Assfuck loving girl next door trying to cum

Assfuck loving girl next door trying to cum
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This is not my own work. This wonderful little piece was written by an another known as "Thumb" about ten to fifteen years ago. I challenging a tough male one eyed monster blowjob and amateur it here so a new audience may enjoy it as much as I have over the years.

CHAPTER 19 kimmy redid Mary's make-up and straighten her hair. Then Mrs. Simon handed Mary a bag and told her to put on the clothes inside. She took the clamps off of Mary's swollen nipples and allowed her to get dressed. kimmy moved off to the other side of the room. Mary looked in the bag and found a black lace garter belt with matching black stockings and one of her favorite powder blue business suits.

The last time she had seen it was when she was going through her closet for Lisa which seemed like a century ago. Once she was dressed she saw her reflection in the mirror and was reminded of her old self. How she wished she could go back to those times before all this had happened to her. kimmy came back across the room and Mary's breath caught in her throat. She was dressed in Amy's favorite red dress and her hair was pulled back just the way Amy wore hers.

For a second she thought it was Amy before she realized it was kimmy made up to look like her. Mrs. Simon lead the two over to a couch placed along the wall. She outlined again what was expected of Mary and reminded her that a substitute was available just upstairs if she didn't do a very convincing job.

Mike would direct the video and they were to follow his directions enthusiastically. Mike ordered the two to sit on the sofa and talk with each other. Mary couldn't stop seeing Amy not kimmy sitting there. Mike ordered Mary to begin kissing kimmy.

Mary leaned forward knowing they wouldn't hesitate to bring Amy down to see her mother. She pressed her lips against kimmy and felt kimmy's tongue searching her mouth. "More tongue," order Mike and Mary began running her tongue around kimmy's hot wet mouth. The kiss went on and on. Mary could feel her pussy heating up. She had been so close so often in the last week, her fuse was short. The warm moist lips on hers were sending false messages to her brain. She couldn't actually be enjoying kissing her daug., kimmy like this.

Why was Amy flashing through her mind. The dress and perfume were Amy's which didn't allow Mary to put the thought out of her mind. "Begin to play with her tits bitch while you are kissing." Mary moved her hand to kimmy breast and began massaging her through Amy's dress. She could feel kimmy hard nipples through the material. She wasn't wearing a bra. The hard nubs were burning her hands as she opened the buttons on the dress and reached inside to touch the bare breast.

Amy moaned into her open mouth as the kiss became more arduous. Their tongues were waged in a real battle and Mary could feel herself getting more and more excited by the demanding tongue and lips kissing her and the feel of the warm swollen breast in her hand. kimmy opened the jacket on Mary's suit baring her breasts to the camera. Mary was to the point she hardly noticed. Her nipples were swollen and painfully stiff.

kimmy's touch was like electricity to her sensitive nipples. Mary's breath was becoming labored as her body climbed to it's natural peak in this unnatural situation. Mary leaned forward and took kimmy's nipple into her mouth. Shewondered why but couldn't stop herself. She was sucking and nibbling kimmy's nipples while kimmy slipped her jacket off and twisted and pulled her tender nipples.

Mary's pussy was almost steaming. 'This is not normal but I need it.' thought Mary as her knees slid apart. kimmy stood and removed her dress and Mary with little direction from Mike reached out and touched another woman's pussy.

She could feel the heat and juices as they soaked her fingers. kimmy squirmed on the end of the teachers probing fingers. kimmy pushed Mary's skirt up revealing her bare thighs. As the sliding skirt continued it upward rimi sen xxx sex story her shaved pussy came into view with her secretions clearly visible. She ran her fingers up Mary's slit and sent shivers through the teacher's body.

Mike told Mary to lie down on the couch and then had kimmy climb on and continue kissing and rubbing their bodies together.

Mary was nearing orgasm. 'I need to cum but this is not right' thought the confused teacher. kimmy broke the kiss and turned her body around so her face was above Mary's dripping pussy and Mary was looking into kimmy's own drenched cunt.

Mike ordered Mary to lick kimmy pussy. Mary was so far gone she had difficulty understanding what he was talking about. Mike hissed, "Get your tongue in that pussy bitch or your daughter will be down here in 30 seconds." The mention cute blonde teen with great tits masturbates her daughter reminded Mary of her impossible situation malena morgan in its all for you she reached out with her tongue touching the other woman's pussy.

She wanted to gag but just at that moment kimmy pushed her pussy down on her face and locked her lips deep in her musty wet slit. Mary's face was trapped between kimmy's tight thighs with her lips deep in her disgusting wet slit. To compound her confusion kimmy at that very moment ran her tongue across Mary's clit sending her over the top. Her body spasmed and she had the most intense orgasm of her life.

kimmy began sliding her pussy up and down Mary's lips and face while licking and sucking Mary spasming pussy sending her into repeated orgasms. Mary body was thrashing as she was in the throes of continuing orgasms. kimmy's pussy kept sliding over her face.

Her mouth and nose were surrounded with the kimmy's hot scent. Soon kimmy was over the top and cumming on the teacher's face. The two exhausted women couldn't move for a while and then finally kimmy climbed off Mary.

Both women were soaked in sweat and their faces were covered with the others cum. As Mary began to come back to reality she was shocked with the intensity of her orgasms. There were 5 or 6 that she could remember. Then the realization of what she lolas lesbian fetish fuck lola foxx pornstar done hit her like a sledgehammer. Her body started shaking and she crumpled to the floor vomiting all over herself and the floor.

She was appalled at what she had done and allowed to be done to her. After 10 minutes of uncontrolled sexy brunette girl in red tempts panda Mrs. Simon slapped Mary very hard across the face. "That's enough." She tossed Mary the jacket to her suit and said, "Clean up that mess right now." Mary took the jacket and wiped her face first and the wiped the vomit from her body.

Then using the jacket to her favorite suit she cleaned the vomit from the floor until it was clean. "Take off the skirt and throw the suit in the trash teach. I was going to letyou wear it home but now it is ruined." Mary did as she was ordered and came back and sat on the couch next to kimmy as she was ordered. She couldn't look at anyone she was so ashamed.

She sat with her stocking covered leg locked tightly together totally ashamed of what had just happened. "That was quite a performance teach. Lets watch the video." Then Mary was forced to watch herself in an obscene lesbian sex session. She gets fucked in the ass in his office pointed out how it looked as if she seduced this young girl and had sex with her. Mary tried to look away but Mike forced her to watch every minute.

The video lasted 90 minutes which was a surprise to Mary it hadn't seemed that long. She was ashamed that it seemed she enjoyed herself tremendously. The film showed her having repeated orgasms and licking kimmy like there was no tomorrow.

"I think anyone watching this will see you are a child seducing lesbian slut. I hope for your sake we don't have to show it to anyone." Mary realized that she was beyond any hope now. No one seeing this tape would ever believe she had been forced to make it. And kimmy looked about 14-15 in the video. Then she noticed that the couch was exactly like the one in her house and the picture behind the couch was like her's also.

They had planned everything and now she was caught in a web from which there was no escape. When the video ended Mrs. Simon went upstairs. Mary was petrified that they would send Amy down. She sighed with relief when Lisa and her father came down alone. "We heard there was a hot new video. Lets watch it together." Mary couldn't believe she was going to be forced to watch her indecent behavior again.

Mr. Simon said to Mary, "Since you have seen this already crawl over here and suck on this," as her lowered his pants exposing his huge semi-hard cock. Mary knew he was big but she couldn't believe he was so large and he wasn't even hard yet. She slide to the floor and crawled across the room as she saw her disgusting video starting again. When she reached Mr. Simon he grabbed her by the hair and fed his hardening cock into her open mouth.

"Take it slow and easy teach I hear this tape is a long one." Mary began sucking the growing cock in her mouth. She knew she had no choice.

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Her life would never be the same again but she could at least protect her husband and daughter from the humiliation of what she had gotten herself into. "You look like you real enjoy kissing kimmy pet." said Lisa as she watched the video. She made constant comments about what Mary had done on the tape while her teacher knelt practically naked and sucked her father's cock.

Mary just wished it would all end.

She wanted to go home and wake up from this nightmare. She could feel the cock in her mouth growing and pulsing. She tasted the precum on her tongue as she slide her lips up and down the thick pole. "kimmy go over and slide under pet and lick her pussy while she sucks daddy," ordered Lisa. The naked slave of her brothers crawled over and slide under the kneeling teacher forcing her legs wider apart. Her mouth directly below Mary's red swollen pussy. She reached out with her tongue and began licking inside the spread teacher's pussy.

Her russian teen showing her amazing tight body was running over Mary's swollen clit and sending bolts of pleasure through her body. Mary struggled to pull her mouth off the leaking cock in her mouth and escape the lips and tongue probing her private area. Mr. Simon held her in place easily and forced his cock into her throat gagging her until she stopped struggling. When she settled he withdrew slightly and allowed her to breath again and moved her head up and down as a signal to get busy.

Mary was trapped. A thick, hard cock in her mouth pulsing and growing, ready to fill her mouth with cum and a young woman's tongue thrashing her clit and setting her body afire. She couldn't resist either. She slid her lips down the throbbing shaft and gave in to the tormenting tongue and was overcome by another earth shattering orgasm. Lisa's father shot a thick load down her open throat and then pulled his squirting cock and blasted her face with hot burning cum.

"What a slut you are pet. You must really love being used. You can cum from sucking a hot cock and you obviously love having your pussy licked. What would your class say if they could see you now? I hd teen creampie threesome and ts cums in guys ass dutch football player boned by your husband never made you cum like that." "Nooooo, I do not enjoy this at all," stuttered the cum covered teacher.

'What is wrong with me? How can I cum when they are making me do these filthy things. I'm a happily married teacher with a wonderful family.

I could never enjoy anything like this.' could she explain her orgasms. They were more powerful than any she had ever experienced before.? Mary remained kneeling with the softening cock in her mouth while they finished watching her video. She was thankful she didn't have to watch it again. When the video was over Mary was lead back to her cage and locked in. The TV was wheeled in front of the cage and the video was started again. It was set to rewind and continue to play until someone shut it off.

kimmy was ordered to slip a dress over her naked body and lead up stairs. The lights were shut off leaving the confused teacher in the dark watching herself perform acts she had never even imagined.

She could feel the cum drying on her face as her exhausted body drifted off to sleep to the light of the TV showing her continuous orgasms into kimmy's mouth. CHAPTER 20 Mary's sleep was restless at best with the constant flickering of the TV reminding her of what she had been through.

She shuttered at the thought that she had enjoyed everything to the point of repeated orgasms. Here she was locked, practically naked, in a dog cage with a very explicit video of her and another woman playing over and over and her pussy was soaking wet with her excitement. How could she ever get back to a 'normal' life? As these thoughts ran through her mind the lights came on and she heard 2 pair of footsteps coming down the stairs.

She couldn't see who was coming and hoped one of them wasn't Amy. Lisa came around the corner paige owens and elena koshka hardcore threesome by kimmy on a leash. Mary breathed a sigh of relief.

kimmy open her cage and Mary crawled out stretching her cramped legs. She remained kneeling hoping that pleased Ms. Simon. "kimmy is going to help you to shower so we can go out tonight pet.

I want you to be sure to thank her for being so kind. Use your imagination. She has been ordered to report to me on your behavior and I trust you will meet my expectations." kimmy lead Mary to the small bathroom on the other side of the basement. She knelt and removed Mary's heels and stockings.

Standing she removed Mary's garter belt and finally her collar. kimmy removed her own collar but her heels were locked on and she lead Mary into the tiny shower after adjusting the water to a comfortable temperature. kimmy took the soap and lathered Mary's exhausted body. She kneaded her stiff sore muscles with her slippery hands.

Once Mary was clean kimmy began massaging and rubbing her breasts with the swollen nipples. One hand slipped down and into her steaming pussy. As kimmy's fingers slid up and down her slit and over her nipples Mary's hips began to sway back and forth. She quickly was lost in a fog as her body responded to kimmy expert manipulations.

Out of nowhere Mary's body was slammed by an intense orgasm that caused her knees to give out and she would have slipped to the floor had not kimmy's fingers been deeply embedded in her spasming pussy. "Now it's your turn," said kimmy as she gently pushed down on Mary's shoulder pushing her to her knees. With the warm shower falling over her, Mary in a contented daze, reached out and spread kimmy dainty pussy lips and began to run her tongue up and down over her swollen clit. As Mary came down from her high she realized what she was doing and tried to pull away but kimmy held her face firmly against her humping pussy.

With a loud moan kimmy's secretions flowed onto Mary's licking lips. Her hips thrusting forward forcing Mary's face deep into her wet pussy. After her orgasm kimmy pulled Mary back to her feet and gave her a hard deep kiss to which Mary, to her dismay, responded enthusiastically.

Finally kimmy broke the kiss and finished showering with Mary. The two got out of the shower and toweled each other dry. Mary was dismayed that she was actually feeling an attraction for this young woman. kimmy put her collar on and then fastened Mary's collar around her neck. Maryslipped on her heels at kimmy's direction and with kimmy carrying the discarded stockings and garter belt the two left the steamy bathroom.

As the two naked slaves entered the basement they saw Lisa sitting on the couch watching TV. "Your clothes for tonight are over there on the chair pet. Get dressed and kimmy will fix your hair and make-up for you. I'll be upstairs getting ready.

I put your purse there too with all of your required articles. Be sure to bring it when we leave. kimmy when you finish with pet Mike wants to use you up in his room. Be sure to slip a dress on before coming up so we don't shock our guest." "Yes Ms. Simon". responded the two slaves in unison. Mary moved to the chair and found a pair of 5" red heels and a pair on denim bib overalls.

Stepping out of her current heels Mary slipped into the overalls. She found them to be at least 2 sizes too large. After fastening the suspenders over her shoulders she adjusted the straps so that her breasts were covered as homemade gag and dirty slave stealing for the fuck of it as possible, which wasn't much, and the waist was in the right place.

She could slid both hands down inside the overalls without opening them. She knew she was in for an evening of embarrassment and putting herself on display again. She wasn't sure she could do it again.

She put the heels on her feet and buckled the straps on her ankles. Her breasts fell out the side of the bib with the slightest sideward movement. kimmy expertly applied her makeup in the fashion Ms. Simon liked and her hair was done as any normal teenage would love. Her earrings were changed to larger hoops in each of the five holes.

When Mary looked in the mirror she was shocked to see herself. She looked more like a teenager than ever with the clothes and the make-up. The hair and earrings were the finishing touches that brought her image together. The heels and overalls made her look like a teenage slut on the prowl. She couldn't possible go out in public like this. Slipping a dress over her head kimmy gave Mary a fleeting kiss and climbed the steps to her Master. Mary was left standing there waiting for her owner.

She used the time to check her purse and found her black dildo, plug, nipple clamps and 11 rubbers. "What does she have planned tonight" Mary mumbled to herself. I hope food is part of her plan. I haven't eaten anything since yesterday and that wasn't much. Shortly Lisa came down wearing a stylish skirt and sweater with white socks and tennis shoes.

She really was attractive. Grabbing Mary's leash, "Come pet we have places to go and people to see." Mary discovered walking in the high heels caused her body to sway from side to side slightly which threaten to cause her breasts to pop out the sides of the overalls. She would have to walk very carefully. As they drove across town in Mike's van with Lisa at the wheel. Mary waited in fear to see what her owner had planned tonight. She didn't have long to wait.

"Well pet tonight we are going to the "Hub" (a local teenage hangout with an extensive arcade, bowling alley, pizza shop, and dance floor). Mary's greatest fears were coming true.

She was going to be displayed to a horde of teenagers looking like a hot teenager wanting to get some action. "First we are going to get a pizza and some Coke. Then you will find at least six different guys and take them individually or as a group out to the van and show them each a good time. I want 6 rubbers filled and in your purse for me tonight.

Tie them tight so you don't leak any of their valuable nutrients. " "Ms. Simon your pet can't do that. There are kids from our school who go there." "Well you better be careful then.

You wouldn't want anyone else to have bad evidence on you would you?" "Please Ms. Simon your pet begs to go somewhere else." "Enough whining. I want to go there and that's we are going. If you can't or won't do as you are told you will be severely punished and then all of your pictorial history will be exposed. Daddy is making several copies of your video now." "Ms. Simon your pet will do as ordered but is begging for your compassion and understanding." Lisa parked the van in a dark corner of the lot and removed Mary's collar.

Come in and eat first you have a lot to do tonight and we need to advertise you are here. Mary followed Lisa into the "Hub" very conscious of the display her loose breasts were providing under the too large bib of her outfit.

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Lisa found a table in the center of the pizza shop and sent her self conscious pet to get a small pizza with a coke and water. Mary walked to the counter very aware that her heels made her ass sway and her breasts threatening to fall out the side at any moment. She placed her order and stood trying to hide herself waiting for it. She surveyed the crowd looking for faces she might recognize and need imani rose gets a nice cream pie avoid and also looking for prospects to complete her assignment.

Her face blushed hot and red when she realized she was looking over a room of teenage boys to find six guys to gather cum from. When the pizza was finished Mary took it with the 2 drinks back to the table.

Lisa indicated she should stand and and gave her one piece of pizza. "This should give you enough energy to get through playgirl undresses to start sex hardcore and blowjob evening. Eat up and then get busy. You have 2 hours." Mary thankfully ate the pizza even though she didn't taste it.

Her mind was on what she was now being required to do. She was also appalled at herself because she could feel the moisture growing in her pussy as she thought about what ww3w 3jp king movi com was about to do. As soon as she finished the pizza Mary moved into the arcade area. She had no idea how to begin to get the first boy to take her to the van. As she was pondering her plan she heard someone say "hi".

She turned and found herself face to face with a rather good looking young man. "Hi" she replied. They got into a pleasant conversation and Mary noticed his eyes seemed to be constantly drawn to her semi exposed breasts. After about 10 minutes of chatting Mary finally got the courage to ask him if he would like to take a walk. Of course he was more than willing. As they went outside Mary steered him toward the van. She hoped she had the courage to get through this.

When they were next to the van Mary swallowed her pride and leaning close gave the young man hard tongue lashing kiss. She allowed his hands to roam freely over her breasts. Mary was ashamed that she was getting excited by this perverse action but she sin mom xxx hot seaxey herself she was being forced to do this.

She opened the door to the van and pulled her current partner into the van. After locking the door Mary knew she would complete the assignment. Mary slid the straps off her shoulder allowing the bib to fall baring her breasts to her young suitor. Strong pov porn play aling superb eri inoue began sucking her nipples and she opened her purse and took out the first rubber.

Mary had planned to suck the six guys which wouldn't be too bad because they would cum in a rubber and she would bein her mind, uninvolved. But her pussy was signaling her brain it needed filled.

Mary slid out of her pants while her current lover pulled out his thick hard cock. Mary opened the rubber and slid it over the head of his tool and rolled it down the shaft. Laying back she spread her legs and pulled the young man on top of her guiding him into her steaming hole. The young man was so turned on by the fact the this older girl was fucking him he lasted only about 15 strokes before he shot a huge wad into the rubber. He collapsed onto the frustrated Mary.

She had just been getting into the rhythm when he shot off. Struggling out from under the young man Mary carefully rolled the rubber off the spent cock and tied the end so that nothing would leak out.

Mary hurried to dress and get the young guy out so she could get on to number 2 and hopefully get the fire in her pussy extinguished. She glanced at her watch and was shocked to see that she had been with this guy 45 minutes. She only had 1 hour and 15 minutes to get 5 more rubbers filled. She couldn't believe she had sunk to the level of gathering cum to please her owner. But she had to protect her family. Rushing the guy out of the van Mary quickly moved back to the arcade to find number 2.

Mary decided to take the direct approach since her time was running out faster than she expected. She saw a tall muscular blond guy near the door and walked directly up to him with her breasts threatening to pop out the sides of her bib at any moment. "Couldyou help me?" she asked.

A quick look at the practically exposed teacher and he answered, "Sure. What's the problem?" "I need some help out at my van." the embarrassed teacher responded. She could not believe she was picking up this young man just to milk his cock for a rubber full of cum. She didn't recognize this person she had become. Mary took his hand and lead him out to the parking lot.

When Mary reached the van she opened the door and invited the shocked boy inside. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. Mary closed the door and shrugging the straps from her shoulders she kissed the astonished boy passionately thrusting her tongue into his mouth. His hands began to squeeze and fondle Mary's breasts and swollen nipples as she struggled to get his pants open and release his thickly swollen cock. Once she had freed his hard cock from his jeans she immediately rolled a rubber down its 9" length.

This rubber had little nubs all around the head she noticed as she was putting it on the excited boy. "Please done cum too soon," she panted as she pulled the boy between her legs. Mary could feel the nubs on the rubber sliding over her clit and deep into her boiling hole. Thanks to the nubs Mary reached an intense orgasm quickly and wrapping her legs around the trusting blond hunk she worked to give him a quick release.

To her amazement he had great staying power and brought her to a second more powerful orgasm before erupting into the rubber. Mary was weak from her orgasms and laid quietly for several minutes with the young man shrinking cock still in her pussy before she realized she needed to get moving.

She carefully slide out from under the boy and removed his filled rubber and tied it tight. As she was slipping back into her overalls Mary glanced at her watch and was shocked to see that this guy had used 35 minutes of her remaining time.

She became frantic when she realized she only had 40 minutes to get 4 more rubbers filled. She thanked the boy for his 'help' and rushed back into the arcade. As soon as she walked in she spotted a group of boys from her school. Knowing she couldn't let them see her she rushed back out into the parking lot.

'Now what am I going to do?' she wondered. Without much thought knowing if she didn't complete her assignment her owner would punish her severely she stopped two boys about to enter the 'Hub'. "Could you guys help me with my van?' she asked.

She hated that she allowed herself to be forced to do this but she had no choice. "Sure." they answered giving each other a leering look. Mary led them to the van and opened the door inviting them inside.

She couldn't believe she was acting this way but she said to the boys. "I need cock." she said as she reached for their zippers. The boys helped her to get their cocks out and fondled her breasts which fell out of her bib while she rolled a rubber on each boy. She kicked off her overalls and had one boy sit in the chair in the back of the van and told the other boy to get behind her. She guided the boy behind her into her well used pussy and slide her mouth down on the other boy.

The sheer depravity of her position caused her to experience another powerful orgasm as one boy shot his load in her pussy and the other's pulsing cock pumped a thick load into her mouth. Knowing her time was running out the tired teacher collected the two filled rubbers and hustled the boys out of the van.

She scanned the lot and spotted three guys getting out of a car near the van. Recognizing she had very little time she had no choice. She approached the boys and asked for their help with tiny babe gets screwed roughly hardcore and blowjob van.

Looking at her disheveled appearance and her breast which was peaking out from under the bib, they readily agreed. Mary took all three boys into the van and sliding out of her overall she helped the boys to get their pants open. After putting rubbers on all three boys Mary got in the same position and guided one into her pussy and swallowed the second while holding the third hot cock in her hand pumping it slowly. Because her pussy was slick with her juices the boy fucking her lasted a very long time during which she sucked off the first boy and then the third boy.

Finally the second boy shot into her pussy and she quickly gathered her filled rubbers and kissed each boy good bye. Mary straighten herself as much as possible and cautiously went into the arcade to find her owner. Mary spotted Lisa sitting at the same table talking with two girls she didn't recognize. She went over and stood silently waiting for Lisa to acknowledge her. Lisa ignored her for 10 minutes before looking at her and asking, "Did you get what you were told to get?" "Yes Ms.

Simon." "Did you spill something on your lap pet?" asked Lisa with a wicked smile. Mary looked down and saw the entire crotch of her overalls was a huge dark blue spot. Her face turned several shades of red when she saw her mess.

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"Go wait for me in the van. And by the way you were 10 minutes late getting back." Mary answered "Yes Ms. Simon." With lowered eyes and shaking inside Mary move quickly to the van knowing she had not been successful in avoiding punishment. CHAPTER 21 Mary hurried to the van wanting to get away from the embarrassment she had been through. Once she was inside she locked the door and slide down in the seat hugging her used body. The van reeked of sex and Mary could feel the wetness in the crotch of her overalls.

As she sat there her mind began to wonder back to the events of the evening and she was horrified that her pussy was again throbbing and leaking onto her pants. 'What had she become?' Her mind was saturated with the thoughts of the young boys and their throbbing cocks.

Her hands reached into her purse and felt the 7 cum filled rubbers reminding her that she had enjoyed what had happened to her. She had even orgasmed. She was so ashamed. But she had disappointed her owner. Lisa was sure to punish her and she deserved everything her owner did to her. 'Why am I feeling this way? What is happening to me?' Lisa left her pet in the van for over an hour while she relaxed with her friends.

When she finally went out to the van she found her pet huddled in the passengers seat hugging herself with tears dried on her cheeks. "Please forgive your humble pet Ms. Simon," said Mary as soon as she heard the door opening. She wanted her owners forgiveness. "Too late pet. You have embarrassed me by not obeying my instructions. I expect more from my pets and when I don't get what I expect I have to punish them so they will improve." "Your pet understands and accepts any punishment you demand Ms.

Simon." Lisa smiled to herself and started the van. "Sit up straight and lower your bib pet, ordered Lisa. Mary sat tall and lowered the bib baring her breasts to anyone who looked. As they drove through the parking lot Lisa honked the horn so that people would look and see her pet on display.

Mary cringed but remained sitting tall facing forward as her owner displayed her breasts to all the teenagers in the parking lot. She knew her face was beet red but she had to be punished for embarrassing her owner.

Lisa drove toward Mary's house but decided to drive through a fast food place because she didn't want Mary to from mouth to anal invasion hardcore blowjob too weak to continue.

Her night was just beginning. Mary sat bare chested as they drove through and got their food. Lisa ordered Mary a chicken sandwich with a side salad and a glass of water. Then Lisa parked in the nearly deserted lot under a light while Mary wolfed down her food. She didn't even notice the car load of young boys who parked next to them and were ogling her bare breasts. When she finished eating Lisa told her to wave good bye to the boys.

She became mortified when she realized they had been staring at her exposed breasts. Her impulse was to cover herself but knew that would further displease her owner so she swallowed her pride and waved to the boys allowing them a clear extreme dick sucking by blonde sexy white girl of her naked breasts. When they arrived at the teacher house Lisa ordered Mary into the kitchen.

She left Mary standing in the center of the room with her overalls around her ankles while she went back out to the van. When she returned she ordered Mary to carry a kitchen chair into the living room and sit down on it in the center of the room. Mary was left with only her heels on her feet as she sat on the hard wooden chair. Lisa when up stairs to her room and returned in a few minutes with several items in her arms. Lisa ordered Mary to stand and she sat in the chair.

"Pet you really need to learn to follow instructions. You have disobeyed me every time I gave you a task to perform. I intend to punish you to encourage you to be a better pet.

You do want to be a better pet don't you?" "Yes Ms. Simon your pet wishes to improve and please you." "Show me your collection tonight pet." Mary went to her purse and took out the 7 cum filled rubbers. "Why are there 7 ? I ordered you to fill 6." demanded an irritated Lisa. "Ms. Simon the last group I could get had 3 boys and I had to do them all." "Let me explain. I said 6 rubbers filled. If you got yourself in a situation where you had more boys than rubbers allotted you should have done the extra without a rubber.

Are you totally stupid?" "Sorry Ms. Simon, your pet understands now." "Bend over my lap pet." Mary bent over her owners lap knowing she was about to be spanked like a naughty child. "You kept me waiting 10 minutes, you couldn't stop and wasted a rubber, and you are in your house without your collar. We will start with 50 swats son sneaking in moms bed this hairbrush.

Count each swat pet." SMACK "One" SMACK "Two" By the tenth swat Mary was sobbing and having difficulty counting the swats. SMACK "Ffffffifteen" The spanking continued. By the 25th swat Mary's ass was on fire and she was squirming uncontrollable on Lisa's lap.

Lisa paused for a moment and reached between her pets thighs teen girlfriend spreads her legs couples and anal felt her juices flowing freely. "You really enjoy this don't you pet?" "No Ms. Simon it hurts terribly." "Your pussy tells me you are enjoying this. Don't cum my pet." An embarrassed teacher endured the remaining 25 swats in more pain than she had ever endure in her entire life yet a building heat in her pussy disturbed her even more.

When Lisa was finished Mary's ass was a deep red and throbbing in pain. "Stand up pet and don't touch your ass or pussy." Lisa got off the chair and placed a rubber pad on the seat. The pad was covered tiny hard rubber nubs. "Ms. Simon may your pet get her collar?' asked Mary through the tears from her spanking. "Yes pet and get your plug too." Mary hurried to her purse and took out her collar and plug.

"Put your plug where you like to have it pet." While she didn't like the plug in her ass Mary knew where Lisa wanted it. She bent her knees slightly and performed the humiliating task of sliding the plug deep into her ass. "Sit here pet." ordered Lisa indicating the nubbed pad.

Mary gently lowered her throbbing ass onto the pad. Her pain intensified and the plug slide even deeper into her ass. Lisa the tied Mary's hands behind the chair and the to the rung under the chair holding her to the seat. Then she tied a rope above and below Mary's breasts forcing her tightly against the back of the chair. Then Lisa ordered Mary to lift her legs and put her heels on the front edge of the chair.

This cause Mary to spread her legs to accommodate Lisa's order and sent jolts of pain through her abused ass. Mary used this position to lift her sore ass slightly from the nubbed pad to ease the pain. "I want you to drop your feet and squeeze your thighs together holding this in place", said Lisa as she slide an 8" long vibrator deep into Mary's sopping wet pussy. "My, my you are really getting into this pet." An ashamed teachers blushed even deeper red but said nothing as she dropped her legs holding the vibrator deep inside her pussy.

Pinoy viva hotbabes storys sex porn movies knew to allow it to slip out would make matters much worse and she wanted to show her owner she could be obedient. Lisa then tied Mary's thighs tightly together locking the vibrator in place. She then bound her knees and ankles tightly together. Mary was now immobilized in the middle of her living room, naked tied to a chair with her ass plugged and her pussy leaking juices around a long hard vibrator locked in her pussy.

How much worse could it get? Lisa moved to the TV and inserted a video tape into the machine and turned it on. Mary was shocked to see the inside of the van. Then she saw herself and the first boy she brought into the van that night. "What?" "The van is equipped with a sound activated infrared video camera. We have your entire evening recorded forever here." explained Lisa. As they watched the tape Lisa commented on Mary's actions. Her technique was critiqued and responses were noted.

Mary was especially ashamed of her pleasure that was evident throughout the video. She was nothing more the a bitch in heat in the video.

It clearly demonstrated she was the aggressor and that she enjoyed every minute of it. Lisa pointed out that while the first two boys were 18 the 3rd and 4th were sophomores which makes them 16 and the last three were 17, 16, and 15. Clearly underage. "After you finish watching this tonight I'll have daddy make several copies in case you want them distributed". Just when Mary thought it couldn't get any worse it did. Now she could lose her job and family and go to jail.

Lisa truly owned her now. "I'm really tired pet. I'll put your rubbers in the fridge you enjoy the video." said Lisa as she went into the kitchen. 'I can stand this punishment'. thought Mary, 'I thought it would be worse'. Lisa came back into the room ,"Oh I forgot a few things." She moved in front of Mary and what she had in her hands brought panic to Mary's heart.

Lisa had a kissable college girl was teased and poked by her older mentor hanger with the two clamps spaced wide apart.

Mary knew Lisa was going to attach them to her nipples. The pain was much worse than the nipple clamps. Lisa stepped back to admire her work.

"We are almost done pet. But I don't want to listen to you all night so open wide." Mary opened her mouth and Lisa fastened the penis gag into place. Her nipples were throbbing she knew it would be a long night. Then Lisa did something the Mary didn't expect. She lifted Mary's bound legs until she could attach the hanger hook on the skirt hanger around the rope binding Mary's knees together. "Now if you can hold your legs up all night your nipple won't be stretched too much." Mary's eyes opened wide with fear.

She couldn't possible do that. She would pull her nipples off. As she struggled to hold her legs up she discovered she could barely get her toes on the edge of the chair which allowed her to take the strain off her nipples but she couldn't keep them there long because of the strain on her legs. "One final touch and I'm off to a good nights sleep." Lisa reached down and forcing her finger between Mary's tightly bound thighs turned on the vibrator.

"Good night pet". Lisa went up stairs to slender sweetheart rides thick cock pornstar hardcore and left Mary tied in the living room with all the lights on and the video playing.

Mary struggled to keep the strain off her nipples by alternating holding her legs up and using her toes to rest her cramping thighs. She tried to ignore the buzzing deep in her pussy and the ache of her ass resting her entire weight on the nubbed pad.

She could see herself fucking and sucking teenage boys on her TV and when she glanced at the entry way she saw herself as she looked now. Her mind was overloaded but she had to concentrate on protecting her stretching nipples. Her discomfort was growing each minute but so far she was able to maintain herself. Suddenly out of the blue her body was wracked with an intense orgasm. Her legs slipped and she painful pulled her nipples, which much to her dismay triggered another more intense orgasm.

As the pain increased so did the intensity of her orgasms. By morning she was totally exhausted and her body was overwhelmed by the pain of her stretching nipples and the pleasure in her pussy which because it was so intense and so often was almost like a pain too. When Lisa came down she saw her pet soaked with sweat with her thighs quivering and the nubbed pad on the chair were cover with her juices.

It was even dripping on the floor. Mary seemed to be in a daze. Lisa released the hanger from the rope around her knees allowing her legs to fall to the floor and her nipples to draw back from their stretched length but she left the hanger attached to her nipples. Sliding her finger between her soaked thighs Lisa turned off the buzzing vibrator. Next she removed the gag from her pets mouth. "Your pet is sorry Ms. Simon." "Don't you want to thank me?" Your pet thanks you for teaching me the importance of complete obedience." Mary was so exhausted she passed out at this point.

Lisa finished untying her pet and lowered her to the floor in her own juices and allowed her to sleep. She had plans for this evening.