Cheeks in club screwed undress dancer striptease and hardcore

Cheeks in club screwed undress dancer striptease and hardcore
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At 14 my career as a child whore was coming to an end. I sill had lots of whoring left in me maria ozawa miyabi fuck nice not for the high paying perverts who loved fucking little girls so Jack had found another child. I stood by and watched as "Big Jack" raped her virginity away and then the gang trained her to be a whore. She was only 10 and a runaway. I hated her. She was my replacement and I hated her. She slept with me and wanted me to hug her but I wouldn't.

I couldn't. She tried to please me by licking my cunt like Jack told her to do and even though I came I still would not hug her. Jack took her to work and spent hours with her. I was sent to service "normal" guys who wanted to fuck teenagers not children. I went through the motions and still had orgasms as I was gangbanged and made to fuck animals to paid audiences but it was not the same. I was not "special" anymore.

Jack had a new toy. Sometimes Jack took us as a team and I fisted the little cunt ( that's what we called her) while perves fucked her ass and mouth but it was clear Little Cunt had become his favourite it was time for me to move on.

It was about this time I was doing a party when one of the guys fucking my ass told me of a high class escort agency he wanted me to work for. He had joined this party to scout for talent and thought I was pretty enough to do the job. Basically I had to look like a lady and keep fucking like a dirty whore to do the job and he would teach me how to look like a lady. I left Jack without saying goodbye and became Tess - a high class hooker with no boundaries.

I got more clients than most as at 14 I was still a bit taboo and my time with Jack meant I would do anything a client wanted.

Most were pretty tame; anal or watching me fuck animals was usually the extent and sometimes I got to swallow piss or be bathed in it but nothing prepared me for a group of clients who paid a small fortune to use my mouth as a toilet. I arrived in the room the money already having been paid in advance and I was told this was the most expensive job I had so far and I could refuse nothing.

They had all tried me before and knew I was uninhibited so I was guessing they would have some 'pets" for me to play with or maybe even some kids but what that did shocked even me. I had never been involved with bondage so was shocked to see the apparatus in the room.

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It held me in such a way my mouth was open and ready to be sat on and the rest of my body hidden so my face was the seat of the toilet. A 14 year old for a toilet seat. The first few people who "used" me sat on my face and urinated in my mouth forcing me to swallow or drown.

I let my mind wander to its quiet place but I was horrified. And then it happened. An older guy sat on my face and before I knew what was happening he was shitting in my mouth.

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I had to swallow or choke as the sloppy shit was deposited in my mouth. When I had swallowed I heard, "lick my ass clean toilet paper" and so I found myself licking the anus of the man who had used my mouth as a toilet. I was sure I would vomit but despite my revulsion I felt dad not home mom shere bed son cunt shudder and realised this depravity was making me cum.

The night wore on and I had been a toilet for over an hour when I was released and my body was tied to another machine. I was in a room filled with old people as a machine I was later to learn was a "fucking" machine was aimed at my cunt and then it was turned on. It proceeded to fuck me for over an hour and I was wracked with so many orgasms I was begging for release. While the machine was doing its job several guests had used my mouth as a cunt and my throat and face were coated in cum.

The 14 year old whore was earning her very high pay rate and I was enjoying the depravity.

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Everyone applauded as I was lifted from the machine. I was then placed in stocks with my ass at everyone's disposal. The party went on around me as I felt cock after cock filling me with cum and even a few tongues licking the cum that was dripping from me. Finally as the night was drawing to a close the dogs were brought in and I smiled as I dropped to my knees and found a doggy cock to suck while another dog mounted me from behind finding his mark with ease and beginning the fuck of my night.

I was still lying knotted to my doggy lover as the guests left each who had anything left either pissing or cuming on my face. I missed Jack but the money I was earning now was real money.

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I enjoyed my work and could continue for many years as I was only 14. I lived in a penthouse and had several large dogs as pets I rarely though about my parents or my life before they died so it was a real shock when a man hired me one night and after fucking my ass mouth and cunt for several hours told me he was my mother's brother and had been looking for me everywhere.

My Uncle had found me I was so happy but I shouldn't have been. The fact he had made sure to fuck me first should have warned me I was in trouble but all I heard was I was with family. I had never heard of incest and I had fucked every man I had met for the last year so it did not seem strange to me he slept in my bed and made love to me during the night I was just happy to be loved.

There was trouble ahead even I would be shocked by.