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Japanese mom son forced fucking
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Chapter Two 'I don't want to get up, this bed is so warm…' Feeling like he was coming out of anesthesia, Isaac could hear activity in the background of his apartment, but he didn't have the strength to open his eyes, especially after how hard he had "worked" the night before. 'I don't hear my alarm going off and I don't have audrey royal lilly hall in the pussy before prison provision take a piss, thereby proving that I don't have to get out of bed.' He pulled up the blankets over his face, but even while covered, he could smell something delicious.

Was that… eggs? And coffee? And dare he dream of bacon? Even more, he could feel a warm wet tongue slithering back and forth across his manhood, diligently soaking him before an unbelievably soft mouth sucked him off. 'Ok, I'm clearly dreaming, just another sign that I should stay in bed and enjoy it.' But while he was thinking that, his now throbbing erection was causing blood to rush through his body and slowly wake him up.

"Master, it's time to rise…" Opening his eyes, he found his gaze intermingling with Holly's, who was diligently and lovingly massaging his cock with her mouth. "What time is it?" Isaac groaned. She giggled while rubbing his cock against her face like a washcloth. "You had your alarm set for 7:00 am. I figured my master should be woken up by something much more pleasurable than a beeping clock.

You were certainly stubborn, Master. I thought I would have to take drastic measures." Isaac chuckled. "That certainly is the best way to be woken up." "I timed it perfectly, you still have plenty of time before your breakfast gets cold." Reaching down over the side of the bed, she picked up a large mug of steaming coffee and a plate of eggs and bacon. Isaac stared at the morning feast with wide eyes.

"Breakfast in bed too?" "Of course, it is the slave's duty to take care of her master's every need." "Have you eaten yet?" "Yes, don't worry. But please, Master, enjoy yourself and let me get my REAL breakfast," she purred with a coy smile. Basking in the joy only reserved for the hedonistic emperors of ages past, Isaac laid back in bed and sampled the feast of the morning gods, all while his indescribably dedicated love slave bobbed her head back and forth while using every soft spot in her mouth to pleasure him.

Halfway through his breakfast, he grunted through a surge of muscle spasms as Holly triggered his first orgasm of the day. Semen sprayed across her face and filled her mouth, every drop of which she gluttonously slurped up. Lacking the strength so early in the morning for anything strenuous, Isaac's manhood quickly deflated. Regardless, Holly continued to suck him off, desperately trying to siphon out any remaining globs of semen, as well as merely playing around with his flaccid cock in her mouth like a kitten with a new toy.

"You are the greatest slave I could have ever asked for," Isaac said while rubbing her head. His praise gave her a smile as bright as July 4th fireworks, and continuing her cat-like behavior, she purred and nuzzled against his hand. His breakfast done and his morning semen reserves depleted, Isaac got out of bed and stretched with a grin on his face.

"Do you have work today?" teen ninjas pounded at once from behind asked. "Yes, I have the morning and early afternoon shift, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm." "Perfect, then I'll drive you to work.

I should be home at around 6:00. Can you take a cab home?" "I can walk, the diner is close. You don't have to worry about me, Master," she said humbly as he got dressed. Fulfilling her role as a slave, she handed him his clothes and even buttoned his shirt for him. "Stop it. As your master, I order you to let me drive you to work." Holly blushed and smiled. "Thank you, Master. And I promise I'll have dinner ready by the time you get home." In reply, Isaac kissed her and then left the bedroom.

Entering the den, he looked around in surprise. His apartment had never been so… clean! Everything had been put away, every surface was spotless, and the air smelled… lemony? Did she use air freshener? Since when was there a can of air freshener in his apartment?! "When did you wake up?" "Like I said, I grew up on a farm," she giggled while kissing him on the cheek.

"Isaac, can I speak to you for a minute?" Donna called from her office on the first floor, stopping him just as he and Holly were going to step outside. From the tone of her voice, he had a feeling it wasn't good. "Go out to my truck and wait for me," he said to Holly before stepping out of the lobby and into the dingy reformatted storage room.

The office was filled with stacks of paperwork with everything from bills to tax returns, all set up on rickety pieces of furniture that looked like they had fallen off a garbage truck. Behind her severely out of date computer, Donna was sipping her coffee with a smug look on her face. "I REALLY hope you aren't going to tell me that a hundred more things broke down since I fixed everything yesterday," he groaned. "I have to head out to another job." "No, it's not that.

I wanted to annoying ariel grace got banged the way she will never forget you on getting laid last night. It seems you found a real gem, young too." "Hey, she's 18. There is no such thing as "barely legal", just legal and illegal." Donna's smug smile only twisted as she sipped from her coffee mug. "Oh don't worry, I'm not judging you for her age. I'm judging you for the fact that you basically had the entire building shaking like your headboard.

You live on the TOP FLOOR, in the CORNER, with NOBODY AROUND YOU, yet I give me pink wet pussy sensual masturbation any of our handful of tenants did not hear her screaming.

Mrs. Jenkins called me and asked if she should call the police, so… prepare to get some very strange looks from your fellow cohabitants." "Well you tell them that everything I did last night could not have been more consensual. And by the way, her name is Holly and she's moving in with me, so you're going to see more of her." "I certainly wouldn't mind hearing more from her," she laughed, prompting Isaac to sigh and depart.

Walking across the parking lot beside the apartment building, Isaac muttered a curse as he approached his truck. Holly was waiting for him patiently, but she wasn't alone. Talking with her was Alice.

"Master is so kind, letting me stay with him after just meeting me," Holly said with her signature blush. The look on Alice's face was one that she had clearly made several times throughout the conversation. It silently projected the words "uh… ok?" every time Holly said something strange.

Of course, being such a ditz, Holly never noticed this look. "Sorry, Alice, but Holly and I have to go to work. What are you even doing up this early? It's summer for god's sake," said Isaac, trying to separate the two girls.

"I just wanted to meet your new girlfriend," Alice replied with sarcastic sweetness. "She has tits, she can ride a roller coaster, and she has the personality of a hentai character…" she muttered as she walked past him.

"Do me a favor from now on. When we're in public or you're talking about me to someone, call me Isaac," he, approaching the diner to drop off Holly. "I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?" she whimpered fearfully. Isaac couldn't help but chuckle at her cuteness and reached out to rub the top of her head.

"No, you didn't do anything wrong. People will just get confused or might get the wrong idea when they hear you call me 'Master'. Trust me, I love hearing you call me that, but to other people it's probably considered strange or inappropriate." "So who was she? A friend of yours?" "In a sense. Alice, she's a fellow tenant, and since I'm the building's repairman, I occasionally have to fix things in her apartment.

I hope you two got along." "I hope we did too. She's so adorable, I just want to pick her up and hug her!" Holly squealed, making Isaac laugh. Coming to a stop in the lot behind the diner, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet.

"Do you know where the grocery store is? Do you know my address?" Holly nodded. "Here, I know my kitchen is pretty barren, so pick up whatever you need at the store for dinner and I'll do the real shop tomorrow.

Take a cab so that you don't have to carry everything home," he said, handing her a bundle of cash. "What should I make?" "Surprise me, I'm certainly not a picky eater." "Ok, I'll see you tonight, Master." She leaned over and gave him a loving kiss, and as she climbed out of the truck, Isaac called out to her. "One more thing, you'll need this." Raising her hand, she caught a key tossed to her, the spare key to his apartment.

Staring at it, she had a look on her face like he had just given her a diamond ring. Throughout the day, Isaac and Holly could not keep their thoughts off each other, and with each hour that passed, they got hornier and hornier. All throughout the process of demolition, Isaac maintained a near-constant erection as he thought about Holly's wet pussy and her soft mouth. What would he do when he got home? Would he mount her as soon as he saw her?

Would he bring her to her knees and skull-fuck her? She had opened up a whole new world to him and he was going to explore it. During his lunch break, he zoomed around the Internet on his phone, looking up ways to satisfy his masochistic girlfriend. The sites he found suggested everything from hot wax dripping to role-play. Vanilla by nature, he felt very nervous towards many of the actions suggested, like whipping.

He had been raised to never hit a woman and the last thing he wanted was to actually injure Holly, but she seemed to love everything that he naturally abhorred. But if he simply acted to satisfy her and fulfill her wishes and desires, that would be ok, right?

For Holly, it was increasingly difficult to focus on her work. Her face was always flushed with arousal and anticipation. What would Master do to her when he got home? Would he spank her? Choke her? Would he fuck her so violently that she would cry? If she asked, would he even sodomize her? As she fantasized of the pleasure and pain her beloved master would inflict on her, her mouth watered like she was Pavlov's dog and her panties became as wet as the kitchen washcloths. Unfortunately, her wondering mind caused her to make a few mistakes, even overfilling a few customers' coffee cups.

With what looked like mallet handle stuffed into the front of his pants, Isaac hurried down the apartment hallway, trying to pick up even the lightest scent of the dinner waiting for him. Unlocking his door, he stepped into his apartment and called out Holly's name. The unit was empty and he didn't smell any food being cooked. In his hand was a paper bag, which he placed on the coffee table in the den.

"Holly? Are you here?" No reply came, and with a quick search of the rooms, he found no sign that she had returned to the apartment. Had she been asked to stay reyal mom son bed room sailping at work? Had she gotten lost in the city? Had she possibly found someone else to be her master? No, sexy honey with needs hardcore and blowjob things were still here, she wouldn't have left them behind.

Regardless he had to go look for her. Stepping out of the diner, Isaac pondered over where Holly could be. All of her coworkers had told him that Holly left hours ago, after spending her entire shift in a happy daze. Truth be told, they had never seen anyone so happy, but she wasn't exactly very productive… The chefs even told him to pass on the warning that she could lose her job if she had another day of screw-ups.

The only place he could think of was the grocery store, but why would she still be there? Unless… A sad smile crossed his face. "Ah, of course." Holly sat on the bench in front of the grocery store, looking white slaves humiliation anal bbc gangbang whore a little kid called to the principal's office for the first time. There weren't any bags around her, and it was clear she had been there for well over an hour.

Had she even gone into the store? For once, she was blushing not in arousal or sexual embarrassment, but deep shame.

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She looked so fragile in the light of the setting sun, so sweet. The red hue deepened as Isaac walked over, and she even hid her face when he sat down beside her. They were both silent for a few minutes, Isaac knowing she desperately wanted horny brunette babe tori black masturbates for the camera talk and deciding to just wait her out until she swallowed her pride.

At last, Holly pulled her legs up onto the bench and hid her mouth behind her knees. "I couldn't decide what to get. I just walked throughout the aisles over and over again, unsure of what you would want. The harder I tried to decide, the more scared I got. I didn't want to disappoint you, a slave can never disappoint her master." "I figured as much. It's my fault, I should have remembered you saying how hard it is for you to make decisions.

I've met other people like you, people who basically fall apart when facing any kind of decision. A lot of them have been clients. Considering the fact that the bacon and eggs were the last thing I had in my kitchen, I can see why you didn't have this problem this morning." "I'm sorry, Master. You deserve a better slave than me. I couldn't even make you a simple¬—" Holly was rendered silent as Isaac put his powerful arm around her and pulled her close.

"There was a guy named Sun Tzu who once said something along the lines of "if soldiers don't obey because they don't understand, it's the commander's fault" or something like that. Anyway, he was a lot smarter than me so he was probably right. If you have trouble making decisions, then I'll just have to teach you to be more decisive. It's not like I can be angry at a pet that I haven't even trained.

I told you this morning, you're the best slave ever and I meant it." "But what about dinner?" Isaac stood up. "Eh, let's just order takeout. You can cook dinner tomorrow. It's a personal rule of mine not to work on Sundays and your boss told me to tell you you're off tomorrow. Let's just enjoy the day. Come on, let's do a big shop while we're here and you can cook dinner tomorrow." He then held out his hand to her and she smiled with wet eyes.

"Yes, Master!" The evening news was playing out on the TV and Isaac and Holly were lounging on the couch, each with a paper box of food and a pair of chopsticks. "You're right, that was delicious. And you can really order it any time?" Holly asked, rubbing her full stomach. "Are you kidding? I have those guys on speed dial. I hate cooking for myself, so my dinners aren't always very healthy. But I certainly burn off all those calories with how hard I work." "Well starting tomorrow, you'll never have to cook for yourself.

You'll get a delicious home-cooked meal every night." Standing up, she cleaned the coffee table of all the remains of their meal and discarded them in the kitchen trashcan. While she cleaned up, Isaac brought up the cable guide to see if there were any movies they could watch.

Once finished, she returned to the den and stood behind the couch. "Is there anything I can do for you, Master? Anything to eat or drink? A neck-rub perhaps?" "I'm fine, Holly. Thank you." "Are you sure? If there are any chores or jobs you need done, I'll be more than happy to complete them for you." Isaac again chuckled, greatly amused by her desperate need to satisfy others and be useful.

He decided he might as well throw her a bone. "Tell you what, I'm feeling a tad hollywood film tarzan sexy sex stories film bold.

Come over here and give me some body heat." Happy to obey, Holly returned to the couch.

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Sitting beside Isaac, she curled up against him and wrapped her arms tightly around his torso. Having finally found a good movie about to start, Isaac gave a sigh of relief and put his arm around Holly, holding her tightly with her head rested on his chest.

Feeling his arm around her like a blanket, Holly blushed in happiness and settled in like a sleepy kitten. This… this moment, right here and now, it was one she had never anticipated. When she decided to follow her dream of finding a man who would be her master, she never really thought beyond being used to satisfy his sexual desires and follow orders, as that was all she ever wanted to do. But now, she was being embraced in a way that gave her a form of pleasure that went beyond her wildest dreams.

She used to huddle together with her brothers and sisters on movie night at the orphanage, and would try to snuggle in their laps when she pretended to be a cat or dog, but none of that compared to this. What she and Isaac were doing didn't involve sex, was not a game of perversion, and had nothing to do with their relationship amateur euro pickedup in public before bj slave and master.

They were simply two people who cared about each other, enjoying each other's company while watching a movie and resting from a long day of work. Last night, she realized that she had found her home, but never before had it felt so much like a real home than at this very moment.

How strange, this may have been one of the few times in her life, when without fulfilling someone's orders or being dominated and used… she was truly happy. "Oh, by the way, Holly, I have a few gifts for you," said Isaac as the movie credits began to roll. Having been about to fall asleep, Holly perked up with the look of a cat spotting the fluttering wings of a moth.

"Gifts?" "Just a few things to welcome you home." He picked up the paper bag he had placed on the coffee table earlier, and reaching inside, he pulled out a cell phone and gave it to her.

It wasn't anything expensive or complex, just an old slide model from SAMSUNG, but the look on Holly's face was priceless. "I just wish I had been able to give this to you sooner, that way it would have teen loves cum on her face japanese hardcore easier to find you." "Thank you so much, Master! I've wanted one of these since I was a little kid!" she squealed. Smiling, Isaac then drew a large dog collar, which he picked up from the local pet store.

It was one of the suggestions he had found online. On the ring was a heart-shaped tag, labeled HOLLY. "I had to look around at a few places before I could find the right tag, but what use is a collar if its doesn't have my pet's name on it?" Holly was left speechless and nearly on the verge of tears when she saw the collar, and as Isaac secured it around her neck, she began to cry in happiness.

"How is it? I hope it's not too tight." In reply, Holly threw herself at Isaac and hugged him with all her strength. "It's perfect, Master!" Holly kneeled in the bedroom doorway, her clothes gone and her hands tied above her head. Isaac had secured a leash to her collar, tied it around her wrists so that her arms were raised straight up, and secured the handle around a hook he drilled into the cross beam of the frame above.

The leash's pull on her collar was just tight enough to halve every breath she could take in, nothing more than a fabric aphrodisiac. Just like the night before, her panties had been stuffed into her mouth for a gag, but they were already soaked from her mouth watering in arousal. "I said I would teach you to be more decisive, but all teaching requires two milfs sharing black massive pecker in some interracial hardcore form of discipline and punishment.

Your first lesson will be why you shouldn't fail to do what I ask. You need to learn it tonight, so the lesson will stay fresh in her mind." said Isaac, crouching in front of her with his belt tied around his hands. With her mouth full, Holly simply flashed him the Bambi eyes to joymii ella marie welcomes bf with great fuck herself appear apologetic and weak.

Standing up, Isaac unraveled his belt and took aim. He had seen this a porno and copied it, even using some of a dialogue. Just holding his belt, knowing what he was going to do with it, it was way out of character for him and it had his stomach in knots.

But if Holly liked it, then he could probably learn to enjoy it as well. After letting himself enjoy the sight of the torrential emotion and arousal in Holly's eyes, he lashed out with the belt and struck her left breast. Holly screamed in euphoria through her gag, while the melon-sized orb of jiggling flesh turned red with a growing welt.

Already, drops of liquid arousal could be seen running down her inner thighs. He had meant to strike her lightly, but the force of the leather was greater than he had expected and he was momentarily petrified that he had gone too far.

He looked into her eyes, expecting her to see a teary signal him to stop, but instead he stared into a ravenous gleam, begging him to increase the brutality. "Ok… um… This is—this is what happens when you disobey me: you get punished. Do you understand?" Squealing in happiness but also trying to appear like she was suffering, Holly nodded her head frantically. That was probably the funniest aspect of this S&M dance: if anything, he was conditioning her to disobey him.

This was just a game to the two of them. He would pretend to be angry and beat her, various peckers up for sucking hardcore and cumshots she would pretend like she was suffering and not actually in total ecstasy. He continued whipping her again and again, learning to take pleasure in the sound of the hard leather striking her soft skin. With each snap to her beautiful body, Holly would cry out in happiness.

Every red welt on her skin felt like a tattoo of dedication to her master, the stinging pain a delicious bonus. Her breasts were swollen and throbbing and her flat belly looked like it was covered in rope burns. Her body was glistening with sweat, she had a bit of drool on her chin, and tears were streaming down her face. Isaac was also getting turned on, some small primal part of him finding joy in inflicting harm to this beautiful girl, but what really aroused him was how much it got her going.

The fact that she was enjoying it so much was what really turned him on. Lowering the strikes, Isaac began swatting her glistening pussy with his belt. Her jubilant screams reached new levels of intensity as the plump lips of her gate of paradise quivered from the pain. The whips to her tits and belly had caused pussy juice to run down her thighs, but upon striking the source, it was like the floodgates were ripped open and waterfall of horniness poured out onto the floor.

Every time the end of Isaac's belt struck her sensitive lips, another splash of her arousal would crash against the floor and widen the puddle she had formed. Isaac couldn't help but wonder how many orgasms had charged through her. "Look at the mess you made on the floor, disgusting.

You really are just a dog kennel bitch," he laughed as he removed her panties from her mouth. "I'm sorry, Master. I promise I'll do better. Please forgive me," she whimpered, licking her lips. "Not yet, you clearly haven't learned your punishment from the mess you made in my bed last night. You clearly have an attitude problem.

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I need to be even harsher in punishing you." Isaac then reached up and unfastened the end of the leash from the hook in the doorframe, letting Holly drop down onto all fours. With his foot on her back to push her down, he pulled up on the leash until she was left gasping. With his free hand, he raised his belt and lashed her across her cute little ass. "Oh god! Yes!" Holly cried out as the first of many welts became embroidered on the two lily-white cheeks.

Isaac swung again and again, striking Holly's ass with increasing brutality. Her screams of happiness only climbed in volume and intensity, and she even began to touch herself.

After just over a minute, Isaac decided that he wanted some physical pleasure. Pulling her up with the leash, he did not hesitate to reveal his pulsing cock and cram it into her mouth. As if woken from a dream, she jerked and quickly began sucking him off with her eyes filled with love. He briefly stopped sexy girl having sex in the bath tub faux punishment and returned to his true personality, no longer pulling on her leash and instead stroking her hair and wiping away the tears she had shed earlier.

He looked down at her pretty face with a smile on his own, so glad he had met the perverted little minx. Sensing his approaching orgasm, he reacquainted himself with the dominant role, grabbed the sides of her head, and began violently slamming his cock against the back of her throat. Holly simply sat there and took it, relishing the abuse. "Make sure you catch it all!" Isaac groaned, releasing a white geyser of semen into Holly's mouth. His hands lost their grip and she fell back, nearly choking on the vast flood of his seed.

Unable to swallow it all, she could do nothing as the second jet plastered her face, the third left a foamy white rope across her chest, and the fourth merely landed on the floor and mixed with the puddle of her pussy juice.

"Look at that, not only are you wasteful, but you made a mess of it. Go on, clean it up." He didn't even need to speak; Holly was already licking the floor clean, savoring the taste of his and her nectars joined together. When she was done, Isaac pulled up on her collar and looked at her.

She was covered in sweat, semen, and her own lubrication, and her welts were reaching the peak of their color. "What a filthy little bitch you are, disgusting. Come on, let's get you into the shower." Leash in hand, he walked to bathroom with Holly crawling behind him on all fours, happy as could be. Standing her up, he pushed her into the shower and turned it on, setting it to be comfortably hot but first having her bear through the stagnant cold.

Holly yelped as the frigid water rained down upon her naked body, suddenly feeling like she was being whipped again. Her welts ached against the cold, stinging like cuts laced with salt. But while the freezing water should have left her pale as a ghost, she was flushed from head to toe with a look of ecstasy on her face. As the water reached its desired temperature, she sensed Isaac enter the shower behind her.

He had her raise her face into the liquid lasers with her mouth open, letting the water wash out all of the semen. With her mouth clean, she looked back at Isaac and he locked their lips, sending his tongue to wrap around hers. She purred as she felt his arms coil around her and his erection bump against her bruised rear. As he grabbed a bar of soap, she giggled. "What's so funny?

I told you to I had to clean you up. It's the master's duty to make sure his slave is taken care of." "Thank you, Master." she whispered, rolling her head back as she felt the smooth bar of soap, encased in his callused hand, sweep slowly across her splendid mantle.

Her large breasts could barely fit in Isaac's hands. They slipped and rolled out of twgirls one guy full mast sex grip, slick as oiled latex by the soap. Regardless, Isaac thoroughly washed them, while of course taking this chance to familiarize himself with every glorious centimeter. When her breasts were properly lathered, he gave himself a few moments to tweak her nipples. A pinch with his index fingers and thumbs and then a gentle tug, that was all it took to make her scream in pleasure.

"Master, my breasts are really sensitive right now," she hummed, though neither one of them was sure if she said that as way to ask him to stop or keep going. "Well why do you think I'm teasing you there?" he asked while kissing the back of her ear. Her breasts taken care of, he began to gently scrub her arms and back, all while running his tongue and lips across her soft neck endlessly. He then moved to her belly, so smooth and flat, before advancing to her toned thighs.

Holly hummed and purred with each movement Isaac made, whether he let the soft bar of soap tickle her or used his hands to wipe the suds away, letting his rough palms polish her delicate skin like sandpaper. Crouching down, Isaac rubbed her long legs with the soap, while letting his tongue scurry across her taut ass.

Standing back up, Isaac pressed himself against her, and with a thick layer of scented foam in his palm, he slid his hand between her legs. "Oh… Master…" Holly panted as he stroked the soft lips, still aching from the strikes of his belt. "This area in particular needs to be cleaned." "It doesn't matter how hard you scrub down there, Master. I'll always be your dirty little whore," Holly said lovingly. Regardless of the toughness of Isaac's skin, the sensation of the gentle caressing on her aching flesh felt to Holly like eating ice cream after a spicy meal.

He continued to rub her, carefully scrubbing the entrance to her womanhood. About to enter her, he instead toyed with her hardened clitoris.

No matter how light the pressure from his fingers, Holly moaned in arousal and nearly curled her body up like a shrimp. Giving her a moment to recover, he stopped and applied another layer of soap to his hand. "Now to really clean you," he chuckled, inserting his soapy fingers into her eager cunt. Holly moaned in happiness from the penetration of his ring and middle fingers, able to feel him stir her insides like twin serpents burrowing into the same den. True, the size of his fingers was nothing compared to his cock, but the fact that he was touching her so intimately and so deeply made her feel like she was going to melt in his hand.

Time and time again, Isaac used his fingers to scrub her velvet sleeve. Once he got her all soaped up, he began splashing namorada fogosa pede pra enfiar ateacute os insides with water to wash away every last bubble and spot of foam, leaving her pussy cleaner than the kitchen counter of a germaphobe with OCD.

Turning around, Holly pressed her naked body against Isaac's and began kissing him. "I'm all clean now and ready to be used." "Not quite yet, there is still one spot that I need to check," Isaac hinted, soaping up his middle finger and reaching down behind Holly.

She gave a soft yelp of joy as his soapy finger effortlessly entered her asshole and was buried all the way up to the knuckle. "Wow," Isaac laughed, "I didn't think it would be so loose. Your sisters sure did a number on you. How does it feel?" "The soap feels a bit weird, but it's worth it to feel you in my naughtiest place. Now please, Master, don't make me wait any longer." "Well since you asked so nicely…" Continuing to move his finger in and out of her asshole, Isaac used it as a handle on Holly as he pressed her against the shower wall.

Using his other hand for added support, he waited for Holly to wrap her legs around him before entering her. After the thorough cleaning he had just implemented, her pussy welcomed him without any friction or resistance, yet it retained a tightness that he wouldn't trade for the world. Bucking his hips, Isaac began thrusting into her with all of his strength, all while keeping her pressed against the wall with their lips interlocked. Even through their kiss, Holly's voice was able to escape.

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This was a new level of pleasure for her, the sensation of Isaac's cock barreling into her slit with such destructive force, slamming against her innards like he was trying to bruise them. At the same time, he had his fingers churning in her asshole, having gone up from the single digit. Isaac was just as happy, due to shower sex being his favorite kind. With hot water pouring on him, every inch of skin felt as good as the skin of his dick as he forced himself into her again and again.

Every sensation was heightened, from the taste of her tongue to the jiggling of her chest against his own. Even the smoothness of her legs around his waist was crystal sona singh bhojpuri singar ka sex story to him. "Master, you're too big! You're going to break me!" Holly whined as she achieved her first of many orgasms. "Relax, I can easily fix a broken toy." After completely pulling out of her, he replayed his trick from the previous night.

Over and over again, he would penetrate her in a single powerful stroke, then pull out only to enter her once again. Each time he entered her, he triggered another mini orgasm in which sexy story xxx girl tgirl flood of pussy juice would drown his cock. "I should be careful, I don't want you keeling over from dehydration." "No, please don't stop! I've never come so many times so quickly!" she screamed desperately.

"All right, well how about we change it up? I finally finished cleaning you out." Before Holly could say anything, Isaac pulled out of her slit one final time and refused to spare even a second before entering her back door.

The sound Holly made could be compared to a cat with its tail stepped on, and even while soaking wet, he hair seemed to momentarily stand on end. She had been sodomized with a lot of things at the hands of her sisters, everything from broom handles to bananas.

Hell, she couldn't even count the number of times she had been fisted by her younger foster siblings. But never in her life had she experienced such a potent combination of both thickness and length inside her ass. It was completely alien to every other sexual experience, it made her feel like Isaac was going to punch the underside of her stomach.

This pain… it was ecstasy. Isaac was nearly thrown back by the ravenous look engraved in Holly's face. Her eyes had rolled back, tears were streaming from her eyes, her mouth was wide open, her tongue sansa stark gets her face plaster reaching out, and was she screaming like a car alarm every time he buried his cock in her asshole up to the base.

The sensation of anal sex was certainly different from vaginal sex, it was one long soft sleeve of wet flesh, while when he fucked her pussy, he could feel every ridge and bump. Surprising enough, she was actually much tighter than he originally thought. If anything, her asshole was a vise grip on his cock!

Had he not washed her out, he couldn't imagine being able to move at all in her. He soon realized she was purposefully clamping down on him, not to keep him out, but to keep him from pulling out. "Wow, you certainly are slut for anal sex." "I love it so much! It feels so amazing! Please fuck me harder, Master! Punish my asshole with your cock! Pump every drop of your semen into my ass!" "Damn girl, it's like you're reading my mind," he laughed, increasing the strength and power of his thrusts.

Isaac could feel his final orgasm of the night charging. Truth be told, he had fired most of his spunk with his blowjob, but he still had plenty to unleash. He didn't have long, less than a minute if he was lucky, and he was going to put that minute to work. He threw all of his strength into his thrusts, slamming Holly against the shower wall like she was a human doorknocker. The stronger his thrusts became, the louder Holly screamed.

"Here it comes!" Isaac yelled, feeling like he was on the verge of passing out. As his voice echoed through the bathroom, his control finally broke and every last tailless sperm was unleashed in a gushing torrent straight into Holly's anus.

She screamed from the incredible hydraulic pressure her master was able to exert and had her final orgasm. Isaac slowly pulled out of her, and shuddering in pleasure, Holly looked down as the last splash of her liquid arousal squirted from between her legs and a waterfall of Isaac's seed poured out of her anus. She sank to the floor and Isaac gave her a minute to wash herself off, then turned off the water.

"I think my slave has learned her lesson," said Isaac as he brushed her long black hair out of her face. She looked up him with a sweet childlike smile. "Yes Master, I won't he finds brunette gf sucking and riding another cock you again.

But… Master… I don't think I can walk. My legs feel like jelly." "Maybe I should take you to the vet. But until then, leave it to me." Reaching under her, he scooped her up with one arm against her back and the other under her knees. He stood up with her in her arms effortlessly, as if she were made of cotton balls.

Holly blushed in his embrace, having always dreamed of being carried in the princess hold. Upon her Master's orders, she grabbed a few towels from the nearby rack, and Isaac carried her to their bed. Laying her down, he used the towels to dry them both off, all while Holly gazed at him with a smile of adoration.

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"You certainly look happy," he said. "Of course, I found a Master who is kinder than I ever dreamed and satisfies me more than even my sisters could." She then reached out and placed her hand on his.

"I love you, Master. I love you with all my heart. I want to be your property for the rest of my life." Isaac looked at her with a calm poker face, trying to think of a response.

He had known this girl for a grand total of three days, yet she was easily the most interesting and unique person he had ever met. He had never encountered someone with such a pure soul and yet simultaneously, such a naughty and perverse mind. The smile he saw on her face when she was whipped, choked, skull-fucked, or sodomized, was the same smile he would see on a dog wagging its tail with a Frisbee in its mouth, or a little kid in the parking lot of Disney World.

She was also an incredibly loyal person, more so than any girl he had ever dated. She would never go out and cheat on him, she would never get passive aggressive and bitchy at him, she would never scream at him about insignificant bullshit, and she would try to spite him.

She was just happy to be taken in and cared for, to be given a purpose and sexual satisfaction. She lived to make others happy and wanted nothing in skinhead emo tattooed ho double penetrated by nasty men but continued orders in which to happily fulfill.

She was all that and with one of the sweetest personalities in the world. Three days, that was all it had taken. Three days, that was how long it took for him to completely fall for her.

"I love you too, my dear sweet slave." Please comment! Chapter 3 will be up next week!