Riding large dongs is what she likes

Riding large dongs is what she likes
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"What is it your brother wouldn't do?" Ward had to raise his voice above the noise of the freeway as he shifted into fourth gear, the sports car running smoothly in the direction of his apartment. He had carefully arranged everything before going to get Sheri at her apartment, and sunny leone red sofa fuck story felt certain the steak dinner and candlelight setting would provide just the right atmosphere for an intimate seduction.

"He's young and adventuresome. Does that answer your question?" Sheri was used to his attempts at guiding their conversations toward sex, and she recognized the implications in his question. Usually she squelched his efforts, though she did enjoy discovering his different approaches. Dating him was like a continuing lesson in the techniques of seducing a girl, and in some ways she was proud of his failure to win her over. Yet he never pushed, but instead was cool and mature, and she liked that in him too.

Though convinced she would never give in to his advances, the young teenager also became more and first time fuck in girl storys sure he was the type of man she would eventually want to lose her virginity to.

"Well, I hope you feel like an adventuresome dinner tonight," he said after a moment, "I'm going to treat you to the experience of my own cooking ." Finally he's going to take me to his apartment, she thought. Since they started dating, Sheri had been curious about how a thirty three year old bachelor lived, and she wasn't at all worried over the idea of being alone with him there. It was simply another opportunity to learn more about him, and therefore men in general.

"Do I have a guarantee that I won't have to do the dishes?" she asked, her voice casual and undisturbed. "Well sunny leone with blacked com xxx story He acted like he was thinking about it, and he was pleased that she had accepted his dinner plans so readily. "Say yes or I'll refuse to eat!" "I have a dishwasher ." "Male or female?" "Female of course!" "O.K.

then," she said, and they both laughed. She felt it was going to be an interesting evening, and she relaxed, letting the wind blow her long blonde hair as the car sped down the highway. It seemed only a few minutes before Ward was pulling up in front of a large apartment house, and she was impressed at how luxurious the building appeared. They got out of the car, and he led her through the archway into a garden courtyard. It was nicely landscaped, and in the middle was an inviting looking and lighted swimming pool.

They walked past the pool to the rear of the building, and after climbing a short curving stairway, stood before a single door. Sheri turned around to look out over the courtyard, and she noted that the building was arranged in such a way as to give the illusion that each apartment was separate.

She guessed the rent had to be high, and after being ushered inside the apartment, she knew her judgment was correct. Off to the right of a large entry hall was a spacious living room like she had never seen before in her life. The lush carpeting was almost pure white, and it all seemed to focus on a sunken area in front of a huge stone fireplace.

In the center was a low, black table, and it was surrounded by large colorful pillows. The table was already set for a candlelight dinner, and it looked so cozy, she was ready to start eating right then. Walking through an arched passageway, they were in a kitchen completely equipped with all the modern conveniences, and Ward slipped off his jacket, draping it over a chair. "This is where the magic begins," he said as he pulled up his sleeves to get ready to work.

But certainly not where it ends, she thought, wondering where his bedroom was. She figured it had to be on the opposite white women fucked by african tribe of the entry hall, a distance that would give time for second thoughts in a heated situation, so she guessed he would make his play on the large pillows and plush carpet. Now that she was there in his apartment, she wasn't sure if she would refuse him or not?

"Are you going to do all the cooking?" she asked, noticing the makings of a dinner spread out on a counter. "Absolutely . been doing it for years," he answered with a wink.

"But first we can have a couple of martinis. There's a limit of two, because I have an excellent wine to go with the steaks." Sheri liked the way he treated her when it came to drinking liquor, and she knew that he thought her older than seventeen.

In the beginning, he had believed her to be a young student teacher at the college, and she never bothered to correct his notion. She felt he might be reluctant to take her places she wanted to go if he knew her to be underage, and she was fortunate to look mature enough to avoid questions from bartenders.

She had considered telling him her true age on several occasions, but her real reluctance was a fear that he would just stop taking her out. Since he had never tried to ply her with drinks, she didn't see any reason to destroy the good times she had, nor the chance to get away from schoolwork at every possible opportunity.

She had a good thing going with no obligations, and she was glad to keep it going as long as she could. Ward made her take her second martini into the living room as he busied himself with the final preparations for the gourmet dinner. He had music playing on the stereo, and Sheri was glad to make herself comfortable by the table in the sunken area. The large pillows were soft, and as she lay back luxuriously against one, she couldn't help feeling excited.

Her first martini had made her feel a warm sensation flowing through her body, and the second one seemed to amplify it tenfold. She seemed to be more aware of her whole body than she had ever been in her life, and the contact with her surroundings was very pleasant. Then the thought occurred to her that she was alone in that alien environment with a man, and there was nothing she could think of to convince herself to say no to him when the proper time came.

She had taken the last sip of her martini when Ward entered the room carrying a large tray, and when she started to jump up to help him with the food, she felt like her blood had suddenly rushed to her head. She had to sit back again to shake the dizziness away, and she was pleased to discover that he hadn't noticed her slightly tipsy condition.

"Sit back and relax. It's prepared to perfection, so we'd better eat it right away," he said as he stepped down into the sunken area with her and placed the tray on the low table. Sheri was embarrassed by the way such a small amount of liquor had affected her, and she felt she should hide it from him.

Seeing the food reminded her that she had skipped lunch that afternoon, and two martinis on an empty stomach had obviously been too much. But the food looked good, and she felt terrifically hungry. Eating, she figured, would help curb the effect of the liquor. "I have to admit, it certainly does look good," she said seriously, and it tasted good too. With candles on the table glowing with a softly dancing light, they both sat on the pillows eating the rare steak and drinking a good red wine.

It didn't dampen Sheri's mood in the least, but rather her reverie increased with each passing moment until she felt herself floating with excited anticipation. It was an uncommon sensation of tantalizing warmth that took control of her mind and body, and when they had finished eating the meal, it seemed perfectly natural for Ward to move slowly in her direction, his mouth moist and slightly open as it met with her lips.

Like a continuing gesture of unique indulgence, the kiss thrilled her to the very depths of her aroused young body. He drove his tongue deep between her parted lips, and she sucked on it as her nerves tingled with growing excitement.

In her pulse- quickened state, the dinner had been like foreplay to an extraordinary seduction. The factors behind her stimulation were not important to her at the moment, but instead she knew that she was ready right then and there to resign her body, her virginity, to the older man kissing her so passionately. In the open space in front of the fireplace, Ward turned her body against his, no longer willing to contain the urgency of his desire.

He had set the stage for the seduction of this voluptuous young woman, and now his penis was throbbing with lust. Still kissing her deeply, he moved his hand down over the smooth curve of her buttocks, and pressing hard against the firmly rounded cheeks, he ground his rigid shaft against the softness of her thighs.

Her fresh young female scent, her figure, everything about her was sexually exciting, and he was determined to have her sensual young body squirming under him in passion once and for all. Sliding his hand lower, he pushed his fingers in toward the narrow hidden space up between her thighs as his lust-engorged cock throbbed with tremendous pressure.

"Darling," she said, twisting away from his kiss. She put her mouth close to his ear, her warm breath stimulating him even more as she spoke. "Wait, darling, please! I . I want ." Her belly was burning with a passion that grew more intense from thinking about what she had to say.

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She knew resisting was hopeless, as her own mind and body wanted sexual fulfillment now more completely than ever before. "Undress me, darling!" she exclaimed, partly surprising even herself. "I want to be completely naked when you do it to me." His blood-filled cock jerked as her words came hotly into his ear, a clear and concise indication of her acquiescence.

She wanted to be naked! Moving his head back, he looked directly into her liquid eyes, but she only looked down, almost shyly, he thought. He didn't want to give her the opportunity to reconsider, so he raised up on his knees, turning her so that he could loosen the zipper running down the back of her dress. It seemed only right to remain somewhat proper, even after having requested to be stripped of her clothes, so she couldn't look into his eyes.

She wanted him to make love to her, to have him gently caress her naked young body, kiss her lovingly from head to toe until finally her virginity would melt away in heated passion. But, he didn't know that she was a virgin, and she wasn't sure she wanted him to know about it either. Being seventeen and still totally inexperienced in sex was almost shameful these days. After numerous rejections, Sheri's sudden willingness was hard for Ward Murdock to believe. It was as if she had become a different person, but one that was very obviously ready and able to be fucked.

It seemed apparently that the dinner and drinks had worked in compounding her true emotions and making her finally ready to be taken by him. He was so anxious for it, that he didn't really care what the reason behind it all was. Reaching out hurriedly, the suave older man pulled the zipper of her dress down toward her narrow waist. His hard, pulsing cock was ready to burst with the intense excitement of finally conquering her previously reluctant young body.

The idea of shoving his cock up into the soft wet folds of her hair-lined vagina was more arousing under the circumstances than would normally be the case, and his lust-tightened balls pounded with unbearable pressure from his churning sperm.

In one swift movement, he unhooked the back of her brassiere, then pushed both dress and brassiere forward leaving her naked to the waist. She shyly bent her head down as he turned her, the golden strands of her hair cascading down over her shoulders so that the taut pink tips of her full, firmly set breasts were just peaking out from behind her silken curls, and he knew then that he would have to hurry or he wouldn't last a minute.

The inexperienced young teenager was suddenly aware of a desperate kind of energy from the older man, as his hands seemed to move over her body with vibrating quickness. Yet, for the moment she was more concerned with her vulnerable nakedness, and she looked at his face for an indication of his approval.

He bent forward suddenly, and she caught her breath as his mouth closed wetly over the bud-like tip of her naked breast. His arms held her pressed tightly to him as his tongue rolled around and around the pinkly puckered flesh of her hardened nipple, and his teeth nipped at the sensitive tip, sending thrilling little surges of pleasure through her tense young body.

She was totally absorbed by the lewd sensations, hardly aware of his fingers working their way teasingly into the tight elastic waistband of her white nylon panties. "Ooooohh, darling . we . I . Ohhhh!" The thirty-three year old businessman was only sampling what he had wanted and waited for for so long, so very long, and the tenderness of her soft young flesh in his mouth was as bittersweet as the first taste of unrequited desire.

Too often he had been held off by this voluptuous young blonde, and now with her half- naked body in his grasp, he was not to be denied anything. He wanted all of her, hard and fast, ramming his lust-engorged cock deep into her smooth, trembling little belly until she begged and pleaded for his heated sperm to gush out and fill her seething vagina with its milk-white thickness. Lifting Sheri up with one arm, he pushed her dress down from her flaring hips, trying in the same motion to remove the lacy material of her panties.

Her dress dropped at her feet, but her panties remained half-on, the tight waistband clinging to her firm full thighs just inches below the lightly curling little hairs of her blonde pubic triangle.

He didn't bother with her panties then, but pressed her tantalizing nakedness back down on two of the large pillows, positioning her so that her buttocks were raised up and her long, well-tapered legs sloped upward like an easily climbed hill.

The sudden and unexpected manner in which she was placed on the pillows frightened the teenage girl, and her natural instinct to protect herself took hold of her mind. It was too sudden, too real, and she felt terribly open and vulnerable with her panties pulled half-way down her thighs. Oriental bawdy cleft shaving and wild anal position was humiliating, not romantic as she had expected, and she wanted to object, to let her boyfriend know that she felt wronged.

"Please, Ward . be gentle . not like this . please!" Sheri cried as his mouth on her breast suddenly seemed like it was sucking the inside out of it, his teeth nipping hotly at her nipples and leaving tiny impressions like a lewd physical symbol of his lust.

She was pinned helplessly beneath his strong muscular body, the pillows beneath her making any movement difficult, and she couldn't twist out from under him as he locked one knee between her whitely trembling thighs. Slowly and surely her girlish fantasies were crumbling down around her, and the final blow to all of her dreams of the first time group hardcore with young japanese yayoi orkiasa a man came with the ripping sound of her white lace panties being torn away from her now totally naked body.

Ward could hear her cries of protest, but his passion was unleashed, refusing to give heed to anything but complete possession of her vibrant young body.

She had teased him on other dates, acting coy emma starr fuck old man innocent, and continually putting off his advances. He had let her play her game, but now that she had committed herself, he was going to show her what fucking was all about.

He wasn't interested in preliminaries or childish rhetoric, and he was intent on making up the lost time from their other dates.

Running his hand up between the soft inner flesh of her quivering thighs, he felt the silken curls of her pubic hair, and he squirmed his fingers slowly into the soft warm folds of her pussy, searching for the tiny clenched opening nestling in between.

The heated young fake agent cums on pussy on a desk in casting flesh was already moist, in spite of Sheri's terror, and he parted the narrow, hair-fringed slit with his middle finger, working it relentlessly toward the sensitive little opening to her cunt with experienced skill.

A state of hopeless confusion engulfed the teenager's mind as she felt his fingers working their way relentlessly into her naked vagina. She tried to clamp her legs together, wanting nothing else but to close off any access to her trembling virginity, but he had her legs held wide apart.

Her efforts were futile as she felt her defenseless young pussy being ravaged as his fingers probed hotly into the thin, hair-lined cuntal lips, seeking like tiny insects the virginally hidden passage to her womb. Even when his fingers brushed across her pulsing clitoris, still hardened from her previous anticipation, her fear outweighed the bolt of electric-like pleasure.

This wasn't the way she wanted her first sexual experience! She wanted to reach the sexual heights that she had imagined so many times in recent years, heights that her own fingers had failed to bring her when she had played with herself, but her older boyfriend's aggressive method was not what she had planned for, not the way she wanted her deflowering to be. "Oooohhh .

noooo! Pleaseee, darling!" She moaned when Ward's middle finger wormed hungrily into the tender flesh around the opening of her tight moist cunt. She wanted to tell him she was a virgin in hopes of making him understand her cries, but the words caught in her throat as she felt his fingers searching spider-like up between her legs.

Sheri was every bit the sensual woman Ward Murdock had expected to find, and just the sight of her nakedly curved young body made his blood race with lust. Her cunt was tight, virginally tight, and he worked his finger in between the soft, hair-covered lips, worming it up inside the warm fleshy passage in a hurried attempt to prepare it for his waiting cock. Her moans went unnoticed in his frenzy, and he drove his finger in and out of the tightly restricting passage with cunhada gostosa fodendo em varios ângulos tube porn thrusts.

Her efforts to hold her legs together were thwarted by his knees placed firmly on the carpet between her thighs, and he stayed bent over her body, his mouth kissing and nipping voraciously at her throbbing young breasts.

Yet, in spite of his unthinking assault upon her naked flesh, the blonde teenager still felt the lewdly rising thrill of seduction swirling through her loins as his middle finger slithered full length up into the tight wet passage of her cunt.

It was his abrupt manner that bothered her, but despite her shame and humiliation, she felt the familiar tingle of excitement from her aching clitoris. Her virginal pussy was becoming moist with her own secretions, and she tried to focus her attention on the erotically growing sensations from his obscene finger-fucking, but before she could firmly grasp the lewd feeling, he pulled his hand from between her open thighs.

She knew that he was frantically groping with his pants, and the thought of what he was preparing to do excited her in spite of his rough, almost uncaring treatment of her. A shiver ran the entire length of her spine when he crawled up between her widespread thighs, his arms placed firmly tattoed babe masturbates and suck white cock her shoulders to pin her back against the pillow.

She saw the blazing lust in his eyes then, and she looked away only to see his turgid penis standing out huge and menacing from the tangled growth of hair covering his loins. It was pointing directly at the sparsely curling triangle of her own pubic hair, throbbing and jerking like a hungry animal about to devour its prey, making Sheri shake uncontrollably with fear.

"Wait . pleaseee, Ward . I'm a virgin . a virgin!" she cried, the words finally finding their way out of her throat.

Yet, they seemed to fall on deaf ears as her thirty-three year old bachelor stared down between their poised bodies, not lifting his eyes to meet her pleading gaze. It was apparent that he wasn't listening, and she prepared herself for the worst. She felt certain that his sex tape with stunning latina teen gf distended penis would split her in two, and the thought made her anxiously examine its throbbing length.

The tip was thick and purple, a rubbery-like head that seemed to bulge with his frenzy. She could clearly see the long shaft lined with a network of blood-filled veins which pounded with his heartbeat, and the entire lust-engorged shaft protruded like a huge sawed-off telephone pole from the tight tangle of black pubic hair at its base.

The heavy, sperm-filled sacs holding his balls below were drawn up tightly between his thighs, and she knew the semen within was stirring hotly, anxious for release. As much as the sight frightened her, the young blonde suddenly had visions of the huge cock spurting out its white-hot cum from the dilated tip, and she couldn't help wondering how it would feel erupting and spewing out its liquid deep inside her naked belly.

Feasting his eyes upon her openly spread vagina, Ward felt like cumming all over her milk-white body, and drenching her white sensuous little belly and pussy hair with his sperm.

She seemed helpless and pure, unlike any other girl he'd had before, and he hesitated to take in a moment longer the sight of her tight young pussy nestled so warmly up between her long trembling legs.

The silky, pale-colored pubic hair lining the narrow pink slit of her cunt was like cornsilk and where it parted around the tight, mouth-like opening, there were tiny droplets of moisture clinging to the curling strands.

The fleshy outer-lips looked absolutely untouched, like a brand new glove made for his cock alone, and he knew it was ready and waiting now to absorb up inside the throbbing length of his penis, and hold it there until it had sucked and milked all of the eagerly waiting semen from his cum- filled balls. He had to fuck her, and right away! Shifting his weight to one side, he reached down with his free hand and grasped his long hard cock, moving his hips forward until the smooth, rubbery flesh of the tip made light contact with the soft-fleshed warmth of her seeping cunt.

With her pelvis slightly elevated by the pillow beneath her buttocks, he was able to work with ease, and using the lust-hardened cock-head like a wedge, he moved it up and down in the hair-lined slit, parting the thin fleshy lips that hid the tiny opening to her virginal little belly. She moaned when he brushed the tip of it across her pulsating clitoris, and he black tie nights se whose thong is it anyway over it several times until he couldn't wait to fuck her any longer.

With his blood-filled cock positioned right at the opening of her cuntal passage, he raised himself higher over her spread-eagled young body to ready himself for the thrust of his lust-hardened cock quickly and deeply up inside her defenseless belly. The flanges of her virgin pussy were parted outward, the soft hair-lined cuntal lips spread open and wrapped tightly around the huge bulbous head of his cock, poised and ready to drive far up inside her helpless body, tearing her well-protected young virginity into useless shreds as it passed.

She cried for mercy, but the words only echoed in her head, unable to get out past her choked-up throat. She wanted to plead with him to have mercy, that he was much too big for her, and she knew that all the excitement and anticipation she had felt would be destroyed by a flesh-tearing lunge into her unyielding little vagina. The pressure against the tightly clenched little opening became greater and greater, and she was sure the huge rod of flesh could never fit inside her.

It just couldn't. Not without killing her! "Noooooooo! Pleaseeee! Ooohh!" Her cringing little cuntal mouth was like a tight elastic band that refused to give way under his insistent force, and he continued pushing his hips forward with all his strength. His aching cock was ramrod hard and stiff, and the thrill of finally having it pressing nakedly against her seething pussy-lips made his penis swell even larger. Pushing his knees out to force her legs wider apart, Ward cherokee azz fest brunette and big tits a heavy shove forward, and the huge rubbery head of his cock popped suddenly up inside her excruciatingly stretched cunt.

"Aaaaagghhhh!" she screamed as a great flashing pain seared through her captive loins, and her vagina was stretched wide to take the giant head of his lust-hardened penis inside. She felt like she was being impaled by a red-hot poker iron, and this was just the tip of his cock! She couldn't imagine how it could hurt more when the rest of his pulsing hardness was pushed up into her belly.

Desperately she tried to squirm her naked body out from under him, but to no avail. She was held too securely by his arms and legs, and looking down over the tops of her full round breasts, she could see that only an inch of his blood-engorged cock had penetrated her impossibly stretched vagina. Her situation was hopeless. The tightly clasping flesh around the head of his blood- filled penis served only to excite Ward more.

He had to have his cock buried all the way up inside her moist young cunt before he jetted his impatiently churning sperm right then and there. He was aware that she was fighting him, her narrow unstretched vagina not yet adjusted to his massive thickness, but he couldn't keep himself in control any longer vannah sterling milf oil anal only shoved deeper into her hotly squirming body.

"Ooooohhhh! Aaagghh! Nnnoo!" It was terrible, worse than Sheri had imagined it could possibly be, and she sank her teeth into her lower lip to stem the pain. He was like a maniac in his lust, and she thought he would kill her without ever knowing he was doing so.

Worse than the pain was his apparent lack of concern for her feelings, and she felt humiliated and shamed for having led him on earlier. But when he shoved forward again, sinking his heavily throbbing cock in another few inches, the pain in her vagina was gone. The hurt that remained was in her mind, an accumulation of the suddenness of his approach and methods with her body, and for the young teenager, the last vestiges of her dreams about virginity lost, shattered with undignified force.

The warm glove-like feeling of her tightly clinging cunt around his pounding cock-flesh was sending such wild tremors of enjoyment to Ward's brain, that he knew he would have to do something quickly or he would cum at any second.

Only a toe curling orgasm for coed hottie olivia wilder of his swollen, raging cock remained outside the helplessly clasping mouth of her wide-split pussy, and he shoved hard forward with all his strength to sink the full length of it to its maximum depth up between her trembling legs.

The lust-bloated cock-head ploughed up into the warm moist passage, parting the futilely resisting cuntal flesh like a massive pile-driver racing out of control. "Uuugghh! Aaaaagghh!" Sheri didn't know what hit her, the suddenness of his penetration catching her unprepared. She felt as though the handle end of a baseball bat had been plunged up into her naked belly, and the surprise of being so suddenly filled by his mammoth penis made her tense up in a desperate effort to stop the final debasement of her body.

She felt the hard rubbery tip of his cock pressing into her cervix deep inside, and she raised herself slightly on the floor cushions to look down between their lewdly joined bodies.

His dark pubic hair was tangled with the lighter hair covering her wide-splayed vagina, and it staggered her imagination to think that his huge cock was now sunk all the way inside her no-longer-virginal belly! Ward was almost beside himself. The fact of finally having his cock sunk deep in her snooty little belly was overwhelming, but the older man fought off his desire to cum, flexing the huge bulging head deep inside her quaking belly in an attempt to ward off the growing urgency of completion.

She moaned as it stretched her wider still, her eyes dazed and unseeing from his cruel assault, but he couldn't wait. He wanted to fuck her for all she was worth, and immediately! Pulling his hips back slowly, Ward withdrew his lengthy hardness from the depths of her constricted cuntal passage until only the thick, lust-swollen tip remained inside, and then with smoothly accelerating speed, he plunged heavily back into the warmth of her newly deflowered pussy. "Oooohhh . Pleeeeease!

Oh! Oh! Oh!" The young blonde teenager chanted her displeasure to no avail as he began to fuck unmercifully up blonde teen babe pussy screwed and dripped warm cum hardcore and creampie her open thighs with long hard strokes.

Sheri was feeling nothing but shame and frustration, unable to understand why her boyfriend was acting so cruel and selfish, and the thought dominated her mind to such a degree, she didn't notice the reigniting sexual flame in the pit of her cock-filled belly.

The tight wet walls of her cunt seemed to flower open and then wrap warmly back around his hard driving cock as he shoved his hips forward in a powerful upward thrust. He was fucking her as hard and as fast as he was able, anxious to make up for all the frustrating nights he had longed to do it to her. Each deep, swift plunge of his lust-hardened penis was like a blow that released his pent-up emotions, and the strain of having to act like the perfect gentlemen all those times before now, was eased.

It was as though he was finally completing an act that had started weeks in the past, and he was furious in his efforts to make up for lost time.

Sheri was squealing and squirming about beneath her boy-friend with each shattering lunge of his pistoning cock, and he gazed down hungrily over her writhing young body as he fucked his way in and out of her upturned pussy-flesh. Her thighs were pressing hard against his hips, making it more difficult for him to fuck her as fast father sex mom by school son he wanted to, but there was little resistance as his cunt-moistened cock sluiced wetly in and out of her wide- splayed vaginal depths.

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The outer ring of glistening pink cuntal flesh seemed to flow inward with his rigidly sinking penis, and then it would roll back out as he withdrew again. Her tight little hair-lined slit was clasping around his inflexible cock so hard that he felt as though he could actually feel the blood swirling around deep inside it. His semen-filled balls swung freely below, slamming against the widespread crevice of her buttocks with a loud wet smacking noise, as her full, sensuously formed young breasts quivered and jerked on her chest from the impact of his lunge.

Her long blonde hair was spilled out all around on the carpet, twisting and tangling as she rolled her head from side to side. Her eyes were staring blankly upward, but her tongue was flashing out through her full red lips like a tiny pink phallus.

Aroused by the sight of her moistly flicking tongue, the older bachelor pushed his hand beneath the rounded cheeks of her buttocks to lift her loins up higher to his vicious thrusts. The incessant pounding in her ravaged young vagina was like thunder reverberating through her entire body, and she wanted to cry from the confusing emotions that darted through her mind.

She couldn't let herself enjoy it even if she wanted to, because that would be like showing Ward that she approved of his violent methods. The inexperienced young teenager didn't want to believe that was the way sex was performed, so she tried to shut out the lewdly building little fires in her belly, a self protest to the way she was being treated. Yet, she had to lift her head again to look down between her thighs at the huge, wetly glistening cock sliding in and out of her widespread vagina.

It was angry red and slick with her cuntal secretions as it pulled out from between her milk-white thighs, and when it plunged into her belly again, she could feel his swollen testicles smack into her buttocks a moment before his unyielding cock hit the end of her ravaged young pussy. He fucked into her now with such savage force, she felt it like a shock wave pulsing through her entire body, and her firm young breasts quivered and danced lewdly from the force.

Sheri thought she knew how a common whore must pretty teen babe acquires drilled hardcore blowjob, used for sheer sexual gratification and nothing more. Her own no-longer-innocent cunt was now being fucked as though it were nestled there between her legs for Ward Murdock's lust alone. But in spite of his savage attack on her naked body, the absence of any response was beginning to bother the older man, and he wanted to bring at least some sign of pleasure from the subjugated young girl beneath him.

Her buttocks felt warm and soft cupped in his hands, and he could imagine the look of the tiny anal orifice tucked between her ass-cheeks, like another mouth just below the tight fleshy warmth of her cunt. Extending his middle finger, he pushed it in between her buttocks and touched the hairless valley that led to her tiny puckered anus.

Running the tip of his finger along the heated crevice, he felt certain that this one final action would get her to respond the way he wanted. The moment his finger made contact with the rubbery flesh of the nether opening, he pushed hard against it, causing her to moan in surprise. The elastic-like ring of warm anal flesh seemed to loosen and tighten as he pistoned his blood- engorged cock in and out of her clasping cunt, and twisted his fingertip around inside the tightly clenched lips of her anal passage.

"Ooooohhhhh! Uuuuugggghhh! Oooohhhh!" she groaned from the sensation of his unnatural probing at her defenseless anus. It seemed like she was again about to feel the pain of virgin entry as he worked his finger around and around inside the tiny orifice, but at the same time she was oddly stimulated by the notion of his violating her back there too. "Oooohhhhh!" she gasped when he suddenly shoved his middle finger hard into the tightly resisting passageway, sinking it in to the first knuckle and feeling it held there by the warmth of her rectum.

He could feel the hardness of his cock grinding in and out of her cuntal passage, through the thin membrane separating the two channels, and he probed deeper, driving his middle finger into the rubbery depths of her rectum to the second knuckle. "OOOO . uuuuuuggggghhh! Oooohhh!!" She reacted to the initial pain of his foreign entry, but there was something new, something almost masochistic in the pleasure that poured through her lewdly pinioned body.

Her total mind and body were bombarded with the wild sensations of this new erotic experience, and the blonde teenager grunted softly and ground her buttocks back down onto his finger without actually being conscious of it. He accommodated her growing desire by worming his finger upward between her widespread buttocks until his palm was pressing tight against the nakedly quivering ass cheeks. Immediately, he began to slither his finger in and out of her clutching anal passage, in time to the intense motion of his pistoning cock in her now hungrily squeezing cunt, and she squirmed on the pillows beneath him, her anguish suddenly taking second place to the sensual delight filling her trembling belly.

He was debasing her, using her, as if she were willing to do anything he wanted her to do, but the hard, long thrusts into her ravished young vagina were forcing her, in spite of her hesitation, to fuck back violently beneath the older man.

An unexplainable transformation in thinking suddenly engulfed the young girl's mind, as if she were oddly tuned in on the correct wavelength of her sexuality, startlingly aware of her body for the first time. She had known the pain of being so lewdly double-fucked, and now she wanted to know the heights of that pleasure too. The fire in her belly seemed to pulsate through every level of her dually impaled flesh as it became more and more intense. Sheri thought she could sense her swollen clitoris beating like a snare drum roll as its signals of lewdly spiraling desire danced electrically over every nerve in her lusting young body, and she knew that it was only going to get better and better.

There was no question in her mind but that she was approaching an orgasm, and almost wantonly, she began fucking her hips up and down at his deeply embedded penis and finger in the frenzied rhythms that jessica jones in i like that cum thirty-three year old boyfriend had instigated in her seething cunt and anus.

"Aaaaaahhhh . oohhhh . yyeesssss!" She mewled like a lust-crazed she-devil, crying her newly discovered ecstasy to the mindless room. She was more now than just the hot, sensual young woman the bachelor had expected to find, her response to his fucking growing as though it were all that mattered in the world.

The warm rubbery flesh of her rectum seemed to pull and suck at his skewering finger, wanting it deeper and deeper up inside her as he drove it through the tight, greedy grasp of her tiny anus. Her whole body was coming to life, her buttocks grinding smoothly under the long hard plunges of his throbbing cock, raising up to swallow hungrily his deepest drives, then gripping his hips between her straining thighs as if not wanting him to pull out of her again.

She raised her legs up, opening her thighs even wider to his thrusts, and she arched her nakedly grinding hips up to meet him, writhing and twisting around the lust-knotted rod of flesh shoved to the furthest reaches of her wildly churning cunt. "Ooooohhh, Godddd! Yessssss!" He couldn't stop himself. Sheri looked and felt so explosively sensual as she moaned and squirmed passionately beneath him, his desire-bloated balls could no longer hold back the insistent pressure of his sperm.

Then, like a boiler about to explode, the white hot cum began its wild dash toward the blood- filled head of his swollen penis. Slamming his hips forward to completely bury his bursting cock inside her fiery young belly, he arched his back and threw his head up as the first gratifying surge of his climax shot deep into her hungrily clasping cunt.

He couldn't stop it, and his penis swelled to massive proportions as it fired out the raging semen with wild staccato jerks. "Oooohhh . ohhhhh! Goddddd! I'm cummmmiinnnngggg!" The young teenager twisted violently on the pillows beneath her body as she felt the blast of searing male cum splash into the wildly spasming depths of her cunt. Her mind swam with a thousand lewd images as she kicked her legs out wide and ground her lust-heated young vaginal passage up hard against his loins, her belly seeming to explode in violent answer to his hotly spewing sperm.

The wickedly forbidden feeling of his middle finger buried deep in her burning rectum seemed only to intensify everything she felt, and she wanted it all, again and again and again.

"Oooooohhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" she chanted the obscene words mindlessly beneath him. His emptying balls seemed to dash right past the head of his squirting cock, his mind deep within the liquid depths of her crazily sucking cunt, and her heated orgasmic secretions suddenly gushed back out around the thick base of his throbbing penis. Tiny pearl-like drops of cum clung briefly to the curling blonde strands of her pubic hair before slowly running down the widespread crevice of her buttocks to moisten his finger buried deep in her puckered anus below.

He bucked insanely over her sweat-slick body, filling her steadily milking pussy with his boiling cum until it overflowed again and again out her tightly locked cuntal lips and down onto the cushions beneath. "Ooohhhhhhh . uuugggghhhh!

Ugghh!" Sheri groaned as her belly rippled nakedly with the passion she had so long tried to deny herself, and she was lost in the frenzied heat of total sexual abandonment. For several moments she hung suspended on the peak of ecstasy, her newly matured young cunt welded hotly to the fleshy shaft squirting out its liquid fire into the hidden recesses of her now unquenchable pussy, and there was no way on earth she could deny the sheer animal pleasure it gave her.

She was a woman, complete and fulfilled no matter how it had occurred, and she wanted it to go on forever and ever. For several long moments, Ward's heavily jerking cock throbbed out the last of his steaming cum, filling her satiated little cunt, with the final rippling spasms of his orgasm. But then he was exhausted, spent, and his arms trembled, feeling like they could no longer hold up his sperm-drained body.

He fell heavily on top of her still slightly jerking body, pulling his middle finger from her heated anus as he groaned and gasped for air.

It was over, but she didn't want it to stop. Wiggling her buttocks sensuously up against his deflating cock, she tried desperately to milk more life from his cum-drained balls, but then her muscles, too, felt the strain of their wild, uncontrolled lovemaking. Slowly the spasms in her belly died down, and for a brief moment she remembered how she had come to be in her present position. She knew she should be angry with her boyfriend, but the newly discovered pleasure of sexual passion had dissipated her initial fury.

The ceiling mature british couple fucking and kissing sluts spinning above her, and Sheri remembered that she was lying on her back, her body naked beneath the partially clad man that she had promised herself would not be the one to take her virginity. His limp penis was still clamped inside her cum-flooded pussy while the combined secretions of their mutual climax trickled slowly down between the cheeks of her buttocks, warming the tiny puckered opening to her rectum.

Sheri tried to make herself angry again, working up steam to tell him off for the way he treated her, but all she could do was laugh to herself. She had lost her virginity, but she never considered that a big prize, had she? What was important was the experience of sexual involvement, and now that she had a taste of it, she knew that she had to have it often. When Ward began to stir, his breathing coming more evenly, her only thoughts were concerned with him.

She hoped he'd liked what he had just taken, as she could think of no other way to get him to spend Christmas vacation with her, and now she couldn't imagine going through those three weeks without getting fucked, often and hard!