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Livecam lovely cam girl masterbate no hd
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"Rob we really can't, my parents could be home any minute," I said to him after we made each other cum and he wants to keep going. "We'll do it by the doorway so we can hear if they come home.

I want to fuck you so bad" Rob is one of those guys that can cum quickly but just keep going over and over so I knew we'd be at it for a while, and it kind of excited me. "How are we going to do it by the doorway?" I asked him. "Here I'll show you, stand up." I stood up and walked to the doorway now completely naked since I ended up taking off my shirt and bra earlier. Because there is a small amount of wall between my bedroom door and closet door, he guided me to it and told me to put my hands on either side of the wall and bend over with my legs spread.

I did as he told and I felt him come up blonde teen agata brutally fisting each of marys holes me, but not enter is dick into my pussy. He ended up reaching around in front and touching my slit, I'm guessing he did it to feel if I was wet enough for him to enter me.

It seemed I wasn't because he started rubbing my clit furiously with no warning and my legs started shaking immediately.

Instinctively I pushed my ass out into him wanting him to fuck me right then and it seemed he wanted the same thing because he stopped stimulating my clit and grabbed my hips to hold me steady for him to push into me hard. "Fuck!" I screamed because I wasn't expecting it that hard but loved the feeling at the same time.

He was like an animal pounding into me hard and fast and holding my hips like a vice grip. It didn't take long for him to cum inside of me but I knew it wasn't over.

I stood up slightly to turn my body enough to passionately kiss him before he pushed on my back signaling he was ready for round 2. I leaned forward again as he started to enter wanton and erotic sex games hardcore reality, this time a little slower, probably to tease me.

He wasn't fucking me as hard and fast this time and I was getting a little impatient because he came again and I didn't.

So I took one hand off the wall and started to rub my clit like he did before, he noticed this and grabbed my arm and pinned it behind my back. "We'll have none of that naughty girl," he growled in my ear. "Mm I think naughty girls get spankings," I moaned back to him. For some reason it really turns me on to get my ass slapped and Rob knows it. So with that he slapped my ass nice and hard with his dick still in me and I started to moan his name. "Oh Rob keep spanking me, I'm such a bad girl!" "You like that don't you babe?

You're so sexy you make me want to fuck you hard again" "Oh please Rob do it, make me cum again!" He started fucking me slow but nice and hard. He pulled out all the way and would slam into me. After a few thrusts he leaned forward and reached under me to cup each of my breasts in his hands and fucked me as fast as he could.

He tweaked my nipples between his fore finger and thumb and that got my so close to cumming. "Rob don't stop I'm so close!" "Oh no I'm not going to stop, not until you cum all over my hard dick!" With that my body convulsed into my second orgasm of the day and my knees buckled from underneath me.

Feeling my orgasm set Rob off and he came inside me again. When he pulled out I almost fell to the ground I was so tired from the intense orgasm.

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He was ready to go again but I told him I needed a break, it really wore me out. He followed me back to my bed and let me rest my head on his chest while he rubbed my shoulder.

"Do you realize how much I love fucking you?" Rob asked me. "Haha I love when you fuck me too," I responded giggling. "I'm thirsty, do you want some water?" "Sure." I got up and started walking to my doorway and I hear him whistle so I whip my head around and playfully give him a stern look.

I'm in the kitchen reaching for cups in the cupboard when I feel Rob spank my ass. "Mm Rob I wasn't ready for that!" "But I know you liked it," he replied with a wink. He then lifted me up and sat me down on the counter and opened my knees. "Rob what are you doing? This is my kitchen!" "Babe you had only two orgasms while I had three.

Don't you want me to make it up to you?" "And how will you make it up to me?" "I am getting kind of hungry…" With that he bent down and immediately started licking my pussy. I turned me on like crazy to know he wanted to pleasure me and he's willing to do it in my open kitchen! I could feel him sucking on my pussy lips and occasionally licking my slit from bottom to top. But I wanted to feel his tongue deep inside me, moving around and tasting every inch of my wet pussy he likes so much.

"Rob please tongue fuck me, I want to feel your tongue wriggling inside of me!" I said while pushing his head closer into me. He did what I asked and I instantly started to moan loudly and thrust my hips wanting to cum.

After a little tongue fucking he moved to my clit and flicked it with his soft yet firm tongue. I let out a little whimper and started to breathe heavy knowing what was coming. He then started to suck on it harder and harder and I was moaning so loud I knew most beautiful girl porn story wouldn't be able to hear my parents if they came home.

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But at that moment I didn't care because I was having my third intense orgasm of the day and it felt fucking amazing! I let my head fall back and relaxed as my orgasm went through me.

When it was finished I was so tired Rob had to carry me back to my bed and bring the waters himself. After a little rest we got dressed and decided we were too exhausted to start the project. So we popped in a movie and ended up falling asleep together. Hopefully there will be more Spanish projects to come ;)