Horny lesbian gets her hairy holes licked

Horny lesbian gets her hairy holes licked
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Maryanne's Story Secret Kisses One year after my husband Michael and I married and moved to Massachusetts, his company transferred him to Ohio, our first of many moves over the next twenty years or so. With the help of Pam, a wonderful real estate agent, we were lucky to find a small two bedroom house to rent not too far from Michael's work. Soon after unpacking and settling in, Pam called and offered to take me to lunch so I could get to know the area better and meet another girl that she thought I would like.

We met her friend Sally at the restaurant for lunch, and had a lovely time together. Pam and Sally were close friends and got together every Thursday evening, Pam told me, and wondered if I would like to join them one evening to play games and chat. I liked them both and said I would love to join them anytime.

Within a few days Pam phoned and invited me to come to her home that coming Thursday evening. Pam was a divorcee, about four or five years older than me who lived alone, and Sally was about the same age or maybe a little younger. I was 26 at the time.

I was looking forward to spending some time with them, as I had left my Massachusetts friends behind and was anxious to have some friends to be with as I was not working or doing anything outside our home. Pam greeted me with a hug and we enjoyed a glass of white wine while we waited for Sally to arrive.

Sally arrived soon and we three settled down to an evening of sipping wine and talking about all sorts of things for a few hours. Sally suggested we play a game of cards, but we could not agree on a game we all knew how to play, and that could be played with just three players. We were laughing and having a good time, and Sally asked if I had ever played strip poker before.

I admitted I had, back when I was in high school. Of course then it was just me, or me and another girl and a few guys. I started to feel a little funny, and maybe a little excited as I realized that Sally was serious and Pam seemed to be fine with the conversation. Then Pam said if Sally and I were willing to play, she would too. It seemed we were all willing to play, but we realized it was getting late and Sally needed to be home soon.

Pan suggested we play the game next week when we got together, but could end the evening with a quick game of Secret Kiss. I had never heard of this game before, but it sounded sexy so I was ready. For those who do not know the game, here is how it first time school girl sexy story sex stories. Each girl has to kiss one of the other girls on a place on her body that is normally covered by her clothing.

The girl who is doing the kissing chooses where she will place the kiss.

Pam demonstrated by asking Sally to open her blouse, and then she planted a long kiss on Sally's stomach. Then Sally had to do the same to me. And then I did the same to Pam. Very tame, but at the same time, very sexy. Next it was Pam's turn. She told me to take off my blouse. She then knelt down behind me and kissed me at the base of my spine, almost touching my ass.

She even used a little tongue, which gave me chills. Then, of course, I had to do the same to Sally. I felt so sexy kneeling there behind Sally and placing my lips on her flesh.

I even did a little licking, pushing my tongue down under her waistband as far as I could. And then Sally kissed Pam, and that round was complete. Next, and the last round, it was my turn to kiss Sally.

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I wanted to show them how much I was enjoying this and was willing to do anything they wanted, but was afraid to come across as too sluttish or aggressive. I finally decided to ask Sally to from ass to mouth with my wife silvia her blouse.

When she did, I raised her arm and kissed her armpit and then licked it. Was I ever nasty? By the time Sally had done the same to Pam, and Pam did me, very nicely I would say, we probably would have played the game again, but Sally really had to leave, so we calmed down, did good night hugs and left.

What a fun and exciting night. I couldn't wait to get home and tell Michael all about it, and what was planned for the next week. Sally phoned the following Wednesday afternoon and said that Pam had called her and asked if we could come over a little earlier than usual so we would have more time to play, and asked if I could pick her up at work as her husband would have her car.

I and dad teaches son sex sure, and told her I would pick her up the next afternoon. The next day the only thing I could think about was what was to happen that evening at Pam's house.

The three of us playing strip poker and that would not be all, I knew. But what else? That afternoon I shaved my leys and underarms, trimmed my pussy and took a long, hot shower. I wanted to look, smell and taste fresh and clean for Pam and Sally.

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As agreed, I picked up Sally at work, and we arrived at Pam's soon after. Since none of us had eaten dinner, Pam had set out some snacks and wine for us to enjoy while we sat around and chatted. Finally, Pam suggested we get comfortable in her living room and asked if we all were serious about playing strip poker as we had talked about.

Of course we were, so out came the cards, the rules were agreed upon, and the fun started. Now I do not know what Pam and Sally had in their minds, but I was playing the game without really concentrating to win. I just wanted to get naked, and for them to do the same.

But it was fun, tantalizing, and getting me very excited.

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Off came the clothes, one piece at a time, shoes, blouses, skirts, bras, and at last, panties. Pam was the first to be completely nude. Sally and I continued to play while Pam watched to see who would be second. It was Sally.

I still had my panties on, but to show I was a good sport I pulled them off so we could all be naked. No one suggested we get dressed again, so we all freshened up our drinks and sat there giggling and making small talk. Feeling a little tipsy, and a lot horny, I asked if we were just going to just sit around and talk or were we going to play the Kissing Game.

Pam asked if Sally or I wanted to make any kisses off limits, and we both said no, anyone could kiss another person anywhere and anyone who refused to continue the game would be out.

Pam told me I should start with the first kiss since I was spicy lesbians fill up their massive asses with cream and ejaculate it out winner of the strip poker game. I put my face between her breasts and kissed her on her chest. Her skin was so warm and sweet, and her boobs felt so soft on either side of my face. Then she did the same to Sally, and Sally to me.

And so it went: breasts, nipples, navels, thighs, asses, and yes, pussy, too. Long wet tongue kisses. It seemed none of us could get enough of each other's bodies. We ended up lying on the floor with my face between Pam's legs, hers between Sally's and Sally's face between mine; sort of a three-way pussy feast. I came at least four times, while Pam kept filling my mouth with her sexy, yummy juices.

I never wanted it to end. At long last we were all too exhausted to go on. So we separated our entangled bodies and washed up, got dressed and prepared to leave. One of the most memorable nights of my life. While the three of us continued to get together passionately kissing natasha malkova makes Pam's for our weekly girls night out, and of course, enjoyed each other's bodies every time, there is always something special about that first time.

When I dropped Sally off at her house, we shared a long lingering kiss before she got out of the car. Her mouth still tasted slightly of my pussy. I was hoping her husband would not notice.

Or, if he did, it might just turn him on. That is all for now.