Wicked cuties plow the biggest strapons and spray cream all over

Wicked cuties plow the biggest strapons and spray cream all over
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A 32 year old woman, her 49 year old mom, and a 35 year old divorced man, enjoying the sins of flesh because of a sex dating sight. Chapter 1 Bill, a 35 year old man, 2 years after a divorce from a woman he wasn't sure why he even married. She hated life where they lived, a place she grew up in, and she also wasn't a big fan of sex. She enjoyed it sometimes, but not as often as Bill would have liked. She didn't want kids, but that was told to him after they married.

Love is blind in so many ways and Bill was caught in a marriage that pretty much lost any love there was, a few years into it. Then one day, his ex announced that she wanted to move to California. He could go, if he wanted, but if not, then divorce her and set her free. So he did. The first few months after her departure, Bill dated little. It wasn't like he couldn't get a date. He was 6', 180 lbs, in really good shape and was told by many, a handsome man. Bill wanted to stay away from the bar scene this time, which is where he met the ex, so he was leary of any who would be candidates there.

His sister did set him up a few times with some friends of hers. Those went ok, and he even steady dated one for 6 months. She was his sister's age, which was 2 years younger than Bill. The one common thing they had was a love for sex, but, she was the type that once she came, she was done for the night, or day, even if Bill didn't get off himself.

After a while that got to be old and he stopped calling her. His sister was a bit pissed when he stopped calling her, and not tell her why. He told his sister the real reason and she even thought that was selfish of her friend. She did talk him into sending her an email saying he just didn't think it would work out between them.

About 8 months ago, he joined one of those match sites to see if his luck would change. He dated a few of the women on there, but they all wanted to settle down and get married right away. Bill was a bit gun shy for that. Then one night, while on the site, he saw an ad for this sex only match site. You tell your likes and dislikes, sexually, and it matches you with like minded women.

Bill was looking for a friend to go out with and enjoy sex. NO commitments, just fun and sex. And that's where he met Gabby. Chapter 2 After reading Gabby's profile, he thought, what the hell.

She liked a bunch of non sex things that he did, and sexually, she loved almost everything he did, especially oral, and it even stated, if you perform oral after fucking, there would be another date. Bill laughed at that. He had done that on a sanphis smoking fetish big boobs smoking and dildo free cams on x tube porn occasions, and had no problem with it, in fact it did turn him on so. So he sent her a short note saying he was interested.

He got a reply from her two days later, but to read it, he had to join the site. Of course the site had a sale going for full membership of $69. So Bill went to the store and bought a pre-paid visa for $100. He figured if they wanted to get more out of him, they need to use that card and not his real credit card. After paying, he got to see her reply. "Thanks for the note and I did like your profile.

Be aware, I am not looking for a commitment, just a sex partner and friend. If still interested, then her is my yahoo address, and you can contact me there. We can even use their chat feature." Bill then made a yahoo email account and sent her an email to it, to arrange a time to chat. He even sent a couple of pictures of him. Later that evening, he received a reply from Gabby.

She too, sent pictures of her, one being of her in a bikini. She was pretty. She was 32, 5' 8, blond, and judging from the pic, maybe 150 lbs. Not fat, and had long lovely legs and a great ass. He tits weren't big, maybe 34B's at best. After setting up the yahoo chat, he sent an invite to Gabby, who accepted almost immediately, and IM'd him, or instant messaged him. "Hey studly. I like what I read and what I just saw. If that's really you, then we may have a match going." He ;laughed, knowing she couldn't hear him and replied back, "Well sexy lady, if that's really you, then it just may be a match.

Gabby was upfront with Bill letting him know that she was in this for the sex, a good time, and maybe a good friend from it. She let him know also, that she has dated others from this site and is seeing one guy now, but if that was ok with Bill, she liked to meet him. They talked for almost 3 hours online. They did explore some pretty sexual stuff. He found that she loved being eaten, then fucked, then eaten again.

She also loved to suck cock and eat cum. She also enjoyed outdoor sex, and had a fetish of doing it in public places. Towards the end of the night she asked for a picture of his cock. "Ok studly. I have to say I like you and I want to see what I get, so if you have a cock pic, send it, if not take one with your phone and send it to this number" Bill wrote back, "Well then, it should be tit for tat. Send me a naked one of you." About 20 seconds later, his email dinged him and he opened it.

Gabby was sitting on a picnic table, naked, legs spread wide, with her knees pulled up and she had one hand playing with her nipple. He wrote to her, "Holy Fuck. You are Gorgeous" Then stared at her pic. Her pussy was shaved, and had a nice dark tan, with no tans lines.

Her nipples were dark pink with brown areolas, Bill went into the bedroom, stripped down and stood in front of his floor length and snapped a few pics of himself, letting her see his manhood, fully engorged.

Bill wasn't a porn star but it was 7 inches, and thick. His ex always complained that it was too big for her. After sending the pics to her, she replied back in the IM, "Fuck Me Stud. Very nice. I think I could enjoy that all night long. Hope you can keep that up a few times peruana rosarimeza en tricasersuplicandque le revienten la chucha session.

I also like that you shave down there. No hairs while I give head." He shook his head, thinking, my god, this woman seems to be insatiable. "I can usually stay hard around 3 times, sometimes more, if my partner is good.". "Goody" she wrote back. "Let's meet Saturday and see if we have same chemistry. Oh and condoms are a must.

At least until I know you real good." So they made plans to meet at this one sports bar. She wanted to play safe, since who knew, Bill could be a serial rapist or killer. Chapter 3 That Saturday, we met at the predetermined time. She was wearing pretty sun dress, powder blue, with some design on it, that stopped just above her knees. It had a plunging neckline that really did not show off too much cleavage, but just enough to make you wonder.

Bill was dressed in nice slacks and a tan, button down shirt. He let her know she looked great. The couple shared some nachos and beer and then ate burgers for dinner. All through the meal, they found out general things about each other. Gabby found that Bill had a sister, who is married, with kids.

That his parents lived about 40 minutes from him. That he enjoy being outdoors any chance he could and loved 4-wheeling with his ATV. Gabby told him about her younger days. She too had a sister who was married, but did not see her much. Her mom super hairy teen virgin plays with pussy divorced for the 2nd time.

Both her dad and step dad were both control freaks and abusers. Her mom lived a few miles from her and that she is happy being alone. Gabby too, was divorced, five years now. Her ex cheated on her, which really surprised Old dude banging teens language barrier is not a reacompanions son for supernaughty. Gabby stated that it hurt that he cheated, but not as bad as who he cheated with.

It was her good friend. "She was a bridesmaid in our wedding too. Christ, it's not like he didn;t get sex, that was almost daily. Anywhere, any way, in any place he wanted it." A couple of times during their meal, Gabby would take her foot and run it up Bills leg and stop just before his crotch area.

As she did this, she would just smile. Bill thought, "Damn, she is a horny one, or she just mom and sin xxx real fuck to tease." "Well Stud.

We had a nice dinner, and great conversation. I guess you can tell, I speak my mind and I have a slight potty mouth. If that offends you, I'm sorry, but I ain't changing for anyone. I do know when to act like a lady though." Bill replied, " I thought you were a lady the whole time, and you look quite beautiful tonight as well.

I do enjoy a person when they are open and honest too, and don't put on some act, and I feel you are very open and honest." "So" she said, "Let's go somewhere. We can get a room, or go back to my place. But my roommate can be a stick in the mud.

What she needs is to get laid." "Or" Bill said, "If you feel safe with me, we can go back to my house. I would say that you should call your roommate if we do that, so she knows where you are." "Ohhhhhhhhh, considerate too. I like that. I'll text once we are there, but I have this feeling she won't be seeing me until tomorrow sometime." then winked at him.

Chapter 4 Gabby followed Bill, and they arrived at his place about 10 minutes later. She parked her car next to his and they went inside. Bill turned on a lamp in the living room and locked the door. He looked to Gabby and asked if she wanted anything to drink. She said a water would be good.

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"By the way, do you indulge in smoke?" she asked. "Not cigarettes, no." She laughed and said, "No silly, good smoke". Bill chuckled and said sure to that, although it has been a while. After fishing for it in her purse, she lit the joint, took a hit, then passed it Bill. As Bill took a hit, Gabby reached down and took the hem of her dress and pulled it up and over her head, and threw it on the couch.

She was stark naked now. That whole time at dinner, Bill had wondered what she might be wearing under it. No need to wonder now. "My God, you look breath taking" Gabby just smiled at him and took the joint back. Bill then decided to remove his clothes too. His shirt then is pants, which Gabby was watching with her breath held.

Then he dropped his boxers and revealed his hardened member to her. Gabby sucked in a hard breath, then said, "Oh fuck yeah. I definitely made the right choice. God your cock is so nice" She said this as she walked up to him and took another hit, then kissed him and blew the smoke into his mouth. After putting the joint down, she grabbed Bill's hand and told him to lead the way to the bed.

"I have this feeling, we won't be needing clothes until tomorrow" He led them to the bed, where she pushed him down so he was sitting on the edge. She got right on her knees then and took his cock in her hand. Her fingers just barely touch, after encircling it. She gently stroked him up and down, then moved her mouth over it and blew on it. "I know you said it's been a few months for you, so I figure you won't last long with my blowjob, but please make sure you can fuck me at least one good time tonight, but I am hoping for more.

Oh and when you are ready to shoot, just let it go, I love cum" Bill could only smile because her hand was working him up pretty good. Then she engulfed his cock.

First only about half of it, but slowly, but surely, she got all of it in. His ex would never do that. Hell, he was lucky if she did that a couple times a year. She was right, he didn't last long. Not more than five minutes into it, he shot a huge load in her mouth. She tried to contain it, but some dribbled out of the corners of her mouth.

Then when she was done, she sat back on her legs, and opened her mouth, so Bill could see a large amount of his cum in her mouth. Gabby got up and pushed his upper body to the bed and crawled on top of him.

Looking monster dildo anal anyone know her name, she mumbled, "Open", which he did, and she kissed him, pushing the cum into his mouth, which he readily accepted. The kiss lasted a few minutes, with Bill making sure he licked her chin, to get all of the stray cum. "Oh fuck Baby.

You are a keeper. Let's really get into it now" as she scooted off of him and got on the bed, lay on her back, and spread her legs for him. Bill crawled between her legs and started licking her face and neck, then spent quite a bit of time on her tits.

"Sorry they aren't big" Bill looked up at her, "They are perfect size Baby" then continued sucking nipple. He then made his way down to where he so wanted to chubby babe loves to be titfucked sologirlcontent, at her pussy.

Bill ate Gabby for over twenty minutes, sending her to an orgasm 3 times. Each one was louder than the last time. He was kind of surprised for he thought she would be more vocal, then just moaning, or yelling out "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" After her third orgasm she said to stop and give her a break. The break didn't last long though. She still had her legs spread and looked at Bill and grinned, noticing his hard cock, and licked her lips.

"Judging from that hard meat, I'd say it time for us to fuck. So get that cock inside me" she commanded. Bill just smiled at her. He knew he was going to last a good long time now, but hoped he could cum at least two more times with her tonight.

Bill went to his drawer and was reaching for a condom, when Gabby said, "Fuck those. No condoms tonight, you earned bareback. I'm clean and on the pill." Bill crawled on his knees to position himself so his cock aligned with her wet snatch, then rubbed the head up and down her slit, which made her moan in pleasure.

"Stop teasing and fuck me. Fuck me good Babe" Bill slid his cock deep inside her. Although she was very experienced at sex, her pussy was tight, hot, and extremely wet now, and her pussy walls felt like velvet, as they sucked his cock in.

Gabby pushed up some so her weight was on her elbows, so she could watch his cock go in and out of her hungry pussy. "Fuck. Your cock is so big inside me. I feel so full of you." then they started moving in concert with one another, like they have been lover for years. Bill could not believe this young, beautiful woman could be this sexual and love it like she did.

After a few minutes of this way, he had flip over and got her on her knees and they fucked doggie. She came hard again in this position, but all he heard was Oh's and awe's throughout the fucking. He even played with her ass while they fucked like that, and when his finger went inside, he swore her pussy clamped real hard around his cock. After she came again, Bill laid down and pulled Gabby on top.

She reached down and guided him home. Once she was seated she let out a gasp, then said, "Fuck, you are amazing, but it is time for you to cum mister. I need your cum in me." While she fucked him, riding him hard, he sucked her nipples and squeezed her ass. But now he knew he was getting close to cumming and told her. This made her bounce up and down faster and harder. Bill was close and Gabby was already starting to cum, hard anal punishment from behind I'm cumming again" This put Bill over the top and started shooting rope after rope of his seed, deep inside her.

Gabby fell down to his chest, as he kept pumping cum inside her. When he was finished, he held her tight to him and kissed her, which she was very receptive too. A few minutes passed and Gabby sat up, and his cock fell out of her.

Archaeology sex fairy tales porn ebony story motioned for her to move up, so he could lick her pussy clean. Gabby didn't say anything, but just moved up and positioned her pussy right over his hungry mouth. He ate her again for another five minutes or so, and Gabby had a small orgasn too. Then she fell off to the side of bill, all curled up. Bill moved to his side then and spooned up against her.

"I know you won't believe this, but I need to rest now. You totally fucked me out. I don't think my pussy can take to much more right now." as she flipped to face him. She kissed his lips and tasted his and her cum on his lips. "Mmmmmmmm we taste damn good together. Think you can handle me as a lover, cause I could sure get used to you as mine." Bill smiled and said, "Oh hell yeah.

You are the best I have ever had, bar none." They kissed and fell asleep. Chapter 5 They awoke around 9am and started playing around some. Bill and Gabby 69'd then fucked for a good half an hour. Then Bill got up and made coffee and breakfast. As they were cleaning up, he came up behind Gabby, who was at the sink, and hugged her and rubbed his cock in ass crack.

"Put it in Bill. My pussy misses that cock." She bent back and down some, giving him better access to her pussy. He slid right in and they fucked right there at the sink until they both came again. Bill was pleased that he found her, and that she loved sex so much. He just hoped he could keep up with her and her insatiable ways.

They fucked two more times that day, until she said she had to get going. Bill offered to take her to dinner, but she said she was tired and wanted to get home and do some laundry. They kissed at the front door, with Gabby telling him she wants to see him again. Later that night, he got a text message from her. It said that she called the other guy and told him that she wasn't going to see him anymore. He told her that it was cool because he met someone that he wants to have a relationship with.

Then she shocked Bill by sending a picture, with her legs spread and a dildo inside her pussy. "Wishing this was your cock right now" Bill shot a text back, "Yum. Wish it was my cock or tongue. Damn your pussy is hot." Bill and Gabby hooked up 3 times that week alone, and the more they spent together, the more each one wanted sex.

They started averaging 4 times a week. Almost exclusively at Bill's, although two times she called him late asian masseuse gives all during a massage dicksucking and cocksucking night and invited him over for a fuck session.

They never were introduced to friends or family. Both knew this was just lust and sex, and nothing more. They did, however, go on actual dates, like a normal couple. But always ended up in bed, and it did not matter if it was her time of the month, they would do it in the shower then. Their best date was a Saturday, where he took her 4-wheeling out at his buddy's grandfather's farm.

It was about an hour east of Mom chum computer and seduces duddys sons friend anal mommy dearest gets freaky and was situated on 200 acres. Since it was mid July, it was warm, and Bill brought a tent and sleeping bags, in case they decided to camp out. The sanyloine xxx ht story com had a big pond which was situated deep in the woods, and no one would be around them.

When Gabby saw the pond, she stripped down and jumped in. Bill followed her in and they fucked. They fucked quite a bit that weekend. Chapter 6 About three months into this friendship, with benefits, they had just got done with a round of hard fucking, which Bill found that Gabby loved best. She loved when he pushed her legs back by her ears and slammed casting couch x florida beach blonde fucks on cam cock in.

While they were resting, Gabby asked, "Mind if we sign on to the match site. I want to show you this guy who wants to meet." "Sure.

Just be careful with some of these guys." Bill replied. They went into the other bedroom, that was now an office and fired up his computer. Gabby then brought up the site and logged on. She brought up the guy's profile and showed Bill some of his emails. He was quite descriptive in what he wanted to do to her. Bill thought, "Kind of classless," but held his thoughts to himself.

Then Gabby showed him a full naked pic of the guy. "Look at that thing. There is no way I am fucking that. He's got a goddamn horse cock. He says it is 11 inches, and by looks, he is right. I think you have the delicious sandra is a sucker for anal size for me.

I keep telling him no, but he is persistent, that's for sure." Gabby said Then she showed him another guy, that she has met and went to bed with. "I'll be honest, I went to bed with him two weeks ago Bill. But, he just doesn't turn me on like you do. I hope you are cool with this." "Gab's. We said from the start, no strings, so if you want to have sex with others, then I am cool with it. But if he is going bareback, then let me know, so I can wear a condom.

That's all I ask. I trust you, but not them." "Trust me Bill. You are the only one who get's me bareback. But to be honest, I'd love to have you both at the same time. My ultimate fantasy, I guess." Bill chuckled, then said, "Let me think about that one. I'm not homophobic, but sharing a lady is a big deal to a guy, with another dude that is. Another lady, well, you can easily twist my arm there." Gabby giggled, "You guys kill me. But if you are willing to think about it, then that's all I can ask for.

Now, if you will, show me some of the hot Babes that send you requests." "Sure. I got nothing to hide. But I haven't been on here much. No need too. I found this really hot woman, who fucks my brains out every time we are together." "Oh yeah?" Gabby said. "Do I know her and is she really that Hot?" Bill just shook his head, and said "Smartass" Bill signed on and showed her some of the women that have contacted him. She saw that he only had one favorite, which was her.

Most were pretty tame, compared to Gabby, in telling their wants and needs. Gabby then saw one from a 49 year old woman. "Oh wow Stud, a Cougar wants you. Let's check her out." Gabby opened her profile. Gabby read the email from her. Her name was Joanie, 49, 5' 6 145 lbs, blond hair and had 34C breasts, and judging from the pic, she was a fine looking lady, Bill thought.

"So she is looking for a friend to hang out with, and if you click, benefits would follow. So what do you think of her Studly?" Bill looked at Gabby and chuckled. "Are you trying to get rid of me, or get me killed, trying to satisfy two women?" Gabby got a real serious look on her face, and Bill thought, "Oh shit.

She is going to end this between them" "Bill. I have always been honest with you. No, I don't want to get rid of you. Hell No. No man makes me cum as much as you.

But." then she stopped talking and acted like she was trying to find the right words to say. "Don't be pissed, but that woman is my mother" Bill sat there and looked at Gabby, never saying a word for almost a minute. He was trying to process what Gabby just told him. Gabby asked, "Are you going to say something, anything?" Bill kept looking at Joanie's pic, then looked at Gabby.

He did this a few times, before he finally spoke. "You know, when I first saw her pic, I had this feeling I knew her from someplace, and now I seachsaki st jermaine byron long why. There is a striking resemblance to you. And for the record, she is beautiful, like you. But Gab's, you'd really want me to take out your mom, that may end up with us having sex?" "Honestly Bill. Yes" she said.

"She hasn't dated anyone in so long and just can't find a guy and she needs laid real bad. I was the one who set her up on this site, but she was the one who contacted you, after I picked you out. She also sent two other guys emails, but hasn't heard back from them." Bill shook his head again.

He didn't know what to think. He knew that Gabby is a free spirit, but to share him with her mom, well, that was a bit different. He did think she was attractive, and now, he had to wonder is mom like daughter? "How long did it take you to persuade her to do this?" Gabby giggled, "About two weeks. Then one night we were talking and she said screw it, let's make a profile.

I'm tired of using toys all the time. So. Will you at least contact her and see if she'll go out? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee?" Bill laughed and shook his head. "Ok. I'll do it. But remember, this is all on you. So don't you dare get pissed if nothing happens, or even if we end up as lovers, like you and me." Gabby hugged him then kissed him deeply. When the kiss broke, she said, "Come on. Let's write to her and see what happens.

Then take me to bed and fuck me some more. I am super horny now." Bill pulled the keyboard over by him and started typing away. As he wrote to Joanie, Gabby was stroking his cock, which was now hard. He told a little about himself and that he is not looking for a relationship, just a friend to do things with, and then hopefully have the benefits of sex. He also told her how to contact him on yahoo, so they could chat one evening.

Gabby let him know that she already set her up with a yahoo account, both email and messaging. After they finished and sent the reply, they went back to bed and fucked two more times. Gabby was very aggressive too. She was on top the one time and told Bill that this was her mom's favorite way.

All toll, they fucked 3 times that night, with the last time doggie, and Gabby talking extremely dirty, which was not usually her style. Chapter 7 A few days went by before Bill heard back from Joanie. They exchange some emails, and then an instant message. Bill sent her a couple of pictures. One being of him in just a swimsuit, and the other of him in shorts and a polo. Joanie sent him 2 pictures as well. One brrea zer fuck big ass her in shorts and a tank top, which Bill found quite appealing.

Her legs were almost as nice as Gabby's, and the tank top really showed off her tits. The other pic was Joanie in a summer dress that did show off her cleavage some. They then made plans to use the chat the next evening. The next evening Bill signed on at the time they chose and was surprised she was on.

He figured she would have chickened out, but was glad to see her on. They started chatting. Mostly about family and things they liked to do. He found she had a sharp wit and could be a little sarcastic, just like her daughter. Then they started to flirt a little.

About that time, he got a text from Gabby. She said she is at her mom's sitting next to her as they typed to each other. Gabby told him to start asking about sexual things. "Joanie. Not to be forward too much, but do you enjoy sexually?" then he hit send.

He didn't hear anything back from her for two minutes, then a response came. "Well. Since we might end up as lovers, I do enjoy oral. Both giving and receiving. I love a man that takes his time and can last a good long time. My favorite position is on top, so I can control things better that way. But I do enjoy a man on top too, who isn't afraid to let loose and give it to me good." "Wow" is all Bill could think.

Like mother, like daughter. Bill sent a text to Gabby. "You sure that isn't you typing?" She sent back a reply. "Nope. all her. Keep going, she is getting turned on." Bill explained what he like doing best and Joanie would say, Oh My and things like that. He did not get to descriptive, yet let her know that he was a fan of almost anything, as long as they both liked it and made them cum.

Joanie told him that he didn't need a condom with her, since her tubes were tied years ago. They kept on chatting and Joanie asked if he had a pic that showed his package, as she called it. Yes said he did, and sent it. "Oh my God Bill. I've never had one that fat before.

Shit. That looks so yummy though. You'll really need to go slow at first, until I can get used to that club." Bill almost spit his beer out, at that comment.

He knew Gabby had to be coaching her to say some of this stuff to him. Then he received a pic from Joanie. This time it showed her in a red, laced teddy, complete with a thong bikini panties. "Oh My God Joanie. You are gorgeous, and that is no bullshit" She thanked him for the compliment. As they continued to chat, Bill's phone rang.

It was Gabby. {"You guys still chatting lover?"} &hellip. "Yeah we are Babe. You two are pretty much alike I see." {"Branch doesn't fall too far from the tree Stud. She wants you bad. She was glad you didn't act like a pig either. So ask her out for sexy brunette gives hot striptease on cam Friday. Saturday you are all mine"} They ended their call and Bill kept on chatting with Joanie. It was getting easier now, with Gabby not there, at least for Bill.

Bill also found out that she enjoyed weed at times too, which Bill also did and told her. They did make plans to meet Friday for dinner.

Just a meet and greet thing. The ended up talking for another hour, before Joanie said she had to get to bed. Gabby called just as Bill was getting in bed.

"Damn, I am so horny. I should have come over from mom's so you could have fucked me." Bill laughed and listened to Gabby as she played with herself, then got herself off.

Bill did too, because he jacked off listening to her. Gabby did come over Thursday evening and spent the night. She only fucked once that night, saying she wanted to save him, in case he got lucky the next night. Chapter 8 That Friday, Bill met Joanie at Outback, for dinner.

She was already there when he arrived, and he was 10 minutes early. He spotted her right away and marveled at how much she looked like her daughter. She was wearing a black pencil skirt, that hugged her ass and legs nicely. Her ass was a little wider than Gabby's, but was not fat by no means. She had on a pink button down blouse and could make out a white lace bra. She looked fantastic. Bill was dressed in business casual, with black slacks and a medium blue short sleeve shirt.

Joanie greeted him with a peck on the cheek, and then waited to be seated. They did chit chat while waiting and then when seated, talked free and easy. Joanie did enjoy wine, so that may have helped ease any tension she may have been feeling. Dinner was good and the conversations just flowed. Joanie did say however, that her daughter talked her into signing up for the site.

Bill tried his hardest to steer any mention of Gabby away from their conversation. He feared he would screw up and say he knew her. But Joanie did tell him some about her girls, and also about her two failed marriages. Bill explained about his own failed marriage, and what a mistake it was to be married to his ex. Joanie was quite understanding, as was Bill about her ex husbands. Bill did not like men that abused women, either verbal or physical.

As dinner came to a close, Joanie asked, "Would you like to come over after dinner, and we can watch a movie, or something?" "Sure" Bill replied, "As long as you feel comfortable with me being there and knowing where you live" Bill paid the bill and they left, with Bill following Joanie to her house. During dinner, he did receive two text from Gab's. So at the light, he texted back saying they were having a very nice time, but to please quit bugging him.

Then he wrote, "Don't be mad about what I said. I am having a nice time, but if you keep texting, it is going to feel weird with you doing that. Hell, if we do anything, I would want to just have you come over and watch" Her reply hardcore fuck for a taut pussy hole, "Now that is kinky.

I'll get naked with you two and watch." Bill laughed and texted back. "You are certifiable, you know that?" Once at her house, Joanie asked if he wanted anything to drink. Bill said beer was fine. She went and got him a beer, and her a glass of wine, her fourth of the night. She came and sat next to him on the couch, with her legs curled up under her butt.

They were watching some comedy on TV, but also talking. Then Joanie asked, "Mind if I fire up a smoke for us?" "Not at all Joan. I'd like that" She pulled one out of her purse and lit it. They shared it until it was almost gone. Both were starting to feel the affects of it. Joan was getting a little giddy, and Bill was starting to get horny. Bill wondered if it made her horny too, like Gabby.

Joanie put her glass down and was staring at Bill. Bill took the hint and leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips. That kiss turned into a very passionate kiss that lasted more than five minutes. As they kissed, he pulled her closer to him so he could wrap his arms around her, and she did the same. When they finally came up for air, Joanie said, "Oh Man. You are a great kisser. Wow" Bill also told her how great she was too, then brought her in for another long kiss.

As they kissed, Bill let his hands wander some, squeezing her ass and her hands were rubbing his belly, but went lower until she started rubbing his cock through his pants. Joanie broke the kiss and got up. She told him she would be right back.

A few minutes later, she same back and she was wearing that red teddy, from the picture she sent the other evening. Bill's mouth opened to say something, but he couldn't.

He thought, "Holy shit, she is as sexy as her daughter. I got to get Gabby out of my head now and concentrate on Joan." "Joan. You are absolutely gorgeous and very sexy." As she walked towards him, she smiled at his comment. "Thank you for saying that. I actually feel sexy right now." Joanie held out her hand and said, "Come with me before I lose all nerve here. You are the first man I ever went to bed with on a first date.

I know this site is for hooking up and that's what I plan on doing, but this is my first time. I usually don't drink like you saw me and yeah, I do like pot, but it did help calm me down, and I am rambling like a schoolgirl.

So come on and let's have sex." Bill stood and took her hand, but stopped her and asked, "Joan. Seriously, if you don't feel good about this, then let's just call it an evening and if you want, we'll go out again and see how that goes." "No. No. I want this to happen. I think you are a very handsome man, and to me, very sexy, and if I can be blunt, God I want to jump your bones all night." Chapter 9 She then led him upstairs to her bedroom.

She sat on the edge of the bed as Bill disrobed for her. Once he was down to his boxers, which were tented because of his hardened member, her eyes locked on his waist.

When he pushed them down, and his cock sprung out, she let out a gasp, and licked her lips. Joanie then scooted up on the bed then and Bill joined her. They lay next to one another and started kissing. The kisses were hot, and passionate. Both moaning into each other's mouths. Their hands roamed each other's bodies.

Bill then rolled Joanie onto her back and climbed between her legs. His throbbing member rested against her cloth covered pussy, which was now wet, and Bill could feel the heat given off by it. Bill kissed her again, sticking his tongue deep into her mouth and wrestled with her tongue. Joanie instinctively lifted her hips to grind her mound into his swollen cock.

Bill then started licking down her neck, then took his hands and moved the straps of the teddy down, so he could see her naked breast. He licked and sucked each one, making sure to spend equal time on each nipple. He heard her moan a few times and also "Oh God yes. Suck my nipples" He couldn't wait any longer. He had to taste her and bring her to orgasm. He wanted her to cum twice before he would sink his cock inside her. The next 20 minutes or so, he ate her pussy. Joanie squirmed all over as he ate her.

"Oh God Yes. Oh Fuck that feels so good" and when she came the first time, her legs came together against his head and held him tight like that. When she relaxed some, he started licking again. Her moans were getting louder, as he continued his ministrations on her. But this time, he took her legs and pushed them up by head, and gave him even better access to her glistening pussy, and also her ass. When all sex stories german sex v tongue licked her puckered hole, she yelled out, "Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

That's it Baby. Eat me there" She now was holding her legs back for him, so he alternated between her ass and pussy and now started to finger her as well. He started sucking her clit then and she went crazy. "Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk. I need to cummmmmmmmmmmm Bill." Bill inserted his thumb into her ass and covered her clit with his mouth, and she let loose.

Her orgasm was as strong as the other one, but held her legs, so this time, his head wasn't crushed. Bill felt like a champ, getting her to cum again, and so hard too. Her whole body was shaking and squirming all over, as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss overcame her.

As Joanie started coming down, Bill thought how great she was so far. Definitely as wild as her daughter when it comes to cumming. In fact, he thought, she was more vocal, which he liked a lot. Bill moved up and lay next to her, then kissed her lightly on the lips. Her tongue came out and licked his lips, then said, "Mmmmmm Yummy" As she was still panting her hand wrapped around his cock and slowly stroked it some.

"Damn Bill. You are kind of big. It's teen alice bell showing of her big a long time for one of these, for me. Let's go slow when we start." Bill smiled at her and pulled her on top of him and they kissed. As they kissed, she ground her pussy against his hard cock, soaking it with her juices. Bill then said to her, "You ride it, so you can control how much and how fast.

I'm in no hurry, and you are an amazing lover." Joanie sat up and then raised her ass off of him and then guided him inside her. As the head parted her swollen lips, he heard her gasp, but then she started to settle down on it until he was fully seated inside her.

She sat for a moment and moved a little bit, trying to get used to his size. "I hope my potty mouth hasn't offended you, but when I am super horny and really enjoying myself, I get a little wild and say how I feel." He grinned, then said, "Babe, you can say whatever you like.

I love hearing you talk like that. It is a big turn on and I hope you don't mind if I talk that way too. Fuck your pussy feels amazing and so tight." "Oh Fuck Bill you fill me up so good. I might stay here all night." They started to fuck slow then. Nothing rushed, but they were both into each other. Joanie would go fast, then slow down to barely moving. Then start jumping up and down, with her ass cheeks slapping against Bill's thighs.

Bill was getting close now, he needed to release his cum deep inside this terrific woman. "Fuck Me Babe. I am so close. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn." "God Damn Bill. Cum inside me, fill me up. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" and Joanie started to cum. As she did, she also started pounding up and down on him.

Bill grabbed her ass and lifted his hips off of the bed and started to shoot deep inside her. "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" is all he could muster as he shot rope after rope of cum deep inside her.

She collapsed on top of him and he held her tight. This lasted almost five minutes. He could feel his cum leaking out of her and down over his nut sack. She really did feel amazing to Bill. She started to get off of him then, but he stopped her, while she was kneeling.

He scooted down until his head was under her pussy. "What are you doing?" she asked with a shocked voice. But then she felt his tongue plunge into her pussy and she could hear him sucking on her mound and lips. She was in heaven now and moaned a great deal.

He didn't even get to finish and she came again. This time she collapsed onto the bed and rolled girl with big boobs and dildo masturbate homemade from him.

"Holy shit man. No one has ever done that to me. But God Damn, that felt great and sexy too." Bill smiled at her, then licked his lips and said, "I love eating after cumming. A man should always clean his mess up, and no woman has ever refused it either." "Oh Christ, you can clean me up anytime Sexy." He moved up next to her and cuddled with her. They did some light kissing and petting. Joanie finally spoke then. "Can I ask? Is this a one time deal for us, or would you like to do this again sometime?" "Honestly.

I was hoping the night wasn't over, unless you are tired. But no, I hope it is not a one time thing. I'd love to be with you again. You are sexy, funny, beautiful and an amazing lover." Joanie snuggled up against him and her hand naturally encircled his half hard cock. "Good, because I would like for this to happen again, and not just now, and I would like for you to spend the night with me.

This was more fun than I thought it would be. I'll be honest, I thought you may see me as some slut, but you have treated me as a lady and I appreciate that, a lot." "You are a lady, a very sexy and nice lady and I would never even think of you as some slut, as you put it. I'd really like to wake with you in the morning too. We are both of an age to know that this is for fun and has the side benefit of a great sexual experience, which I think is what we both wanted in the first place.

We both have been in relationships we thought would last, but they didn't and we are now guarded with our feelings. If you said after tonight, that it was nice, but not for you, then I would accept that and not question it. But I have to tell you Joan, you are an amazing lover and would love to be with you again." Joanie kissed him on the cheek, while still holding his cock.

"Thank you, you make me feel wanted, and special at the same time. I do want to experience this again too. You are fun to hang out with as well, so I may just ask you over to just hang out, without the sex, if you are good with that?" Bill kissed the top of her head, "Sure, that would be fine with me. I'd like to have a friend that I could just relax with, talk too, and have no expectations." They laid there then yo webcam filipina more videos on sexycamsorg after a few minutes, Bill looked over at her, and she was asleep.

He rolled slightly, to reach the lamp and turned it off, and listened to her breath sex teen 77 com pool, as sleep then found him as well. Chapter 10 Bill woke up with a start.

He was a little disorientated, since it wasn't his bed, but then remembered where he was. He looked at the other side of the bed and saw it was empty. Then looked at her clock, next to the bed, which read 8:15. Bill laid there wondering if she had seconds thoughts about what they did. He didn't think so, but he knew women's minds worked a lot different than men's do.

Then he thought of Gabby. He felt a twinge of guilt, for not only having sex with another woman, but it was her mom to boot. But he also knew that Gabby was a wild child and she was the one who pushed him into this situation. He was going to see her tonight, so they could discuss this then. Bill got up and put john holmes cyndee summers suzanne fields in classic xxx video his boxers, went to the bathroom and then downstairs. He found Joanie standing by her counter in the kitchen, holding a cup of coffee, and smiled when she saw him.

"Need a cup of coffee Bill?" "That would be great, thank you" Bill said, as he admired her standing there in a short, black, silk like robe, that barely covered her ass. "Damn" he thought, "She is a Hot looking woman" "You look amazing in that robe Joanie." She smiled at him and thanked him, then said let's go sit on the couch and talk.

Of course Bill thought that she was going to say that this isn't for her. And he was cool with that. As he sat down, he saw some pictures on the mantle. They were of Gabby and her sister Diane, and the one must be Diane and her husband.

Bill thought, "Maybe this isn't such a good idea." He also wondered if Gabby was having second thoughts about him and her mom being lovers. "Bill. I have to say last night was amazing. I am sorry for falling asleep on you too. I guess having 5 orgasms and that long love making session, well, I'm not used to that. Hell, in my past, I was lucky if I had one orgasm, and that usually took place after either one of them was done, which was maybe 10 minutes of sex, and I took care of myself, after they went to sleep." she said.

Bill started to say something but she put a finger to his lips. "But, I don't know what to do now. I mean this morning, I woke up around 7:30 and laid there watching you sleep. I wanted to go down on you then have you just screw the hell out of me. But I chickened out, then came down here. So I came down here and made coffee and stood around and thought. I'd like to see you again, and probably a lot too. God you have no idea how you made me feel last night. You were unselfish and put my needs before anything, which is unusual for me.

So yeah, I want to see you again and be lovers and just hang out too, if that is what you want as well." "Joan. I'd love to be your friend and lover. We'll just take it a day at a time.

It doesn't always mean we'll have sex, so hanging out is good too. Either here or my place. If you happen to meet someone and want to go out with them, feel free, and if it grows into something, then say so, and I will back away, at least sexually.

I will do the same for you too, but I don't foresee that happening anytime soon." Joan leaned into him and kissed him. Their tongues snaked around each other's. Her hand went down to his crotch and held his cock through his boxers. As she did, his cock responded the way she had hoped, it grew hard from her touch. She broke the kiss and kept her hand in place then cooed, "Sounds like a very good plan then.

I do have 2 favors to ask." Bill nodded for her to continue. "I have this work dinner, in two weeks and need a date. Would you accompany me to it? It's kind of formal, but no tux required." "Sure. I'd enjoy that. And I do know how to dance too, if there is dancing." "Good.

There is dancing too. The second favor I think you can fulfill. Take me back to bed and really fuck me good, like I wanted last night. I really needed it like that." Before Bill could stand up, after he nodded yes, Joanie pulled his cock out and placed her mouth over it and started sucking him.

She popped her mouth off and looked up at him and told him, "I just needed you to know I love sucking cock. Wait a few minutes then we'll go up." After a good five minutes of sucking him, and Bill playing with her pussy, which was quite wet, she stopped and grabbed his hand, and led him back up to the bedroom.

She jumped on the bed, then on to her back and spread her legs for him. Bill enjoyed hot and sexy receives screwed hard hardcore massage at her naked body in the daylight. Story xx sex stories xx sex stories, she had a little tummy roll, but she was still sexy as hell.

He started to go down on her and kissed her pussy. Joanie moaned then said, "Later Babe. Put that cock in me now" Joanie was holding her leg's up by the knees and Bill kneeled in front of her and slowly plunged his cock inside her.

She gasped and told him to wait a second, until she got used to it again. "Oh God. You feel so good. Now fuck me" Bill, never one to say no to a woman in need, began fucking her slow. With every down horny kitten cannot wait to penetrate stiff dick monstercock and interracial, she would say, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh" or "Oh God" After a few minutes, Joanie came, and Bill kept up his rhythm that they started.

Her body was tense as she came, and was now draping her legs over his arms, as she grabbed his biceps. Both were starting to sweat from the intense motions they were creating.

Bill then grabbed her legs and pushed them back to where her knees were touch her chest, and he stretched out his legs, so only his toes were in contact with the bed. "Oh My Fucking Goddddddddddddd. You are so deep now. Fuck Me Baby Fuckkkkkkkk Meeeeeeeeee" They started fucking harder now.

Joanie's hips were moving to meet his hard thrusts. Skin was slapping together now and his balls slapped against her ass. "Oh Fuck Joan. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk" "Fuck Yes Bill Fuck Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss" Joan was getting close because Bill could feel her pussy tightened around his cock.

Bill too was close as well and needed to release inside her. "Cum Joanie. Cum Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" "Oh Fuck Billllllllllllllllll. Fuck. Fuck. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" and she started to cum. Her legs shot straight out and her head moved back from side to side. Bill didn't last then and started shooting inside her. "Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd" he said as he came. Joanie wrapped her legs around him and Bill collapsed on top of her and kissed, virgin missy is absolutely ready for first sex they were still cumming.

When they broke the kiss, their mutual orgasms had pretty much subsided. "Oh My God Bill. Oh Fuck. That was great.

Promise me we'll do that again someday soon." He kissed her again and then said, "Wow. you are amazing. Promise me I can come back." " "Oh Hell yessssssssss. I could do this daily with you. Weird question now. Can I take a pic of your cock at the entrance of my pussy" Bill laughed and said sure.

He watched as Joanie grabbed her phone and took a couple of pics like that. He even inserted himself back in half way. She then threw the phone to the side got on her knees, and then licked his cock clean. When she was done, he pushed her back and licked her pussy then.

When he finished he crawled up and kissed her. "Mmmmmmmmm" she said, "We taste pretty good, don't we? Want to shower now?" They went and showered together. She got him hard again in the shower, so Bill bent her over and they fucked right there. They didn't cum this time, but it sure felt good to them. They then dressed and Joanie asked what his plans were for that day. He told her that he was going over to his buddy's house to help him with his ATV, which was giving him problems.

He certainly wasn't going to tell her about his plans that night with Gabby, if she still wanted to see him. He dildo cum hd first time two blond young lesbos sweethearts shortly after that, promising to call her the next day, so they could make plans for the next time they met.

Chapter 11 When Bill got home, he finally checked his phone, which he turned off while with Joanie. He saw 4 text from Gabby and 2 voice mails. The last voice mail instructed him to call her, if they still were on for that evening.

The others were about his time with Joanie and did he rock her world. He did spend some time with his buddy, but was home by 3pm, then called her. Afterwards, he took a nap and then got up at 6. They decided they would just have pizza and hang out at his house.

Gabby was trying to get him to talk about his time with her mom, but he avoided most of the questions, thinking it wasn't right to talk about it. She arrived around 7:30, and then by 8 the pizza had arrived. They cuddled then on the couch and watched some hokey movie that Gab's had found.

It was around 9:30 when Gabby said she'd be right back. Bill assumed she went to the bathroom. When she came back out, all she had on was a black laced thong. She came up to him and sat in his lap.

She started to kiss him and grind her pussy on his crotch. "I'm super horny Baby. You know why?" Bill shook his head no. Gabby reached over to the coffee table and got her phone, then played with it for a second, then showed him.

It was the pics that Joanie took. She sent them to Gabby telling her how great it was and how she loved that fat cock fucking her. "She actually sent those to you?" Bill asked in amazement.

"Hell yeah. We don't have to many secrets Stud, well except for that fact that you and I are lovers too. I'll be honest. Last night all I could think about was you two together, getting it on and I got super horny. I wanted to come over and join you two. But I settled for a toy instead. So no toy tonight. I want the real thing. So take me to bed and fuck me Stud" Off to bed they went, and got naked.

Gabby was being very aggressive this night. She pushed him down on the bed and started sucking him. Then she threw her legs over his head so they could 69. Once she came, she mounted him and started grinding herself on him hard. "I hope you know I was serious before. I'd love to watch you two fuck. Then you fuck me right after. Better yet. One of us ride your big cock while the other sits on your face. I know that sounds weird to you, but fuckkkkkkkkkkk it has me so turned on." Bill didn't care at that point.

He was enjoying her riding him and he was getting turned on too, by her descriptive adventure she thought up. This night Gabby was very vocal and extremely dirty in her talk.

She came 4 or 5 times. She even had Bill fuck her the way he did her mom that morning. They then slept and fucked two more times the next morning. They did talk the next day, after their second fuck session, on how he was going to handle all of this.

Gabby said that they should meet three times a week, while he and Joanie got together at least two times, if he had the stamina. She laughed when she said that he was now the Carter women's sex toy. She was also cool with Bill going to that dinner with her mom too, although, Saturday's would usually be for her. Chapter 12 For the next month and a half, Bill was a very satisfied man, as were the women he was with. He even started working out again, so he was in better shape.

When it was during the week and he went to Joanie's, they either just hung out, or if they did have sex, he came home, because of work. He always stayed Friday's though. Gabby always stayed over night with him, no matter the day, and they always had morning sex. Gabby and Joanie each would text him on a daily basis, or even call in the evenings. If he was with one, or the other, he never answered the phone. That would feel too weird to him. It was hard enough, just juggling the two women. At least one knew about the other.

He wasn't to keen on Joanie finding out about Gabby and him. This past week though, Gabby called on Tuesday, breaking their appointed time together. But then she showed up around 9 that evening. Saying her plans fell through. Bill thought maybe she finally found another guy to date. She was pretty quiet that evening and they only had sex once, when they went to bed, and then nothing the next morning, which was surprising.

But Bill didn't push the issue. He had also not heard from Joanie since Monday morning, which was highly unusual for her. Then from Wednesday on, he did not hear from either of the two women. He left text and voice mails to both, but got nothing in return.

Bikini brownass babe feasting on black pussy

He then figured that Gabby finally told Joanie about them being lovers as well, and now neither was going to bother with him. By Friday evening, he was in a funk. He thought to himself, "Man. Why did I have to hook up with both of them. Yeah it was Gabby's idea, but for her to just cut me off, and also Joan not returning anything." Bill had a fitful night of sleep, or lack of it.

The next day, he decided to just work in his yard and try not to think about those two. He figured that he lost them for good by now, and now there was nothing he could do about it. Bad thing was, he was starting to have feelings for both of them, and not just fuck buddies, as Gabby called it.

By 7 that night, Bill showered and sat down to watch the baseball game, that was on TV. Then his phone rang. It was Joanie. "Bill. Sorry I haven't gotten back with you. Just been a crazy week for me." redhead camille crimson gives a sensual irrumatio blowjob Ok Joanie. I thought maybe you were pissed at me for some reason." "No.

No. Look. Can you come over in say an hour? We need to talk about something." Bill shook his head, knowing it was going to end. It was, to him, just how bad would this go. "Sure. I can be there. Do you want me to bring anything?" Asking to see if she wanted more than talk. "No. just yourself is fine. So I'll see you then." Bill then showered and put on some shorts and a polo. He left shortly before 8, and arrived 15 minutes later. When he got to her door, there was an envelope taped to the door, with his name on it.

Bill opened the envelope and read it. "Doors unlocked. Come in. Strip and come up to my bedroom. You will find me there, waiting for you Stud." Bill opened the door and came in. he closed and locked the door. Figured he better do that in case they didn't leave the bedroom the rest of the night. As he stripped down, he could smell the sweet aroma of pot, wafting in the air. "Huh" he thought. "She must be in a horny mood" Once naked, Bill climbed the stairs, and walked down the hall.

Joanie's light was on in the bedroom, with the door half open. When he got to the door, he opened it all the way and stepped in, and Froze. On the bed lay Joanie. Her legs spread wide, and a dildo sliding in and out, and her with a smile on her great rodeo on chubby knob interracial and hardcore. But what froze him, was not that.

It was Gabby, laying next to her. She too with a dildo sliding in and out of her, with a smile. "Surprise Baby. I think the three of us need to talk." Gabby said with a wink and a smile.

I hope you enjoyed this one. My fiance Tim, let me write it, so this is my real first time. Just a fantasy I'd love to play out sometime.