Teen gape compilation xxx whenever i observe other gals at church i wonder if they have

Teen gape compilation xxx whenever i observe other gals at church i wonder if they have
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It was mid morning, I was headed to the local stables for an interview as a new groom their and my nerves were pretty bad.

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I had to rush because my alarm failed to go off today. It always seems to happen when you want anything to go well. As I pulled up the drive the rain cascaded across my windscreen . "Great." I thought to myself "I'm going to get soaked too. Can anything else go wrong for me today?" I begin thinking maybe I shouldn't tempt fate.

As I parked up I check myself in the rear view mirror to make sure I looked ok. A blued eyed well dressed man stared back. My beard was short and head shaven, I smiled and practised my introduction.

The sound of the rain against the car was oddly soothing my nerves. With a deep breath I stepped out the car getting pelted by rain instantly.

Looking around I couldn't immediately see anyone so I headed towards what looked like the main building. I tried to rush but not to fast that I'd fall and look like a fool. Upon heading inside I called out.

"Hello? I'm here for an interview." "Oh hello, I'm in here." a young female called from the room to the right. I knocked on the door and she called me in. The moment I laid eyes on her my jaw almost hit the floor. A young woman in her mid twenties smiled at me.

She had short fiery red hair, beautiful blue eyes and was of a slender but athletic looking build. As my eyes gazed at her up and down I noticed she was very busty, at least a DD cup. I cleared my throat sunny leone being fuckeed with twbows continued into the room, my eyes never leaving her thighs wrapped in the tight fabric of her riding gear.

"Hi I'm Henry, I am here for an interview for the groom job." I managed to just about make eye contact as my knees felt incredibly weak. "Ah yes, take a seat Henry, we shall begin now." She smiled and turned to face me in her office chair.

"I'm Aria, the manager of these stables. I take care of all the behind the scenes stuff here." I sat down as quick as I could to hide my sudden growing bulge in my pants. "Pleasure to meet you Aria." The interview progressed like every other I'd been too. A lot of questions about why I wanted to work their and any experience I had with horses. Time seemed to fly by as I was in my own dreamland sat before such a stunning woman.

An hour passed by and it felt like just five minutes. Aria had turned and was entering all my details into her database as well as making notes.

There xxx japan sex story download a few minutes awkward silence before she turn back. "Well you sound very qualified indeed, so if you want it the job is yours." she said as she gave me a beaming smile. My heart raced in my chest, my body flooded with excitement. "Yes, of course, I'd love the job." I could barely contain my excitement as I agreed to work their. "Excellent! I thought you would say they so I already rotard you in for tomorrow.

You start at 6am and I will show you around the place and introduce you to the other staff. Hopefully it's not too early to wake the wife." Aria laughed a little as she spoke. "Oh no, I don't have a wife, I'm actually single. So a 6am start is all good with me." I noticed her eyes light up as I said that. With a brief exchange of pleasantries we parted ways.

As I headed home I was extremely happy I got the job but I just couldn't get Aria out of my head. That night I must have fantasised about her at least a dozen times. Each one resulting in a raging hard on. I decided enough was enough and pulled out my hard erect cock. It was warm and pulsing in my hand.

I imagined Aria sucking me off as I jerked away with plenty of lube. After about 15 minutes I was shooting ropes of thick white cum over myself. My body in full pleasure at the thought of Aria giving me oral sex. Once I calmed down I cleaned myself off and went to sleep. I woke the next morning at 4am. It was super early but I was too excited about seeing Aria again I just couldn't fall back to sleep. So I got up and had a shower, ate breakfast got dressed and headed off to the stables.

With there being no traffic about this early I made it to work at 5:30am. I pulled up into the drive and parked my car. Thankfully it wasn't raining today so it would be a good first day. I then noticed one of the lights was on in the main building. I thought that it might have been another staff member so I headed over.

As I entered quietly I suddenly heard some odd sounds from the room on the right. I stayed quiet for a moment and then realised I could hear heavy breathing and a woman groaning. Unsure what was happening I peak around the door into the room. What I saw almost made me faint. Aria was naya naya bf full sex stories mein high quality bf at her desk completely topless, her legs spread wide and rubbing her smooth shaven pussy to porn.

I didn't know what to do so I just froze and watched. Her huge perky boobs bounced and her hand rubbed her clit furiously. I could hear a woman cumming on the porn she was watching and that seemed to trigger her.

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Aria begin to moan in pleasure, her body writhing in her office chair as her trousers and panties were at her ankles. I watch as she came and squirted over the lino floor of her office. I learnt back on the wall, pulling my gaze from the lustful sight.

My cock was raging to be let out as hard as rock. I had been fantasising about her all night and I was a chubby ebony nerd getting big black cock feet from an almost naked Aria. I took a moment to gather my thoughts, I turned back to look at her knocking on the door as I cleared my throat. "Oh God! Henry?!" She exclaimed in surprise trying to cover herself up as best she could. "I didn't think you were due to start until 6?" She frantically scrambled for her clothes to get dressed.

"Well I got here a little early, sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you." I tried my best not to just dive on her and fuck her right there and then. It was then I noticed what she was actually watching. A woman was on her knees in a stable while a bunch of guys were cumming over her face. I was so shocked and had no idea what to do, so in a panic I turned and left.

I just waited outside her office for her to be decent. I could hear her astonishing ebony babes monica rae and skyler nicole enjoys in sensual lesbian fucking stockings por to herself as she scrambled to get herself dressed. After a moment or two she opened the door and called me in. I took a huge gulp and was certain she was about to fire me. "Let me just say I am so sorry you had to see that." She apologised and looked genuinely upset that she had been caught masturbating at work.

"So you aren't going to fire me for catching you?" I asked feeling a rollercoaster of emotions. She looked at me puzzled. "No of course not, why would I do that? I was the one caught doing something I shouldn't be at the workplace." "Oh I see.

Well&hellip.thank you. I promise I wont say a word to anyone about what I saw." My mind had flashes of how smooth her pussy was and how her tits bounced with her excitement. I could feel my cock growing hard again from it. "Well thank you, I appreciate that. It's also really good to you were eager to start today. So how about we make an early start and I'll show you around the place?" Aria stood up and adjusted her clothing making sure she had remembered everything.

"Sounds good to me." I stood up forgetting my cock was hard and it poke forward towards Aria. Her eyes drifted down a second and her cheeks instantly blushed.

She smiled a little then guided me out of the room. "Ok follow me Henry". As I followed her around the yard being introduced to the horses and ponies their, she did her best to remain as professional as possible. I could see her eyes glancing at my buldge a few times.

Eventually she lead me to the stables at the far end of one of the fields. She explained that these were spare for guests to leave their animals there. There was only about three ponies in a stable of seven. "So that's everything, hopefully it's not too overwhelming for you on your first day" She adjusted her fiery red hair from her eyes. "No not at all. It's a great place here, very happy to be working here." "Good." Her eyes dropped to my still hard cock, she licked her lips briefly and smiled.

"You know ever since you caught me this morning your dick has been hard the whole time. I take it you liked what you cute young latina nailed black and rough by surprise by her comment I just nodded an muttered " Erm&hellip.yes. A lot." "I can see that. Well how about I take care of it for you.

We wouldn't want the other staff to see you like this. Also I feel responsible for turning you on like that." She stepped closer and place her hand on my cock. I quivered in pleasure and my hormones kicked in boosting my confidence.

"I would love you to look after it for me." I said as I grabbed her ass. "mmmm I was hoping you wouldn't mind." She dropped to her knees and unfastened my belt and fly. Pulling down my jeans and boxers to my ankles, my cock sprang to attention in front of her.

"Oh wow! It looks so tasty." I could see her salivating just looking at my cock. Grabbing it with both hand she rubbed my dick over her face. Then she licked from the base of my shaft all the way up to the tip as she sunk my whole cock into her mouth.

The warm and wet sensation of her mouth was overwhelming. Her tongue flicked around in her mouth as she sucked throbbing mass. Back and forth her head bobbed and I was in pure heaven. She took it out of her mouth and spat on it using that as lube to jerk me off. Her mouth licked and nuzzled my clean shaven balls while her hands worked my cock.

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"Oh God, you are so good at this." I moaned in pleasure as her mouth and hand expertly worked my cock. "How about you get those tits of yours out." I demanded. Without saying a word of breaking eyes contact she pulled her huge boobs from her top and exposed them.

I instantly reach down and grabbed on and squeezed. They felt amazing, firm yet soft. Her nipples got hard against my palm and I pinch it a little for her. She let out a moan of pleasure. "I want you to cum over my face Henry, let you saw in the porn. I want your cum all over my and dripping down my tits." Her hands eagly got back to working my cock again.

I grabbed her head and guided her mouth back to my cock. Slowly I pushed myself deeper and deeper into her mouth until I was in her throat. I held her in place for a moment then released her. She gasped for breath and thick stranded on saliva dripped from my cock and her mouth.

She spat on my dick and again and worked it harder. She took the tip of my dick in her mouth and rubbed her tongue on the base over and over. I could feel a sensation in my balls and pre-cum erupted from my cock. She just pink pussy receives fucked hard hardcore massage it all up and smiled.

"More, I want more!" She demanded knowing I was close. Holding my cock to her face she jerked it with all she had. I could feel a swelling sensation building up in my me.

I watched her hand the looked into her hungry eyes. She had a look on her face of pure lust, she wanted my cum so bad so who was I to deny her.

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At that moment, strands of warm cum flew over her pretty face. My balls twitched, I moaned out loud and kept shooting load after the load. I close my eyes and grabbed onto the wall nearby.

When I opened them and looked at her, she was coated in cum. With a smile on her face she was greedily scooping off her face and into her mouth. It had dripped down and soaked her tits too.

She simply lift her nipples to her mouth and sucked them clean too. Finally she sucked my cock and licked it clean for me. As she stood up she wiped her face with some tissues she had in her pocket. "There all better now. Well, welcome to the stable Henry, I am sure we will enjoy working with each other". I pulled up my jeans and buckled them up " Oh I am sure we will Aria"