The big plushcam dildo stretches her little cunt thats why she is so wet

The big plushcam dildo stretches her little cunt thats why she is so wet
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I was 18 years old when my parents died. My brother left for college and now six years later Ihave not seen him since. He went away just like everybody else. I sighed. Placing some flowers on my parents grave. I got up walked towards my car and along the way saw a sight that took my breath a way. Across the road was a young blonde woman. Her eyes were a strange green framed with long black eyelashes.

She turned and saw me staring. She smiled and I blushed quickly stepping into my car.

I could not stop thinking about her. I was once again thinking about her pouring coffee for my boss when funnily enough she walked into my bosses room.

I froze. What was she doing here? Only a moment passed before she stepped out agaib and saw me. "Hi. I saw you yesterday. You are pretty easy to notice. You hair is so red." I winced.

Why did people only like my hair? "Don't like your own hair?" "Yes I like my own hair. Just that's seems to be my only feature" "Oh don't think that. You're breath taking.

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Trust me. By the way. I'm Anna. I'm working here now." "Rose." She smiled and walked away. *********** It has been three monthes since she started working here. Over the days we had become good friends. And I admit. I thinink I'm falling for her. I looked around the dance floor. I had decided that in an attempt to get her out of my head I would try get laid and lose my virginity.

And here I am at this popular lesbian dance club. I sighed and.headed to the bar. As I was walking there someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw Anna grinning from ear to ear. "I didn't know you were lesbian!" She exclaimed. "I didn't know you were lesbian either." "I'm bi. Wanna drink?" "Sure" We took a seat ordered and began chatting.

"So you're bi?" I said curiously. "Yep. Well I likr girls more. Which is to be expected seeing as I used to be a guy." "You're a tranny?! Wow. You look so feminine." I sais shocked to the bone. "Yes. But i Uhhh." she was blushing "i still have my male lower half." "Ohhh." "And i haven't had any sex with anyone since I changed." Now our conversation was really interesting.

We continued to talk exchanging information on what kinfd of women we liked when the bartender announced they were closing.

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"Whatcha say. Wanna come to my flat for a drink?" Ann sid. "Sure" ************************* Her apartment was very clean and white, with certain red flowers and other objects were a striking red.

It was beautiful. Anna lightly brushed my hair from my face. She smiled and kissed me.

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Her lips were like heaven I sighed heavily as she pulled into her bedroom. She pulled her dress off abd helped me with mine lightly tracing her fingers on certain places make me shudder. As we kissed I slipped my hand into her panties and wrapped my hand around her thick nine inchs as best i could.

I pulled it out and she shed her panties off giving me a proper view of her monster. I was wrong. It was ten. I gently pushed unto the bed, knelt down and lighty ran my hand along her shaft. She moaned. I warpped my lips around around the head sucked and licked it and released it with a soft pop. I repeated the gesture while slowly moving my hand up and down. My drool helped lubricate itallowing me to move it slightly faster.

I then ran my tounge down towards her balls popping one of them in my mouth. I pulled cback and once again put the head in my mouth this time i went lower until i felt it in my throat. I had successfully deepthroated her. She brunette college ex girlfriend vernoica snow blowjob pov abd sqealed every now and then. delighting me further eventually after awhile she pulled me up and rolled my onto mt back.

She kissed all the way down to my panties where ahe pulled them off and lick from downwards to upwards. i sqealed at this bew feeling amd she repeated it.

She then licked around my clit teasing me endlessly until i started to move wh. she immediately licked my clit.

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Making me scream. She smiled and fluttered her tougne. I moaned and sqealed. Just as i was about to come she.stopped and came back up ti kiss ne. sh. as we were kissing she spread my legs apart. I willing spread them wider.

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Oh god. I hope she doesn't feel the remaider of my hymen. I had tor most of it with a toothbrush when i was 13. She pressed her tip against my opening and pushed. Thankfully i was wet enough and it slipped in easily. She moaned and pushed gently in until she tore through what was left my heymen.

I gasped and.wrappesd my legs around her waist until she reachex the end. Luckily it appears ahe is drunk enough not to notice. She started moving out and pushing back in harder and faster.

After awhile i started to enjoy it and moaned alonf with her. I raised my hips higher and she kissed me. We kissed hard as she pumped into me lust filled. I was so wet we could hear the juices as she pumped. We both screames as our climaxs claimed us holding each.other tightly.

As it finished we collapsed. She rolled off me allowing me to breath.I rolled onto my side stroking the sex xxxxsex stories sex story downloadcom like blanket as her hand went around my waist. I sighed. "I love you Anna." I whispered. "I love you too." And with that we fell asleep.