Grandpa doctor and young grills

Grandpa doctor and young grills
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" We were a galaxy exploding into a million pieces, creating a my wife office boss fuck my house new world, as we crashed against each other on the soft surface of his mattress, a cloud in the darkness, our bodies finally falling together like rain." I stood in the door way watching Ellen's every move as she dances around the kitchen preparing my favorite dish; salmon, mixed veggies, mashed potatoes and crusty bread.

Everything that went wrong that day seems to melt away as I laugh at her singing. She has no idea I'm there, watching her so intently, she didn't hear me come in. All she knew is that I'm going to be home soon and she wants to surprise me.

I smell that the fish is almost ready and wanted to run up and scare her to death. Plots race around in my mind as I made the decision to slowly creep up behind her while she dances xxx japan sex story download start dancing with her. Closer and closer I crept, being careful not to touch anything or make any noise. Unaware of what is going on, " Everything is going to be perfect" she thought to herself and she spun around to get the glasses.

As she is spinning, she feels a hand touch her waist. Not realizing what is going on she turns so quick, hitting me on the side of the head with her serving spoon. " Oh my god" she screams, jumping about 6 ebony blue nangi picture ebony in the air " John, are you ok?" she put the spoon down on the counter and reached for my head. Giggling she kisses me softly, trying hard not to brush the bump that is now appearing on my temple.

" Wow" I finally said, rubbing the place where she made contact " death by serving spoon". Smiling I place my free hand around her back and pull her into me gently, being careful not to provoke the serving spoon a second time. She stares into my eyes, remembering exactly why she fell for me two years ago. Losing her self in me, she barely noticed my erection bulging in my pants, trying desperately to escape.

I wanted nothing more then to throw her over the counter and take her till she screams in pleasure. " Hi" I finally broke the silence, kissing her first on the lips, and then slowly moving to her neck, down her arm and resting at her breasts. Smiling, she waits for me to tear off her shirt. She has a special surprise for me waiting to be discovered. The excitement wells up inside her to where she can feel the moisture between her legs increase as her body begs for me to take her and ravage her.

My hands roam all over her body, feeling every inch of her clothing, searching for hints and clues as to what I should do first. Then, without warning I spun her in a circle, spanking her ass and walk back down the hallway, leaving her alone in the kitchen.

" Finish my dinner woman, then we'll talk about sex," I yell from the bedroom. Stunned, she splashed some cool water on her face and went back to cooking. Disappointment rushed over her like Niagara falls. She didn't think I was still mad at her from our argument last night " I don't understand" she said to herself, quietly.

" is he really still that upset?" she isn't sure what to think. Hoping that I'm in one of my playful moods, she finished plating dinner and set the table. " Beautiful," she said, walking away from the table, towards the bedroom. Unsure of what she is about to walk in on, she very shyly looks around the door frame.

" John?" she asks, " did you want your dinner? It's ready". She waited only briefly for a response before entering the room " John? did you hear me." Her words trailing off as she looks at the bed. There sitting in the center is a small black velvet box.

" John, what's this?" she asks, picking up the box. " Did i forget our anniversary?" she thought to herself. Slowly opening it, she reveals a huge 5 carat diamond ring centered in platinum setting surrounded with emeralds.

Gasping for air, she is speechless. " Do you like it," I ask from behind her. I'm now standing in the door way, leaning against the frame. All she can do is nod her head 'yes'. " I thought you would. I saw that ring and knew right then that I was going to give it to you the next time we argued over something stupid." " Ellen I have loved you for a long time." I said, Grabbing the ring box out of her hand and placing the ring on her finger.

After dinner, I carried her back to the room and placed her on the bed. There are rose petals and candles everywhere.

Gently I start kissing her as I massaged my way around her body, taking in every inch of her luscious breasts and moist pussy. I wanted her, wanted her bad. I tore off her clothes, reveling the skimpiest lace bra and thong I had ever seen her wear.

That was it, there is no waiting, no teasing. I'm taking what is mine and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Throwing off my shirt and pants, I climb between her spread legs, sliding up so I'm over her.

Then I push myself into her, feeling her settle around me. It is like nothing I have felt with any other woman. Her legs wrap around my waist, begging me deeper. Thrusting harder and harder I feel every inch of her body give in to my every desire. " Take me harder" she whispers " do with me as you want." Sparking something inside me, I push deeper into her. It took all my energy to keep from exploding inside her.

She waitied until just the right moment before twisting her hips, flipping me on my back. " My turn for a ride" she said, sitting down and letting gravity take her onto me. Up and down she rode, harder and faster with each push; begging me to explode inside her. A life time seems to float by as she strokes my cock with her wet pussy, allowing her juices to flow over me.

"" I finally let out " you.feel.amazing." " Are you ready?" she asked, sparkles glistening in her eyes as she slowed her riding down ever so slightly. I stared into her eyes, wondering what is about to come. It only took a second for me to feel what she meant " Oh sweet brunette sensual fuck tube porn yes" I yell, waiting for her to make me cum.

She begins slowly riding harder, forcing my cock to grow to the point of explosion. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I enjoyed the feeling she is giving me. Up and down, faster and harder she pushes until finally every muscle in our bodies lock together as wave after wave of pleasure washes over them like a rainstorm finally breaking. Vibrating inside her, I force her to cum more then ever before.

Exhausted and tingly, she pulls me out of her and lays down next to me. " Bet you never thought i could do that, did ya" she stated after a few minutes of heavy breathing.

" Maybe you should have come home sooner." Smiling, she rolled over and planted a passionate kiss on me before resting her head on my chest. I move quickly to roll her onto her stomach, then straddle her from behind and grip her shoulders and begin to massage then, soft at first, then deeper, with my thumbs in her shoulder blades.

She feels amazing, the softness of her warm skin is unbelievable. I feel Ellen tense at first but then her muscles relax.

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My cock is hard again. I massaged her shoulders, her neck, the tops of her arms and now had a firm grip around her slim waist, squeezing with my fingers and running my thumbs up and down her spine.

this made my cock twitch vigorously and I'm soon sporting an achingly hard erection again. Her breathing has become heavier and shaky, a few moans have slipped past her lips. Now without realizing what she is doing she is slowly rotating her ass in a circular motion as I grip her waist.

Her nipples have gone as hard as rocks and she thought that if she didn't put a stop to it soon then this situation is going to escalate to something really bad, really soon. Then she feels it. I'm sure Ellen is into this now. Her ass wiggled temptingly in front of my massive erection now tenting in my shorts. She is moaning at my touch, she wants this again. I carefully pull out my raging cock and place it lightly on top of the cleft of her ass cheeks, and gently begin to rub myself up and down on her ass.

My cock drawing a deeper groove between her ass cheeks now. For me it feels phenomenal. I kiss her ear gently. Her mind is in melt down. She is aching for my big cock again, it is gliding up and down her ass sending her into a frenzy. Ellen is gently grinding on me now, her beautiful face turns to look at me. She needs satisfaction again. She needs it now!

" That's because I'm a naughty boy." I said then I craned my mouth towards hers and kiss her. Softly, then more passionately realizing she isn't pulling away, as they ground against each other. My tongue exploring her mouth with hungry desperation. When we pull apart she said. " You are a bad boy, or rather a dirty old man." "I can show you how bad I can be if you like?" It is a question but I didn't wait to hear her response.

I lifted her dress up. The sight of her thighs and her beautiful firm ass with only thin lace panties covering her ass, I stared at it.

Then I smacked her hard across the ass, loving how it rippled but instantly went firm again. Ellen gasped at the shock of the slap, it is painful but it drove her wild.

She raised up leaning back and ground into me hard, feeling the hot naked flesh of my hard cock digging into her. I smacked her other cheek. " You are a very bad girl." I grunted. I can't believe what she is letting me get away with and she seems as turned on as me. Ellen turns her head to look me in the eyes, then Aaliyah seduces stepson into drilling her hard after a stressfull day grab a handful of her butt cheeks and roughly knead my fingers into her flesh.

" This bad pussy rubbing teen facial pornstars big dick needs punishing." Ellen shocks herself at this but her body is making decisions her mind can't keep up with. I can't believe my ears. I roughly pull her panties down to just below her ass. I see her pussy now, it is sweet black babe sarah banks get her ebony pussy and ass fucked tube porn wet with her juice and my cum, and so inviting.

I grab my cock and with one thrust ram it inside her all the way up to my balls. She is so tight but also so wet that it slips in with relative ease. Ellen screams with delight, trying to stifle it by putting her hand in her mouth but it is no good.

The moans keep coming as she is being forcefully battered from behind. I watch myself thrusting in and out of her tight pussy again, in awe of the situation. Her ass rippling with every thrust. I feel her juices running down my cock and soaking my balls. She is loving being taken again.

My hands roam over her thighs, squeezing and slapping her ass. Ellen is moaning with every thrust driving my 9 inch thick meaty cock deep inside her. I hold her by the shoulders and lean my body on her back, slamming into her hard.

" AARRGGHHH! Yes come on fuck me, just like that, fuck my wet pussy!" She groaned. Her dress kept slipping down covering my view of her ass so I grip her by the waist holding it up, and continue to pummel her relentlessly. I feel the tip of my cock pressing against her cervix. " You like this big dick don't you honey." My words acted to spur Ellen on even more.

" FUCK ME HARDER! YESSS THAT'S IT!! TAKE ME! TAKE MY PUSSY!!" Ellen pleaded. She is starting to shake. I knew she is about to cum. " FUCK ME YOU DIRTY OLD BASTARD." She begs, not caring what she is saying, her breathing is now erratic, she is so close. Then it washed over her, with pleasurable relief. Her pussy is gushing juices, it is pulsing on my cock and I tried not to cum too. Ellen screams so loud that I had to put my hand over her mouth, she bites down hard on one of my fingers, still screaming and grunting just muffled now.

Ellen thrashed around, with me stationary, she bucked herself up and down the length of my shaft, writhing all over, fucking herself on my big meaty member as her orgasm seems to cutie redhead showing her nice ass and blowjob on chaturbate for ages.

Then she collapsed and all that can be heard is the sound of heavy breathing. With my achingly hard cock still deep inside her, I walk forward a few steps, straightening Ellen up until she is upright. Ellen is still in a haze after that intense orgasm. I'm gently thrusting shallow strokes into her, I bend my head and kiss up and down her neck, her scent is incredible.

" You were desperate for that weren't you?" I breathed in her ear, then went back to kissing and nibbling her neck.

" You have no idea." Ellen sighed. " Oh I think I do, I've been thinking of you all day." I continue to kiss her affectionately. " You dirty old man. I bet you want me to help release them don't you?" " More than anything." I murmured. Ellen pulls my hands up from her waist and guided them onto her breasts.

" I think these will help." She said as she rocked back and forth on my cock. In my lust for Ellen's ass, I had momentarily forgotten how firm Ellen's small tits were.

I kneaded them for through her silk robe, then slip my hand inside, feeling how incredible they are. I squeeze harder and Ellen moans again, then I pinch her nipple between thumb and forefinger.

" Mmmmm yes, you like those small tits don't you? They're all yours, you've earned them." she teased. She feels me pull out of her as I swing her around. I kiss her hard on the mouth pinning her against the wall, she feels my cock pressing hard against her. Ellen responded by chewing on my lip and smiling. Her silk robe is open. Revealing her bare breasts. They sat there small and firm, a full rounded shape, with her amazing small but hard as rock nipples.

I savaged them like a hungry dog, licking sucking and nibbling them all over working myself into a tit frenzy. I buried my head in between them breathing heavily. Ellen squashed them against my face. " You are a hungry boy aren't you" she teased. Ellen loves having her tits man handled and she is getting very excited again.

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I lifted her up onto the dresser still sucking at her heaving breasts. I spread her legs wide apart on the dresser, then I crouched down and attacked her pussy with my tongue with ferocity. Shoving two fingers inside her, Ellen gasps in pleasure as my tongue licks around her clit. She tastes amazing I thought, as I lapped her juices into my mouth.

Ellen grabs my head forcing it deeper against her Pussy. She is writhing up and down on my tongue in ecstasy. Eventually I stop, stood up and without hesitating drive my cock deep into her again. " You want to taste your pussy?" I ask as I pummeled her again.

" Yes please." She sighs. She went to kiss me but I pull back an inch. " How badly do you want to taste your sweet pussy juice?" Ellen is the one being teased now, she loves it. " I want to, I want to taste it so bad." Then we are kissing hard and hungrily again. I mash Ellen's tits together in my hands as I kiss her and thrust myself deep over and over again. Ellen is on the verge of cumming again. My rough groping of her tits and pussy is driving her crazy. I'm almost there too. I lift Ellen up and she groans in surprise.

Then I start ramming into her in mid air. The sound echoing around the bedroom as my balls slap against her sodden mound. Ellen can't take it for long, she Came again hard. She kisses me to try and stifle her screams of pleasure. I'm sitting on the side of the bed, " FUCK!

YESSS! OHH YESSS! FUCK MEEE!!" Ellen is bouncing herself on my cock now, curly hottie deep throating loaded big shaft orgasm is lasting for 5 minutes once more. Then she shoved my head into her tits, I cram one into my mouth as I grip her ass and slammed it onto my cock. I'm seconds away. Then in a moment of euphoria I'm cumming also.

Gushing load after load of cum into her pussy. For ten minutes I keep thrusting before the torrent of cum subsides. " Oh thank you, oh god that's amazing, oh fuck, oh yes!" Was all I can say over and over again. " You're so fucking beautiful." I sat there panting heavily. I feel my cum mixed with hers soaking my now empty balls. My blue cotton pyijama top is now plastered to my body with sweat.

my bunched up pants still hung around my ankles. Ellen's robe is open, I gaze at her glistening sweat covered body in her lingerie savoring what just happened. Ellen is slowly recovering her senses. She is deeply satisfied after being fucked senseless, now I just sat there with my cock still buried deep inside of her, with a grin on my face.

Then not knowing why she did it, she slaps me hard across the face. I'm stunned by it, I look at her in disbelief. " That's for being a horny bastard, you pig." Ellen hissed.

Then she slaps me across the other cheek. I saw it coming this time but didn't react. My recently emptied cock is twitching back to life.

I liked this harsh treatment. " That's from me, you horny old man." Ellen's face is stern, she wonders how I will react. My cock is still inside her although only half erect now. I grab her hair and pull her head back, then start licking and kissing her taught neck.

" I wasn't the one begging for me to fuck you harder, and cumming on my cock now was I? You fucking loved it you whore!" Holding the back of her head firmly, I kiss Ellen hard on the mouth. She tries to free her arms to slap me again but can't so settled for digging her nails into me and scratching down my chest.

" Bastard." Ellen hissed when her lips are finally unlocked. I pull out of her and get up to go to the bathroom. Ellen is bent over the bed smoothing the sheets out, she didn't see me moving to kneel down just behind her, pulling out my once again raging tool as I did so. With no warning I flick up her robe, yanking her thong aside and I'm deep inside her again within a matter of seconds.

Ellen gasps at the shock of it. She looks back and shook her head, mouthing the words " No No No." But it is too late for that, she is being mercilessly battered for the third time, this time with her face is buried in the mattress.

Ellen didn't know what to do. She is instantly soaking wet again. Loving the feeling of my big cock in her tight pussy but also scared. She tries to push me off of her but I'm relentless, wrapped in lust again. My hands reach around her torso grabbing her tits, digging my fingers roughly into the firm flesh. " Fuck, oh Fuck." Ellen breathes.

She is biting the edge of the bed hard between her teeth to stifle the moans she can't hold back. " Call me a bbw latina giving a nice show on cam bastard will you." I snarled while slapping her ass again. Ellen is very horny now, she lost herself, trying to grind down on my throbbing cock, circling her ass around and around on it. I'm still too numb to cum again so soon. I can probably go for two hours I thought privately. I knew she is about to cum again so I pick up the pace even more.

Ellen is trying to inhale the mattress, her teeth is buried into it as she grunted with pleasure. She loves it rough. Then she came once more.

I feel her pussy tighten like a vise and then flex, and I grinned. She is spasming again but hardly making a sound, muffled by the mattress. Once she came to a complete stop I pull out. " You evil bastard!" She breathes. I watch her juices dripping onto the carpet of the bedroom. Ellen is sore and so sensitive all over.

She is completely satisfied, but knew I wasn't finished rug munch and fucking hardcore and blowjob her yet, I hadn't cum again.

She stood up not saying a word and marched out onto the balcony as quietly as she could. Her heart is racing with the rush of what had just happened, the thought of being caught like that is making her tingle all over.

It was one of the greatest sexual thrills she has ever experienced, fucking someone she knew she shouldn't be fucking and in a place where at any second she could be found out. She knew then that was a feeling she would crave to experience again, which could be very problematic, but oh so worth it. I walked silently past her into my bedroom.