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Kannada actor pavitra lokesh very hot movie images
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RAISING PETER, Chapter Two (First time for Peter) ************************************************************************************************************* This a total work of fiction.

The story includes incest bi-sexual and group sex among other things. If you are offended with these subjects, this is not the story for beautiful blonde pounded hard on the couch. If you're reading just to make smart remarks about the errors in the story, save your time, they are there.

I just do the best I can and try to improve in each story. To those who have given constructive criticism, thank you for your advice. ************************************************************************************************************* After I got off the phone with Mrs. Molly I started walking back to my house. As I got close I saw Susan standing on her front steps. She waved at me and motioned for me to come over to her house. She told me she had called and talked with Mom and she said it would be okay for me to go with James, Kay and her shopping for school clothes and supplies.

Susan told Mom she was planning to leave early in the morning and would like for me to spend the night with them. It was obvious from the smile on my face that I was in total agreement. As I walked up the steps she wrapper her arm around my waist and pulled me close to her. I could feel her firm tit pushing against my shoulder and the sexy smell of her body filled my nostrils and went straight to my cock. I could feel it starting to pushing against the front of my pants. I put my hand in my pocket and attempted to adjust my cock so it wouldn't be quite as obvious.

Susan told me that Alex was waiting in the den and wanted to talk with me. All kinds of though ran through my mind, wondering what he would want to talk with me about.

Alex was setting in a chair facing us as we walked in the den. "Hey Pete, come on in and have a seat, I have a few questions and maybe an offer for you, if you're interested. Susan still had her arm around my waist as we walked over to the chair next to Alex. I saw him glance down at the slight tenting in my pants. He just smiled and shook his head. Alex asked how I was doing in school, how I got along with other students and teachers, how were my grades and if I had any idea what I might want to do after high school?

I answered his questions one at a time and I guess he liked what I told him. He told me James and Kay would be working vulgar jock sucking delights tube porn time with him and Susan at the office and he asked if I would be interested in working with them. He assured me it would never interfere with our homework or stop James and I from playing staci silverstone fucked by black mdick and it would give us a little extra money.

I told him it sound good to me, just tell me what I needed to do and when. Susan told me James and Kay were in their bedrooms putting some finishing touches on getting their rooms in order.

I started toward the steps on my way to James' bedroom. Susan stopped me and handed me a box with a new toothbrush, comb, hair brush and a bottle of body wash. She and Alex both smiled as Susan told me, "You can keep your things in James' bathroom but feel free to use any of the others anytime you need to.

I thanked them and headed up the steps. I wondered what Susan was talking about when she told I could use any of the bathrooms. I smiles as I wondered how it would if I used hers or Kay's bathroom at the same time they were using it. Just thinking about the possibilities of seeing Susan or Kay naked had my cock rock hard by the time I entered James' bedroom. James was only working on getting one thing straight in his room and that was his cock.

He was stretched out on his bed looking at a magazine and pumping away on his rigid cock. He was a little startled when I popped the door open and walked in.

He quickly recovered as soon as he saw it was me, "Hi Pete, come over and look at the pictures of all these hot babes, man-oh-man they're hot Shuck your duds and jump in here with me" James said as he moved over to the far side of the bed. As I got closer to the bed, James could see my hard cock straining against the front of my pants, "Damn Pete, you've already got a boner, who got you so pumped up.

Was it Kay&hellip.Mom…Dad or just everyone in general? James asked with little smirk. I could feel myself blushing at James' question but I also knew I had a throbbing hard cock that needed some relief. I dropped my pants to the floor and climbed in next to James. He placed the book between us so we could both look at it at the same time. One glance at the book and my eyes were glued to the pages.

I could see picture of from two to four young women, all naked, on each page. The women were in different positions each time. One of the women may be laying on the bed with her legs pulled apart as a one or two other women would be holding her pussy lips open or holding her breast up and their tongues stuck as though she were about to lick the other woman's tit or pussy. I had never seen pictures like these before and looking at the different women's tits, pussies and asses, thinking what it would be like to touch all those goodies.

The pictures were having the desired effect on me. My rock hard cock was slick pre-cum and with the help of a little spit, I had managed the get two finger in my asshole.

I had all but forgot about James until I heard a deep groan and looked over to see him feet pinay schoolgirl fuck in open field on the bed, his hips pushed up in the air as he fingered his ass and his other hand pumping his cock as hard and fast as he could.

His face was beet red and his entire body was damp with his sweat. He groaned so loud it was almost a scream as his first shot of his cum squirted out of his cock, into the air and landed on his stomach. There were several more, each on not going quite a far as the first one.

Finally, he dropped back down on the bed, trying heard to catch is breath. James looked over at me and realized I had been watching him.

He smiled, "Go ahead Pete, let me watch you finish." It was somewhat uncomfortable, knowing James was going to be watching but by now I was too far gone to care.

The fingers in my asshole was touching that very sensitive area and I could feel my cock head throb every time my heart bead. My first shot of cum landed high up on bojep kate wunslet pemein sinetron titanic chest and as it was with James, each shot fell a little shorter each time. I know it was not possible but it felt like I had cum a gallon and now the last little few drops was oozing out and running down over my hand.

I was the one trying to catch my breath now, my hand still holding my cock and the two fingers still in my ass. Suddenly I felt a finger rub across the top of my fist and head of my cock.

I jumped and quickly looked down to see James as he moved his cum covered finger from the head of my cock to his mouth. I was almost in a state of shock as he sucked the finger into his mouth then swallowed. "Ah yeah, good cum, still warm too." James said as he reached over and covered two of his fingers with the cum on my stomach and raised it to my mouth. Without even thinking, I opened my mouth and sucked his fingers into my mouth.

I couldn't hardly believe it, I was getting turned on again. I could feel my balls tingle and my cock started to stiffen a little. Then James run his fingers back through my cum again and sucked them into his mouth. Once he had sucked them clean he covered the same fingers with his own cum and I could see him raising them toward my mouth. My mind was telling me, "Hell no, I WAS NOT GOING TO EAT HIS CUM" but I could feel my mouth opening as he pushed his fingers into my mouth and I sucked them clean.

His cum had a little different taste than mine, not bad, just different. When he pulled his fingers out of my mouth he leaned in and I felt our lips meet sex in face hole and bawdy cleft smalltits hardcore his tongue slip into my mouth.

I gently sucked on it until he broke the kiss. He rolled out of bed and headed to the shower. I laid there for a few minutes, just thinking, trying to sort this all out in my mind.


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Molly's comment about doors opening and new experiences kept coming back to mature men and teen orgasm. I thought, if she was right about the Morgan's being involved in family love and they were considering excepting me into the family, it would be stupid for me not to take advantage of it.

I was fairly sure it was something I wanted. No one was really pushing me into anything and I felt I could say NO to anything I didn't agree with, but I hadn't found that yet. Right then and there I decided I was going to do all I could to make this happen. When I heard the shower cut off, I rolled of the bed and started heading toward the bathroom. I had cum running down my stomach, covering my cock, scrotum and down onto my thighs.

I met James it the bathroom door, I leaned in and give him a soft kiss on the lips, "Thank you my friend, that was the best cum I ever had." James smiled, "I wish us both many more and a lot more to go with it." James was almost dressed by the time I got out of the shower. Just as I walked into the bedroom I heard Susan call out from the bottom of the stairs, "Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with the trimmings, be ready in about five minutes." James told me he was going to see if he could give his Mom a hand and he would meet me in the kitchen when I was ready.

I had my back to the door as I stepped into the pair of shorts and started to pull them up. "How about it SWEET CHEEKS, you about ready to go down stairs." I jumped and quickly turned around to see Kay leaning against the door frames, arms folded and a big smile on her face. As she looked down I realized, not only was my ass still hanging out but so was my cock. I was blushing like hell but I kept my cool, I pulled the shorts up, making sure my cock got safely past the zipper.

"Don't you ever knock" I asked? Kay laughed, "I've found it's a lot more fun when I don't knock." She walked on into the bedroom while I finished dressing. As I walked around the end of the bed I saw Kay look down and saw the magazine still laying on the bed. "Did looking at the pictures of those sluts cause japanese teen and a bbc get busy uncensored she asked as she looked down at the slight bulge in the front of my shorts.

"No I was thinking about you" I said as I walked over and quickly kissed her on the lips. I started to turn and walk away when Kay took me by the arm, turned me around and pulled me to her.

She give me a firm lingering kiss on the lips and just before she broke the kiss, she flicked her tongue across my lips. When she stepped back she smiled up at me, "Good, that's what you should be thinks about and I'm glad those thought had an affect on you" She placed her hand in mine and we walked hand in hand to the kitchen. Everyone else was setting at the table when Kay and I walked in. Alex and Susan first noticed that Kay and I were holding hands. Their next look was at the slight bulge that was still pushing at the front of my shorts.

Alex and Susan both smiled and Susan told James to move to the end of the table so Kay and I could set down. James was smiling as he moved to the other chair.

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We had a nice lunch and the convocation was lighthearted, mostly about school, our part time job with Alex and Susan. Alex mentioned how much time I had spent in this house as a child and how much I must miss Mrs. Molly. Once again my thoughts return to my phone call with Mrs. Molly and thinking more and more that she had been correct about the family love. Axes told us he needed to go to the office to pick up a couple of thing.

He asked if James and I would mind putting the mower and other items in the storage building and he would stop on the way home and pick up what they need for burgers so we could have a cookout later that evening. Kay was going to help her Mom with the laundry and change all the bed sheets. As James started out to the back yard, Kay stopped me, giving me another little kiss on the lips then whispered, "I'll change the sheets in James' room so Mom don't see all the cum on them.

I was blushing again but remembering something James had said to me once, I said "Thanks Kay, just remember, you can't get pregnant if you get cum in your mouth. Kay laughed as she punched me on the arm, "Smart-ass pervert." James and I were busy putting all the tools in the storage building when he asked, "Pete, what do you think about sex?" "What the hell do you mean when you say SEX?" "Well, to start with, how do you feel about the things you and I've done so far?" I thought about his question before I answered, "James, I hope you understand that all of this is very new to me.

I think, unlike my Mom and Dad, I'm a very sexual person. Us watching each other playing very tight teen masseuse screwed so hard ourselves, tasting excellent scenes of rarw porn with reira aisaki own cum, then tasting your cum, the two of us kissing is all thing I had never thought of because I didn't know about them.

Now that I do know, I have to tell you, it is very exciting to me and I would like to know more.' "Great, that's what I was hoping. How do you feel about oral and anal sex." "James, again you're talking about something that I know nothing about. I can tell you this, I'm open to trying anything new and I know how to keep a secret, so what ever happens don't go any further." James thought for a second then said, "Dad has some books that are full of pictures of people involved in all kinds of sex.

If you would like, I could slip three or four out of his room and we can look at them tonight. I agreed and we finished putting the things in the building then took the grill out and set thing up of the cookout. We had a great time cooking out. Alex and Susan allowed us to have one beer each and we sipped it slowly to make it last.

James and Kay were in and out of the house several times during the evening. One time the two of them came out together and I noticed that Kay was all smiles but James looked a little concerned. I noticed several times during the evening that James would be off to the side talking with his Mom and Dan then Kay would be doing the same thing.

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When I got to talk with James alone, I asked him if he was able to get the books out of his Dad's room. He gave me a kind of trouble look, then told me he had the books but there was a problem. He seem to be having trouble finding the words to tell me what was wrong. "It's Kay, she caught me coming out of Dad's room with the books. She gave me a choice, I could either put the books back and she may not tell on me or we could let her join us tonight.

Then she would be a part of it and couldn't tell on me." "What does she mean join us, we'll be naked and most likely jerking off. How the hell can she JOIN US?" Pete, I have to tell you something.

Before we moved here Kay and I would look at the pictures in the book and we would do some of the things like they were doing sex teen 77 com pool the pictures. She and I talked today and she knows I'm telling you about this. So it's really up to you. If you agree she will join us tonight." James, are you telling me Kay would be naked with us and I can watch her play with herself and it would be okay for me to touch her and maybe she would touch me.

You know I've never been with a girl, I wouldn't know what to do." "That's no problem, if you agree, we can show you. She kind of has a couple of rules but she will tell you all about that and I promise, you'll still have a hot time." "Damn man, this is so fucking hot, I can't hardly believe it. Do you want me to tell her or will you?" James laughed, "I've already told her it was okay to join us. I knew you wouldn't turn down a chance to get at Kay." We cleaned up everything from the cookout then all gathered in the den.

I set on the couch with James on one side and Kay on the other. Susan and Ales set across the den from us. We talked for a short time about our plans for the next couple of days.

Then Susan told us we should all turn in, we had a long day ahead of us tomorrow. James, Kay and I headed to the bedrooms. James and I walked into his room and Kay turned and walked into her room.

I asked James why she didn't stop at his room. He told me we would take a shower in his room and Kay would take one in her room and take care of a couple of other things before she joined us in his room.

Ever since James had told me about Kay joining us tonight, I had been thinking about my conversation with Mrs. Molly and how new doors would be opening to me and I could be experiencing lots of new things. I felt like this was going to be one of this times and I was looking forward to anything and everything that might happen. James and I quickly stripped and headed to the shower.

I don't think he was as nervous as I was but he was just as excited. He adjusted the water and as we stepped in, James squirted a large amount of body wash onto the sponge and started washing my chest, arms and back. Next, he washed my feet and legs. Then he rinsed the sponge, applied more body wash and started washing my cock and scrotum. My cock was rock hard and throbbing and his soapy hand was busy sliding from the head of my cock, down my shaft to my pubic hair and back again.

He took me by my shoulders and turned me around and told to place my hands on the back of the shower wall and lean forward. I did as I was told and James used one hand to pull my ass cheeks further apart. Then I felt the warm soapy sponge as he pulled it up through my cheeks angels will relax for u masturbation and smalltits across my asshole.

I couldn't help myself as a low moan escaped my mouth. James laugh at my moan, "Feels good don't it. You're gonna like this soap, it don't sting and burn when you get it up in your asshole." Just as I was wondering how I was going to get soap up in my asshole I felt James' finger pushing against my sphincter.

"Just relax, you're gonna like this, I promise." I did relax and pushed my ass out toward James a little more. Then I felt not one but two fingers push deep into my anal passage and James immediately started fucking his fingers in and out of my asshole, while pumping my throbbing cock at the same time. I was on the verge of spraying the shower wall with my cum, when just as quick as he had started, he stopped.

He gave me a little evil smile, "Okay, you should be clean enough by now. I would like for you to do the same thing to me now if you don't mind" I didn't even bother to answer, I just covered the sponge with body wash and followed the same pattern James had use on my.

By the time I got to his ass, I was a little nervous but also very excited. It had felt so good when James was fingering my ass and I wanted it to be as good for him. I continued jack his cock and fingering his ass until he stopped me.

As I rinsed the soap off James we kissed several. It felt good and it didn't both me that I was passionately kissing another guy. I knew I wasn't gay. If I had been, I think that would have been nice banging with teenie hardcore and blowjob too.

Everything I had done with James was new and exciting but I was even more excited by just thinking about the possibility of having sex with Kay and maybe even Susan, if I was lucky. James and I dried off, wrapped the towels around our waist them went and set on the edge of the bed to wait for Kay.

There wasn't a knock on the door, I just saw the doorknob turn and Kay walked in. She had a large towel wrapped around her, just barely covering from her nipples down to just below pubic hair. I thought it was the most sexy and beautiful sight I had ever seen at the time. I was setting on one side of the bed and James was on the other side.

Kay walked over to James' side first, wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss that I was sure was not the way a sister usually kissed her brother. Their mouths were slightly open and I could see their tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. I guess I was a little surprised when James reached up and began to feel Kay's left tit through the towel. Kay broke the kiss but stood there as James continued to massaged her tit. She looked across the bed toward me. When our eyes met, she smiled, "Hi neighbor or are you family now?" "I'm whatever you want me to be Kay.

All of this is so new to me, I have no idea what to do but I do know, I'm willing to do or try to do any thing you want. If doing what you and James are doing is being family, then that's what I wanna be." Kay pulled away from James and walked about and set down next to me. The towel had slipped down a little and I could see the top of the light pink circles around her nipples.

She saw me staring at them and snapped her finger, "Hay MNB, we need to talk, you can stare at my tits later. "MNB' I asked with a questioned look?" Kay laughed, "MNB, MY NEW BROTHER, you did say you wanted to be a member of the family didn't you?" I just nodded, continuing to stare at the tops of her tits.

She took her hand and lifted my chin until our eyes met, "We need to talk before we go any further. Please don't be embarrassed or ashamed and please answer truthfully." "I have some questions and then some things I need to tell you before we start looking at the books.

Number one, have you ever seen a real live girl naked before." I shook pascalssubsluts leanne morehead ass slammed before facial tube porn head and just barely managed a weak "No." "Well, I guess we can rule out that you have sucked a girls tits, licking her pussy or tongue her asshole." I wasn't sure if Kay was making fun of me or really trying to find out how inexperienced I was.

Either way the answer was NO to all of the above. "Fear not my new inexperienced friend, we should be able to take care of that tonight. James brunette sucks cock and gets some anal told me everything you two have done. He also tells me you are a great kisser and I like that. There is one more thing I need to tell you before we start with the books.

If thing go will, and I hope they do, you can have my hands, tits, mouth and ass any way you want. You can finger, lick and suck my pussy any way that pleases you but you can't fuck my pussy. I'm sure you know what the hymen is. Well mine is long gone, I took care of it myself with one of Mom's sex toys but a human cock has never been in my pussy.

I decided years ago this will be reserved for the man I marry. That may sound silly to you but it is very important to me. Now, do you have any questions?" "Yes, do you like having sex with your brother?" Kay and James looked at each other, then started smiling, "Hell yes, I LOVE IT" "Well MNS can we start looking at the books now, my cock feels like it's gonna bust if it gets any harder." James asked Kay to pick the first book.

They all had plain brown covers with a number printed in the corner of each one. Kay selected book number five. She said she thought I would really like that since it was my first time James open the book to the first page. There were two pictures on each page, so you would be looking at four pictures each time you turned a page.

The top picture on page one was of one woman and two men. She was sitting in the middle of the bed with the men knelling on either side of her, sucking on her tits. In the bottom picture, the woman was laying back on the bed. The men were still sucking her tits but she now had a cock in each hand. Page two, top picture the men still sucking the tits but now, one of the men had two fingers in her pussy and the other man has two fingers in her ass. In the bottom picture, the men had added another finger to her pussy and ass.

One tit was covered with cum with a limp cock laying cross it and the woman had cum in her mouth and on her chin, while the man was holding his cock from worthless to worthy in five mistresses episode her mouth with a little line of cum about to drop in the woman's mouth.

No one spoke a word while we were looking at the pictures but I could tell we were all breathing heavier, so I knew it was having an affect on the three of us. I looked over at James. He still had his towel wrapped loosely around him but I could see the head of he hard cock stick out the edge. I watched Kay as her breast would rise and fall under the towel with each deep breath.

As I stared at her tit's I thought, "Are you gonna set on the bench and watch the game go by or are you gonna get off your ass, get in the game and be a player?" I decided I wanted to be a player so I reached over and pulled the towel off Kay's tits.

She quickly inhaled, surprised by my sudden move. Then she smiled and pulled me to her. She pushed my head down to her right tit and I sucked her nipple into my mouth. She pulled my mouth in tight and whispered, "Keep sucking and bite down a little. I love it a little rough." I followed her instructions causing her to tilt her head against the head board and let out a little sigh. James didn't have to be told what to do. He had her left nipple in his mouth and I could tell from her reaction, he was doing the same thing I was.

I felt Kay's hand pulling at the tip of my towel. I quickly jerked it off and let it fall to the floor. Her hand slid down over my stomach until her finger touched the head of my cock. The head and half way down my hard shaft was slick with pre-cum. She wrapped her fingers around the head then slid her hand down my shaft. I was fairly sure she was doing the same thing to James. She slid her hand up and down my shaft a few times and I knew I would be cumming any second. It was as though she were reading my mind.

She whispered, "Will it be okay if I put that hot piece of meat in my mouth and suck it dry?" All I could do was nod. She pushed us both away from her tits. She give each of us a hard, passionate kiss with lots of tongue. She was just setting there, looking at James and me. I think we both knew what she was waiting for.

We embraced and James and I shared the same kind of kiss we just gave Kay. Petite beauty pounded in cowgirl position smalltits european had me move back and lay in the middle of the bed.

She kneeled down between my legs and placed her hand back around my cock shaft. Fantastic ebony cutie pleasures a black boner was nervous, excited and about every other emotion you could think of and I knew from the way my cock was throbbing, I wasn't going to last long.

I could see James kneeling behind Kay. She smiled down at me, "Pete, we know this is your first time and you are so ready to cum. Don't try to hold back, just let it go and enjoy it. Just so you know, James will be tonguing my ass while I'm sucking you off." With that said she leaned down, put the head of my cock in her mouth and started licking her tongue around the head.

I could feel her spit running down my shaft and she would use her soft hand to spread up and down my shaft. Then she slid her lips about two-thirds of the way down my shaft. It felt so good, I almost cum the first time she pulled her lips back to my cock head.

She must have known I was trying to hold back. She moved her mouth and hand together and about the third or forth trip back up, my cum followed. I could feel line after line of cum shooting into her mouth. She was moaning and swallowing, trying to get every drop. I was going crazy, I grabbed her head, pulled her hair, pulled my own hair, slapping the bed with my hands and bucking my hips like a wild man.

Kay held on until she had sucked the last few drops of cum out of my cock. When I fell back on the bed, trying to catch my breath, Kay continued holding my cock in her mouth. She was still licking the bottom side of my cock and her moans became louder and quicker. I raised my head up enough to see the top of James' head and his face was still buried in Kay's ass. She was twisting and shaking her hips, then she let out a long, loud moan as she took all of my dwindling cock into her mouth.

I could feel movement on the bed and when I looked up I saw James crawling around Kay and moved up beside me.

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Kay just laid still for a couple more seconds. Then she slowly let my cock slip out of her mouth. She crawled around on the other side of me. Both of them were smiling down at me, then Kay leaned down and pressed her lips to mine. As I opened my mouth to suck her tongue into my mouth, I felt a big glob of cum being pushed into my mouth by Kay's tongue.

When Kay broke the kiss and set back up on her knees, she and James leaned over me and shared a passionate kiss. When they broke the kiss, James leaned down and we shared a kiss. Kay picked up the book and asked if we would mind it she picked a page for us. She told us it was getting late and there was some things she really wanted to try before we stopped for the night. We agreed and Kay looked through the book until she found the page she wanted. Again, it was one woman and two men.

The first picture was of the woman sucking one man's cock while the other one was fucking her in the ass. The next one showed the men had switched placed. The third one was called a daisy chine.

The woman was sucking one of the men, while he sucked the other man while he was eating the woman's pussy. In the forth one the men had switched places again. Kay told us there was one more thing. She wanted me to cum in James' mouth and him cum in mine and each one guy for two beauteous babes smalltits and hardcore we share it with her. I looked at James and he was all smiles, so I knew he was all in favor of it. "You both know I've never done this before so I might make a mess of it" I said, still trying to decide if I would be able to go through with this.

Kay wrapped her hands around my cock again, "Don't worry lover, we'll talk you through it." That was all I needed to hear. "How do you want to start this" I asked Kay? Kay smiled, "To start with I want James to suck you and I'm gonna play with you a little before you eat my pussy and I'll suck James' cock.

Kay put a pillow under my hips and James was kneeling by my hips. He lifted one of my legs then bent down and took my cock deep into his mouth. Kay was laying on her side as she lifted my other leg and moved her head around until she was able to reach my ass and balls with her mouth.

She started by gently licking my scrotum and sucking my balls into her mouth one at a time. Then she licked down the back side of my scrotum to my asshole. She licked around it a couple of times then pushed her tongue against my sphincter. James was really getting to me with his great blow job and with Kay tonguing my ass I knew I was getting close to loosing my second load. Kay stopped and moved around and laid down on her side, opened her legs and give me my first good look at her young wet pussy.

She took two of her fingers and pulled her pussy lips apart. I took my time looking at her puffy lips, then at the ping inter passage. It was so wet there were small amounts of juice trickling out and running down the crack of her hot looking ass. Kay let out a little giggled as I licked the juice from around her ass.

I pulled my tongue into my mouth to enjoy the musky, sexy taste of her juice. The I continued by licking up through the opened pussy lips. As I pulled my tongue across the hard button at the very tip of her hot pussy, Kat let out a loud moan.

I knew I must be doing something right so I sucked the little bottom in my mouth and started licking and sucking on it. "Ah yes baby, that's the right place. Now push two fingers in my pussytilt your fingers up just a little and you'll fill a little spot that feels a little different, I'll tell you when you get there." I did as she told me and when I heard, "AAAHHHHH… YYYYEEEESSS&hellip.OOOHHH …YYYEEESSS…DO IT HARD AND FAST LOVER&hellip.MAKE ME CUM HARD." .I was doing everything I though would feel good to her.

Her pussy was very wet and the taste was wonderful. I knew I was hooked. I heard James moaning and knew Kay had his cock buried in her mouth. I felt his fingers pushing against my little rosebud. I raised my leg up to give him better access.

He pushed his middle finger into me and found my sensitive prostrate. Just a couple minutes of his hot mouth on my cock and his busy finger in my ass had me filling his willing mouth with my second round of hot cum. He continued to lick and suck until my cock was cleaned. I gave Kay's pussy all of my attention now. She locked her legs around my head and moaned loudly as she give me my first taste of girl cum.

I licked and sucked until she pushed my head back and told me she couldn't hole it any longer. I thought I was going to make her cum again so I continued to lick and suck on her pussy. Kay giggled, "I told you to stop." I continued sucking when I felt a gush of fluid in my mouth and all over my face.

It took a second to realize she was pissing in my mouth. I pulled back at first but realized from the first moth full that it didn't tasted that bad. I placed my mouth back over her pussy and held it there until she had stopped pissing. I had swallowed part of it and let part of it run down across her leg and onto the towel.

She turned aroundpushed me down on the bed, straddled me and gave a hot passionate kiss, "You're a natural baby. We're going to have some really hot times together." James was setting on the bed beside me. Kay looked over at him, then back at me, "James is ready to cum. Do you think you can handle him shooting off in your mouth?" I thought about it for a second but the fact is, my other head had told us all we needed to know.

I was hard as a rock again. James laid back on the bed with the pillow under his hips. I could tell by the way his lips were tightly pressed together that he was still holding some of my cum in his mouth. I was trying to remember the different things James had done to my cock and did the best I could to do as well as he had done. When I wrapped my hand around James' cock, I could feel it throb with each beat of his heart.

I lick across his cock head and I could tasted his pre-cum. I let my drool flow down to my hand, then let my wet hand slide down his shaft. It caused James to moan and it seemed like the head of his cock grew larger. It was as though James knew what I was thinking. He pulled his kneed up toward his stomach, giving me better access to his ass.

I looked closely at James' puckered little rosebud, his balls hanging down and at my hand wrapped around his throbbing cock. I thought back to what Mrs.

Molly had told me, "Don't be afraid to try new things but don't be forced into anything you don't want to do." I smiled a little as I leaned forward a little and spit on James' asshole. I watched my middle and index finger disappear as I pushed them into James' asshole. James moaned and Kay giggled as I sucked his cock back into my mouth. I thought, "Yes this was something I wanted to do. I started finger fucking his ass as I pumped and sucked on his cock.

James put his hand on the back of my head and pulled my head down on his cock I had to struggle hard to keep from gagging. Just as I pulled back a little, the first line of his cum hit the back of my mouth causing me to cough, letting some his cum to run back out of my mouth. I move my mouth back a little more and started pumping his cock shaft as fast as I could.

I was able to filthy attractive chick hels her stud to cum pornstar hardcore most of the second sexy blondie roxy nicole anal sex while being filmed outdoors. It was very thick and caused me to gag a little.

I continued to swallow as line after line of his cum filled my mouth. I held the last few little shots of cum in my mouth. It was very thick and had a little salty taste but it felt good holding it in my mouth like that. When James dropped his leg down a little, I let his cock slip out of my mouth. I started to pull my fingers out of his ass but he grabbed my wrist, "No, no please, it feels so good, just keep them in my ass for just little longer." Kay moved around and kissed me, sucking my mouth full on cum into her mouth.

Then she moved around teen amateur gets cum pornstars and reality James and shared my cum with him. As she kissed him I felt his anal walls tighten around my fingers.

As Kay broke the kiss I heard her say, " I love you baby brother." I heard James laugh and tell her he loved her too. She moved back around and took my head in her hands, leaned down and he leaves and she sucks and jumps on old dick me softly on the lips.

Our eyes net and I had that feeling again, not in my cock but in my heart. " We're going to have to be very careful, I think I'm falling love with you Peter Bishop and I'm not talking about the sex." Kay said as she continued to look deep into my eyes. I nodded and gently kissed her again. James took hold of my wrist and slowly pulled my fingers out of his ass, "Excuse me for breaking up all this mushy stuff but I've got to go piss. We all laughed as he headed to the bathroom.

By the time he got back to the bed, Kay was laying on her side and I was spooned in behind her, my cock wedged between her ass cheeks with my arm around her and my hand cupping her right tit.

James spooned in front of her and it seemed like only seconds before the three of us were sound asleep. Some time during the night I woke to the feeling of Kay tightening and relaxing her ass cheeks on my cock.

My cock was already hard and pushing against her ass. Kay reached down and I could feel the wetness on her fingers as she covered my hard cock with her spit. NextI felt she rubbed her fingers over her sphincter. She looked over her shoulder at me and whispered, "I want you in my asshole, Lover, let me feel your hard cock inside of me." My heart was pounding, I was wet with sweat and I was so excited I was afraid I would cum before I could get inside her.

She wrapped her hand around my cock again and guided the head to the center of her little rosebud. She pushed her hips back toward me and I felt the tip of my cock slip inside her anal passage. I pushed forward and felt the tightness of emo slut has pov anal pornstars and cumshot passage around my cock. I was almost as deep as I could get in her hole when I stopped.

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The felling was so overwhelming I had to stop and just savor the feeling. Then she started flexing her anal muscles and I pushed again until my pubic hair was pressed against her ass cheeks. I started moving my cock in and out in rhythm with the movement of her anal muscles. It was wonderful. I was wishing I could keep this up for hours but I knew I would be lucky if I could last a few more seconds. I was fairly close on the time, I pushed my hips tight against her hips as I started filling her bowel with my cum.

She continued using her anal muscles to drain my cock of every drop of cum. I held her close until our breathing returned to normal and we drifted of to sleep, my cock still buried in her talented asshole.