Hot lesbs fucking in front of mirror pantyhose lesbians

Hot lesbs fucking in front of mirror pantyhose lesbians
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His talented tongue was doing incredible things to her as he licked all around her wetness. Heformed a point with the tip of his tongue, and slid it up the left edge of her pussy. He could taste the tangy juice as he did it, then up to the top, where the hair would be if she hadn't shaved it all that evening.

Back down the right side, just hanging to the edge of the slit. Betty was wiggling her ass around, trying to make his tongue slip from its pre-determined trail, trying to make it slip into her pit of steaming honey. She was looking down at him as she was stretched out on the sofa, almost laying down, her ass right on the edge of the cushion as he knelt at her feet, driving full storys sex stories sexy sudol body single crazy with his teasing tongue.

Rod loved the feeling of power he had with Betty. He knew when she was close to cumming like this, he could get her to do basically anything, as long as he let her cum.

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He told her to pinch and rub her nipples as he ate her pussy. She did as she was told and started to massage her large breasts, pulling up on the nipples, stretching them, making them feel so good. On the edge of a huge orgasm, Betty began to buck her hips up against his tongue, making his tongue go deeper into her. She started to moan very loudly, telling him that she was gonna cum, not to stop.

Of course, this made Rod do one thing, Stop! "Oh you bastard!", she yelled at him. He looked up at her to see a big smile on her face. "Damnit man, let me cum!", she grabbed his head and shoved it back to her pussy.

He went back to work at her clit, determined to make her cum so hard. Up and down her slit, over her clit, down to her ass, back up to her clit, and suddenly she started screaming, over and over again, so loud that Rod was worried that the neighbours would start to hear and wonder what was going mom and son porn mobi in there.

There was one person that was very curious about what was going on. That was Tracey, still sitting in the closet, her pussy now dripping. She wondered how much longer they were going to stay out in the living room before they made their way to the bedroom.

She was wanting to touch herself so bad right now, she needed to cum. Betty slowly straightened up and looked down to see Rod's hard cock. She reached down, grabbed it and stood up, pulling him up with her. She told him it was time to take this into the bedroom. Naturally, he had no problem with this and told her to lead the way. Tracey heard this and suddenly got very nervous and an instant case of the chills.

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What if she made a sound, what if he found her there, she would be so embarrassed. How did she ever let Betty talk her into this? Then she remembered that this was HER idea, so she simply hd euro teen creampie small girl makes big moves to herself and adjusted her seat so she would be more cumfortable.

It seems that Betty was not exaggerating at all when she was telling Tracey that Rod's cock was just plain beautiful. It was not a large cock, but by no means was it small. She had a good chance to study it as Betty sat Rod down on the bed and they started to kiss. His cock was almost 7 inches and roughly 2 ½ inches in circumference. Betty found herself licking her lips as she looked at his throbbing member.

Betty knelt down in the floor in front of him and started to lick the tip of his cock. Tracey saw his cock jump when Betty's tongue touched it, and wished it was her own tongue getting that taste of precum.

Betty ran her tongue down the underside of his cock, down till she was just about to his balls, and come back up. Once up to the top, she gave a little suck on the head.

Next she licked down the topside of his cock, down to the base, and back up to the top, finishing with another little suck. Rod was in heaven, he couldn't believe his luck with this lady, couldn't believe the raw sexual talent she possessed.

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He often wondered how many men she could take on at once, and if she would ever do a threesome or even a foursome. And of course, would she ever have sex with another woman.

He was brought back to reality when he felt her tongue on his balls. Looking down at her she looked up, holding his cock to the side, licking his balls, and a big smile on her face. That was almost enough for Rod right there, and told her that if she didn't stop, he was going to cum very soon. She stopped licking, looked him in the eye, and took his cock in her mouth, going down on him inch by inch, slowly taking his whole cock into her mouth, and down her throat.

Then she did something truly amazing. While he was deep in her throat, she started making swallowing actions with her throat, causing it to contract and relax around him.

Rod started breathing very heavy, his hips began danny xxx story zazzers com buck, and suddenly she stopped, and pulled him out of her mouth and asked him if HE liked being so close to cumming and then not being allowed to. They both had a little laugh, as Betty lay back on the bed and spread her legs, inviting him to continue the fun elsewhere. He climbed up with her and mounted her.

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He slid into her very easily, yet it was extremely tight. He knew he would not last very long with this velvet vice wrapped around him. She saw that look on his face and wrapped her legs around his waist and started bucking up and down at him.

Feeling his cock grow even bigger brought her to the edge of orgasm and made her hump faster. He pounded her faster as he was about to cum, and he yelled out loud as he did, filling her with a huge load of his seed.

Feeling this inside her sent her over the edge and once again screaming into orgasm. They lay there for a little while, locked together, him enjoying the feeling of the smooth, hot wetness of her, and she enjoying the full load of cum he had just deposited into her.

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They both jumped as her pager beeped. Betty got up, looked at it and half smiled, half frowned. She told him it was her boss Tracey, she must need a hand with something at work. She said she was sorry to have to cut this short, but told him how much she enjoyed it. They said their good byes and he left.

Now with a very big smile on her face, Betty went back towards the bedroom to ask Tracey that the problem was, but was pleasantly surprised to get to her room and see Tracey spread out on her bed, one of Betty's viberators deep in her cunt, and cumming just as Betty walked into the room. End Part 2