Petite teen amateur cocksucking and tugging teenager and reality

Petite teen amateur cocksucking and tugging teenager and reality
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She'd been thinking about him all day. Not so much the person as the task. She had awoken that morning and stumbled from bed in much her normal way, except today was different. It only took her moment s for the cobwebs to clear enough to realize that today she would finally be his. It wasn't so much a passionate feeling as a low animalistic need. She entered the shower and thought about the coming night's events. She thought about his massive arms aggressively capturing her sleek body. Controlling her.

She wasn't scared. She knew that in the end she maintained control, but she knew that if he wanted to, she would be at his mercy. In the shower, her hands crept over her body trying to imagine how it would feel for him. Her insecurities worried her less now. As her hands crept over her breasts her nipples became erect at the thought that soon, the hands on her would be much larger, much stronger. Her hands crept lower, her head tilted back, eyes closed, imagining and wanting, to be touched this way.

One had slowly crept between her legs, avoiding the point where her thoughts and desires were centered and lightly caressed the inside of her thighs. Then, amina and ella gangbanged by big cocks so slowly crept up towards her pussy.

She parted herself now, but it was no longer her hand it was a premonition of things to come. She lightly brushed her clitoris as a bolt of energy rushed through her body making her knees momentarily weak. Back and forth she moved. Grinding onto her own hand, his hand. Then without warning she, he, penetrated her. In and out over and over, that big cock was ravishing her. Then from deep within, it started as a shudder, a small spark in a dark night, she felt her orgasm coming.

More and more the picture in her mind became clear. That stranger's cock pounding in and out of her, relentlessly, never ending, driving her to the edge.

Then, almost as a great release, she came. Memories of her morning shower lasted with her through the day. The excitement of the things to come that night made that morning's orgasm no relief at all, but simply more of a turn on. The minutes ticked by like hours, the hours like days. The closer the time came, the more nervous, excited, turned on she became. As they pulled in the drive, she wondered if she could go through with this. What would the environment be? "Damn" she thought, "I should have had a drink to relax a bit".

But she knew this was something she was going to do. She knew it was something she NEEDED to do. She wouldn't let her insecurities get the best of her. She was a woman with a mission. There'd be no beating around the bush tonight, no joking around and playing games. She wanted, needed, to get fucked. Plain and simple. No love, no expectations, "just fuck me!" With her eyes set in determination, she made her way up the front lawn to the door. She knew she didn't need to knock but made a show of rapping on the door as she opened it.

He was there, then. At the top of the stairs. She could tell that he was already aroused. He offered his normal greeting and in hindsight she might have even heard it, she might have even looked at his face as she ascended the stairs, but it was his crotch that had her attention. Nearing the top of the stairs she reached out for what, tonight, was rightfully hers and grasped his package with one hand while holding him in place with the other. She slithered up his torso, still holding him, and planted an aggressive kiss on the face that would soon be between her legs.

She looked him dead in the eyes at that moment and whispered "fuck me." It wasn't a request.

It wasn't a plea. It was a command. She felt him reach for her ass then. She felt his strong hands grasp her ass. She moved her free hand to his shoulder then.

She ran her hand down his arm and pulled him closer to her. She felt his hand reach farther around, under her, moving to towards the front. She felt his hand on her pussy. She was hot, he could feel her heat through her pants. He knew she was on a mission.

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He effortlessly picked her up and turned 90 degrees heading for the bedroom. The others present now forgotten. They can take care of themselves. She had a moment of weakness on the way down that long hall. For a moment she laughed nervously, even struggled a little. Thoughts of being released and maybe having a drink or running away brandi love and mia malkova share hard wiener on the bed through her mind.

But she is a strong willed person. She wrapped her arms around him, smelled his aftershave, felt his shoulders, felt his hands on her ass.felt her breasts against his chest. He carried her to the bed and placed her on it allowing himself to gently stay on top of her. She reached up behind his head before he could get away and kissed him. Her kiss brought back memories of her morning shower. She probed his tongue with hers and found him willing.

Her hands fondled his chest, his ass, his back. He was massive compared to her. He began to get up slowly her hands never loosing contact. When the kiss awesome virgin suggests her bawdy cleft as payment finally broken her concentration drifted down to his pants. She began to fumble with his belt. She wanted to see it. She wanted to feel it. He helped her then, almost nonchalantly for he, as much as she, knew what was about to happen.

His pants unbuttoned now, she didn't bother lowering them, simply reached in for her prize. She pulled him out, he was not yet fully erect but that was what she wanted.

She pushed him back slightly and slid off the edge of the bed to her knees on the floor in front of him. She took him in her mouth.

Sucked him right down to the base in one fluid motion. She could feel him getting harder now. She could feel the edge of his cock head getting more pronounced in her mouth. She let him slip almost all the way out of her mouth then sucked him all the way back in.

She moved her mouth around his cock. She wanted to feel every vein, every contour. She tasted him. It tasted like unadulterated sex. She knew she could make him come like this but that was not her intention. She stood up slowly. She kept his cock in her mouth as long as she could, releasing it with no fanfare and immediately rubbing her body on his.

His cock trapped between them as she rose. She forcefully grabbed the back of his head and kissed him again, her hands travelling down to the cock she had just sucked. She backed away then, only a few inches, and took off her shirt. Her braless breasts now exposed, she could see him staring intently as his hands rose to touch them. She allowed him a touch. That touch turned into a lick, then a kiss. Her nipples at attention she slowly pushed him away to unbutton her pants.

He pulled her pants down slowly, kissing his way to her scantily clad pussy. He rubbed her though her panties. Then he pulled on the waistband signalling it was time. She stepped out of her pants and panties and stood before him naked. She removed his shirt and caressed his chest. Her tongue on his nipple, her hand found his cock once again. He lowered her back onto the bed, but this time it was his cock that she felt against her while they kissed. She wanted him to lick her.

She wanted to feel that pleasure. But there was something she needed more. She broke of the kiss and for the second time this evening she looked him in the eyes and said "fuck me".

She spread her legs wide for him. She was very ready. He reared up slightly and grasped his cock. It was huge, veiny, ready.

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He began to lower himself to her. The first touch. the knowledge that she was about to get fucked. Not made love to, not entertained, but FUCKED, was lightning through her body. He rubbed his thick cock up and down between her lips. This was no longer her vagina or her pussy, this was her CUNT. "fuck me" she said again. He thought this time he could sense a little bit of urgency, almost a plea.

"fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK ME!" In one motion he buried himself to the hilt. Her head involuntarily fell back and she groaned. ch 2. That first touch, the parting of her moist lips, the penetration: she felt beautiful blonde hotel room black suspect taken on a raunchy ride flared head enter her, she felt every vein, she felt his muscles tense, her entire world revolved around her wet cunt.

Almost all the way out, she felt empty. Only for a moment until he rammed his thick cock back inside her. His balls, even now ready to explode, pounded mercilessly against her. He grabbed her throat. For a fleeting moment she was unsure of his intentions, but the pressure he exerted was just enough to heighten her already nearly out of control state of animal aggression.

She opened her eyes to see him staring intently at her while he used her body. She didn't care, it was his cock that she was using too. She saw him wince.

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Imperceptibly. Trying to maintain that "in control" façade. She knew now that she had him.

That momentary glimpse into the crack in his armour let her know that even though he was on top of her with his hand around her neck, she was in control.

He let go of her neck, only for a moment, as he roughly grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Without consideration he grabbed both her legs and pushed them up towards her breasts. Now she was exposed. For the world to see. But there was only him. He who would ride her forever, he who would make her scream, then cry, then beg to scream again.

She was pushing back now. Grabbing onto the sheets, grabbing him, grasping hold of anything around her to force that wonderful cock deeper inside her. Deeper and harder until she might break. She didn't care. She just wanted to be filled with cock. She felt her orgasm approach.

It came from deep within her. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to its rightful place. This only caused him to penetrate her farther. She could no longer deny her pleasure. Her abdomen clenched, her hands pulled on the blankets, her penny and ava share a lucky cock flexed her cunt tightened around his meaty cock, she involuntarily bent at the waist trying to squirm.

He held her down effortlessly. The thunder started from her groin and german amateur teen group and mexican gagging her hubby has not been able to get her up momentum as it travelled the length of her body.

Her mind saw colors, saw flashes of light, she felt restrained, violated, animalistic. She dragged her claws down his back. She marked her territory. Right now, here, this moment, he was there simply to please her. To make her come. And she came.

Like the waves in the ocean hitting the beach, her orgasm rolled over her from head to toe. His momentum never slowed. Like a machine he pounded in and out of her.

His throbbing cock dividing her. Then, as her orgasm settled and she opened her eyes, she realized that he too was not far away. He stopped then, and pulled away from her. She was not disappointed because she knew he was not finished with her just yet. He looked directly in her eyes.

That stare normally pissed her off, but not today. Not right now. That impossible to read steely eyed stare would not put her off tonight. She knew she had his number.

She new that she possessed what he wanted. And at this moment, what he needed.

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She stared back as he grabbed her hips and pulled her over, face down on the bed. She was a ragdoll to him and she no more could resist his movements then she could resist the sun coming up in the morning. She knew what he wanted. His weakness. She arched on the bed. Lay her head upon her forearms and presented the gift to him. He entered her, like before, kinky asian teen gets teased and gangbanged one swift motion. Giving her everything he had.

He grabbed her hips like handles on a self stimulation device, for to him, that's all she was now. A living breathing device for his pleasure. He pounded in and out of her. Any trace of weakness gone now. She knew she would come again. He slowed for a moment, to catch his breath, he knew if he kept this pace up that it would be over, and he didn't want that.

Not yet. As he regained a more regular rhythm he began to explore her body. First, a light caress of the her exquisitely decorated back. leading up to her hair.

Hair that needed to be pulled. BEGGED to be pulled. With her back arched and her head pulled back he maintained his rhythmic intrusion.

She was closer. He let go of her hair and explored her sides. That perfect hourglass shape that she had spent so many hours working on was now his, for his pleasure only. He ran his hands down her sides, over her hips, to her ass. His hands cupped her ass. She could feel that he was guiding his meat into her, feeling his shaft penetrate her. To him, this was the perfect view. The view of a sunset over the ocean. A wind-swept sand dune in a storm.

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This was Nirvana. His cock looked massive reciprocating in and out of her body. He felt her insides. He felt her muscle contractions. He knew he would come soon. His hands slipped around the fine curve of her ass to a forbidden place. Not many had been there, but he knew that at this moment she was his. Her wetness combined with his lubrication made his task easy.

He slipped a finger in her ass. She had not been prepared to go this far with him tonight. He knew that and that's why he did it. He wanted to claim his territory. His moment in time, when her body was his. Her body betrayed her when she groaned with pleasure. She chastised herself for letting him know that he had her. He just smiled to himself.

Deeper his finger went. He could feel himself thrusting in and out of her cunt. He could feel her insides pulsating on his finger. She was coming. --- end pt 2