First time seel pack story

First time seel pack story
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The Neighborly Thing To Do! The Sequal Jenna's Turn To Cry Story: #44 Copyright ©2009 Written: March 22 2009 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: KaosAngel Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ******************************************** At 6pm Jessica could be smelled all over the neighborhood by this time she was dead and almost ready to be served, "Ok we need to get the pig moved over to the prep frame now" Susan said as she picked up a large knife and walked over to hawt year old girl receives fucked hard prep frame, "Hey Ted" Steve called over to his new neighbor who gave a slight shudder at hearing Steve call his name, "I need your help for a sec, you mind?" Steve added waving Ted over.

Ted walked over to Steve's yard and was hit by the beautiful sight of Jessica's roasted body he had been trying to ignore the smell since he left the yard a few hours earlier, "What you need Steve?" Ted asked trying to sound braver then he was, "Just need to move this meat over to the cool frame, the pig is too heavy for me to move it alone and Sue doesn't like to touch the spit" Steve replied and the two men each grasped an end of the pole and lifted it up and moved it to the cool frame a few feet away, Steve attached a hand crank to the spit and rotated the pig slightly so she was facing upward and placed an old cast iron washtub under her.

"Thanks Ted, stick around a sec ill need to get the pig back over the fire" Steve said as Susan walked over to Jessica and placed the tip of the knife just under her breast bone and began to make a deep cut all the way to her pussy mound as the skin split apart a thin line of red blood mixed with the fatty cooked grease started to drip out of the wound, Once the cut was made Susan put down her knife and used her fingers to part the skin further to reveal the mass of entrails inside her belly.

When this was done Steve moved over and using the hand crank of the spit rotated the pig so she was now facing down and all her guts fell from her belly into the cast iron washtub making a sloppy whoosh sound, some blood splashed upward onto Ted's white shirt, "Oh god this is so disgusting, how could you do this to her?" Ted said in a whisper more to himself then anyone else but he made no attempt to move away or leave the area.

With the pigs guts removed Susan washed out the inside cavity of the pig and inspected the meat around the spit, "Almost done, perfect" She said as Steve rotated the spit upward again so the pig was facing up and she started to pack the pig with the stuffing mix she had made earlier, three large bowls were needed to fill the cavity, Using cooking twin she then sewed up the pigs belly and gestured to the hottie couples molly and danny in a movie date threesome with milf cherie men to move her back over to the fire, Jessica would roast for another hour before she would be ready to eat.

7pm rotated around and Ted walked thought the yard gate with Amy, John and Jenna following behind him, "Wow! that is a sight isn't it?" Amy said as she approached the roasted girl, "Steve this is my wife Amy" Ted said when they reached the picnic table in the center, "Would you, Ted?" Steve said gesturing to the spit roasted form of Jessica over the fire, "Sure" Ted replied and the two men moved the spitted pig from the hot frame to a large platter on the picnic table, "well dinner is ready" Susan said as everyone took a seat at the picnic table leaving Steve standing over the spitted pig ready to carve, Steve first gripped the spit and pulled it out of Jessica's cooked pussy then taking the knife Susan had used to gut her he cut open the sewed up belly to reveal the perfectly seasoned and cooked stuffing, Susan placed a large spoon into the open belly as Steve began to carve meat from Jessica's cooked legs and arms.

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Ted and his family watched Steve carve Jessica and place the meat onto plates, "Once she is all carved up into meat slices it looks just like cooked pork" Ted thought to himself and despite his slight disgust over where the meat had come from and found himself wondering if it tasted as good as it looked, Ted took a look around when he came back to his senses and saw the piles of meat already on the plates in front of Susan, Steve and his own son John who seemed to be shoving the meat into his mouth faster then he could chew it, looking down at the plate in front of him he realized it too was loaded with meat, he looked up at his wife Amy who smiled back at him and started to eat the meat in front of her.

Jenna like her father was also unsure of weather she should eat the meat that was placed in front of her but at the same time she was excited by the thought of eating another girl that she had to retrain herself from rubbing her thighs together mashing her clit against the fabric of her jeans, her redhead russian step mom tube porn were soaked and starting to leave a wet spot between her legs that did not go unnoticed by Steve my ex gttin her pussy ate tube porn recognized her secret desire.

When dinner was over there was not much left of Jessica pig but bones and few left overs, Ted stayed behind while the rest of his family went home, "So have you thought about what I asked earlier?" Steve asked, "What? you mean about roasted Jenna?" Ted replied, "No I don't think I would do that" Ted added but in truth he had been thinking about it since his first bite of Jessica's meat, "You wouldn't have to do it, just bring her here when your ready and ill roast her" Steve replied while he was wiping off the steel spit he used on Jessica, "At least think about it" Steve added as Ted turned and left the yard.

Over the next few days Ted spent most of his time eyeing Jenna thinking of Jessica on the spit and wondering how Jenna would look rotating on her own and how it would feel to fuck his own daughter just before she was impaled and cooked for his dinner, Ted was haveing one of these vivid fantasies about his lovely daughter as he was passing the bathroom and noticed it was cracked open slightly and Jenna was inside drying off from her shower, Ted looked in and was treated to a view of his daughters perfect breasts and shaved pussy as he watched she began to masturbate herself in front of the bathroom mirror with her own fantasies of a spit ripping its way thought her body, seeing this was too much for Ted and his throbbing cock that he had to drop his pants and start jerking off while spying on her.

Several times over the next week gave Ted even more chances to fantasize and masturbate to thoughts of Jenna forced to take the spit like Jessica, "Hey Ted" Steve called from his side of the fence, "Hey Steve what's up?" Ted replied moving toward the fence to get a better view of Steve, "Having another barbeque tomorrow and was wondering if you would like to come over?" Steve replied, "What's on the menu?" Ted asked trying to hide a slight smile, "Well I was hoping you would give me Jenna but if not im going to roast Susan" Steve replied.

"Does Susan know you might be roasting her?" Ted asked looking over the fence through the kitchen window at Susan, "Not yet, but she knows Jessica is gone and if we can't get new meat by tomorrow, she's it" Steve replied, "So what about it? can I do up Jenna?" Steve added with a smile, "I just don't know about that, she is my daughter, I love her" Ted replied, "I loved Jessica too, that's why I roasted her" Steve replied, "But she didn't want to be roasted, I asked her and she said she was only obeying you" Ted replied.

"They all say that, all young girls try to hide that it really excites them, some even fight a little, but they get the spit in the end, its what they really want, even if they say no" Steve said, "Look Jenna want's it, trust me I've roasted enough girls to know how to spot when their excited enough about it to want it for themselves, even when they hide it as good as Jenna has, Think it over, ask her, see what she says and let me know" Steve added and went back to tending a fire pet he was stocking with fresh charcoal.

Ted was in heavy thought about Jenna on 1 girl vs 10 men gangbang creampie spit when she walked in the door, "Hey daddy" Jenna said as she walked passed up to her room, Ted followed, "What did you think of that barbeque last week?" Ted asked his daughter as he entered the room, "What do you mean?" Jenna replied, "Well she was a little younger then you and you saw her spitted and roasted alive then we all sat and ate her, how did that make your feel?" Ted asked looking into her eye's, "Well at first I thought it was creepy, since she is, I mean was a little younger then me, but as I watched her take the spit I started to excite me a little" Jenna replied and lowered her head to hide her embarrassment.

"So your saying you would want that done to you?" he asked, "NO!, I mean its an exciting thought having something that long and hard shoved thought me, yes, but I don't think I could take that kind of pain!" Jenna replied looking straight into her father's eye's, "Why are you asking me this daddy?" she asked, "Well our cannibal neighbors are having another barbeque tomorrow night and have asked if I would let them spit you?" he said, "And what did you tell them?" she asked looking slightly afraid, "I haven't given an answer yet" He replied, "Its up to you" He added and walked out the door leaving her to think.

Steve was in the process of polishing the spit for the sexy honey pleasures two fat meat poles pornstars and brunette pussy it would be slipped into when Jenna appeared beside him, "My dad told me what you wanted" she said looking up at him, "I take it you being here means you will be riding this soon?" He said gesturing to the spit he was polishing, Jenna turned bright red and lowered her head, "I don't know I told my dad I don't think I can take the kind of pain your daughter went thought" She replied raising her head, eye's glued to the spit, "She was crying and screaming in so much pain" She added, "Well you have until tomorrow to decide, be here by 3pm if you want to ride this" He said again gesturing toward the spit in his hands as she walked away.

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The next morning Jenna got out of bed and looked at her horny lesbo gals get gratified of licking and fingering body in her full length bedroom mirror and thought about a spit pushing its way thought her body as her hand went to her pussy and her fingers slipped in, "MMMM" She thought as she came all over her fingers, she had been dreaming all night that she had already been spit roasted and was delicious just like Jessica had been weeks before, "Should I?" She thought as she opened her eye's and looked into the mirror again to see her fingers still in her pussy covered in her pussy juice.

Jenna spent the whole day thinking of noting but Jessica on the spit the way she cried, screamed, rubbed her clit on the steel pole to get off, "She must have enjoyed it at least a little the way she was trying to fuck herself with the spit rubbing her clit" She thought to herself and looked up at the clock to see it was nearly 3pm. Steve spent all day playing with his wife after barbeque prep was done to make sure she was very excited and her pussy was dripping wet to take the spit in case Jenna was not an option for meat.

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A little after 3pm Steve was standing in the backyard kyle mason bangs shay foxs milf pussy in the bathroom his wife who was laying with her breasts pressed flat on the picnic table and her hands bound behind her back with cooking twine, she was whimpering slightly as Steve slipped the spit into her pussy just as Jenna arrived, "Um hey" Jenna said as Steve was getting ready for the thrust of the spit, "Jenna, I thought you weren't coming" Steve said as he pulled the spit out of his wife's pussy and she sighed in relief, "Sorry we couldn't wait for you, I need to get the meat over the fire in the next few minutes if its going to be ready by 7, are you hear to ride my spit or do I continue with Sue" Steve said, "Sorry to push but I need an answer now" He added looking at his watch, "If I do this I want you to fuck me first, like you did to Jessica when you roasted her" Jenna said in a low almost whisper her head low in embarrassment.

"Of course I can do that for you" Steve replied as he started to feel her up, squeezing her pert breasts in his left hand and letting his right hand sink between her legs to feel her bare shaven pussy, "No panties you are a naughty girl" He said, "Now strip I need to get you on the spit" He added as he untied Susan and she ran into the house, "Remember, fuck me first, I don't want to die a virgin" Jenna said as she removed all her clothes turned her back on Steve and placed her wrists behind her back to be bound in the cooking twine he removed from his wife, "Don't worry I wont let you die a virgin" He said as he tied her wrists tight.

Once her wrists were tied Steve pushed Jenna forward mashing her breasts flat to the hardwood picnic table and stuck two fingers of his left hand into her pussy she was wet but not enough for the spit and probing deeper he found that she was indeed still a virgin, "Time for your fist and last fuck" Steve said as he took his place behind her and the isis taylor got her pussy drilled nicely of his cock was about to enter Jenna's pussy, "Hey Steve, you seen Jenna?" Ted called from his yard as he was moving toward the fence, "UAHHH" Jenna moaned as Steve pushed his cock into her in one trust to the base and his balls slapped her clit.

When Ted got to the fence and heard the load moan he knew right away it was Jenna looking over the fence confirmed it when he saw Steve pounding away into her, "So she decided to come to you?" Ted asked as he moved away from the fence and over to Steve's yard and moved close to his daughter, "Are you sure you want this sweety?" Ted asked his daughter looking into her eye's as she was moaning and cuming all over Steve's cock, "Oh yes daddy, Im sure" she managed to say as her head hit the table and her eye's closed as a powerful orgasm hit her and she thrust herself back onto Steve's cock as he thrust hard and shoot his cum into her.

Waking from her orgasmic bliss she felt her hair being brushed from her eye's and opened them to see her father standing in front of her, petting her head like he use to when she was younger, "Daddy, I want you to fuck me" Jenna asked shocking her father a little, "But im your father, im not supposed to do things like that to you" Ted said to Jenna's disappointment, "Oh go ahead Ted, in Dolcett fathers always give their daughters a last fuck before the spit" Steve replied and Jenna smiled.

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Ted wasn't sure what he should do but his own fantasies about his daughter over the past week were yelling at him, "Fuck her, you know you want to, she wants you to, FUCK HER!" After a few moments Ted moved behind his daughter and took up Steve's spot between her legs, dropped his pants, he was already harder then a rock as he pushed his cock into her pussy causing her to moan again, "Oh baby, your so wet and tight, I should have fucked you along time ago" Her father said as he trusted into her a few times and emptied his balls into her.

When Jenna came down from this orgasm and felt her fathers cock slip out of her pussy she knew what was coming next, having seen Jessica done up the same way a few weeks ago and gave a slight shudder, "What the fuck was I thinking?" was the only thought she could come up with, as Steve replaced her father between her legs and she felt the tip of the spit slip into her pussy, slide in six inches she was wet enough now that it gave no resistance to the spit sliding in, "WAIT!" Jenna yelled, "I changed my mind, I don't know about this, Im not sure" She said and her eye's started to tear not from pain but out of fear of the pain to come, "Too late baby girl, the spit is already explicit and wild oriental oral job japanese hardcore and once its in id don't come out" Steve replied and started to push slowly, "Please, don't do this!" She begged as Steve pushed the spit again further into her to the eight inch mark and she could feel the tip tickle her cervix, "Steve you have to stop" Ted said as he was pulling up his pants and fastening the buckle, he moved over to Steve and made a move to grab the spit from his hands.

"We can't stop, I wont stop" He said and pushed the spit in a little more causing Jenna to squeal in pain as her cervix poped around the sharp tip, "Daddy make him stop, one more push and it wlll be too deep, it hurts to much already" She cried and tried to move away from the spit as Steve gave the final trust that would mark her as meat, "AAAUHHH" Jenna sreamed as the spit punched through her cervix into her uterus and Steve stoped to get a better grip on the spit, "YOU BASTERED!" Ted yelled and tried to punch Steve in the face, Steve staggered but held firm to the spit keeping it steady.

"Stop this nonsence Ted, If I slip this spit wlll kill her" Steve said as he pushed Ted to the ground and gave the spit another trust pushing it passed her uterus further into her body, "Its already to late for her, Once the spit punctures the cervix and utarine wall partying for cocks and cum shots in the club is just meat, now sit back and wait for dinner" Steve said as he gave the final thrust, "AHHHHH, NOOOOOOOO!" Jenna cried out in pain and fear of her death as the spit exited her mouth and her tears began to flow from her eye's and drip down her cheeks.

As he had done with Jessica Steve attached the smaller spit to the larger pole and shoved it deep into Jenna's anus and she cried out in pain around the spit Steve then bound her ankles to the spit causing it to move up inside her slightly reminding her of Jessica trying to fuck herself on the spit and tried it out herself, lost in orgasmic bliss from the spit rubbing on her clit she stopped crying, Steve turned and headed toward the house, Ted was still on the ground looking up at his beautiful daughter fucking herself on the spit, "Are you staying for dinner, Ted?" Steve asked as Susan came out with her bowl of barbeque sauce and paintbrush.


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