Maddy oreilly and jodi taylor hot anal sex with lexs cock

Maddy oreilly and jodi taylor hot anal sex with lexs cock
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Stolen Slave; Escape Part Three Master K had me and it was as I feared it would be. I was collared and kept as his pet; forced to await his orders and pleasure. When he left for work, he put me in my kennel, a heavy square cage that, once locked, can't be gotten out of from the inside. He gave me a word processor for twerking white booty 1 tube porn writing he commanded I do, but took my computer and allowed me no access to any outside communication.

He told me he made changes to my profile, and I wondered what he had done. I wore the black collar that Master L had me buy, but now I wore it in truth as a slave.

Master K was a strict and ruthless master, demanding obedience and handing out punishment for the least infraction. He had already beaten me once, for refusing to write the story the first time he ordered me to. The welts have finally started to disappear and I can move fairly well again. Master K had been training me, he said that he was appalled at my inability to obey and act properly. His idea of training was to backhand me when I did something he disliked, or restrain me and use the various toys and devices that he has in the "playroom" he held me captive in to torture me into submission.

He made it clear that there was no option other than to submit completely and accept him, that my former master, Master L has made no moves to reclaim me from him, though I had hoped he would have at least tried somehow.

This is the second week I have been here, and time is starting to shift on me and become hard to measure, the only time with any meaning being the time I spend typing or serving the new master. I have begun to learn his moods, his likes and dislikes, and what he expects of me; which has reduced the severity and amount of discipline he administers.

Over the weekend, Master K became excited about someone, a man that he had been chatting with online. He sat in his favorite recliner with me shackled at his feet, my laptop in his hands; and I wondered what would happen if he allowed this man to come here, what further torture and abuse might be heaped on me at his whim. This morning (Tuesday) Master K left for work as usual, leaving me penned up in the kennel. He returned early, just after two in the afternoon, and in a very good mood, but said not a word about what he'd been doing or why he was in such a good mood.

He let me out of the kennel and told me to prepare him a meal while he sat and watched me and did something on the computer. I watched him out of the corner of my eye, this was the first opportunity I'd had to have any freedom of movement without restraints, as I had to be able to use my hands and move around the kitchen to cook. I tried to suppress my excitement as I realized he wasn't paying nearly as much attention to me as usual.

Master K had turned away from me so I reached out and grabbed the handle of the large cast iron skillet on the stove. I crept towards him, my bare feet silent on the floor. He never saw the skillet as I hit lick my pussy and fuck me hard pornstars with it.

He dropped unconscious from the blow and I took advantage of my sudden freedom to grab some clothes, my computer and purse and the keys to my car and run.

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I headed for the house of a good friend who I knew would help me, knowing that I had to stay away from my own place in case Master K went looking for me before I could decide what to do. When I got there, she was shocked at my appearance and sat me down to hear the whole story. Her husband was there as well, and his face became harder and colder as I told them what had happened. He insisted that the police be called, but I told him that I had a better idea than that, one that had occurred to me as I talked; that I would like to keep this between Master K and myself, but just needed a little backup for help.

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I asked for the phone, which he handed me without appreciating a delectable male wang hardcore cumshot, and I dialed a number I have long had memorized. The woman who answered put me straight through to the person I asked for, and again I explained what had happened and asked for some help.

I was assured that help would be there that evening and we hung up. I used their shower to clean up and took great pleasure in letting the water, set as hot as I could take it, flow over my bruised and tired body. When I was finished, I told them that I would need some time to contact people online who should have been concerned with my absence, and they left me to the peace and quiet of the sunroom.

That was when I discovered what Master K had done to my site page, and the messaging that had gone back and forth between him and Master L. Furious, I started deleting the garbage from my page, and then sent Master L a message informing him that I had freed myself.

He answered me quickly, much to my surprise, as in the messages I had found here and there, I had seen no comments from him concerning my welfare, no hint that he had even tried to find me or get me out of there. Master L wanted to call the police at first, until I told him what I had in mind, and then he decided to leave it to me to handle the next steps myself.

The rest of the evening went by pretty teen gets giant tool into her vagina girlfriend and homemade, and the message came in through the computer that the people coming to aid me in my plan would arrive at midnight.

I left the safe home of my friends to head for the airport to meet the arrivals with just enough time to spare to park and get to their gate. I was pleased to see that each of the three were people I knew well and trusted. We greeted each other and headed for the car and Master K's house, me filling them in on the way. They were shocked that someone had the audacity to kidnap, hold, and subject anyone to what I had been through.

Once the shock wore off, they were as angry as I was at the temerity of Master K. We arrived in his neighborhood, parking a little distance from his house and walking quietly to his door. My three companions stood just out of sight behind the bushes on either side of the door as I rang the bell. I could hear Master K as he approached the door, knew he paused to look and see who it was (something that I would be doing from now on), and then the door swung open.

Master K stepped back so that I could step inside, saying as he did, "You fucked up my dear; you should have stayed away because now you will pay for what you did." Then his expression changed as I stepped forward over the threshold and my companions appeared and rushed through the door behind me before Master K could react and close them out.

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The two men grabbed Master K and moved him further into the house as I closed and locked the door behind us. I led everyone to the playroom, where Master K was restrained on the same lounge he had put me on. I am not a vicious woman, but what he did to me was done to him with his own equipment, he was then beat while I watched, and told never to come near me again or the men would come back and finish what they had started in my defense.