Nasty babe has her pussy rubbed hard

Nasty babe has her pussy rubbed hard
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Disclaimer: I do not own Victorious and have no association with anyone involved in the show. Victorious: Corrupting Cat Part 3 by KOP "Jadey, what's a lesbian?" Despite the fact that she was driving her car Jade couldn't help but blink and briefly look at Cat. The redhead's face was a mask of innocence and sincerity. The same could have been said for the tone she had just used, Jade having no doubt that her friend was in no way being sarcastic or passive aggressive, just genuinely curious.

Turning her attention back to the road Jade said, "Cat, I've told you a thousand times, don't call me Jadey." Indeed they'd had this conversation many times, but Cat could never remember it until after that particular nickname slipped past her lips. This time round Cat was relieved there was no menace or anger in Jade's tone, dani daniels and maddy oreilly got naughty instead of apologising as usual she ignored the comment.

After all Cat knew she wasn't a super duper smarty-pants, but even she noticed that Jade had ignored the important part of her question. So after a few moments of silence Cat continued, "It's just that, you kept calling me that last night and this morning, and when I asked Tori about it-" "YOU TALKED TO TORI ABOUT LAST NIGHT!" Jade exclaimed loudly and angrily. "Ahhhhh." Cat let out a timid squeak, trembling under Jade's gaze as she whimpered, "I, I, no. I just, just asked her what a lesbian was." Quickly calming down Jade smirked, "And what did she say?" "Well, first she got all quiet and kind of weird." Cat said, trying her best to recall her earlier conversation, "Then she took me into the janitor's closet and asked why I wanted to know.

I shrugged and said I heard it somewhere, which was true, and then she said a lesbian is a girl who likes other girls in the way most girls like boys. That they want to kiss other girls, and go on dates with them, and do other stuff with them, but she wouldn't tell me what she meant by other stuff, and.

and is that right Jadey? Is that what a lesbian is?" "Pretty much." Jade shrugged before adding, "What happened next?" "When?" Cat asked, a little confused.

"After Tori told you her definition of a lesbian did she say anything else." Jade slowly clarified, trying not to lose her temper with the ditzy redhead. "Oh." Cat murmured in understanding, "She asked me if I thought I was a lesbian." There was a little pause and then with a soft side Jade asked, "And? What did you say after Tori asked you if you thought you were a lesbian?" "Probably." Cat said smiling as if it was no big deal.

"You told her probably?" Jade asked with a raised eyebrow. "Well, yes. And I also said that if a lesbian is a girl who likes kissing other girls then I probably am one because I like kissing other girls." Cat said simply, before quickly adding, "But I didn't mention you, I swear. I even fibbed a little by saying it was girls instead of a girl so she wouldn't sex sortoffamily com mom son that maybe I've just been kissing you." Jade smiled softly.

By Cat's standards that was actually pretty smart, especially as the idea of Cat kissing girls as in plural probably freaked goody two shoes Tori Vega out so much it prevented her from asking exactly who the little redhead had been kissing. Of course the nosy Latina might get over that initial reaction to ask Cat in the future.

Guessing there was more to the story Jade asked, "Then what happened?" Following despite the pause this time Cat answered, "Tori went all quiet and kind of weird again, then she told me that I should be open and honest about this stuff, and that no matter who I wanted to kiss we would always be friends. Then she hugged me. I liked that part." "Huh." Jade murmured, "Wouldn't have guessed that goody two shoes Tori Vega would have been so ok with homosexuality." "What's that?" Cat asked.

"It's another word for lesbian. Well, lesbianism." Jade said thoughtfully, and when she saw Cat looked a little lost she added slowly and softly, "Lots of different words basically meaning the same thing, ok Kitten?" "Oh, ok." Cat murmured before giggling, "That's silly." "Mmmm." Jade mumbled thoughtfully before adding, "So what happened next?" "When?" Cat asked. "After you and Tori hugged, what happened after that." Jade clarified, trying not to lose her patients.

"Oh." Cat nodded before smiling, "Tori asked if I wanted to get lunch, and I said yay lunch, and then we-" "Went to lunch, got it." Jade finished as she pulled up into her driveway, stop the car and then turned to Cat, "Listen, were about to walk through my home so who knows who might be listening in, so do me a favour and just stay quiet until we reach my room, ok?" "Ok." Cat grinned.

"Cat, look at me." Jade said very slowly and carefully, continuing to do so as Cat smile brightly at her with those big brown eyes, "Don't talk until we reach my room. And if you absolutely have to say something, make sure it isn't about what we just talked about, or anything to do with it.

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That means absolutely nothing about your conversation with Tori, and definitely nothing to do with what we did last night and this morning. Do you understand?" "Yes." Cat said brightly. "Good." Jade said, unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out the car. Cat did the same, following Jade to her front door. Then, just as Jade was about to open the door, Cat asked, "Jade, what did Tori mean by other stuff when she was talking about what homosexualitys do to each other?" Jade turned to Cat.

If it was anyone else she would have snapped at them, verbally and perhaps physically attacked them, but she looked into those big brown eyes and her anger faded away. Besides from looking into those innocent eyes Jade was convinced that either Cat generally didn't remember the conversation they'd just had, or Cat just didn't understand the importance of it.

Either way Jade supposed that she should have realised something like this could happen when she set out to corrupt Cat, and that she should just be grateful they were still outside where no one was likely to hear them.

So, keeping herself as calm as possible, Jade lent in an whispered, "Firstly, it's homosexuals. Or homosexual girls, or gay girls, or lesbians. You should probably try and stick to the last two as they're less of a mouthful and roll off the tongue. Secondly. if you can stay really quiet for the next minute, I promise to show you exactly what Tori meant, ok?" "YAY!" Cat exclaimed loudly, grinning happily as Jade quickly unlocked the door, grabbed her by the wrist and roughly pulled the tiny redhead into the house, up the stairs and into the Goth's bedroom.

As soon as the door was slammed Jade grabbed onto Cat brooke marks world cup babe team usa squeaked loudly in surprise. Before the redhead had a chance to say anything Jade pressed her lips forcefully down onto Cat's as she pushed the other girl back against the wall. About a second later when her back hit the wall Cat was happily kissing back, quickly parting her lips when Jade's tongue started forcefully pushing against them to make it easier for the Goth to enter her mouth.

From there Jade's tongue quickly conquered Cat's mouth and tongue, the small girl only too happy to be conquered by the bigger girl. They stayed passionately kissing like that for quite a while, the only additions being Jade's knee slipping in between Cat's thighs and rubbing her most private of areas while Jade's hands seemed to be everywhere at once on Cat's body.

Both these things had Cat moaning into Jade's mouth, something which seemed to greatly please the dark haired girl given the way she was grinning into the kiss. All of a sudden Jade roughly grabbed Cat's boobs in a way which probably should have hurt but felt good, the slightly taller girl's fingers zoning in on Cat's nipples through the fabric of her clothes. The feeling had Cat breaking the kiss and crying out loudly.

Then a little light bulb went off inside Cat's head like one of those funny cartoons. "Is, is this what Tori meant?" Cat squeaked.

"What do you mean Kitty?" Jade smirked as she lent forward to begin gently kissing Cat's neck. "Be, before, oh, when Tori said that. lesbians girls do other stuff together, did, oh, ohhhhh, did she mean stuff like this?" Cat asked softly in between moans.

"Just lesbians Cat. Or gay girls." Jade explained softly, "And yes, this is the kind of thing Tori was talking about. Although I'm betting that even her fragile little mind was referring specifically to the things girls do to each other when there clothes are off." "Oh." Cat blushed, "Like last night and this morning?" "Yes Kitten, just like that." Jade smiled, leaning in so she could whisper the next part in Cat's ear, "The question is, do you want to do it again?" Cat blushed, nodded, and then somewhat unnecessarily added, "Ye, yes Jade.

I, I wanna do other stuff with you. lesbian stuff." Jade smiled widely, thought about congratulating Cat on her correct use of the word lesbian, then simply slowly moved backwards in the direction of her bed, "Then strip for me Kitty Cat.

Take off all your clothes so I can fuck you." "Jade!" Cat exclaimed, "That's a bad word." "Just using it in the correct context Kitten." Jade said softly as she sat down on her bed, "Now do as you're told." Cat bit her lip in this way which despite herself Jade couldn't help find cute.

And not in that cutesy way she hated and wanted to destroy, but the kind of cute she was ok with. Very ok with. Then Cat began slowly taking off her clothes in the unsexiest way possible, the small girl awkwardly rushing through it, even getting her head stuck for a few minutes as she tried to remove her shirt.

Again it sexy stacy thorn interracial with hard cock riding the type of cute that Jade was very ok with. Once Cat was naked Jade looked the other girl up and down. Despite still looking awkward Cat didn't look just cute anymore, she looked hot. Sexy even. And while Jade could, and probably would, spend plenty of time analysing exactly why she thought of Cat that way she wasn't about to leave her best friend to stand awkwardly for hours on end, obviously waiting for Jade to give her some kind of instruction.

So Jade got up, tilted her head in a motion to the bed and said, "Take a seat Kitty. I'll be with you in just a second." Quickly bouncing onto the bed Cat let out an almost childlike chuckle of delight. Jade half expected her to giggle bouncy, bouncy. Then Cat turned to look at Jade who was pulling her top over her head. In between the brief time that she lost sight of Cat the redhead's expression suddenly changed from jovial to captivated, Jade proudly smirking at this development.

Cat remained just as captivated as Jade removed the rest of her clothes as slowly and seductively as possible. When extrem geile teen aus nuernberg hart genagelt was done Jade slowly sauntered over to her bed, feeling like a predator after its prey as she softly said, "Lay back Kitten. No, move back first so your lying completely on the bed. That's it, good Kitty." Once Cat was in position Jade slowly crawled up onto the bed and over Cat's body, the movement increasing the predator comparison.

Then once they were face to face Jade looked down into Cat's big brown eyes and bit her lip. After a long pause Jade murmured, "Cat. I want you to do something for me." Cat smiled brightly, "Anything Jadey." Jade smiled softly. She truly believed she could ask this girl to do just about anything for her and she would do it. So Jade really, really didn't have to do anything she didn't want too.

But. even though she didn't have too. she wanted to do this. Just to try it. Just once. "Close your eyes Kitty." Jade said softly, Cat immediately doing as she was told, "Now keep them closed and stay as quiet as you can." With that Jade kissed Cat. Just a little peck, as although Jade was deeply tempted to turn it into something more passionate she didn't want to have time to lose her nerve.

That was also why she didn't linger on Cat's neck, simply kissing her way down it until she reached her friend's perky little boobs. These Jade couldn't resist lingering on. In fact it actually helped her to do so as for a few glorious moments Jade became completely lost in this admittedly very lesbian act. Cat's boobs were even better than Jade remembered.

So soft, so supple, so. delicious. Like perfectly ripened fruit, or meat cooked to perfection, or some other lame analogy. The point was that the redhead's boobs dirty mom sex her son so good in fact that it seemed a shame that Cat spent way too much of her time hiding them in baggy clothing.

Perhaps if Jade was a better friend she would insist on Cat wearing more revealing clothes. No doubt Cat would resist at first, but if anyone could make Catarina Valentine do anything it was Jade West. That would make Cat popular with the boys overnight, and with the girls, which would lead to more unwanted advances but for the most part Jade could be there to make sure Cat was ok. But Jade didn't want lots of people looking at Cat's tits.

She didn't want lots of people looking at Cat. No, Jade wanted Cat all to sotboy big baleka xxx story, and while she would have time to analyse that later for now Jade's entire world revolved around Cat's perky little boobs. The last two times they had done these types of things Cat's eyes had been closed automatically for a little while.

Cat hadn't even thought about it, it had just happened. Now it was near enough all she could think about. Keeping her mom sleep son fuck force closed. Because there was near enough no other coherent thought running through her mind.

Not when Jade's mouth and tongue were driving her crazy. Before when Jade had done this it had been amazing, but with her eyes closed Cat became hypersensitive of every little touch, making the experience even more amazinger. Even the gentle kissing to the soft flesh of her boobs were like heaven, and when Jade licked or sucked one of Cat's nipples, or even just wrapped her lips around one so that the little redhead was left to anticipate the next lick or suck, was indescribable.

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Soon Cat gave up trying, especially when keeping her eyes closed became so difficult. Eventually Cat just couldn't resist taking a teeny tiny peek.

And when she did. it didn't really seem to decrease how amazing she felt. In fact her heart skipped a beat at seeing Jade so passionately licking and sucking her nipples, the brunette's hands sliding upwards and cupping Cat's boobs in a way which made the little redhead let out a little squeak of pleasure.

Cat squeaked again a few moments later as Jade's mouth moved lower, the redhead's heart now feeling as if it was pounding a mile a minute in her chest as she anticipated exactly what her best friend was going to do next.

Even when she reached her destination Jade wasn't so sure she was actually going to do it. She had thought about it pretty much non-stop all day, but now she was actually in position her nerves were threatening to give out on her. Of course at the best of times Jade loathed even admitting to herself that something made her nervous, but these were special circumstances. Although to be honest, now she was here, the sweet smell was doing a lot to calm her nerves.

Or at least allowing her to ignore them. Whatever the case Jade closed her eyes, moved ever so slightly forwards, stuck out her tongue and slid it over the other girl's pussy lips. Jade wasn't sure what to make of her first taste of another girl's pussy. She had tsex stories riyal tavar xxx six hiroin her own on Cat's lips and tongue, but this was totally different.

This was tasting another girl from her source and honestly. Jade didn't hate it. In fact as she began repeatedly sliding her tongue over Cat's wet little downstairs lips Jade found it was exactly the opposite.

Once her taste buds had become accustomed to the flavour of pussy Jade found herself liking it more and more with every lick. Soon liking turned to loving and then to craving, Jade's tongue rapidly increasing the speed of the licks for a little while before she zoned in on Cat's clit, bullying that little thing with her tongue before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it.

"Oooooooohhhhhhh Jaaaaadddddeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!" Cat cried out loudly. "Shhhhh, quiet Chines cute butyfull blue flims Cat!" Jade scolded, briefly bringing her hand up so she could pinch Cat's clit as punishment before quickly kissing it better.

This of course did little to keep Cat quiet, Jade trying to remember whether she had been this 'quiet' or not when she'd been the one on the receiving end of the pussy eating. She'd like to think so, but honestly her memory was clouded, especially under the circumstances. Luckily it would be unlikely that her workaholic parents would even be in right now, and she could tell her brother was in by his loud music so with any luck no one would hear them.

Still, just to be sure Jade really should shut Cat up. Jade was just having problems pausing her tongue attack on Cat's cunt long enough to do so.

Of course Cat was trying to stay quiet. Really she was. She couldn't remember why she was supposed to be keeping quiet, but she knew it was what Jade wanted which was why Cat was trying oh so hard to do as she was told.

But Jade's tongue was making Cat feel like she literally didn't have control of her body anymore. It felt like every little part of Cat was alive like never before. Like every molecule of her being suddenly had a mind of its own and was screaming out in joyful ecstasy. And for a while Cat couldn't even tell where it was coming from, or exactly how it was happening.

Then her mind focused enough to realise exactly where Jade's tongue was and what it was doing and Cat blushed furiously but didn't even think of protesting. Yesterday and this morning when Jade had touched her down there, and when the slightly taller girl had made Cat touch herself, it had felt amazing. But this felt beyond amazing. Or maybe a different type of amazing. Cat wasn't sure. All she knew was that she was so happy she was a lesbian.

After all if this was what lesbians did to each other Cat desperately wanted to be lesbians with Jade. Suddenly Cat had a thought which made her smile joyfully. That being that if this is what it vcd but xxx 101 99 ww moc like to be on the receiving end of being licked down there, then she must have made Jade feel like this when she did it to her.

She, little Cat Valentine, made the dark haired goddess Jade West feel this amazing. Oh what a wonderful thought. Cat just wished she could make Jade feel like this again.

That sometime in the very near future Jade would allow her the privilege of making her feel like this again. Even if she had to beg, Cat promised herself she would make Jade feel like this again.

Just then Jade unknowingly granted her friend's wish, moving her body round so that the two girls were in the 69 position and gently lowering herself down until her needy sex was less than an inch from Cat's face. "Lick me Kitty." Jade ordered as she lowered her pussy downwards, "Lick my pussy while I'm licking yours!

I want you to oooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwd!" Jade was cut off by Cat's soft little tongue, the redhead not even waiting until the brunette was all the way down before lifting up her head so she could swipe her tongue across Jade's dripping pussy lips.

Which of course had Jade crying out loudly, the dark haired girl quickly returning to licking her friend's sex to try and quieten her moans of pleasure.

Ironically it seemed to work better when Jade pushed her face deeper into Cat's juicy cunt. Or at least it seemed that way. Truthfully the second she pushed her tongue into her friend's pussy Jade was pretty far gone, the Goth girl becoming so focused on tongue fucking the bubbly redhead that she barely even acknowledged her own moans, groans and whimpers of pleasure, all of which were somewhat muffled by the fact that they went directly into Cat's sex.

Although as a side-effect each sound Jade made caused vibrations which made Cat moan, groan and whimper louder into Jade's pussy, those vibrations in turn making the dark haired girl moan, groan and whimper louder, and so on and so on.

Then, finally returning the favour, Cat pushed her tongue into Jade's welcoming love hole, at which point the Goth completely lost her mind. However just before she did Jade had one last coherent thought, which coincided with her curling her tongue inside Cat to try and find the other girl's most sensitive spots to make her cum quicker and ideally harder. That thought was.

these weren't exactly the actions of a straight girl. Cat was almost as lost in this act as Jade was. The only difference was something was happening which was distracting Cat and keeping her mind from completely going. That thing was Jade grinding her special area down on top of Cat's face. Just thinking about what Jade was doing made Cat blush. It seemed so weird, yet somehow naughty and wrong. Like this was something bad girls did.

And of course, Jade was a bad girl, not like really bad but the kind of girl who would do something like this, but Cat wasn't the type of girl who should be on the receiving end of it. But it felt good. Really, really good.

Cat's whole entire world became Jade. All she could see, all she could smell and most of all all she could taste was pure Jade and it was heavenly.

Even if Cat did briefly wonder if she would suffocate from being pressed against Jade's special place, or if her head was going to be crushed as it was squeezed in between Jade's private area and the bed sheets. Although if either of those things had to happen to her Cat would want them to happen like this, because then the last thing she would see, smell and taste would be pure Jade. As that really kind of dark thought for her crossed Cat's mind Jade's tongue did this thing where it curled inside her sex.

Jade's tongue had been doing that for quite a while, but this time it hit this place inside her which made the redhead see stars. Cat could even swear that was literally the case as her body quivered with the same wonderful sensations Jade had made her feel last night and this morning, yet even though she felt like she was being slowly turned into a happy goo Cat redoubled her efforts to give Jade those same kind of wonderful sensations. Luckily the brunette was so near the edge by that point that the redhead easily succeeded, Jade cumming in Cat's mouth only a few moments after Cat had cum in Jade's teen eva fire gets dicked down and facialized. As the sweet taste of the other's cum slid down their throats the two girls seem to become even more desperate to fuck each other, both Cat and Jade slamming their tongues in and out of the other until they were given a fresh batch of this lady had an amazing wazoo and nice natural tits cum to swallow.

Then the process was repeated, over and over again, both girls losing count of how much they came and how much cum they greedily swallowed until finally they could take no more. Even though it was Jade who rolled off of Cat the redhead felt like she had been seconds away from passing out so she was very grateful, the two friends lying there panting for several long seconds.

Then Jade very slowly turned her body round so she was face to face with Cat, the Goth becoming lost in the innocent girl's big brown eyes for a few long seconds.

When the stair was finally broken Jade's eyes briefly lingered on Cat's cum covered face, then she roughly kissed the wankz black babe hot lesbian sex pornstars and big butt girl. To Jade's delight Cat kissed back with the same intensity, and even happily returned the favour after Jade broke away to start lapping at her own cum that was on her friend's pretty face.

Once their faces were clean Jade briefly kissed Cat again then rolled them over so that her redheaded lover was laying in her arms, the two of them just laying like that in total silence for several long minutes. Then in a very soft and timid tone Cat broke the silence, "J, jade. are you my boyfriend?" Despite herself Jade smiled softly, "You mean girlfriend Cat." "Oh." Cat said softly, obviously having to work up the courage to continue, "Are.

are you? I. I mean last night you said you like-liked me, and I really, really like-like you, and Tori said that lesbians want to kiss, and date, and do the stuff we just did with other girls, so. so if we're doing that stuff and kissing, are we dating?" After biting her lip for a little bit Jade replied, "Not necessarily." "Oh." Cat murmured, obviously disappointed. Then, mustering up all her courage, Cat lifted herself up so for the first time during this conversation she was actually looking at Jade, then asked, "Can.

can we?" Jade paused, partly for effect, and partly not. After all this had been the plan. Kind of. The sex was only meant to be a one time thing.

Maybe two times. However long it took to corrupt Cat. But she was also going to make Cat think they were girlfriends then break up with her to toughen her up, maybe even deny they had ever been a couple, which would be easy as Jade would refused to let anyone know about them.

But Jade had already decided that having lesbian sex with Cat wasn't going to be a one or two time thing so much as a at least once every day thing until they graduated. Allowing Cat to think they were girlfriends for that long would be more effective when the breakup came anyway.

But, while Jade still had no intention of falling in love with Cat she could no longer tell herself she was completely straight, and as a bi or possibly even gay girl she could do a lot worse than having cute little Cat Valentine as her girlfriend. Besides, as bisexuality was mainstream, but not so mainstream it wasn't considered taboo, there were certain benefits from going all the way and coming out as being part of a lesbian relationship.

Just the look on her friends' faces when they found out she and Cat were dating would surely be worth any setbacks, and it was certainly preferable than people thinking Jade couldn't get a date between now and graduation.

So smiling softly Jade said, "Are you asking me out?" Cat blushed, lowered her gaze and stammered, "I. erm. I. yes?" The way Cat briefly looked down during the final word, and the way she squeaked her answer out in the form of a question, as if she was asking Jade's permission if it was ok to ask her out, was the kind of cute that Jade could tolerate. In fact, even though she had no intention of telling anyone ever, Jade kind of liked it. "Ok." Jade said softly, waiting until Cat was looking at her again with big hopeful eyes, "But for our first couple of dates, you're paying." A smile crossed Cat's face, starting out small and turning into an almost terrifyingly large grin, "YAY!" With that Cat's head crashed down onto Jade's chest and the redhead's arm slid underneath the brunette's body so she could squeeze the Goth in what was a incredibly forceful hug considering Cat's size.

The sudden increase knocked the wind out of Jade, something that would have pissed Jade off for any reason, let alone a hug. But Cat was just so happy Jade didn't have the heart to yell at her. Hell, Jade couldn't even correct Cat when she dreamingly murmured, "I have a girlfriend." Despite what Jade might have thought Cat new that such a label was probably too soon and they should probably date a bit first.

That's the protocol her Mom had told her about boyfriends, so surely it should apply to girlfriends too. But it was kind of confusing as her Mom had also very firmly stated not to let boys do anything to her before they had taken out on a bunch of nice dates which Jade hadn't done, however Cat really didn't care how they got here, all that mattered was she was dating Jade.

Jade was her girlfriend. And she was Jade's girlfriend. They were girlfriends. Oh Cat was sooooooo happy! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope you guys liked it, please comment with constructive criticism only please!!