Busty big ass milf fucks in bathroom

Busty big ass milf fucks in bathroom
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My mind was in a swirl as I drove towards your place. All different pictures of what was waiting for me flashed through my mind. In one you opened the front door in a pair of shorts and tight t-shirt, your nipples forming hard shapes fighting to get out.

This was replaced by the sound of you opening the door totally naked, legs spread apart and the inviting sight of a furry mound between your legs… As quickly this picture was replaced by myself knocking on the door and the sound of high heels approaching the door.

It swung open and you stood in a short skirt and skimpy top, sex oozing out of every pore. All these thoughts created an urgency to get to you, to explore my basic instincts of wild passion and hard sex.

Every robot seemed to catch me and no one seemed to know how to drive. My mind screamed and I was going crazy with frustration. Then without realizing I was so exotick sexy sofi ryan fucked and facialed by big dick I drove into your drive.

I parked and felt tied to my seat, unable to move. My body was crying out for satisfaction while my mind felt riveted with fear. Would I perform to your satisfaction? Would I be good enough for you? But in reality this only happened for a few brief seconds and soon my confidence took control. If I had any fears, it was not for my physical abilities.

I climbed the steps to your front door, my body reacting to what was imminent. I could feel the bulge in my pants as my cock hardened and a shudder of expectation running through my muscles. The door swung open and there you stood. All my pictures were wrong and you stood in jeans and a loose top, a smile spreading across your face.

I kissed you hello and you grabbed my hand, pulling me rapidly inside.

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It was obvious that your minds had been running through the same scenario as mine. We went through to the lounge and sat down with a drink. I could see the same expectations in your face, excitement shining in your eyes.

My eyes ran over your body, stripping your clothes off in my mind. Visualizing you sitting there naked, the whiteness of your skin crying for attention. After chatting for a while you suggested I go through to the bedroom while you took a quick shower. As you headed down the passage you stripped your clothes off and cast them teasingly down.

I never saw you naked but saw brief glimpses of exciting bare flesh. I went through to the bedroom and ripped my clothes off, draping them over the back of a chair. I positioned myself sitting against a cushion and allowed my mind to explore the sounds from the bathroom.

My senses intensified each splash and translated them into visual pictures in my mind. The stream of water tinkling out the shower head, splashing down your naked body and running down your legs. I could imagine the drops splashing off your breasts and the wet collection in your pubic hairs. The breathlessness created as you closed the tap and slid the shower door open.

The gentle rubbing of your towel and again I could see you lifting your breasts and running the towel between your legs. Then I heard you fling the towel down. Slowly and tantalizingly I heard you bare feet padding towards the bedroom. I saw the swinging of your breasts and the exaggerated swaying of your hips as your naked body approached the bed. You stopped at the end and ran your eyes over my naked body. Then I felt the bed move as you knelt down. You husband and wife xxx first night one hand over the thick throbbing shaft of my cock while the other closed on the softness of my testicles.

The wonderful sensation of pleasure shooting up my groin as your fingers tightened. My cock responding as it grew in your hand, especially the head swelling and going a dark pink. As you gently went down on me, I could feel pre-cum squeezing out.

Your tongue first circled its head before the tip swirled in the sticky cum oozing out the gash in the head. The bitter sweet taste making you screw your face in anticipation. I could feel the boiling heat of my shaft slipping between your intense lesbian action with three asian floozies, into the cool wetness of your mouth.

Your teeth closed and I could feel the hard muscles of my cock sliding each inch as it reached the back of your throat. Then the slow motion of you pulling it out, spittle looping from my head to your mouth. Slowly you pulled away and slid your body up against mine. Your naked flesh first cool but soon warming against mine. Our lips pushing against each other and my hands twisting in your hair, pulling your hard against me.

The silky feel of your naked flesh and your hard nipples pressing against my chest. Then the sensation of your lips opening, my tongue gliding into the warm tavern, fighting in excitement with yours.

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Chewing your lips and almost swallowing your tongue as it slid into my mouth. Our bodies reacted in kind and rubbed against each other, the focus on our groins. Rubbing hard against each other, your fingers digging into my bum cheeks as you pulled my hips into yours. My chest wriggling against your breasts, savouring the feel of your nipples expressing your excitement. I rolled you over onto your back and climbed onto you. I chewed your neck and ear before sliding down to your light skin takes her friend down memory lane. I ran my tongue under the heavy weight of each, before the rough feel slid into the gully between the two.

Tantalizingly I sucked each nipple and chewed them gently before sucking as much tit into my mouth. All the time I could feel the dampness of your groin against my cock. Your legs spread apart as I sucked your tits and I no longer could ignore the wonderful smell of sex coming from between your legs. I pulled your legs even further apart and enjoyed the wonderful sight of your shaved pussy.

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The small mound of hair at the top was soaking from huge drops of juices squeezing from your pussy lips. The layers of skin hid the pleasure tunnel and was natasha starr and choco use some dildos in a valley of softness.

I gently spread your lips apart and thrived on the pinkness. A creamy layer coated the walls and your clit was like a hard ball sticking out at the top.

It was a darker pink and teased my senses. The tip of my tongue teased it before I rolled it between my lips. I heard a moan as the pleasure sensation rippled through your body, your hips pushing up offering your cunt to be penetrated. But before you would feel my hard shaft spreading your cunt lips and squeezing into you I would not be denied the wonderful taste of your cunt and the cream that was squeezing out your lips.

I circled your pussy with my tongue, gently lapping the folds of skin. I chewed the muscles of your thighs and felt you squeeze my head between your legs.

I closed my teeth on the thin layer of flesh between your anus and pussy before sliding my tongue into the juicy cavern of incest. As it slipped into the wet and hot private tunnel of pleasure, I could hear your moans increasing and muscles twitching in response.

Juices started freely flowing and your hips screwed into my face. I let my tongue slide deeply inside the juicy lips and became less gentle, flicking it in and out. Soon I was sucking hard and swirled your pussy lips in my mouth, almost chewing at your pelvis bone. This is where the term "eating a woman" came from. I was almost devouring you and you were begging for more.

You pushed your hips higher and clamped your legs around my head as your moans became sharp whimpers and you went over the edge. You squealed for almost a minute as you juddered through a number of smaller orgasms before you reached a huge, overpowering, body wrenching peak. As you collapsed I eased off and gently lapped up the juices lining your outer pussy lips.

But before I could rest you rolled me over and climbed on top of me. After giving me an amazingly passionate kiss you pulled yourself up and gently lowered yourself onto my shaft. Due to the wetness of your cunt, your lips parted easily and you could feel my shaft slipping in, spreading you love shaft wide open.

You piper perri gets brutalized on hookup hotshot still so sensitive from the orgasm that you had shockwaves of pleasure pulsing through your system. Slowly you began to ride me, swaying your hips up and down. In time to your movement I pushed my hips up to allow maximum penetration.

Even though you had just had such a mind blowing orgasm, you soon started reaching the peak again. The pace of your swaying increased and the squeals once again started coming out. With a sudden arch of your back you came again.

Your breasts with your nipples jutting out pointed towards me as you raised your head high and howled. You collapsed next to me and started kissing me furiously, your tongue whipping in and out my mouth. If I thought you were going to rest I was wrong, you then started kissing me all over my face and neck and rolled over into a doggy position, offering your bum for me to take.

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I was so horny that this sight drove me crazy and I climbed up without wasting any time. Gentle love making was over and I shoved my cock in from behind and went of at a furious pace.

My cock rammed in and out and my hips slammed against your bum cheeks. You shouted fuck me hard, so I went even harder and faster. I was going in so deep that I was slamming against the back wall of your pussy.

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You were being knocked back and forth and your tits were slapping around wildly. You could feel my throbbing cock start swelling even more and my balls tightened up just before my cum started gushing inside you.

It exploded out in a strong burst and I slowed down as the last few streams gushed inside you, filling you with a hot sticky load. I literally collapsed and my hard on pulsed with the fast beating of my heart. You went down and licked off the sticky mixture of my cum and your juices. Gently sucking my cock between your lips.

You drained all the remaining cum out my cock before curling up with me, your leg across my cock as the swelling subsided