and for her this was fast becoming the case as he has not stopped nor has he even slowed down!

She has experienced more sex in one afternoon that most women do in a lifetime but not just the sex, as it is the kind that is also remembered for a life time! The noise she has made has brought onlookers several couples ones that know the sound of a woman enjoying pleasurable sex! They are all impressed at the remarkable sexual interlude that has transpired in broad daylight, and now in front of their very eyes!

Lwando with little concern about what has happened or who is watching has left her lay there with her eyes closed withering in sexual bliss for the moment as others watch! Then has taken one of her hands and with the other a firm grip on her glistening pubic haired muff and has easily lifted her up onto her feet home sleep mom chin xxx in doing so.

has left her flesh colored suit laying on the mat! This is followed by pulling her helplessly through several couples that have been watching, and out onto the white sand of the beach toward the bigger crowd of people, with her Lady Jane stark ass naked! She on shaky legs still overcome with sexual pleasure can hardly stand or speak let alone resist as he is able to, by holding her hands behind her back push her into the middle of a group of young black males then releases her!

Then has repeated her daughters words, isn't she just smashing?! At about the same time her two daughters now completely naked have noticed their mother also naked, and Lwando who is also no longer wearing a swim suit, Paris and Lindsay are now very interested in his black male attribute, one they have now seen for the first time.that is firm and wagging about, and also a most beautifully shaped and a perfect specimen of a big black dick! For Lady Jane she recovering somewhat from her sexual encounter is horribly embarrassed!

This has turned her fair white skin a dark pink as these young lads, are all smiles at her obvious naked humiliating discomfort!

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She tries to cover herself with her hands and is unable to cover both her big full figured breasts and damp pubic area with just two hands! She is flush sexually excited and naively unsure as these young men look her over, they make lude crude sexual suggestions and comments about her naked helpless beauty followed by boldly saying what they would do to her!

Lady Jane has never had anyone look at her like this, especially a group of young black men all naked and all with their young black "Cocks" no longer limp! At first she wonders why. and then with the heart kinky babe fingers herself on the floor realization begins to understand that it is her that has stimulated their interest!

For the several minutes this takes to sink in, the shade of her skin has slowly changed from pink to crimson, as the full impact finally dawns on her, what she has caused! The realization for a woman that has never been pursed by men let alone young black men, and by only her nakedness, is heady one! After returning from the beach to the yacht she nor her daughters have paid little attention to the new crew members, that is at first?

That evening after a brief conversation with Lady Jane, Lord Vattendaul an idiot has not even noticed she is wearing only a beach robe.

He explaining the crew change, and her that she has not only hired, but asked Lwando to accompany them to to Durban. Sunny leone porn in family which Lord Vattendaul now satisfied with the crew and arrangements is off to Johannesburg to pursue his questionable contacts!

The ones that have brought him to Africa looking for the diamond deal of a lifetime! He pays little attention to Lwando this young black tour guide and has no problem with the fact his wife has hired him?

Only saying he will meet them several days from now in Durban. Lwando has brought only a few of his things, Lady Jane who is now more interested than ever in sharing his company for the next several days, has assured him that he will need nothing?

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He after hearing about the crew and seeing these men is concerned for Lady Jane and her young daughters welfare! But, for the girls who are horny as hell should not have worried at all, after what has happened on the beach, they are naively stupid as to who these men are, and what their real intentions might be, only viewing them as possible prospects for sex?

The girls after an evening meal have retired to their cabins after a little more than just flirting with several of the new black crew members! This has left Lady Jane an Lwando by themselves as the sun sets, and the Yacht casts off setting sail for Durbin! Now with them alone Lady Jane is finally able to have a most interesting conversation with Lwando.

It is about his past as a young black male in South Africa, and it is not a pleasant one, this and his business as a tour guide is of interest. She is shocked to discover that a guide is not the only part of his business! He is honest and explicit in telling her he service's European women!

Mostly white ones, and that they seek him out for submissive sexual encounters and that most of these women want to be treated harshly and trained as a submissive sex slave by a young black dominating male like him!

It is his reputation that interests them? Under normal circumstances she a Lady of status, and social position would never dream of asking questions like this? But after the incredible sexual experience that has occurred earlier on the beach, and the fact that she has enjoyed a new awakening of her intimate sexual needs. It is like a drug, that once having it, a woman like her needs even more!

Since her husband is gone, not that it would have made little difference, and she knows none of the new crew members? Has invited Lwando to her personal cabin as her and her husband have separate ones! He is not surprised at all by her request, and has even expected it! As he leaves his cabin later that evening, and passes the girls, and can hear, Paris and Lindsay as they prefer sharing a cabin together, talking of sinful sex with one or more of the new crew members!

Lwando knowingly smiles to himself! These slutty young women might just find out that these rough looking black men can provide more, much more than either of them has bargained for luscious hotties share one eyed monster at the casting hardcore and blowjob just sinful sex?!

He has knocked on her cabin and is invited in by Lady Jane! Her cabin is well appointed and has every luxury one could imagine, but this is of little interest! It is Jane that is is focus, and one that will leave her no longer a lady! Lady Jane after inviting him in has greeted him with a most loving kiss! The fact that she is stark ass naked is not lost on Lwando who is only wearing his swim trunks. He makes no attempt to return the favor as he wants to see just how far she will go!

But for him it is difficult to do as the thought is one thing, but to have a woman like her naked with her arms around his neck and her shapely fair skinned breasts and body rubbing on his, is difficult to resist!

Her lips are next to his ear as she barely able to speak whispers, please make me your love slave, teach me how to enjoy the most perverted and submissive sex, like you do with other european women I want to to learn, to experience what other women want, and what I have been missing my whole life!.

Then as she playfully bites him on the ear says, I will pay you and pay you well! For Lwando it is not the money as he would do what this woman wants for nothing!

But he is in business and this is his business, besides he has parents that need his help along with a younger brother and sisters that also count on him, to help their struggling family and survive in the hard current South African times. So being paid and paid well is not a problem especially taking money from what would be a slime like Lord Vattendaul a man that with his money would never miss! He tries not to respond to her naked loving kiss, but cannot resist or help himself as he grabs her with force, pulls her to him and passionately kisses her with lust that has been stored up all day!

For Jane it is every thing she had imagined and more, as her breath is taken away! Then roughly forces her onto the sheets of the gigantic bed and holds her down tightly as his job and the reason women like her come to him, returns? So you want to be a love slave one that is used for just one thing and one thing only!

Sex, harsh brutal perverted and abusive sex, are you sure this is what you want? Lady Jane now not sure of the request she has made and his abrupt forcefulness, stammers and then quite convincingly says yes, oh, ONG! Please do what ever you want make me a sex slave I will do anything and everything you want as she kisses him most passionately! Good! On your knees, you will always be naked and on your knees in my presence with your hands behind you back, and will do exactly what you are told!

Do you understand, well do you? . Lady J not sure what to say with him on top of her hesitantly blurts out the word yes! Lwando is not convinced, has first pushed her off the bed and then has forcefully turned her over onto his knees and with her beautiful bare bottom sinfully wiggling about and so inviting!

And holding her hands behind her back, has given her ass cheeks several brutally hard stinging whacks that has not only brought tears to her eyes, but has quickly brought the words yes, that are now much more convincing from her lips!

Lwando now knows she will do anything and what ever he tells her to! Then abruptly pushes her off onto her knees, and at the same time stands up shedding his swim trunks! Your first job as a sex slave is to pleasure me, to get my dick hard so that it can be used to pleasure and abuse you, do you understand? You must also keep your hands behind your back at all times, if not you will be harshly disciplined ,or have them cuffed behind you!

Do you understand? Jane now naked and on her knees with her hands clinched tightly behind her back is almost terrified sexy bianca breeze and horny april oneil enjoy in raw lesbian sex the sight of this black thing that is fast becoming hard, but is mesmerized by the bluish purple plum head shape and the way it turns up it is so inviting and yet sinister as she realizes what it can be used for?

He lets her take the time to fully appreciate the size and shape and pushes it down from its xxx hot chut and big tits hard and erect position directly in front of her very wide eyes! Then says well? Jane not sure what to say or do at first trying to comply timidly sticks her tongue out and licks the underside of this magnificent penis head. Then trying to do what she thinks he wants sweetly kisses all around the swollen head!

Lady Jane never having any idea of how, much less what to do, has ever done anything like this,and is unsure? Not knowing quite what is required opens her mouth wide and takes the head past her lips. But can barely get it in her mouth as she starts to suck on it! She can feel it pulsing with his heart beat, beats that match hers. Then with no warning what so ever Lwando lifts up on his toes, and at the same time with one hand grabs a handful of her hair, and pushes his hard meat down at the perfect angle, and holding her head tightly plunges this beautiful up turned shaped,blue black cock down deeply into her older virgin and now cock sucking throat!

Lady Jane groans in shock as her ability to breathe is quickly compromised, at the same time her hands that have been obediently behind her back, quickly come up and try to push him away! But he is rock solid unwavering and firmly stands his ground as she tries with all her might to gain some relief!

Lwando is only using one of many technique's he uses to train a women like her, Jane's eyes begin to water and become larger in uncertain fright! He senses her discomfort and inability to breathe, but holds her there till the last minute purposely trying to make a point, as she starts to turn blue, he slowly with her even more terrified withdraws his.

black white woman wrecking, cock! Jane with her lungs burning and now gasping for air is unable to speak as he tells her to again keep her hands behind her back! She is hesitant at first as her hands are undecided, but after little thought they are quickly clinched tightly behind her back! Good my pet a reference to a she female sex slave as you will become a wild sexual animal and will only want for sex like a human animal in heat!

Now suck on it give me, your slave master an orgasm, and sexual relief like no other? This is only a challenge for lady Jane as he knows he can hold back as long as he likes? He is doing so just to see how much and how hard she will try and work for it! As it is the first step it training a willing submissive white female sex slave! She trying her best has worked at it for all she is worthand is scared to death as she has not brought him off, wondering what he might do to her?

But again it is only the first part of her training as he purposely resists! From this point on it is one wild sex orgy as he fucks her in one compromising position after another, bottom up, on her knees, legs split apart, against the wall and on the bed, and floor in just about every conceivable way a woman can be fucked!

Lady Jane is beside herself after her first dreadful almost strangling deep throat gagging, for her it is now one orgasm after another she just cannot phantom let alone believe that harsh stimulating prolonged sex like this exists. but it does! He has left her a most well used limp and helpless cum filled woman!

One that is now addicted to a forceful black cock and one that will do almost anything to get it again. This is what has happened to lady Jane on the first evening as the Yacht cruise's effortlessly towards Durban! Late the next morning after breakfast, it is all, a well used woman like Lady Jane can do to keep from asking questions? Lwando makes no effort at all, to even acknowledge what has happened the night before only saying that the exact same will occur again this evening! Jane is beside herself in anticipation, wanting to get started early as this will be their last night together before docking in Durban!

This evening is as he has said, a repeat of last night only a bit more forceful and demanding as she spends teens like it big young blonde nicole aniston needs a big cock brazzers more time on her knees! Lady Jane no longer a lady with her on her knees is a position she seems to enjoy more and more, as a submissive white woman one that seems to want even more harsher sexual degrading treatment from a young black male!

He knows the crew are of questionable character and has left the door wide open to lady Jane's well appointed state room, it is one that opens out onto the upper deck knowing full well that one or several of the new black unsavory male crew will pass by during the evening! The whole purpose of this is to humiliate her in front of these rough uncaring crew men those that would with little regard abuse use kidnap rape and sell her to the highest bidder as a sex slave!

He has purposely done this, close to the open door, and is not disappointed when several of the crew stop to watch this elegant naked full figured white lady on her knees with a big hard black cock down her throat! This allows himself to release his pent up ejaculated sperm, with is dick in her mouth he slowly turns her so that she can see these men watching, and says swallow!.

At first she is not sure what to do, as he pulls free leaving her gasping and trying to swallow from the warm sex driven liquid, then lets that last vestige of stringy cum hit her square in the face, this is followed by the white goo dripping down her cheeks and onto her large naked breasts that are jiggling obscenely as she tries to choke the sperm'y cum down! The men are enjoying her humiliation with sadistic smiles, but for Jane the naked humiliation in front of these dark men is strangely sexually arousing?

Oh! My! As she fully realizes that she is fast becoming a slave slut for abusive humiliating black cock sex,especially now that she is totally naked and helplessly on her knees in front of others!. The Yacht has docked early the next morning in Durban, and Lord Vattendaul has arrived soon after. He is anxious to depart as his questionable contacts in Johannesburg have led him to believe that the Moussaieff Reds, these incredible diamonds he is seeking are in Somalia, and can with his money, and little effort belong to him!

He is in a hurry to leave and pursue this appealing chance to be the proud owner of these magnificent gems! Lwando has been invited to accompany them, but has declined. His business as a tour guide, and its other benefits need his attention as several other European women in need, have booked him and are to arrive shortly to avail themselves of his most degrading and intimate services.

This along with his family in Johannesburg also require his time and attention! Lady Jane although disappointed has paid him well for his services, and he has suggested to her, and Lord Vattendaul that this Captain and crew he has hired are a questionable lot and are not to be trusted! Especially with their safety as they travel into Somalia waters, and that with them as their crew, might not be such a good idea!

Lord Vattendaul scoffs at this young black mans audacity to question his business and hiring practices, and forcefully suggests he leave immediately! Thus julli ann mom xxx move this most interesting relationship with Lwando and Lady Vattendaul!

With fuel and provisions loaded aboard. The expensive Yacht, Diamond Trader casts off from Durban harbor past the break water and out to open sea!.What awaits them is not at all what mature wife with big black dick creampie of them expect?

With stops at Lumbo in Mozambique and Mombasa in Kenya. The girls have found by lounging on deck wearing as little as possible usually just their bikini bottoms in front of the black male crew members trying to entice them into more than just lustful looks is a fun way of satisfying their need for sexual adventure!

But tempting these men they will find out will not be such a good idea! Their father Lord Vattendaul occupies his time in his luxurious cabin and is overcome with the thought of these diamonds, that will soon be in his personal possession! Lady Jane Vattendaul after Lwando introducing her into the long tastical in small girl world of submissive sex and now with the most unquenchable desire to be naked and submissively on her knees to a black dominating man!

Seems to have no other choice but to proposition the Captain, one she so far has had little to do with ? But her burning desire for sex as a submissive overshadows any rational or reasonable thought! She has gone up to the wheel house stark ass naked wearing only a thin robe late in the evening!

He this Captain is a sexual sadist and is amused by her naive and clumsy attempt to satisfy her sexual needs! He is a cunning ruthless man that satisfy's himself by first ripping off her robe and gagging her with parts of it and placing a large piece of black tape over her mouth so her screams will not be heard! He has slapped her around hard and has sadistically started to abuse first her nipples pulling and twisting them harshly then her cunt lips and finally her clitoris!

Mean black calloused fingers painfully abuse this swollen and most sensitive sexual treasure! Then with Lord Vattendaul on his way up to the wheel house has roughly pulled the tape off of her lips and ordered her down onto her knees under his desk as a naked willing, or unwilling slut telling her to suck!

A conversation with Lord Vattendaul proceeds about the yachts progress and wonders why the captain has this most peculiar look on his face? But the look is from Lady Jane, under the wheel house desk dutifully sucking on the captain's black cock. And her husband having no idea she is under the desk deep throating the devious captain! After her husband has left it is both humiliating and sexually exciting for her The rougher and more abusive he is to her, the more this seems to sexually satisfy herself from this perverse humiliating abusive treatment!

Finally after three days of off and on sexually abusive treatment for Jane and her dumb ass husband having no idea! They are anchored off the Southern coast of Somalia near Mogadisu, in international waters not far from the shipping lanes! The Captain has already made contact with Cabbas as he has been Lord Vattendauls unknowing contact and not at all the one he expects!

To be continued in chapter three.