Those horny freshman angels hardcore and reality

Those horny freshman angels hardcore and reality
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Béla burst into her father's lab on the great ship, driven by a feeling of anxiety and dread. She had stayed away for almost a week, as she had agreed. During that week, she'd spent most of her time between exercising and sleeping in the huge cargo bay, and bathing in the communal baths. For food, when someone noticed the princess was in the communal baths, crewmembers would suddenly start showing up with pieces of fruit and pastries, insisting that they share their food with her.

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One intrepid admirer had even gone to the mighty Regent's forbidden laboratory and asked him for meat to bring to her. Watching the princess actually consume it had made him sick, so Béla had glowed her gratitude at him and finished her gourmet feast in the seclusion of her personal shower at the far end of the baths.

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As a race of telepaths, the entire ship's complement was aware of her situation. As the Regent's daughter and the newest member of the community, Princess Béla was, in fact, the favorite topic of conversation amongst the passengers and crew.

Her emotional broadcasts could be easily overheard by anyone, even without sexy brunette gives hot striptease on cam on her, as she hadn't learned how to control her shielding, yet.

In addition, her ability to pick up stray thoughts made it impossible to keep secrets from her, which is why she was surprised that day to find that Elaine wasn't in the lab. About an hour before she entered the lab, Béla felt Elaine go to sleep, exhausted from her morning's exercise.

Then, for the first time in a week, the link she had with Elaine had been severed. It was so gradual that Béla didn't notice it fading, and then it was gone. That was when she anxiously headed for the lab. "Where's Elaine?" she cried frantically to her father as she burst through the lab door. Sibilius turned and looked down at Béla's thin, underfed frame.

"You haven't been eating, again." He reached into the cooler and handed her a package of meat. His mind was completely shielded from her. She realized the new Praetor was assisting him with his shielding. 'All right,' she thought, both annoyed and amused at his apparent defensiveness.

'You can keep your thoughts to yourself if you want, and I won't raid your mind. But you're broadcasting your emotions, Father.' From what he was radiating, he was very pleased and feeling smug about something. Her curiosity erased her earlier upset. Her father began; "As Regent, it has been brought to my attention that my daughter, the 'Princess Béla', has been living homeless in the cargo hold. I realize that I was remiss in not assigning you your own quarters.

I will take you to them now. It is unfortunate, but you will have to share your quarters with another passenger, as living space is limited. But, at least, you won't have to sit and freeze in the cargo hold. In addition, you will have your own bed and cooler, which is already stocked with the fruits, vegetables and meat that you have previously indicated you prefer." 'Shared quarters?' Béla thought, feeling uncertain about her new jenaveve jolie is perfect in front of a camera arrangement.

'Well, at least I'll have somewhere to eat…' As they proceeded down the corridor, Béla became aware of an electronic field ahead of her, similar to the one in the 'rehab' center in Deimos. In the next moment, they were walking alongside the wall from which the electronic field emanated. It was so strong that it tickled inside her head and made her hair itch like it was standing on end. Her father stopped at a door in that wall.

"This will be your new quarters. The silencing field surrounding your quarters will give you the privacy you require…" he said as he opened the door. Elaine was inside! Her mind blasted into Béla's with overjoyed exhilaration, incidentally flooding the entire ship with psychic energy.

Béla could scarcely contain herself and hugged her father, radiating gratitude and joy. Then Elaine pulled her into the room and shut the door in her father's face. The silence in Sibilius' head was immediate and very welcome. Chuckling to himself, and feeling relief that, for once, he didn't feel his daughter's inquiring mind in the back of his head, Sibilius turned and walked, almost skipping, back to his lab.

The next birthing was definitely going to be less exciting. He looked forward to it. If he birthed two at a time, he could pair them off together.

In that manner, he was less likely to end up with a pile of thirty rutting hybrids all in a pile, each one radiating sex at full volume throughout the ship. He sighed. He was going to need more shielded rooms. A crewmember gestured in a manner of respect to the Regent as he approached. 'Quiet, isn't it, Sir?' They both suppressed a grin as they passed each other. Elaine pulled Béla into the room and slammed the door behind her. All the background noise in Béla's head created by all the minds on the great ship suddenly ceased.

The only mind she could hear now was Elaine, who was bombarding her with erotic images of what she wanted to do with her.

Béla's body responded so quickly that she actually felt frightened for a moment. Then they were together on the bed. It only took a second for Béla to shed her sarong. They were two vampires in heat, kissing, licking and biting each other. The feedback from their sexual appetites was more erotic and intense than anything Béla had ever experienced.

Béla had never been sucked by another of her kind, before. In their torrid frenzy to join their bodies together, they found themselves on each other's neck; Elaine's sharp teeth sunk deeply into Béla's throat and Béla's teeth deep in the side of Elaine's neck. They sucked each other's blood while they clawed deep furrows into each other's flesh. Still they couldn't get close enough together.

Béla furiously humped her flaming pelvis against Elaine's hip, while repeatedly ramming her right leg up between Elaine's satin smooth legs. One long, constant, mind-ripping orgasm roared through their bodies and minds, becoming amplified beyond either's ability to experience it. Béla dug her nails deep into Elaine's ribs, tearing her flesh down to the bone.

Elaine had her hands gripping Béla's waist. As she came, her nails tore fresh gashes around Béla's torso, digging in deeply, almost reaching Béla's central core. They both passed out from over-stimulation in the blood-soaked bed, their wounds healing quietly as they slept. Béla woke up first. She felt dizzy and weak. She was lying on top of Elaine. Everything was covered with sticky half-clotted blood, including them. She could feel Elaine's mind radiating love and sexual satisfaction even in her sleep.

'So this is what Father meant about "feedback",' Béla thought to herself as she crawled off her new lover and staggered to her feet.

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She could hardly wait to do it again. 'But, we'd better feed first, on something besides each other…' This was the most energy she'd put into sex for a long time and she needed nourishment. Elaine's blood was good, but Elaine had taken as much as Béla had. Maybe more the vein she got was bigger.

Béla had felt her blood spurting into Elaine's hot, hungry mouth, while she'd had to suck for hers. Her feet slipped on the sticky floor. Becoming more conscious, Béla wondered how they were going to clean themselves up. Or even clean up the bloody mess they'd made. She looked around their quarters. There didn't seem to be any plumbing. Béla didn't want to go out in the corridor looking like she just fought the Cossacks and lost. (That really happened. She didn't actually fight them, but she managed to get herself raped and murdered by them.) Heading for the cooler, she decided to wait for Elaine to wake up and see if she had any ideas.

'Any other ideas,' she thought as she staggered toward the cooler. 'Any different ideas other than what she's had so far,' she thought, amending her original thought. Something was amplifying her emotions beyond her control. 'Fuck it! I'll go for any idea she has,' Béla decided excitedly, 'especially about sex!' Béla reached the cooler. Raising the lid, she rummaged around in it, picking out a few fruits and a meat pack, then staggered back to the bed with her hard-won booty.

As she dropped her goodies onto the bed next to Elaine, she felt Elaine dream for a few seconds, then wake up. Elaine opened her eyes and gazed at her blood-spattered lover. She smiled and radiated love at her.

"Wow. I love that pain-separation trick. Daddy said that you have an incredible tolerance for pain. He doesn't understand how you can take the punishment he's seen you take. He thinks, perhaps, that you're ebony babes flash their ass in group fun to pain and self-flagellation." Béla smiled.

The manner in which she was able to 'experience' pain was definitely addictive, but not for the reasons her father believed. "I have never, ever fucked that hard!" Elaine told her as she picked up a piece of fruit off the bed. "Oh, then you've never met your sister, Melinda?" Béla asked, cattily.

"Well, I know Melinda, but only as a drone," Elaine said. "Why, what's she like?" "She likes to set you on fire and ram hot pokers up your ass," Béla explained.

She watched juice from the fruit Elaine was eating run down the side of her mouth and drip onto her blood-speckled, freshly healed breast. She closed her eyes, trying to think about blank spaces. She could feel Elaine grinning slyly at her. In her mind, she felt Elaine bite into the fruit again, this vulgar jock sucking delights tube porn taking a much larger bite. She could feel the juices running down Elaine's face and then dribbling down onto her breasts, leaving red trails in the dried blood it found there.

"We have to eat, first!" Béla begged her. "We could die doing this!" "I'm eating…" Elaine replied innocently, "and I can't think of a better way to die. Can you?" Elaine broadcast an image of herself tearing into Béla's flesh. Béla squeezed her eyes shut tight, bracing herself against the sexual feedback that assaulted her.

"Look! No sex until the food on the bed is gone!" Béla demanded. "Got it?" Elaine grinned and picked up a pear. She ate around the edges until she reached the core.

Gazing at Béla, she sent her an image of where she could put the cool, juicy core. Then she threw it across the room. "Do you eat meat?" Béla asked, picking up the meat pack and deliberately ignoring Elaine's gesture with the pear. "Only you, darling," Elaine responded. She leaned over and wiped the juices off her face on Béla's thigh and nipped her lightly before she sat back up. "All right, then," Béla continued, her voice much shakier than before. "You get the fruit, I'll take the meat.

Agreed?" There was a banana and an orange left. Elaine picked up the banana, smiled coyly at Béla and said, "I'll eat this last." Béla could feel the sensation in her mind as Elaine shoved the banana into her 'holding bin' between her legs. 'Keep the amplification at zero!' she told herself desperately. 'Somebody's got to stay in control here!' Her pussy was starting to leak from the sensual feedback she was receiving from her sister.

Her nipples were hard and her entire body felt electrified. She knew Elaine could feel what she felt. She was losing control, her body trembling with raw desire. Elaine picked up the orange. Seeming to know exactly what would torture Béla the most, she held it up in front of her, leaned back and, nearly crushing the orange, tore it completely in half.

The juices splashed over her breasts and belly. Laughing, Elaine then bit into the orange, radiating pure lust as she squeezed the juices out into her mouth. Snarling, Béla dropped her meat pack and sank her teeth into Elaine's orange juice and blood-covered breast. Elaine screamed in pain, then grabbed Béla's head and pressed her even harder against her torn and bleeding flesh.

Béla could tell Elaine was in pain-separation mode. Everything she did to Elaine was converted into sexual sensation and radiated back through Béla, increasing her own sexual frenzy as she tore into Elaine's body with her teeth and nails.

Béla knew she was killing Elaine. She couldn't stop. It felt too good. Elaine was so deep into her own sexual frenzy she didn't know she was dying and kept reinforcing Béla's orgasmic madness.

Her feedback was out of control. Béla didn't know how to stop tearing Elaine apart. In desperation, she threw herself off the bed onto the blood-slick floor, tearing at her own body as she came, harder and harder, her orgasms feeding Elaine and being reinforced by Elaine's orgasms broadcast back to her, until she lost consciousness again.

'Father!' Béla screamed as she popped into his office right in front of him, dream-walking. Startled, Sibilius looked around to see where she was. 'Please listen!' Béla cried desperately, hoping he could see her in her dream-walking state. 'You have got to increase the dampening field! We're killing each other in there! There's too much feedback! You've got to flood the room with the dampening field! Please!

Do it now!' Sibilius finally located her. Reaching into her mind, he saw the carnage they had done to each other. As he rushed from his lab toward the sealed room holding his first two daughters, he wondered how his oldest had managed to punch through the telepathic dampeners surrounding the room. It simply wasn't possible.

Reaching the controls for the front wall, Sibilius set hardcore hot sex interracial hotel so that, instead of flowing negative particles through the wall structure and creating a solid barrier to thought, they scattered into the room, creating an area in the room that diminished thought waves, but didn't prevent them from arriving.

As he reset the field, he was struck with a psychic blast of sexual frenzy that flooded the ship. It came from Elaine, still on the gorgeous amateur babe michelle sticks finger in pussy before using big, tearing at her own body, as her orgasmic kiki daire amber lynn bach reflected off the barriers around her and passed back through her, amplifying her need for even more sensation.

Now that Béla was lying on the floor, unconscious, Elaine was tearing her own body apart. As the front barrier came down, the feedback rapidly dissipated, allowing Elaine to lose consciousness.

Placing both his daughters inside a completely shielded room only protected people outside from their broadcasts. It hadn't occurred to him that they might need protection from each other. 'This is what I should have done in the first place,' he thought, terribly upset with the error he'd made.

'Where did I think all that psychic energy was going to go?' Inside their sealed room, their broadcast emotions had been reflected back at them six-fold once for each barrier surface. And the sisters also amplified the energy themselves.Then the energy passing through their bodies reflected off the walls again, along with the new burst of raw emotional energy each generated in response to what they'd just experienced.

Sibilius reached into the room with his mind, checking on his daughters. The carnage was difficult to look at. Elaine's breasts were nearly shredded into raw meat and deep gouges were torn in her belly and her inner thighs.

Béla, on the floor in the middle of the room, was covered in blood, but otherwise seemed almost unscratched. He could feel that her body was regenerating between her legs where she had ripped herself open in her orgasmic frenzy. He wondered again at the power of Béla's mind that she was able to escape the psychic backlash as it reverberated back and forth through the room and then still be able to mentally contact him through the thought-proof barrier.

Satisfied that his first two daughters would recover by themselves, he hurried back to his lab.

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His next two projects had been on the table ready to animate when his favorite daughter had interrupted him. The Praetor would soon be brought with two more of his daughters' life forces to inhabit their new bodies. As Sibilius waited for the Praetor to arrive, he reviewed the matters regarding his first and favorite daughter. He realized he tended to make decisions with wide ranging effects and a tremendous amount of overkill when it came to controlling her.

The number of errors he'd made regarding her were mounting up. She constantly surprised him by being stronger, more unkillable and more responsible than he expected. She was more loving and forgiving than he thought possible. She was also more of a fighter than any female had a right to be, laying everything on the line without hesitation for what she thought was right.

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'She acts without hesitation,' Sibilius realized. 'That's why she always wins!' Béla woke up on the cold floor of her new quarters. There was blood spattered everywhere. She felt a confining pressure on her mind, like the walls were closing in on her. It was making her head hurt almost as bad as the sun did.

'Elaine!' Béla screamed in her mind, becoming more alarmed when Elaine didn't respond. 'Oh, God - I killed her!' Béla rose unsteadily to her feet, suddenly aware of how much her own body hurt from lying on the cold floor.

She had no idea how much time had passed. She saw Elaine's limp body lying on the bed, covered with blood. Her breasts and belly were torn open and unhealed. She didn't realize that most of the injuries she saw had been self-inflicted only moments before. 'Why aren't you healing?' Béla sent, still not able to reach Elaine's mind.

'I can't hear you, Elaine! Wake up, damn you! Please, don't be dead…' Béla found herself on the bed, tears running down her cheeks. Her hands trembled as she took her sister's blood speckled face in her hands. As she made physical contact, she felt Elaine's sleeping mind merge with hers.

'She's alive!' Béla realized, tremendously relieved. Her fear and tension suddenly released in a burst of joyful beautiful brunette teen ivy rider gets fucked by big black man. She tensed up, trying to shield herself from the rebound.

Nothing happened. Then Béla realized she was inside a thought-dampening field. That was why she was feeling so claustrophobic.

'Someone must have come to our rescue,' she realized. 'But, who would know about this bloody disaster, and who would have known how to fix it?' She dimly remembered dreaming about calling to her father.

Had that been real? "Elaine, come on, Honey, wake up," Béla coaxed her baby sister, "it's feeding time…" She felt Elaine's mind stirring, still in shock from the psychic overload. "Hurts…" Elaine whimpered, almost inaudibly. Béla hugged her sister's torn body against her own and pressed Elaine's head against her shoulders and neck. Elaine's vampiric nature took control of her wounded body as she sensed fresh blood coursing through Béla's arteries.

Still barely conscious, Elaine sank her teeth into Béla's neck and fed. Béla held her, enjoying the sensations of feasting and renewal that Elaine was broadcasting.

She let her sister take as much as she wanted. 'I won't lose you this time…' Béla thought with a fierce determination. 'I'll never lose you again!' She wondered briefly why that thought would occur to her, then passed out from pure bliss and loss of blood.