Chad fuck jillian jansons asshole on the poolside fingering and outdoor

Chad fuck jillian jansons asshole on the poolside fingering and outdoor
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From the moment I met her, I knew I wanted her. She was average height with an athletic build, blonde hair and green eyes. She was also taken but so was I at the time. At first we were friends but I knew that I wanted more and the longer I got to know her the stronger the feeling became. She was funny and smart and her body was killer. Hours and hours of punishment in the gym and on the pitch had made for one lean, fit chick and I found myself more and more often thinking about her as more than just a good friend.

In fairness, at that time I don't think she ever felt that way about me but she sure didn't mind flirting with me and I wasn't going to complain. Then when we were quite young, she broke up with her boyfriend and I broke up from my girlfriend and the stars aligned. It wasn't until I was pretty drunk at a party in a small beach town that I finally worked up the courage to make a move.

She was fairly tipsy when I approached her and asked her to take a walk on the beach with me. She agreed and we set off along the front beach of one of my favorite places in the world. As we sat down on the sand dunes I felt the liquid courage that alcohol bought take it's effect and we began talking. "so…sorry to hear about you and stace" she said in reference to my recent break up.

"that's ok, I knew it wasn't working…I'm kind of into someone else" I replied, looking at her intently. "ohh yeah" she said. "Anyone I know?" "haha yeah yeah you know her but I'm not sure that she's into me" "c'mon scott who wouldn't be into you, you're a catch!" she exclaimed. "I'm glad you think so" I said and inched my way closer to her.

Quickly I leaned over and kissed her, running my tongue into her mouth. She pulled away in shock and looked at me in confusion. To my immense relief her feelings became clear as she leant back into me and proceeded to slip her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues danced for what seemed like hours. From that moment on we started dating but I'll admit us dating did little to clench my immense lust for her. However we were very young and so went slow.

Two years down the track and I knew her like the palm of my hand and I was very much in love with her. It wasn't the perfect relationship and we certainly had our ups and downs but every second with her I felt incredibly alive. Several times we had been locked in make out sessions that could easily have gone further but constantly seemed to be bad timing for interruptions and complications prevented us from "sealing the deal".

Until one September night, we had been to a party and were both fairly under the influence. Dancing together she rocked her hips against me and I felt the beginnings of an immediate hard on. Clearly she had felt it to as she turned and kissed me with gusto. Quietly I whispered in her ear "You wanna get outta here?" She nodded and smiled at me as I felt the beginnings of a boner raging. I told her I'd be back in a minute and went america xxx story full sex stories com the bathroom, careful to lock the door behind me.

Being a young guy and also at that time a virgin I knew that I probably wouldn't last long and thus proceeded to jack off in anticipation of events to follow. I knew that anything that happened next would be amazing for me but I was worried of pleasuring her to the same degree.

I finished and walked out of the bathroom to find my girl smirking amused at me. I gently bumped her smiling back as we began to walk back to my beach house.

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We talked throughout and then within 100 meters of my house, it began to rain. We ran to the porch of the house, both drenched and came to a halt under a narrow gutter my body pressed hard against her. I could feel her breasts and hardened nipples through her shirt and she smiled up at me as I pushed hard against her.

Roughly I kissed her and as she kissed me back I began to grow hard. I'm sure she was aware of this as she grabbed the keys from my hand and began to unlock the door, my hands still wrapped around her waist.

The moment we got inside I pushed her against the wall and kissed her with all my effort exploring her mouth with my tongue.

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She raise her arms for me to lift off her shirt and as I did I felt the dampness of her skin from the rain. She ran her hands over my back and pulled at my shirt lifting it above my head.

At this point, I was more turned on than ever before and I think she felt the same. Slowly, I began to kiss down her body running my tongue between her breasts that were still trapped in the confines of her bra. As I moved further down below her belly button I lifted her off the floor and began to carry her into my bedroom.

Her breasts were against my face and I planted deep kisses on them that caused her to hold onto the back of my head, moaning softly. As we entered the bedroom I sat down on my bed never putting her down so that she now straddled me. My hands groped hurriedly around her back in an attempt to remove her bra. She pushed my hands away and generously unhooked the clasp exposing her perky breasts to me which I greeted by gently pinching while continuing to kiss her. Soon she was groaning into me mouth and lowered her hand to my achingly hard cock, rubbing it with determination through my jeans.

I lowered my mouth onto her breasts and gently bit down on her nipple causing a loud moan to escape her lips. Beauteous teenie sucks cock during massage hardcore blowjob flipped her onto her back on the bed and lowered myself down onto her. I continued to assault her breast with my mouth and soon had her moaning my name. "Baby I'm gonna cum" she moaned and that alone almost sent me over the edge but I controlled myself as I slipped her jeans off and carefully rubbed her clit with my thumb.

I felt her body jerk with pleasure and she screamed in pleasure as I inserted a finger into her soaking wet pussy. The instant I did so, waves of cum burst out as I felt her walls bree daniels and alexis fawx down on her finger. I have to say at this point I nearly lost it as it gave me immense pleasure to be pleasing the girl I loved so much. "Fuck scott that was insane" she murmured, looking to me with the perfect mixture of satisfaction but continued lust.

"And it's only just begun" I whispered biting down on her earlobe. "Your turn" she hissed back pushed me onto my back and unzipping my jeans. I pulled them off in a rush and looked down to see my pulsating cock form a tent at my boxers. Carefully, she pulled down my boxers and whist still wearing her panties began to slowly grind on just above my cock as she straddled me.

At this point she sucked on one of my fingers which still was coated in her cum and gave me the sexiest look I have ever seen.

After more grinding she asked me to sit on the edge of the bed which I did so eagerly. She got to her knees in front of me and took my aching cock in her mouth. Slowly she circled the head whilst stroking my length and then took more and more of me into her mouth until she had all of me in her mouth. She sucked with incredible force, bobbing her head and fondling my balls until I lost control.

Bucking my hips I began fucking her mouth until I felt the unmistakable tingle in my balls that an orgasm was close.

"I'm gonna&hellip." But I was barely able to get the words out before I shot my load into her throat, falling back onto the bed as she swallowed my cum. At this point she laid down besides cameron dee giving head at strip club bar pornstars hardcore on the bed and I looked into her eyes and smiled. "Fuck I love you" I said. "I love you too scott" she replied flashing her cute smile at me.

"You up for round two" I murmured. "Yeah babe but can you do that?" she asked referring to my recent explosion of cum down her throat. "I might need time to recover but I can think of something to do in the mean time" I grinned. Slowly I removed her soaked panties to reveal her perfect shaved pussy. I began to stroke up and down her slit as I smelt the musky aroma of her lust.

I lowered my mouth onto her pulsating clitoris and began to suck hard whilst inserting a finger into her well lubricated pussy. She clenched my hair as she pushed my face down onto her clitoris as I intensified my sucking. As I flicked my tongue over her I heard a loud moan escape her lips and as I felt her loosen I inserted another finger into her super tight pussy.

Her walls surrounded my fingers as I fingered her feeling the tightness of her virgin pussy clamp down on my fingers all the while maintaining my pressure on her clit. At this point she was near screaming my name and began to buck her hips violently fucking herself on my fingers.

I pushed back into her further and was shocked at the unbelievable tightness I was experiencing causing my dick to grow rock hard again.

As she fucked herself harder and harder on my fingers I stroked her clit harder and harder with my thumb, circling before applying pressure to her pebble. "OH MY GOD, SCOTT" she screamed, unable to contain herself as she climaxed for a second time. I removed my fingers and proceeded to eat her out violently as she placed a fist in her mouth to stop herself from screaming at the top of her lungs as she continued to cum.

Finally her back arched and sunk again as she finished cumming and her eyes rolled back into her head with the intensity of the multiple organisms I had given her. I laid beside her playfully pinching her nipples horny youngsters on a hot sex party smiling. "Listen we can just leave it at this if you want, I don't want to pressure you" I mused hoping to hell she wouldn't take me up on that offer.

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"No babe, I want you to fuck me I'm so wet for you and I love you so much, pop my cherry" she said. Her words very nearly caused me to cum right there and then but I steadied myself and kissed her lips softly. I lowered myself onto her and positioned my rock hard dick at her opening.

Slowly I moved inside her my cock enveloped in her tight pussy. The feeling was absolutely amazing and I pushed further finally reaching her virginity.

I looked at her and she nodded for me to continue as I applied pressure to her virginity feeling it collapse and upon hearing a yelp of pain from her I stopped inside her.

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Slowly I began to rock inside her feeling an intense pleasure while all she murmured for me to go ahead. Slowly I slipped myself in and out of her, finding the tightness of her pussy difficult to move but absolutely brilliant at the same time. She groaned her pleasure and racked one hand big tits mom sex hard fucf her back while slipping another hand down to her clit. I quickened my pace and was soon pumping her in and out.

"Ohhh Fuckkkk scott, harder!" she screamed. I began to drill into her, hearing the slap of skin on skin as my balls made contact with her arse. I was aware of her rubbing furiously on her clit as she matched my rythmn, slamming her pussy into her cock.

I felt my balls begin to tighten and tingle as I screamed out in pleasure.

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"I'm cumming" I groaned and she replied that she was too. I felt my organism erupt as her pussy walls clamped down on my dick, milking it of all my cum.

I pumped load after load into her feeling the most intensely satisfying sensation of my young life. I collapsed onto her hearing her panting and whispering my name, still inside of her I looked into her eyes and grinned wildly. To this day one of the best sexual experiences of my life, to this day I still love that girl.