Leyla bentho and kerry in lesbian scene by sapphic erotica masturbation

Leyla bentho and kerry in lesbian scene by sapphic erotica masturbation
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This is a story that happened to me back in 1977 when I was almost 19. I had just picked up a emerald green 72 Buick Skylark GS used from an older couple.

It had a big 455 motor in it. It used to much gas for them and I was in the right place at the right time to get it. The girls in my area liked guys that had a car and especially a nice car. I'm a guy that has never had a problem getting a girlfriend or women in later years, but I'm not like two buddies that girls would just drop their pants if they looked at them.

I didn't have their looks but I had something they didn't have. A bigger cock. Brunette college ex girlfriend vernoica snow blowjob pov little about me at that time. I was just over 6' tall, 185lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes. I wasn't skinny or fat and had been playing many levels of soccer for over ten years.

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Most of time I had a girlfriend and lost my virginity when I was 13 to a 14 year old girl. At 19 I had a penis that measured just over 7 1/4 inches long and 6 1/2 inches around mid shaft. The head was and still is larger than the shaft. Even when I was flaccid I was 5 1/2 inches long and had very low hanging ball too. On a few occasions I have given those on the sidelines a view while playing soccer. I always had on the best underwear I could to contain my jewels, but on one occasion when I was 17 I tried to kick away the ball ending up laying on the ground.

I was right in front of another players mother and she got a very good look up my shorts seeing not only my balls but also most of my cock too. She told me at halftime that if she wasn't married and I wasn't a teammate of her son. She would have had me.

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That what see saw she liked and I had a lucky girlfriend. The night of this story I was three female friends. I have known them from When I was 8 and they were 6. They had always been just friends and we had never dated before this night.

Even though I had guy friends I almost always hung around with a group of 7 girls from the neighbourhood. These three in the story. Sue, Roxanne and Laurie were three of them. I'll start with Laurie. She was a very athletic and tomboyish with shoulder length blonde hair.

The biggest tits on a 17 year old I knew at the time. They weren't huge but bigger than any other girl her age. She had a great ass. It was so firm you could bounce a quarter off it. Her pussy, well I'll tell you about that later.

Roxanne was also 17 and a brunette with a Farrah Fawcett style haircut. She was the skinniest of the group with small breasts, but nice big nipples. She had a flat ass, but it had a nice shape to it.

Sue was the classiest of the group. She was perfect and knew it too. She was a killer in a bikini. Nice size breasts. Not to big and not to small with just the right size nipples for her breasts. Her ass was one of those that not one guy would go by and not take a good look at it.

This was back before pre washed jeans. Sue would get nice fitting jeans from the store and then at home put them on to sit in a tub of hot water to shrink them to fit even better.

This was also before thongs and she would go without panties on because she didn't like the line they made. She always looked incredible. A perfect fit around her ass and a mouthwatering fit around her mons / pussy lips. She always had the perfect smelling fragrance about her too. Guys were always hitting on her. The night of the story the four of us were out cruising around in the car. We hung out at the burger place by the lake. Then we drove through the big city next to ours and out into the countryside.

It was time to smoke another joint brunette model tiffany brookes makes good blowjob in this case three of them. So I pulled into a farm field I knew was a good place. We couldn't be seen from the road, but could see someone coming in. I installed my nice Pioneer stereo system into the car the day before, so we had the tunes. I turned my back to my door to face Sue with my right leg over past the pistol grip shifter to the floor on her side.

She turned to face me putting her left barefoot on my right thigh. This also made it easier to talk to Laurie and Roxanne in the back, also to pass the joints around.

About half of the way through the first one I sparked up a second one. After the first one was finished it was really starting to kick in. Just has we were finishing the second one Sue reached for the stereo and turned it down.

Not up. Sue looked into the back and then at me. She said I don't know about you guys but smoking weed makes me so very horny. Then she said Peter you show a nice bulge in your jeans when you wear them and well we've heard that you're big. Judy said that she heard her brother talking about how big your dick was.

She told us one day when we were talking about guys.

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Then Sue rubbed her foot across my crotch and my shaft tucked into the right leg of my jeans she asked if I did. I told her to tell us if I did or not. After using her foot a bit Sue reached forward with her right hand and started feeling my already harder shaft in my pants. O My she said you are big. You guys check this out. Sue was now rubbing the head of my cock through my jeans.

She then asked if we were close to the quarry that we go swimming at. I told her yes about 15-20 minutes away. Let's go skinny dipping Sue and Laurie said. While I was trying to drive there Sue never took her hand away from my crotch. She had me so hard and I had my hand between her legs running my finger up and down the pussy lips of her jeans. An explosive weenie sucking session hardcore and blowjob could feel the heat of her pussy through her jeans.

The quarry was very old and the whole area has become overgrown with trees. It's not an easy place to find in the daylight.

It's also not a real popular place and to this day I don't know why. I left the lights on after getting there so we could see and we got out. Before the two in the back were out Sue had her top and bra off and was around to me pulling my t-shirt off. The other two were a little slower but not much.

Sue was working on my jeans. She got the button undone tattooed busty porn star lily madison gets playful with dildo between tits was pulling down the fly.

Then she started to push my pants down. I've never been shy about being naked. I figured what the fuck if you don't like it then don't look. As Sue pushed my pants down towards the ground my cock slipped out swinging by Sue's face and she stopped. O my you are big! To my left I heard a what and I turn to see Roxanne at the waters edge.

She was naked ready to get in and turned to see what Sue was talking about. In the headlights of my car I could see her perfectly, but she couldn't see Sue or I. Laurie could see and let out a holly shit it's fucking big. Laurie just stood there staring at me.

She was still in her panties and bra. Sue was now playing with my balls saying look how big these are and so low. Roxanne now up beside Sue and said that's the fattest dick ever. Sue told her to check out my balls. Roxanne was speechless. Then she said move your hips like you're fucking someone Peter.

So I did causing my balls to swing back and forth between my legs. Laurie now naked the women at work 27 tube porn I love them and reached for them. The next thing I knew I had three 17 year old girls fondling my cock and balls. Roxanne had her hand around my cock and was stroking me.

Being almost 19 and horny as hell along with Laurie pulling on my balls I was getting close to losing it. Then Sue rubbed the head and that was it. The first jet of cum went into Sue's hand catching her off guard and I blew 5 more hard jets of cum all over Sue's jeans. Busty redhead marie with oiled body masturbates her sweet pussy was the only one with some clothes on still. Roxanne was still stroking me getting a few more small squirts from me.

I was so weak in the knees and couldn't see straight from that, but knew I had to fuck someone. Roxanne had let go of me to go and wash some of my cum off her hand and Laurie followed her to the water. I looked at Sue and said I want to fuck you. She started to push her jeans down and I took over by pulling on them. I he'd Sue's perfect pussy in front of me. Like everything else about her it was perfect.

Her pubic hair covered a bigger area than you'd find on a woman today. It was neatly trimmed and not a hair down between her legs. I had only been eating pussy for two years and didn't have the skills I do today, but I had to taste that pussy. I leaned forward and licked her. Then I looked up to see her eyes as wide as they could get.

Did you like that? She nodded yes. Would you like some more? She nodded yes again. So moved her to the closed door of the car so she had something to hold on to. I licked her over and over. Only when she got close to an orgasm did the other two realize what was going on.

They thought I was fucking her, but Sue was saying lick me. Lick me some more. She came and I stood up letting my cock come in contact with her wet pussy. Susan thanked me for licking her pussy. She hadn't been licked before or had a good orgasm like that. That she loved the feeling of my tongue. To this day I haven't eaten anyone else's pussy as much as I have eaten her's. Sue reached down and guided me to her vargina and I pushed in slowly.

I got a few moans from her as I pushed in. I was the thickest she's had. When we got going Sue wrapped her legs around me and I fucked her until I came. She had a second one just before I came. We both joined Roxanne and Laurie in the water and washed off our sex. Both of them asked her all about it Me being cocky now said ok who's next. They all looked at each other and then Roxanne moved towards me. She grabbed my still hard cock and stroked it a couple of times. I slipped a finger into her and was she tight.

I thought that this may be difficult. She pulled me towards her pussy. I removed my finger and she had quickly started rubbing my head against her pussy lips. As tight as I thought she was my cock slipped into her. As we fucked there in the water she had her tongue as far down my throat as I had my cock buried in her. As we're fucking she whispered in my ear that tomorrow she wanted to suck my cock.

As it turned out that woman loved to suck cock and was very good at it. O to be young again. To stay hard all the time with an endless supply of cum.

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I deposited my seed deep inside her too. Sue asked if we could smoke another joint. We all moved to the car and dried off the best we could. As we stood around naked puffing away on a couple of joints. The three of them intense lesbian action with three asian floozies about my cock and balls like I wasn't even there.

All three of them were hot in their own ways. Sue was perfect all the way around. Roxanne was skinny with big nipples and the hairiest bush I've ever seen. She also had the wettest pussy I've ever known. Laurie who I hadn't fucked yet was very nice with her large breasts, great tight athletic ass and for the first time I noticed her pussy.

She had very fine blonde pussy hair. She almost looked bald especially when her pussy was wet. I hadn't noticed her before but after that night when she had on her terry cloth running shorts they showed off the shape of her nice pussy bulge. But naked she has amazing pussy lips. Nice puffy outer lips and beautiful meaty inner lips that bulged out past her outer ones by about 3/4 of an inch. Just perfect for sucking on.

I took Laurie off down a trail about 100' from the car to a clearing and spread out the blanket I had. She asked me if I could rub her nipples with my cock. As she was laying on the blanket I straddle her and rubbed my cock head all over her nipples making them very hard.

Then I got the idea to tit fuck her. I put my hard shaft between her tits and had her push them together. As I started moving back and forth to stroke my cock between her tits my balls were dragging up and down against her too. God I remember that felt so good. Then she asked me to go inside her and could she get on top of me.

I rolled off her onto my back with my hard cock pointing straight up into the air. Laurie got over me and lowered herself on to my shaft. I slipped in to her fairly easy and she started to bounce away.

I watched her tits bounce to the rhythm of her fucking me and the look of enjoyment on her face in the moonlight. Then she picked up the pace more and more. She had me close to cumming when she said O God I'm cumming. Her pussy clampdown on me as she did causing me to cum too.

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Laurie got the biggest load that night from me. We got up and my cum was dripping from her and my crotch was soaked from the both of us. I never asked Laurie if she did, but I think she squirted a little when she came. That was the only time I got to fuck her for 20 years. We were naked together a few more times, but we only fucked once until we came across each other at a store some 20 years later.

Even though I got to lick her pussy on a dare a short time after the quarry. I got to eat Laurie's pussy after 20 years and she has the sweetest tasting pussy. We also fucked all night. Back to the quarry. We got back and into the water to wash off. We were all standing around still naked when Roxanne noticed the time.

Shit I'm already past my curfew and I'm not home. My parents are going to kill me. We got dressed and I got her home as fast as Massage model amateur gets sucked before riding client could. Yes her parents were waiting for her. This was in the days when cell phones weren't even an idea let alone having one. I talked to them tell them it was all me fault.

They found out that th four of us were together and that they trusted me. I had alway taken care of the girls over the years. She got in shit but not grounded, but that would have been different if they had known that I had fucked her. I thought guys were bad about talking about conquests, but these three had words all around in a couple of days.

Even Roxanne's younger sister knew and two weeks after blackmailed me into letting her see and touch my cock and balls. She even wanted me to fuck her, but she was only 15 at the time and I couldn't. She was a very hot young girl. She was even possible hotter than Sue. Kim pushed so hard that she did get to masturbate me a couple of weeks later. She was nude and fingered her pussy as she masturbated me.

I did taste her fingers coated with her beautiful young pussy juices and it made it very hard not to fuck her. Thinking back I should have fucked her as I wouldn't have got into more trouble than what did happen. I did get to fuck her after her 18th birthday even though she was dating someone. Over the next two month we played truth or dare a few times.

We played that a lot when we were younger, but these ones unlike the in the past had seeing, touching, kissing, licking of our body parts. That included the other four of our group. All but two I got to fuck at some point. One of the two I didn't get to. turned out to be gay. They both did touch me and I did also kiss them in truth or dare.

The gay one even licked the head of my cock. All though she didn't looked like she enjoyed it as much as the others did. Two days after Roxanne gave me the best blowjob I'd ever had. I ate her very hairy wet pussy and we fucked three times over thre days at my parents house. They were away for two weeks in Cape Cod. By September I was off the market as Sue and I had become a thing. We dated for two and a half years. We had been seeing each other over the summer, but became a couple in September when she went back for her senior year at high school.

She liked that she was dating a guy out of school with a car. Also that others knew that she was getting fucked on a regular basis. We stopped dating when she got accepted in to the RCMP and is now posted out in BC.