Mofos sexy latina teen fucks her bf

Mofos sexy latina teen fucks her bf
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Cindy2 For the next couple of days I was very reserved in what I did. I was a bit scared I might get caught, so I stayed away from the toy in the drawer even though it seemed to be calling to me to come and play.

My time was also limited because Mom would america ebony sex pussi sex stories story arrange for me to stay at a neighbor's house while she was gone to work.

I even stayed in my room, sleeping in my bed every night, but this was more so I could bury my fingers in my pussy uninterrupted until I fell asleep. On the next Friday, Mom and Adam dropped me at the babysitter's while she and Adam went out to dinner. I knew Mom had to work tomorrow in preparation for the Christmas rush, but Adam had received a raise at work and they were celebrating. Snow had now covered the area in a blanket of pure white fun. I played outside in the snow until dark, and then went inside, cleaned up, ate my dinner, and watched tv for just a few minutes before I fell asleep.

It was still really early, but I was exhausted from playing. Mom and Adam picked me up late that night. I was partially awake when they brought me inside and lay me on the sofa.

Mom and Adam uncorked a bottle of wine. They were laughing and kissing. The last thing I remembered was looking at the clock as Mom carried me to my room and tucking me in my bed. It was 2:30 a.m. I awoke at about 3 a.m. because the house was cold; apparently the power had been knocked out by something. I walked into their room and crawled beneath the covers. At 5:30 Mom got up and began dressing for work.

The power was back on but it was still pretty cold. I pulled the covers over my head because the light was bright. Mom pulled them back a few minutes later, kissed me on the forehead, and left for work. Adam was really out of it. He snored so loud that I couldn't sleep. I pulled the covers over my head. I was fully awake now. I lay there thinking of the wonderful toy between Adam's legs that was just out of my reach, and came up with a plan.

I snuggled closer to Adam, turning towards him, my hands by his hips.

To my joy, he rolled off his back towards me, and his cock plopped down into my open hand. I finally had it…a big cock in my hands!

Very, very slowly I touched it. It was warm and soft, and seemed to have a life of its' own. As I gently ran my fingers over it, it began growing.

It became so stiff that it stood up off my hand, bouncing. I wondered how it would be to have it in my mouth busty darlings nasty gratifying hardcore and blowjob mommy did, and what was the gooey white stuff that came out of it? Hadn't she said it tasted good? I guess the combination of the house warming up quickly, and our combined body heat made Adam hot because he pushed the covers off and rolled onto his back again.

Mom had left the light on in the Master Bath.

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There, in front of me, in all of its glory was Adam's beautiful cock. I gazed upon it, taking in every inch of its beauty. It wasn't as big as they toy, but it was still very nice. Adam was soon snoring again, and it made me feel a bit bolder.

His cock was starting to shrink, and I didn't want that. I reached over and lightly ran my fingertips up the bottom of his shaft. It quickly sprang back to life and stood off his belly. My little pussy was twitching with desire. Adam seemed to stop breathing for a moment, then snored loudly and rolled away from me. My new toy wasn't going to get away from me that easily though. I slowly slid off the bed and onto the floor, crawling to the other side of the bed. Adams cock was right at the edge of the bed.

I got up my nerve, crawled up to him, gripped the warm cock gently, and opening my mouth as wide cute babe fucks herself with a teddy bear masturbation and pornstar I could, put his cockhead in my mouth. Adam moaned lightly and moved his hips toward me, forcing more of his cock into my mouth. I started to move back and forth on it, just like mommy had done. I tasted just a bit of a salty flavor. My heart was racing.

I wrapped my hand around my new toy and slowly started jerking it back and forth just like I'd watched mommy do. Adam moaned lightly. I looked up at his face. His eyes were still closed, but he had a smile on his face. I was beside myself with delight now.

I felt great, my body tingled all over, and from the smile on Adam's face I knew he felt great.

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It made me feel good to know that I could make him happy. His cock started throbbing in my mouth, and suddenly I felt his hand on the back of my head. He ran his fingers through my hair. This encouraged me. I started sucking more voraciously on his cock, and jerking it harder. I felt the tip swell in my mouth, and suddenly his cock began jerking and shooting a liquid in my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. It took all I could do not to gag. I pulled it out of my mouth and the last few spurts splattered on my face.

Adam released my head and rolled onto his back; a sigh escaped his lips. I quickly crawled out of the room and then ran to my bathroom. As I looked in the bathroom mirror, I saw strings of cum slowly dripping down my face. It looked so funny that I almost laughed out loud.

I wiped the stuff off my face and tasted it. Again, it was slightly salty, but I liked it; I gobbled It up like it was candy. I returned to my room and sat there a few minutes reliving what I had just done. Would mommy be mad if she knew? Would Adam? And then there was that heat in my pussy.

It just wouldn't go away. I stripped off my panties and fingered myself, and rubbed the little nub on the outside.

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Neither made that heat or the twitching go away. I thought about getting the toy from their dresser, but it made noise when you opened the drawer. I looked at the clock.

Although it seemed like it had lasted a long time sucking Adam, it was only 6:45. And then I thought of Adam's sweet cock again. Could I make it hard again? What would it feel like inside me? I crept back to their bedroom and peered in. Adam was still lying on his back, out from under the covers, snoring loudly…and his beautiful cock was still lying there within reach.

I knew it was a risk to try it again, but I couldn't resist. I climbed onto the bed and snuggled close to him. Reaching over, I gently moved it so that the head was facing his belly button. Stacy and ricki love fisted pussies hardcore lesbian tenderly stroked the bottom of his cock, and to my joy it instantly responded.

It grew and grew until it stood off his belly again. This time it seemed somewhat longer and thicker, but it was still a good three inches shorter than Mom's toy. It was now or never. I climbed slowly onto Adam's upper torso and lay down for a minute, listening to his breathing and his heartbeat. This was nothing new really, as I'd fell asleep with him many times like this on the bed, and in his recliner. Like I said earlier, Adam spent much more time loving on me than my own Dad ever had.

I sat up slowly, my tiny hands on his chest, inching my pussy back towards his cock. When the tip of it touched my enflamed little pussy lips, I thought my heart would jump out of my chest. The warmth of it begged to enter me.

Adam didn't move. I guess Mom often got sex from Adam whenever she wanted it, and would even get it while he slept. I pushed back and the tip of his cock entered the opening to my wide open pussy. I cannot describe how good it felt.

It felt impossibly thick, and deliciously warm. I rotated my hips a bit, coating the head with my juices, and then pushed back against it. Slowly, ever so slowly the head sank into my tight crevice. Oh my alexa raye in anniversary sex on the couch Ever wonderful bit of his length began snaking inside me. I went back as far as I could, until I felt his pubic hair touching my lips, and it felt like he was as far in as his cock could go.

I marveled at how wonderfully stuffed full my little pussy was. I could feel the throbbing of his cock resonating from my pussy through every fiber in my body. I just sat there for a moment enjoying the sensation. When the throbbing seemed to be subsiding, I slowly leaned forward, feeling the cock that was tightly wedged in my pussy, slowly pull back against my insides.

When the head alone was inside me, I felt the flare of his cockhead touch me inside in a very good way; it wasn't until much later in life that I learned this was my g-spot. Fireworks went off in my head, and I slowly stroked backwards, relishing the feelings every wonderful inch made as it sank back inside my tight hole.

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For the next several minutes I continued this way. It was just a good, slow fuck. Adam's shaft began throbbing more heavily. I enjoyed the back and forth sensation, and it seemed to feel better when I picked up the pace a bit. Soon I was pulling all but the head out, and taking his whole cock until I felt his balls, but I was careful not to go to fast for fear of waking him. As I was thoroughly enjoying the sensations, suddenly my pussy started contracting, clenching and releasing his shaft.

It felt so wonderful that I seemed to freeze, biting my lower lip to keep from crying out. The added squeezing must have just been too much, as suddenly Adam's shaft started to swell, and then it seemed to recoil and jerk, and hot jets of semen shot deep inside my pussy. I sat back, mia khalifa fan poop cherry his cock deeply in my pussy, frozen as wave after glorious wave of pleasure swept over me until the jerking from Adam's member subsided, as well as my own first orgasm.

Adam just lay there silent with a big grin on his face, and as I felt his cock beginning to soften, I carefully slid off him. Cum drooled from my pussy as I quickly left the room and ran to my own bedroom. I wiped some of the cum from my body and tasted it again. His fluids mingled with mine, and I liked that taste even more. Finally, I cleaned up, slipped on my panties and crawled in bed, falling asleep with ease.

When Adam woke me later that morning, I couldn't help but grin because he had the biggest smile on his face all morning!