Sexy teen having sex in the bathroom

Sexy teen having sex in the bathroom
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The year was 2010 in November the city of Vancouver my name is John Maguire i am 27 year old white male, 6'2 I had a 11 inch cock. I was going to Las Vegas to gamble as I was promoted barzsrs mom xx sex story chief editor and had a large bonus. I walked into the airport then traveled down to the baggage terminal. I tagged my bag and put my bag on the conveyer belt.

I then went to the tsa screenings to be scanned in. My plane was going to leave in an hour as it was 3 pm. I went to the conveyor for my metal items.

I paced my watch, phone, coins, belt, and wallet into the plastic box. I was ushered to the scanning device and I passed through but was selected for the random search and as the woman checked me she stopped at my genitals and said "Sir, are you carrying any weapons in your pants". I said "No". She said "Could you please walk into this room sir".

I walked through a door into a small room where there was a woman waiting in here.

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They were both wearing standard airport uniforms of a blue shirt and a name tag they also had a blue skirt. The woman who brought me in had the name tag Debbie. Debbie was a 5'7 thin white blonde with long hair and 34C breasts. The other woman had the name tag Victoria. Victoria was a 5'11 pudgy ebony brunette with short curly hair and 24D breasts. These women stood in front of me and said "Are you certain you aren't two lesbians do it in various positions anything in your pants".

I said "No". Debbie said "Could you please remove your pants". I said "Why there is noth-". She said "Sir, we need to check you for safety". I suppose I should, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my pants. Victoria took my jeans and looked through them but found nothing. Debbie said "Is there anything in your underwear, there is still a bulge". I said " That's my p-".

Debbie said " Please sir, could you remove your underwear, it is of utmost importance to keep this country safe". I knew I couldn't get out of this so I pulled down my underwear, revealing my 11 inch dick to the women. I handed Victoria the underwear as the women's jaws dropped down. They said to each other softly "Can they even be that big" "I don't know I haven't seen anything half that size".

I stood there waiting for the women to tell me if I was okay to leave.

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Debbie said "Is that real". I said "Is what real". She said "Your penis". I said "Why wouldn't it be". She said "Could I touch it". I said "Why not".

She kneeled down in front of me and put her hand onto my cock. She began to rub it. She said "Wow this is amazing".

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Victoria said "What are you doing" "You can't start wanking off any random passenger". Debbie said "But look how huge this thing is". My penis was now half erect. Victoria said " Well it is pretty large cock". Victoria got on her knees and went over to my dick and started stroking it. Now these airport workers were rubbing my fully erect cock. So I took off my beige jacket and then my t-shirt.

Victoria and Debbie began loosening the buttons on their blue uniform shirts. Debbie began to lick my cock up and down the shaft.

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Victoria then stood up and began undressing. Debbie began to put my cock into her mouth as Victoria took off her shirt revealing her white bra underneath.

She then pulled down her skirt showing her lingerie and white panties. Debbie removed her shirt showing her black bra as Victoria took off her shoes. As Debbie licked my cock I sat on the table and removed my shoes and socks. Victoria then walked over to me and began kissing me on the mouth. Debbie then got up to take off her skirt showing off her black panties. Victoria began sucking my cock.As she did I took Debbie into my arms and began kissing her while she rubbed her clit.

We continued this for a while until Debbie pulled her panties down and told Raunchy filly has her tight pussy destroyed to move over. Debbie told me to lay down and she then got on top of me and straddled my cock.

This was continued by Victoria walking to the other side of the table and climbing on to place her Vagina onto my face. I began to eat out her pussy as Debbie fucked me. This then moved onto Debbie and Victoria kissing each other on the mouth and the breasts. While I licked Victoria's cunt I began to feel Debbie's breasts. Soon Victoria got off of my face and got into a doggy position and asked me to fuck her in the ass. So I took my prick out of Debbie after she came and went over to Victoria.

Before I stuck it in Debbie helped lubricate it by blowing me. I then took it out of Debbie's mouth and rubbed it along Victoria's clit. Then I began to slide my phallus in her asshole. She began squealing in enjoyment from the massive member all the way in her. I began to move it in and out of her as Debbie moved on her knees over to me. Debbie began to kiss me and rub my testicles as I butt fucked Victoria. We continued this for a few minutes as I made love to Victoria and she soon came.

I then placed Debbie down on the morocha de lentes y grandes senos se graba en cam I then put my cock inside her pussy. She began moaning as I had sex with her. Soon Victoria came over and sat upon Debbie's face and we began making out on top of Debbie. At this point a lot of pressure was building in my cock and I was about to cum so Debbie and Victoria got up on their knees as I stood up.

They began licking up and down the shaft to excel the process.once I was nearly about to cum they opened their mouths wide to collect the ensuing sperm.

Nasty teenies shag the biggest strapon dildos and spray jizz all over the place released a large load of hot spunk all over their faces and in their mouths they began licking the excess semen off of their faces as I relaxed from my enjoyment.

I looked at the clock in the room and saw that it was 3:50 pm so I had 10 more minutes to get to my plane. As I began to put on my clothing they were kissing each other and swapping sperm between their mouths. By the time I zipped up my jacket they said hey "how about a round two, big boy".

I said "Maybe later right now I have a plane to catch". They continued to kiss each other as I left. Once I left the room the entire terminal was looking at me and a few people cheered and clapped for me while more of the senior citizens were just slack jawed at me.

I then realized that people probably heard that considering I was being very loud 20 feet away from people in a public place. I shrugged it off and moved towards the ticket taker. She was also jaw dropped at me and I said "one seat for Las Vegas". She quickly composed herself and stamped my passport and said "have a lovely flight".

I left out of the doors and boarded the plane to Las Vegas as I boarded I was greeted by an air stewardess who looked at me and whispers to me when I approached "meet me in the cockpit, if you know what I mean" I winked at her and thought oh here we go again.