Teen amateur gets cum pornstars and reality

Teen amateur gets cum pornstars and reality
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Fbailey story number 336 Super Bowl Sunday Here in America on Sunday, February 1, 2009 Super Bowl XLIII (43) took place. Our version of football is quite different from that of the rest of the world. In soccer you don't need a helmet and pads for protection and the other team isn't trying to drive your body into the ground. This year the two teams were the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.

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To make a long story short Pittsburgh won. Now for what really happened… My five best friends and I played football together in high school. That was over thirty years ago. We have spent every Super Bowl Sunday for all of those years together with our wives. My basement has been turned into a sports arena. I have a big plasma television screen, surround sound, and several other smaller screens positioned as needed.

I have a fully stocked bar, a fridge just for beer, and a buffet table full of goodies. At first our wives were 'forced' to endure game day. After a few years they started to look forward they love art and threesome sex it too.

They made their own cheerleader leader costumes. They copied them from the old Pittsburgh Steelers Cheerleader's uniforms. There was a black turtleneck sweater with a gold jumper and gold panties. The Pittsburgh Steelers no longer have official cheerleaders. The Steelers had cheerleaders called the Steeleretts from 1961-1970.

We now have our very own six-member team of the Steeleretts. Our wives really get into it too. They exercise, they make up cheers, they chant, and they make some very interesting moves.

Their six-girl pyramid is great but it doesn't work out too well down in the basement. The ceiling is too low however the girl on top can kneel.

We like the view from the back best. So anyway we ate and drank form about noon on, we watched the pre-game show, and then the game began.

It wasn't going well for us. It looked like Arizona was going to pull ahead. On a first-and-goal play from the Steelers' two-yard line with only eighteen seconds left in the first half, Warner threw a short pass over the middle intended for Anquan Boldin but instead James Harrison intercepted the ball and ran a hundred yards into the end zone making the longest return in Super Bowl history.

The score was 17-7 and we went wild. We had witnessed history being made.

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I grabbed my wife lifting her up off the floor, she wrapped her long legs around me, and we kissed like we did when we were teenagers. My hands were on her ass holding her up, my fingers slipped underneath her cheerleader panties, and into her sopping wet hole.

She was as excited as I had ever seen her. At fifty she was still incredibly beautiful and I couldn't keep my lucky guy fucks latina girl with amazing ass and body on webcam off from her.

My wife shouted out, "Take me! That play deserves a real celebration." I simply lowered her to the floor where she removed her cheerleader panties and opened up for me. I dropped my pants and underwear in one fluid motion and then I dropped down onto her. She shouted out, her legs went straight up into the air, and my cock sank deeply into her hungry pussy. I was grunting, she was shouting out, and we climaxed together exhausted in our efforts. As I regained my composure and looked around we were not the only ones that had celebrated with sex, we all had.

Afterwards I hung my wife's panties on the ceiling fan. The other five panties wound up there too. Then just into the third quarter Harrison intercepted another pass. The score was 20-7 with Pittsburgh having a thirteen-point lead. Soon the score was changing it was 20-14, 20-16, and then it was 20-23. Arizona had managed to pull ahead. With just two and a half minutes left to go in the game we were devastated. Santonio Holmes let the ball slip through his fingers in the left corner of the field, time was running out.

Then Santonio Holmes went to the right corner. Ben Roethlisberger lofted the ball toward him, over the hands of not one, not two, but three Arizona defenders. Holmes leaped into the air to get it and made a brilliant catch with thirty-five seconds left to give the Pittsburgh Steelers their record sixth Super Bowl title, a 27-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. We knew that we had just witnessed the greatest delicious sandra is a sucker for anal ever.

Instead of watching the post-game show we had a show of our own. Our wives cheer-stripped for us, then naked put on a victory show for us that was out of this world. My wife then stood up and said, "Pittsburgh won their sixth Super Bowl, there are six of us girls, and so far you have only fucked your wife.

Get busy boys or you're not leaving here." We had often imagined such a scenario but none of us ever really thought that it would happen. I gave my wife a hug and a kiss before I grabbed Jill and carried her over behind the bar.

I didn't need to show everyone how much I wanted her and I didn't need to see who was fucking my wife either. Jill just smiled up at me as I grabbed a pony bottle of Rolling Rock beer, shook it, and thrust the foaming neck into her used pussy. It was a warm beer douche. I wanted to eat her pussy but I didn't want to eat her husband's cum in the process.

She giggled, said that it tickled, and then she grabbed a few bar rags to clean up the puddle under her ass. Meanwhile I fucked her with that small beer bottle and got the whole neck and half of the bottle itself into her. She seemed to like that beer bottle dildo and I sure liked fucking her with it. I put the bottle in a corner of the bar where I could find it later and keep it.

Then I buried my face in her crotch and did everything that I had always wanted to do to her. I kissed her pussy lips, I kissed her clit, and I tried to put the tip of my tongue into her little pee hole. She held her knees up to her chest to help me out. I licked her from her asshole to her clit several times before I tried to get my tongue in her ass.

She cooed, she squirmed, and then she begged me to stick it in her. I had a dilemma, I had wanted to fuck her for years and now I had my chance, but I really wanted to stick my cock in her ass. Would she let me? All I could do was ask. The answer was, "Stick it anywhere you want to as long as you stick it in me." I knew that I loved this woman for a reason. I positioned myself, she cooperated, and I popped the head inside of her sphincter muscle. She had me hold still for a moment so that she could get used to the intrusion.

She roundass hottie pounded big tits big butt that she was an anal virgin but that she had wanted me for so long that she would do anything that I wanted. I slipped my cock into her ass and my tongue into her mouth.

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As I butt fucked Jill I said, "I've always loved you. I don't want this to be a once in a lifetime thing." Jill replied, "I've always loved you too but you were already married when I met you. You can make love to me anytime that you want too as long as our spouses don't find out." I asked, "Do you mind if I fuck the other Steeleretts?" Jill replied, "Not as long as you don't mind the guys all fucking me." I kissed her again and said, "They can fuck you as long I get to make love to you." Jill said, "My ass will always be yours.

I can promise you that. Leave me a big gob of cum to remember you by." That was perfect because I was about to do just that.

I thrust up into her rectum, I fired gob after gob of cum into her, and she thanked me for becoming her lover. We kissed passionately and then Jill dared me to stick my dirty cock in my wife's mouth. I smiled and dared her to get into a sixty-nine and stick her pussy in my wife's face. That brought on her orgasm, her very first pramugari ngentot d dalem pesawat terbang induced orgasm. As we came out from behind the bar the others were recovering.

I walked over to my wife and stuck my cock in her face. She smelled it, looked at Jill, and then sucked it into her mouth. When I was hard, I walked over to Sharon and took her over in front of the bar and together we watched Jill sit on my wife's face. Sharon just let me open her legs and stick my cock into her as she watched the girl on girl action. Fucking Sharon was no where near as nice as fucking Jill or my wife.

She just lay there and let me do my thing. She didn't squirm around, she didn't thrust back at me, and she didn't have an orgasm either. When I pulled out Sharon put her hands down to her pussy and played with her own clit as she watched my wife and Jill go at it. Sharon had lesbian tendencies!

When slim hottie fucks pov in public outdoor girls were done I told Sharon to get on Jill and do the same thing. As Sharon and Jill were going at it I put my cock back in my wife's face. She smelled it, looked at Sharon, and smiled at me before sucking on it. When I was hard again she whispered, "I'd like to taste all of the girls if you don't mind.

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Maybe Jill will join us some time, we girls can sixty-nine, and you can butt fuck her inches from my nose." I smiled and gave her a big kiss before heading on to another wife. It was all that I could do to fuck the six women that night but with my wife's help and those thoughts of Jill in a threesome I managed to do it. The other guys only made it to three, four, or five wives but they couldn't go any further.

My wife tasted each girl on my cock and in person when I encouraged her to eat them out. For years my wife and I had often talked about making love to the other women in our group but that night all of our fantasies came true. Well not quite all of them but they did over the months that followed. My wife got each woman to join us in bed for a threesome. Jill was invited for a threesome with us once a week. She was also invited over just to have sex with me a couple more times a week.

I got to make love to all three of Jill's holes every week. Because of Jill my wife now lets me butt fuck her occasionally. My wife makes booty calls to my five friends about once a month so no one can get jealous of me fucking their wives. Jill is certainly my favorite so my wife entertains her husband most often so that Jill can be with me. I can hardly wait until Dark haired chick takes cock from behind in bedroom Bowl XLIV (44).

We are planning on the Super Orgy taking place that Friday and Saturday so that we can watch the Super Bowl without too much sexual interference on Sunday. Good luck with that.

+++++ NOTE: One billion people in the World watched the Super Bowl. 232 countries and territories broadcast the Super Bowl in 34 languages. Our American football can give soccer a run for its money any day. The End Super Bowl Sunday 336