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Stacy thorn and kami andrews double dildo action
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The Corner Shop. Part 1 My name is Susan Smith. and I go to a mixed secondary modern school near London. I am fairly tall for my age with long blond hair and blue eyes like my mum, I suppose you could say I'm quite a pretty girl, possible a bit too slim but mum said that would change as I got older.

I lived with my mum and my younger sister in a blonde hottie sits on a throbbing boner terraced house with a small garden in front, not that far from the school. So I was able to walk to school every day with my little sister. We'd lost our father a year ago, he'd had a heart attack, the doctor said, he was very young for something like that to happen, but that didn't help to bring my dad back.

Mum had a job in town and she was earning just enough money to keep us, but money was pretty tight and I didn't get any pocket money. At the end of our road was a corner shop that sold just about everything, the proprietor was a Mr. Hassan, He was Indian or Pakistani, quite old and a bit fat, bald headed and he had a gray mustache. I didn't like Hassan, he was sort of slimy and when I was in his shop.

he always use to stare at my legs, I knew my school skirt was a bit short and in the last six months I'd gotten taller, mum was going to get me a new one but she just couldn't afford it at the moment. Mum had an account at the shop and often I would get the list of everything she needed and then mum would pay for all the groceries at the end of the month when she got her wages Things went seriously wrong when she became ill and lost her job. Mum was now bed ridden and the doctor said it would be a long time before she got better.

The corner shop bill hadn't been paid for two weeks; I didn't want to go down there anymore because Mr Hassan kept asking for the money. But mum was insistent that I went and got some food, she wrote a note for Mr.

Hassain telling him that a friend of hers was going to help and she would be able to pay the entire bill next week. Mr. Hassan was very dubious, I had to sign some papers, which I didn't really read, and I was too young and naive to know that a I couldn't sign any spanish tutor veronica gets her sweet teen pussy licked of agreement.

But he gave me all the groceries I needed and even some money extra for my mum's medicine. I didn't like the way he always looked at me, he wasn't a very nice man. Of course at the end of the week the money didn't come, I don't know if mum did have a friend or not.

Mum told me I had to go and see Mr. Hassan and tell him that she couldn't pay him now. I didn't want to hot sexy blond babe daisy with posh body fucks her sweet pussy and see him, but I had to, so I told mum I would call in and see him on the way home from school the next day.

The next day after school I went into the shop and talked to him, he told me to come into his office so I went into the back room of the shop with him.

The back room wasn't very clean he had a bed in the corner a table and two chairs a TV and lots of boxes and stores piled up around the room even the vannah sterling milf oil anal were stacked up full with box's.

He got out the papers I'd signed, I had to set down on the bed next to him and he talked to me. "You are in very serious trouble young girl, if your mother can't pay her bill then I will take these papers to the police and you will be evicted from your home, you and your little sister will be separated and put in to two different children homes, your mother will be moved to a house for the poor" He really frightened me. He continued; "All this will be very bad for your mother's health; you don't want this to happen do you" I shook my head and he continued.

"Once they put you in a home you may never see you mother or little sister again, all I have to do is speak to the police and they will come round the next day and take you all away" I got really upset, it would be terrible if something like that happened, I started crying then, and he gave me a tissue. "Please Mr. Hassan. Don't go to the police" I pleaded crying. He looked at me up and down, and then stared at my legs, saying. "You're a very pretty girl Susan; you know, your mothers not going to get the money by the end of the week don't you" I nodded; I knew he was right it would be impossible for mum to pay the bill.

He continued: "But I can help you, you're going to need some food and money for you mums medicine until she gets better" He put his hand on my bare knee, I wanted to push his hand away, I didn't like being touched by him, he was a horrible man, but I knew, I better be nice to him or he won't help us.

He kept his hand on my knee telling me. "You will come back here on Wednesday after school and I will give you all the food and groceries you need and even some money for your mum's medicines" I felt his hand slowly moving up my knee towards the hem of my school skirt, quickly I put my hands on my skirt to stop his hand going any further.

He stood up then and told me; "So Susan I will see you on Wednesday to collect all the groceries, you will just have to go with me into this room for about half an hour and if you're a good girl then I won't have to go to the police on Thursday morning, because if I do, then they will be coming round to your house on Friday and you know what will happen, do you understand"?

I nodded. He added; "Better you don't say anything to your mother or anybody else about our agreement or I will have to go to the police straight away" We went back into the shop. He even asked me if I wanted anything, so I took some potatoes with me. Hassan watched the pretty young girl leave his shop, smiling to himself.

He felt certain that his plan was going to work. He liked young white girls When I got home I didn't say a word to my mother, just when she asked about the bill; I told her that, Mr.

Hassan said we could sort it out later. It was Tuesday now and tomorrow would be Wednesday, I really didn't want to go and see Mr. Hassan in his shop, I don't really think I realized what he meant, about going into his back room with him for half an hour, I was still very naive and innocent for my age.

Wednesday came. It was a day that was going to change my life. At four o'clock the finishing bell went and I walked down to Mr. Hassan's shop. As usual I was wearing my school uniform a dark blue blazer, blue skirt white blouse and blue knee length socks.

When I entered the shop he was busy serving a women, he handed me a shopping basket and told me to put in everything I needed for my mother, quickly I filled the basket to overflowing with every item we needed, plus a few extras. He finished serving the lady and she left the shop.

I watched him turn the open sign around and he looked the front door. He came over to me asking me if that was everything I needed, if not I could take some more on the way out.

He took the fully loaded basket off me and put it on the counter telling me; "Go into the back room now, I will there in a moment" I went through and stood in his back room, I looked at my Mickey Mouse watch, mum had given it to me for my last birthday, it was four thirty I could go home at five, Mr.

Hassan had said just half an hour. Mum was horny milf cytherea fucks jordis throbbing teen cock hardcore bigboobs me a bit later today so she wouldn't worry. He came into the room; he'd taken his jacket off. He asked me. "Have you got a boyfriend Susan?" I shook my head. Then he asked me. "You're a very pretty girl, have you ever had a boy friend?" again I shook my head.

I wasn't interested in boys, well not yet, although there was one boy who I secretly had a bit of a crush on. I watched him, he went over to his big TV there was a large video camera on top of it, I hadn't noticed it before I think he switched it on. Then he opened a cupboard next to the bed, he took a white towel out and spread it out on top of the bed.

I wounded why he put the towel pinoy viva hotbabes storys sex porn movies, I didn't realize then what it was for. He stood by the bed. I think he must have watched his TV from the bed. "Take your school blazer off" he said. I did what he said and hung it over the back of the chair nearest me.

He came over to me then taking me by the arm he led me over to the bed making me sit on it. He sat down next to me saying. "Remember what you do here today is for your mum and little sister. It's normal for a pretty girl like you to help your family. Afterwards you will be able to take all the groceries home for your mum and I won't go to the police tomorrow, because if I do, they will come round to your house on Friday.

If you're a good girl and do as you told, this won't take long" I looked at my watch; another twenty minutes and I could go home. He got up telling me to put my feet up on the bed.

I turned a bit and put my feet on the end of the bed, I didn't know whether I should take my shoes off or not, my mum would never let me put my shoes on the bed. But I didn't have time to think about it, he took hold of my hands, telling me "Lie back on the bed now" I did what he said; he pulled my hands up over my head to the top of the bed, something cold clicked round my wrist.

He did it very quickly and before I could pull my other hand away he clicked it round that wrist as well, I tried to pull my hands free but couldn't, he'd handcuffed them together and the handcuffs were fixed with chain to the head board above my head.

I was frightened. He put his hand on my tummy saying. "Just relax Susan; I've only done this to keep you hands out the way. You have to be a big girl now, because if you start making a fuss then the police will be coming round to you house on Friday, they will take you, your mum and little sister away with them, do you want that to happen" I shook my head, "You have to be a good girl now, do you understand" I nodded as he continued.

"I have to pull your panties down a little bit now" I was horrified. "No please I don't want you to do that" He put his hands on my legs.

"No. Please, Mr Hassan I have to go home now" I pleaded. He ignored me, his hands moving up on the outside of my legs, up under my skirt, I felt his fingers feeling for the top of my panties getting hold of the elastic round the top of my panties. "No stop it. No." I cried out, as he pulled my panties down. I started crying then as my panties were pulled down.

Desperately I tried to pull my hands free as he pulled my white panties all the way down my legs to my ankles, but the handcuffs were much to tight round my wrists and It was impossible for me to pull my hands out. He took my panties off and put them down on the floor next to the bed. He turned and looked at the TV he said something in what must be his own language, I didn't understand it. I realized then that the video camera was on top of the TV a red light was blinking on it and the lens was pointing at me on the bed.

He was talking to the camera. "Please let me go" I was really frightened now, I didn't want him taking any pictures or videoing me that would be terrible if someone saw it.

I started to plead with him again. "Please no pictures or videoing me, please Mr. Hassan I don't want you to do that, let me go home now please" "Don't worry Susan" He said telling me; "Nobody will see the video, it's just for me" Then he pulled the front of my school skirt up, right up as far as my waist, so he could see my private parts. "No. Stop it" I crossed my legs to try and hide myself.

I wanted to push my skirt down but I couldn't get my hands free,in despair I turned my head to the wall. I didn't want him looking at me. Crying and sobbing, I told him again "Stop it.

I want to go home" Still he ignored my pleading, saying to me; "I'm just going to have a look now to see if you're still a virgin. He put his hands on my knees, his strong hands pulling my legs wide apart, as he continued; "Now have you been telling me the truth, you sure you haven't been with any boys" I didn't understand why he kept asking me if I had a boyfriend, why was that was so important to him, I'd never had a boy friend, although some of the girls in my class had boyfriends, but I hadn't, actually I'd never even kissed a boy.

He put his hands between my legs touching my private parts. Oh god, it was awful, I aiden aspen likes a big black cock so embarrassed. I didn't want him touching me or looking at me "Stop it. Please I want to go home" He wasn't listening to me. His fingers pulling me apart opening my most private parts, his head was bent down so he could look at me while his fingers were pulling and opening me, so that he could have a good look and examine the entrance to my vagina.

I felt him using his finger to feel how tight the entrance to my vagina was so he could tell that I was definitely still a virgin, He took his hand away and I closed my legs. "Good girl, you were telling the truth" He said.

"You still have an unbroken hymen, your maidenhood is intact so you're still a virgin," Of course I was still a virgin, I wasn't going to do anything like that, I was going to save my self and certainly not before I was a lot older. I didn't understand why he had to look at me. Or why it was so important to him to know that I was still a virgin.

Tears were running down my cheeks, I kept begging him "Can I go home now, please let me go home now" He got on the bed pushing his knee between my legs forcing my legs apart so that he could kneel between them, he bent over me. I didn't want him near me, he smelled horrible and why didn't he let me go home.

Bending over me he put his hands round behind my legs and pulled the back of my skirt up so that my bottom was on the towel. Again I pleaded. "I have to go now, my mum will be worried. Please Mr. Hassan let me go home now" He told me; "Stop crying, I will let you go home in a few minutes. I'm going to hurt you a little bit now, It will only hurt a little and afterwards you can fills her mouth with my big meat and fuck her pornstars big dick home, I'll be quick and if you don't struggle it will all be over very quickly" "Listen" He continued, "It will hurt less if you just lay still and keep your legs wide apart until I've finished" I didn't want him to hurt me.

I don't understand any of this. "Please don't hurt me, just let me go home" I pleaded Horrified I watch him push his jogging trousers down, he get his revolting penis out.

it looks like a large stiff fat brown sausage, No. He mustn't do this. He bends over me. I do not want him to do that.

I'm crying. Desperately I try to pull my hands out of the handcuffs, but I can't get my hands free. He moves on top of me. He is so heavy. Sobbing I stammer; "No. Stop it.

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Please no." I'm so frightened, I want my mum. I should never have come into this his back room with him, I want to go home. He smells awful, just like his shop smells. I can't stop crying.

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I feel so helpless I just want him to stop and let me amateur mom homemade threesome with cum loads group sex and european, I want to go home.

He forces my legs open, His hands in between my legs, I fell his fingers pulling me apart. I cry out "No. No stop it" Oh God. I can feel it; he's trying to push his hard thing in me. He mustn't do that; I want him to stop, I'm frightened he's going to rape me. If he puts his penis inside me is that sex?

Will I still be a virgin afterwards? I want to stay a virgin. Frantically I start to wriggle under him. I have to stop him from putting his penis in me. He mustn't do that. He put his hand on my chest, pushing down with all his weight to keep me still. He's angry; his voice is loud and threatening: "Keep still you little bitch" I can't move, I can hardly breathe now as he holds me.

He uses his other hand; putting it between my legs he tries to push his thing in me. It hurting now, feels like I am being stretched apart as he pushes harder trying to force it in my vagina.

Why is he doing this? Is this normal? I try to close my legs but I can't. I want him to stop; he shouldn't be doing this to me. "No. Stop it" I cry out to him loudly. But he's not listening to me. It's really starting to hurt now as he starts to push it in me. No, No. He mustn't do this to me, frantically I kick out with my legs, but I can't stop him. It's hurting.

It's hurting. "No. No. Stop it." I scream at him. "Mummy; I want my mummy" I cry out as I feel a terrible pain between my legs as he forces it into me, it feels like his thing is tearing me apart. I scream in agony now. He puts his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. I scream into his hand, he's on top of me, grinning, his horrible little piggy eyes looking at me, as he pushes it further inside me.

I am so small and his thing is so big. He takes hold of my legs and shoves them further apart, Then he pushes and forces it even further up inside my tummy, it's really hurting, it feels awful.

He is too heavy and strong for me. He keeps his hand over my mouth to muffle my screams, as he begins to move it back and forth in side me. He stops for a moment. I think it might be over, but he hasn't finished yet. Now that he's entered me he takes his hand out from between my legs, he pushes my blouse and T shirt the stunning stella cox dps herself in super sexy interview so that my small breasts are exposed, he puts his hand on them and starts grouping and squeezing them while he thrusts his penis back and forth inside me.

I try to think of anything but what is happening to me. I look at the wall, anywhere except at his horrible grinning face.

I can feel the tears on my cheeks. His penis is so big inside, it's really hurting me. He is making strange noises, grunting and panting now as he starts thrusting more quickly back and forth inside me. It's so painful, Now his movements start to get quicker and quicker. I try to open my legs wider apart to stop it hurting, but it doesn't stop hurting, It ebony girl gives her pussy a good rubdown makes it easier for him to push it even further up inside me.

He said it would be over quickly if I kept my legs apart. So I just lay there, sobbing in pain keeping my legs apart while he does it to me. I just want it to be over.

Please god, make him stop, but he continues doing it. Is this sex, is he having sex with me now, will I still be a virgin when he's finished? The pain seems to be getting less now; his penis isn't hurting me so much now as he moves it inside me, but it's still very uncomfortable.

I've heard about it at school; I know, he's fucking me now; this is what men do to girls.

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I'm being fucked by this horrible Pakistani man. All of a sudden he makes a loud grunt and puts even more of his weight on me as he collapses on me. I can't breathe he is so heavy. I feel his thing smaller now. He pulls it out. It's finally over' he's finished. Will he let me go home now? I want to go home. He takes his hand away from covering my mouth and gets off me asking me if I'm okay.

I don't know what to say, I'm hurting between my legs and I'm too frightened to say anything, in case he won't let me go home.

He gets up of the bed, I see his penis hanging limp now, there's blood on it. He pulls his jogging pants up. Telling me: "It's all over now" He unlocks the hand cuffs and frees my hands. As I push my skirt down to cover myself. I see the blood, between my legs and on the inside of my thighs. He's made me bleed, why am I bleeding, I'm scared. I stammer telling him, "I'm bleeding" He says; "That's normal, you were a virgin all girls bleed a little when they have their virginity taken you were a good girl" He adds: "Your mummy and daddy would be very proud of you." He pulls some toilet paper of the roll and hands it to me, telling me to clean myself up.

I'm all wet now in between pussy plays with cindy hope and ashley top of my legs, it's not just blood but like sticky stuff. I wipe the blood off the inside of my thighs and legs I pull my skirt down.

I'm very sore between my legs it feels likes a burning pain and my tummy is aching where his penis had horny babe august ames rides black cock of fiance inside me, but I'm too scared to say anything, I realize he's just raped me.

I know for sure that I'm not a virgin anymore now. He gives me some me some more toilet paper and hands me my panties, telling me; "You might still bleed a little bit, so put that in side your panties" I do what he says and put my panties back on putting the toilet paper inside my panties.

I don't say anything; I think I'm just too ashamed because of what he's done to me. Standing up, I want to put my blazer on and go home, he hands me my blazer I'm standing by the bed. Horrified I see the large blood stain on the white towel that he made me lay on.

I know now why he put it on the bed; he knew I would bleed when he took my virginity. He gives me some money counting it out.

Fifty pounds for mum's medicine and he gives me another ten pounds telling me that's pocket money. No one has ever given me pocket money before. I have to go home now I tell him I watch him turn off the video camera and we go back into the shop.

He gives me the groceries telling me I can come and get anything I need whenever I want. When I get home mum is in bed asleep. I go straight to my room. I feel so dirty and ashamed. I think I realize now what he has actually done to me. I go to the bathroom and shower I try to wash away what he's done to me. I want to clean my body. I want to be pure again, but I know I never will be.

I can still feel where his revolting penis has been right up inside me I still had to get things from his shop, but I never talked to him, I didn't want to see or be anywhere near this horrible man.

Hassan was 61years old; he'd never married, well not here in England. Back in Afghanistan where he came from he'd married at 24 It had been an arranged marriage, she'd hadn't given him any children and he left her after 5 years and came to England. He'd had this corner shop for 4 years now, it hardly made any money but enough to survive and due to the fact that he lived on the premises in the back room he wasn't too badly off. It was Friday and he knew the Smith girl would be coming in after school today; she would need to get groceries for the weekend.

He liked young white girls and she was a pretty young thing, also very naïve, which he had taken full advantage off. It was nearly two weeks ago now, he'd planned it well, threatening and frightening her into believing she would be evicted from her house and put into a home, then he'd taken her into his back room and forced himself on her.

She'd deserved it, thinking she could legal age teenager rides knob at the casting hardcore and blowjob everything for nothing, stupid little white bitch, he'd just taken part of what he was owed&hellip.

in kind. She been a virgin and even after he'd broken her hymen and entered her, her vagina had still been extremely tight, probably because she was so young and at first it had been difficult to get the full length of his penis right up inside her, he knew it had been very painful for her, but that hadn't deterred him. After some good hard thrusting he'd finally opened the tight little bitch enough, so that he was able to penetrate her fully and take his enjoyment properly.

It wasn't as if his penis was enormous, seven and half inches isn't that long, but he did make up for it in thickness with nearly two inches in diameter it certainly had made it painful for the young girl, and afterwards when he'd finished fucking the tight little bitch, he'd come inside her, she was probably too young to get pregnant, his penis was really sore. He had everything ready for when she came today, a DVD cover, it was in full color and really looked like one that you could rent or buy with some very explicit and embarrassing pictures on the front and back covers, including one of her taking the money.

She would be really frightened that her friends or somebody at her school might see it and with the threat of having her and her family evicted, he knew she would now be completely in his control. He knew some very wealthy Pakistani business men who would like some fresh young white meet and he was sure they would pay a lot of money to have sex with this pretty young white girl.

With luck she would make him a lot of money. In addition, she would have to bring him some of her young girl friends, nice pretty young girls,…virgins. Hassan liked virgins He checked his watch, she would be here soon…&hellip.PART Hot brunette babe likes to get slammed Coming soon.