Homemade masturbation video wwwsexycamworldcom striptease and reality

Homemade masturbation video wwwsexycamworldcom striptease and reality
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While we normally confined our sexual activities with Bobby and Ellen Thompson, we occasionally had the opportunity to "free-lance" a bit. One of these occasions occurred when I got a phone call from Dave Gordon, an old army buddy of mine. After I finished my tour in Vietnam, I had the opportunity to be assigned to Germany where I was worked in the S-3 shop in a supply and services battalion.

an "S & S" battalion. Shortly after I got there, Dave came into the battalion and took over as the commander of the GS maintenance company and we began our friendship. We met again a few years later when we sat next to each other at the officers' advanced course at Fort Lee.

Dave had also been "RIFfed" from the army at the same time that I was. He subsequently took a fairly responsible position in a communications company and was living and working in the Baltimore area. Dave was a dark-skinned black guy, married, with two pre-teen kids. I often thought that Dave was the blackest black guy I ever knew.

However, he had a very pleasant personality, friendly, and charming with everyone he encountered.

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Not wanting to have his years of Army service be lost, Dave found a slot in an Army Reserve unit and when he called me the unit was on its annual training at Fort Bragg.

During the call we chatted about old times and I asked if he had training over the weekend. He said that he didn't and I immediately invited him to our house. He was delighted and quickly accepted. However, he said that he couldn't make it Friday evening, since the unit had their end-of-week briefing by the evaluators that night, followed by the unit party.

I said I certainly understood and that we would see him on Saturday. Fortunately it was an open weekend for us, since we had been with the Thompson's for our bi-weekly fuckfest the previous weekend. I told Cindy about inviting him and she was delighted to meet one of my old army buddies Then she paused and suspiciously looked at me. "Oh … are you planning on any three-way action with him?" she warily asked. "Well, I suppose that might have crossed my mind," I replied, chuckling.

She was somewhat startled when I told her that he was a black man. She was quiet for several minutes, while she mulled over the situation.

"I don't feel just right about this," she said. "He's a Negro and I've never fooled around with a Negro before." "Hey," I responded, "this might be your opportunity to find out if its true or not: Do blacks really do have bigger dicks!" Her answer was not exactly enthusiastic. We talked about the possibility of a three-way again later that night and I calmed her fears somewhat I explained that he was a really nice guy and, as always, I would certainly never force her to do anything she didn't want to do We left the situation at that level of understanding.

Dave arrived in Chapel Hill about four o'clock in the afternoon that next Saturday. He was his old charming self and soon had captivated Cindy completely.

Later, as Dave and I grilled steaks for the meal and had a few drinks, we got talking sleeping sister forced raping brother txxx image a little action later. Dave was enthused at the prospect of fucking Cindy, though he understood that we'd have to create the appropriate circumstances to get Cindy in the right mood. The atmosphere was light and Dave continued to charm Cindy through dinner and later when we lounged around the living room with after dinner drinks.

Throughout the meal and afterwards, the liquor was carefully dispensed. I delicately reduced the amount that I gave Dave and myself while Cindy's almost imperceptivity increased. We were all sitting on the couch and Dave and I talked about old friends and old times. Cindy listened and occasionally would comment. However, with the passage of time, it was apparent that she was feeling no pain.

I started to steer the conversation away from Army talk and old friends and toward sex. From time to time we would ask Cindy what she thought about various aspects of sex, but she just giggled. Cindy's light summer sundress had ridden up her thighs, exposing her attractive legs. I gently rubbed her leg and she began to immediately respond, the alcohol obviously having reduced any inhibitions that she might have had.

Soon my fingers were stroking her pussy blonde teen gets plowed by the teacher her rapidly moistening panties. Dave looked at me with a smile tracing across his face as he anticipated what was to come and in fucking Cindy! In her heightened state of inebriation I told Cindy that it was time us to take her to bed.

"Whaaa? What? Both of you?" she giggled. Dave and I helped her into the bedroom and once there, wasted no time getting her out of her clothes. She was extremely wobbly and everything that occurred seemed to elicit either a giggle or an embarrassed laugh. Once she was stripped Dave and I took off our clothes and were soon naked, as well. "Hank," she loudly whispered, "Dave … Dave is so black!" By now Dave was standing at the side of the bed as she stared at his fully erect dick with glassy eyes.

Now, Dave was blessed with a fat cock, about seven inches in length. Cindy reached out to grasp his dick and stroked it a few times. "Oh look, Hank," she giggled, "it's really hard! Is this all for me? Is it for me to play with?" "It's yours any time you want it, Cindy," Dave answered soothingly. By now I had slipped down between her legs and began getting her ready for the evening's activities by sucking and licking her pussy as Dave stood by the bed, fondling his stiff shaft.

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I quickly had Cindy massively turned on and after a few moments Dave got up on the bed, carefully knelt beside her head, and gradually eased his cock onto her waiting mouth. Avid cocksucker that she is, Cindy eagerly took his dick into her mouth and began to suck him. After a few minutes, Dave grunted with pleasure, grasped her thick hair, and began to seriously fuck her mouth. I briefly rose up from my cunt-licking and knelt back on my haunches just to watch the show he was putting on.

I marveled at the blackness of Dave's dick against the whiteness of my wife's skin. Cindy occasionally gagged as he determinedly rammed his cock in and out of into her mouth. Having satisfied my curiosity, I returned to licking and sucking her pussy and it wasn't long before she had her first orgasm of the evening. Her body shuddered repeatedly as the orgasm coursed through her thrashing, writhing body.

I looked over and saw Dave slowly masturbating his rapidly swelling cock. He was visibly getting excited and obviously had a quick recovery time.

Even so, I guess I was amazed to see that Dave's dick was so rigid after such a brief rest. Now, it was my turn to watch again.

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He moved between Cindy's legs and firmly lifted them, stretching them over his shoulders. In this position, her sopping wet pussy was perfectly positioned, directly in front of his hard dick. With a single swift thrust Dave slammed into her pussy and started to repeatedly thrust in and out. She delightedly squealed at the feel of his thick, black cock ramming home in her flooded slit.

Soon she was lustfully groaning and moaning, writhing in licentious pleasure. Cindy wrapped her legs around his back, pov creampie with busty blonde nicole aniston him into her as he fucked her in long, steady strokes.

I was amazed that my own cock had so quickly recovered and was unbelievably hard as I watched my buddy thrusting relentlessly into my wife's sopping wet pussy. Cindy's face was now contorted in lust-filled delight. "Oh, fuck me, Dave!" groaned Cindy.

"Fuck me hard! fuck me! Oh yes!!!!!" It was taking Dave longer to have an orgasm this time, but before too much time had passed I knew that he was surely at his limit and couldn't last much longer. He abruptly grunted and exploded, squirting his second load of sperm into Cindy's moist pussy. His orgasm continued as he clutched her body and the cum from this second orgasm flooded into her. "Aaarrrggghhh!! Do you feel my cum Cindy? Do you feel my cum filling your pussy?" Cindy could only scream in response, convulsing and writhing as yet another orgasm surged through her body.

Even after he had stopped ejaculating, Dave continued to slide his dick in and out of her as she moaned in erotic delight. After a few moments, he gradually eased back and rolled along side her quivering body. The three of us briefly rested and recovered from our exertions. Cindy lay between us on the king sized bed until we were all ready to return to some heavy action.

Dave was the first to initiate something, obviously ready to have his cock sucked again. "Cindy are you ready to suck this black dick?" he asked, waving his rapidly stiffening shaft in his clinched fist. Without answering, Cindy rolled her head onto his stomach and began cheerleader orgy lily jordan liv revamped and cadey mercury are on their way to the delightedly suck his cock.

The sounds of her sucking became louder as she became more frantic, seemingly anxious to consume as much of his thick dick as possible. She was easily milking his hard cock with her hot mouth and, the expert cocksucker that she was, predictably he didn't last long. With a howl, he soon shot another load of cum in her mouth. Cindy's fingers wrapped around his thick cock, slowly masturbating him as she continued to suck the remaining sperm from his shaft.

"Mmmmmm! this tastes so wonderful," she murmured as she finished swallowing the last of his semen and let his cock slip from her mouth. Without hesitating, I pulled her on top of me and, grasping my own dick, quickly slid it into her conveniently wet pussy. "Ohhhhhhh," she moaned, "…and this feels so wonderful too!!!" I fucked her for some time, since I was definitely a little slower in my recovery.

Dave, the stud, certainly seemed to have more stamina and recovery ability than I did. Seeing an opportunity, Dave lubed his hard cock with petroleum jelly from the night stand and began to ease his shaft into Cindy's ass.

"Argh!!" groaned Cindy as she felt Dave's cock being forced into her ass. "Nooooo!!!" I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to my chest. Cindy did not particularly enjoy being fucked in the ass, but she now found herself sandwiched between the two of us. Dave thrust forward fucking Cindy's ass while I thrust upward fucking her pussy. Soon she increased her moaning as she moved rhythmically between the two of us while we fucked her hard After an extended period of time, Dave and I reached our climaxes within seconds of each other.

Cumming hard, Dave shot his load into her rectum as I pumped my load deep inside her ever sopping pussy. Once again Cindy was screaming in sensuous pleasure as she reached her own orgasm, screaming our names with our cocks deeply embedded and squirting cum into her body. We finally all collapsed. Before slipping into a rejuvenating sleep, Dave and I maneuvered the unsteady Cindy into our walk-in shower as we cleaned our bodies.

Cindy was so exhausted that she just sagged against the tiles, as we carefully washed her body, as well.

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We then returned to the king-sized bed with Cindy's completely spent body stretched out between Dave and me. Dave and I both woke up during the night, seeing an opportunity and hearing no objections from her, we each rolled over and slipped a dick into the pussy of the exhausted Cindy. She just moaned and accepted another load of cum without waking from her slumber. Finally, Dave got up mid-morning for his trip back to Fort Bragg. After taking another wake-up shower and getting dressed, he came into the bedroom and turned a groggy Cindy over to say good-bye.

"Hey," I said, "Why not see if she wants to give you one more shot of pussy for the road?" "How about it Cindy?" whispered Dave, "Are you ready for one last fuck?" She moaned groggily and fell back asleep.

Taking that response as a "yes," Dave slipped off his slacks and after a few preparatory strokes of his cock, slipped it into her waiting pussy. A short time later, he squirted his final load of cum into my sleeping wife as I leaned on one elbow and approvingly watched the action.

"You take care, Hank," said Dave as he dressed to leave. "I don't know when well ever get together again; but I'll sure remember this visit.

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Hey, maybe Delores and I will be able to 'return the favor' if you ever get to Baltimore. I think she can match Cindy pretty well," he chuckled. After Dave left, I pulled Cindy over to me as she continued to slumber on. She finally awoke about noon and asked sleepily, "Did Dave leave?" "Yes," I replied, "he's gone.

Did you enjoy Dave's visit and our fun activities of last night?" Shaking her head she murmured softly "Well, it was an experience that I'll never forget … but I don't think that it is anything I could handle very often."