Brother and sister full sexy movie

Brother and sister full sexy movie
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It only took about 10mins in the taxi to get to Johns place which was located just outside the city centre. He lived in one of the new apartment complexes which overlooked the river. We headed out of the taxi and into the lobby where John called the lift. We stood there quiet for a minute while we waited for the lift to come down but gave each other a glance every now and then. We both still had smiles on our faces from homemade bisexual family orgy and duddy associates daughter stays with dad platonic had happened only half an hour ago and for what was probably going to happen as soon as we got upstairs.

The lift arrived and we both got in. John pressed the button for the 9th floor and the doors closed. I could see John checking me out as we stood there waiting for the lift to reach its destination.

To be honest I was doing the same to John, I couldn't wait to rip those clothes off him and see that sexy body in all its glory. Eventually the lift reached the 9th floor and we got out. We walked to the left and down to his front door. John lived in a reasonably sized corner apartment that overlooked the river with 2 massive windows to admire the view from, although I didn't think sil tod full xxx storys one minute I'd be doing much sightseeing.

"Fancy a drink Dave" John said as we walked into the hallway and closed the door behind us. "Yeah sure why not" I replied I followed John down the hallway and into his kitchen that was off to the left. "Make yourself comfortable Dave" John said as he motioned me towards the living room that was just off the kitchen. I made my way towards the living room and sat myself down on his leather couch.

The room was big and was newly decorated with a massive flat screen TV in one corner of the room near one of the windows overlooking the river. John appeared a minute or so later with 2 beers in hand, sat himself down on the couch next to me and handed me one of the beers. We sat there and chatted about random stuff for a little while before John said "Fancy taking this into the bedroom?" I knew exactly what was going to happen so I didn't hesitate in responding "Sure.after you" We put our drinks down, got up and I followed John back down the hallway and to the main bedroom.

Just like the living room the bedroom was huge but a lot of it was taken up with a queen size double bed covered in black satin style sheets. As we entered the room John turned and grabbed me, pulling me in close, just as he had done in the ally earlier in the evening, and planted his lips onto mine. We stood there kissing, our hands running all over each other's bodies as we got hornier and hornier.

Our tongues twisted and turned in each others mouths', getting wetter with the anticipation of what was going to happen. I reached down to Johns pants and began to rub the bulge in them, feeling his hard cock through the material I could feel it getting harder and I thought it was ready to explode. I undid his pants, unzipped them and let them fall to the floor around his ankles. His cock was throbbing just waiting for me to grab it and take control of it.

I pulled his y-fronts down a little and his cock sprung out of them. I pulled them further down and they also fell to the floor with his pants.

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I wrapped my hand around his cock and began to stroke it nice and slowly, running my hand over the head of his cock and then back down his nice long shaft. While I was doing this John was doing the same, undoing my pants, dropping them to the floor and pulling my hard cock out.

His curvy lovely babe rides a thick dong felt smooth as it glided up and down my cock. He did it slowly but I could tell he wanted my cock bad as he was getting harder and faster with each stroke. Suddenly John pulled away from me with a huge smile on his face. He kicked his shoes off, stepped out of his pants and pulled his shirt off. His body was completely hairless and smooth and it turned me on so much.

He was in quite good shape and I could see the beginning of a six pack. I followed suit and kicked the rest of my clothes off. We both stood there naked for a few seconds admiring each other until John grabbed my hand and motioned me towards the bed. We both climbed onto the bed next to each other and moved in close so our bodies were touching. We began to kiss again as we played with each other's cocks.

We lay there for 10mins or so kissing and playing with each others cocks until John pulled away again. He reached over to his bedside cabinet and opened the draw. I watched him while stroking my cock as he pulled out a tube of KY Jelly. He closed the draw and turned back over. He smiled at me and said; "Ready?" "Sure" I replied John got onto his knees and opened the tube of KY.

As he did that I moved myself across the bed so that I was in the middle on my back. I moved my legs up and parted them slightly. John popped open the tube and squeezed a load of the jelly into the palm of his hand before smearing it all over his hard cock.

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I could hear his hand squelching with the KY as he smothered his cock entirely. Once he had finished he placed the tube down on the bed next to him and moved in closer to me. I parted my legs so he had free access to my arse but John grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs over his shoulders as he moved in closer. With my legs resting on his shoulders he began to run his finger over my arsehole, the KY jelly left on his hands getting everywhere.

The next thing I knew John slid his middle finger into my hole. It felt so good as he slid it deep into creating wild oral job stimulation excitement gloryhole hardcore before he slid it back out again.

I could feel my arsehole loosening as he slid it back in for a 2nd time, pushing in right in again before sliding it back out again. It felt so good having something inside me but I wanted his hard cock to start pounding me.

I closed my eyes as John continued to slid his finger in and out of me. After a little while I felt John moving closer to me and I felt the head of his cock push against me.

I held my breath a little as he began to push it into my hole. I'd been fucked quite a few times before so it didn't really hurt me when he pushed his cock all the way into me. I let out a huge sigh as when he couldn't go any further and he cock pushed right onto my g-spot.

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John then began to slide his cock back out but stopped just before it exited my hole and then pushed it all the way back in again. He began to pump my arse slow at first with nice steady strokes but began to pump faster and harder as time went on. Soon enough John was ramming his cock into me hard and fast, holding onto my legs to get support he continued to pound my arse.

His cock felt so good as it slid in an out and I couldn't resist grabbing my cock and starting to wank it. I was so horny I could have exploded there and then.

John continued to pound my arse until eventually I felt him wanting to cum. I gave him a little smile which he returned and John proceeded to pump his hot cum deep into me. I felt it fill me up inside and it felt sooo good. John's body shook as and he emptied his entire load into me, pushing every last drop deep into me.

I wanked myself harder as he did and I couldn't stop myself when I started to shoot my load all over me. I was so horny I shot a huge load, covering my stomach and some even reached my chest. John finished pumping his load into me and slowly pulled away. His cum poured out of my hole when his cock exited and it covered son sneaking in moms bed sheets on the bed.

He lifted my legs down off his shoulders and collapsed on the bed next me panting like mad with a huge smile on his face. I leant over and gave him a kiss on the lips as a thank you. We led there for 10mins or so trying to get our energy back before we eventually went off to clean ourselves up. I stayed at John's that night in bed with him but we had a little more fun in the morning before I left.