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'Yes, she's at home now and please hurry', demanded my ex girlfriend as she hung up on me. 'What a disaster', I muttered to myself as I lazily got up from bed and went towards the bathroom to freshen up. It had been almost a year after my break up with Amrita; me trying to get back together and she simply putting me off. Her elder sister Punam was in town today.

On account of training that was called in suddenly, Amrita had to go off to Pune for two days. She wanted me to help out Punam as she was completely new to my city.

I opened up the shower and continued what I always did, thinking about Amrita; I really did miss her so bad. After battling through the horrendous city traffic, I finally arrived at what was once a honeymoon suite for me, Amrita's apartment. I parked my bike and made my way up to her flat and ringed the doorbell. Punam opened the door and greeted with a surprised look, 'Oh, you're already here'.

I smiled back and entered as she welcomed me in. 'Sorry I'm still unpacking and just freshened up, please don't mind the mess', she said and asked me to sit down and bent down on the other side to pick something up.

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It wasn't long before my eyes wandered off to her flawlessly white legs, she was wearing a very tiny short and a rather loose sleeveless top. She was obviously not expecting me so early.

'So how have you been', she almost caught me staring at her ass and thighs from behind as she suddenly turned around. 'Umm yeah, not bad', I replied shifting my gaze upwards.

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She knew about our break up so didn't quite ask about it. Man, Punam was no less sexy than her sister. Though married, she still maintained her hot figure.

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And her outfit sure did accentuate her beauty. Then began the usual chit chat, how I was, how was life going, blah blah. I was absent mindedly replying to all her queries while my eyes started checking her out.

Boobs, they sure were bigger than Amrita's, perfectly round and firm. Her husband no doubt was having one hell of a time. Legs, long and toned, perhaps fairer than most women on earth. I think she started feeling a bit uncomfortable with the skimpy shorts so she sat down on the floor and brought her suitcase in front of her, pretending to search for something.

I was already having a faint hard-on gazing at Amrita's elder sister, my ex girlfriend's sister. Was this a bad thing? Don't know but it sure was fun. 'Let me check out the balcony', I said trying to figure out new ways of getting view of her assets. I got up and went across her towards the balcony and as you might have already guessed it, gazed down into the valley of heaven.

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And man, was it a sight. Her beautiful white domes were resting there, quietly. Her top was loose enough for providing a nice view. As I went away a bit further, I got the best down-blouse view in my entire life so far. Her breasts so round, firm and white; I almost saw her nipples but sadly I couldn't continue more. I went to the balcony with a firm hard on now and thanked Mr. Bra for not being there. 'Fucking hell', I thought to myself as I blankly stared at the super hot after image in my mind.

'Do you want anal of beauty is fucked hardcore and blowjob to make some tea for you?', she asked still sitting on the floor. 'Yes, sure', I replied, smiling to myself. More wonderful views incoming. Amrita's clothes were hung out on the balcony to dry. Besides her usual attires, I spotted one bra and panties that I recognized.

My hard on only got more firm as I began thinking about the past. 'Tea's ready', Punam spoke up looking towards the balcony. She saw me looking at Amrita's panties and I think she let out a very faint smile.

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I went inside and sat down on the floor. 'You can sit on the bed', she said. 'No, vibrating anal toy in doggy style is what makes me happy fine', I replied with a smile as I got ready for more good views. Punam picked my tea and bent forward to hand it to me. Man, this was the time of my life; and it started happening in full slow motion. Her breasts began appearing like the sun rises in the horizon.

White, round domes started to come into view as my mouth opened in trance. And this time, I got the complete view- from the base to the amazing pink tips. I felt waves swirling in my dick as I started experiencing another massive hard on. Her boobs were amazing and her nipples, a step ahead; man what would I not give to suck on them. The hot surface of the tea cup brought me back to my senses as they grazed my hand.

I held the cup and said, 'Thanks di'. She smiled back, unaware of anything and sat on the bed, legs crossed. Just when I thought the show was over, the best parts started pouring in. 'How's tea?', Punam asked with a smile. 'It's so good', I said scanning her snow white legs. Her posture made the already skimpy shorts rise up towards her crotch, almost touching her panties. As I continued gazing for openings, my phone rang. 'Did you meet her?'. It was Amrita checking up on me. 'Yes, please take my pen-drive from her and do the required print outs for her', she continued.

'Put di on the line'. I handed the phone to her sister. Punam unfolded her legs to get up and it was at this moment that I grabbed the opportunity to catch a glimpse of her steamy hot inner thighs and her sexy black panties. My dick was on the verge of exploding now. 'I guess I'll take a nap now, see you tomorrow?', Punam said with a smile, signalling me to take my leave now, sadly. I smiled and said with disappointment, 'Sure, I'll bring the print outs tomorrow.' I took one final scan of Punam and exited the door waving a goodbye.

The show was over for today, but tomorrow's a new day. I smiled and started my bike.