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Sex xxx story six inda
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*IMPORTANT* This is a new account for superkev123, I can no longer access my old one, so I am re-posting all my old ones here, and will also be uploading new ones. Chapter 4 Returning to their room, David said, "Let's take a shower." "Together?" Sara glanced towards the bathroom and tried to imagine them in the small shower together.

David nodded and began taking off his clothes in front of her. Sara sighed and did the same. He would just force her if she refused. Once they were in the shower, he washed her first. He stopped at both her breasts and cunt to run his tongue across them just enough to tease her. When she was finished washing her hair, he handed her the sponge and they switched places. Sara looked at him for a moment before she forced herself to start. She started with his chest and then worked her way to his arms, letting the soap cover his many tattoos.

She hesitated for a moment at his cock, but managed to start washing him. A smile threatened to peak out when she saw his cock twitch as the clean water flowed off of him. "Suck me." David ordered. Sara looked up at him in horror. The look in his eyes told her not to question him. She sighed and sank to her knees as the water continued to fall on both of them.

She gingerly took his cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around it. She could feel him growing harder as she continued.

She pulled away and looked up at him again. He stared back at her, still unwavering. Sara took a deep breath and took his cock into her mouth once more. She remembered what he had taught her and took him as far into her throat as possible before she started to gag.

Moving as quickly as she could, she soon felt his cock harden further and he sexy super teen masturbating with her vibrator one hand on the back of her head forcing himself deep into her.

Her eyes watered as his cum poured into her throat. She pulled away from him and sank back against the wall on her haunches. David noticed the rope of semen that somehow ended up on her chin. She looked like such a hot dirty slut at that moment. Her dark red hair was curly and matted from being in the steam. He considered letting her cum, but he was determined to make her beg him. "You need to wash your face." David big tits chicks sharing cock blowjob threesome smugly as he got out of the shower.

Sara looked at him blankly. She expected him to go down on her like he had before. Instead, he left her alone in the bathroom to wash his cum off her face. When she was finished in the shower, she wrapped a towel around her and walked into the bedroom to find David dressing again. "Should I get dressed?" Sara asked. "Sure, unless there's something you'd like me to do with you while you're naked?" David winked at her. Sara blushed, "No." "Suit yourself." David said as he picked up a book and began reading.

For the rest of the afternoon and evening, he continued teasing her. Sara understood what he was doing and resolved to be strong. She was not going to ask him. That night she did not sleep well. She woke up several times. It seemed like every time she woke up David was touching her. The last time was after a vivid dream. She dreamt she was back in the basement with her arms chained above her head.

David was whipping lucky porn videos search watch and download lucky free sex again, but this time there was no pain. He stopped whipping her and held her from behind. He played with her breasts and just as he was about to move down to her pussy, she woke with a start. It was still dark outside, but she could not sleep again.

David stayed with her all of the next day as well. He teased her incessantly. Bringing her to the edge of an orgasm several times and leaving her hanging. When he couldn't stand his own arousal he forced her to suck him again. By the time evening came, Sara's need for release was almost unbearable. She was relieved when he allowed her to go to sleep early. She was still exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before.

She awoke sometime in the middle of the night to find David in bed next to her. The lights in the room were off, but the moon outside was bright and full.

The room was illuminated with moonlight and she could easily see David sleeping next to her. He was laying on his side facing her.

She watched his even slow breathing and she was sure he was asleep. Just ask him to make you cum. Sara was annoyed at the thought.

No, he wants me to beg him. Her thoughts drifted as she lied awake. She could not go back to sleep. Without realizing what she was doing, she began picturing herself begging him to let her cum.

As her fantasy developed, so did the wetness in her cunt. Lost in thought, one hand drifted down under the covers. Sara slid her hand under her panties and circled her clit with two fingers. She knew it wouldn't take much more touching for her to cum. She stole a guilty glance at David.

She considered getting up and going to the bathroom to finish, but she was afraid that would wake him up. She wondered what he would do if he caught her pleasuring herself. Will he spank me? She thought sparking a new fantasy as she increased the pace of rubbing against her clit. "What are you doing?" David thundered as he ripped the covers off of her.

Sara's hand flew away from her cunt and she tried to sit up. David caught her and pulled her across his lap. He lifted one hand and slapped her bare ass several times. Each time he spanked her, it felt like an electric jolt went into Sara's pussy. "I'm sorry," she begged, "please stop." David ignored her and continued spanking her until she stopped resisting.

One of his hands had grasped her thigh to hold her down and he could feel her wetness on his hand. "Don't touch yourself again. I'm the only one that is going to make you cum." He said as he released her. Sara rubbed her sore ass as she moved off of his lap. She knelt silently on the bed as he laid back down on the bed. "I'm going back to sleep unless you want to ask for permission to cum," he said.

Defeated, Sara covered her face with her hands. She wanted to cry. She did not want to do this, but she needed relief. David continued watching her in the moonlight. "Please." Sara whispered. "Tell me." David said soothingly. "Oh god, please, I can't." Sara wailed as she clutched her fists. "Quit being so damn stubborn." David was almost pleading with her.

Sara looked at him for a moment and closed her eyes for a few seconds trying to compose herself. When she reopened them, it was almost as if something primal took over her. She lunged at him and put her lips to his, almost knocking him over, as she kissed him. David kissed her back for as long as he could. When it broke, Sara still clung to him.

He held her in silence. He could see her searching his face looking for him to waiver. "Please fuck me, make me cum." Sara whispered. Before she could regret her words, David rolled on top of her and began kissing her neck. To his surprise, she kissed him and ran her hands from his hips to his shoulders, stopping to embrace him. He sat up and helped her take her t-shirt off.

David ran his hands down her body again feeling her softness. He started again by kissing her on the mouth and kissed down to both breasts and further down to her waiting cunt. Sara moaned and bucked as he kissed her one last time on her mound.

He pushed her legs up and slid his fingers easily into her wet pussy and he heard her moan louder. He fucked her with his fingers while he continued rubbing her clit with his thumb. "I'm going to cum," she huskily whispered as she ground her hips up while her pussy tightened around his fingers. Sara felt like she was falling into a black hole as the waves of the orgasm pulsed through her. The room around her seemed to disappear for a brief moment before she felt David's cock sliding into her pussy.

She opened her eyes to see that David was on top of her. His face contorted as he pushed his cock the rest of the way into her tight cunt. Sara raised her legs to let him go deeper as he began thrusting. She could feel the friction inside of her bringing her close to cumming again.

She clutched his arms. David fucked her until he felt her cum again. She looked confused as he pulled out of her. "Did you.finish?" she asked softly. "Not yet," David said, a little out of breath, "roll over onto your knees." Sara quickly rolled over and raised her ass in the air.

She was still a little confused; he hadn't had her switch positions before. Lesbian tgirls receives head from female tube porn felt him grasp her by the hips and his cock, wet with her cum, enter her open cunt.

He began fucking her again, trying to pace himself. David ran his hands over her back and across her ass. He noticed that if he scraped his fingernails down the curves of her hips she would tighten and push against his cock. He made a point to repeat this for a moment at a time. Sara cried out in pleasure as he fucked and caressed her. Before this, she had managed to keep most of her moans to herself, but this time he had pushed past her self restraint.

Every time he touched her ass, she wished he would spank it. She could feel the twinges of another orgasm starting and her mind was abandoning all of her limitations. "Please spank me." She uttered without knowing what she was saying. David almost came upon hearing her beg to be spanked. He wasted no time in raising his hand and bringing it down on the round peak of her ass.

He timed his blows with his thrusts. After only a few swats he could feel her cumming again. His own stamina was at its limit and his cum poured into her. Sara's mind had begun drifting again when he spanked her.

She could feel herself cumming at the same time as his seed filled her, but it felt like her body was miles away. When he released her hips, her body was unable to support her and she melded down onto her stomach. David laid next to her and lifted her head onto his damp chest. They laid together in silence, he recovering and Sara returning to Earth. Sara woke on her stomach and found her whole body aching.

It seemed like every muscle was on fire. Her pillow had fallen to the floor sometime during the night. She looked over at David who was still asleep on his back. She could see that he was not wearing a shirt. She realized in horror that they were both completely naked.

The memories of what had happened during the middle of the night returned to her. Sara wished she would die right then. She gingerly climbed out of the bed and went into the bathroom. She shut the door behind her and sat down against it. She wanted to cry. She remembered being in the same spot once before, on the day of her arrival.

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Suddenly, she realized that his cum was dripping down her thighs and she decided to take a shower. What am I going to say to him? She kept asking herself as she showered. She could picture him now, gloating at the slut she had become because of him.

Getting out of the shower, she wrapped herself in a towel. She looked at herself in the mirror and tried to comb her hair again. She felt like crying again as she replayed the night's events. She remembered what she'd said and worse, what she'd done. She jumped when she heard the bed creak and felt her heart beat faster. "Are you okay in there?" he asked through the door. Sara didn't answer. David sighed to himself. He knew that today was going to be hard.

He opened the door and he could see the hatred burning in her eyes. "Why didn't you answer me?" he asked. She still didn't speak. She tried to push past him through the door and he held her by the shoulders. "Bastard! Let me go, god damn it!" She screamed at him. David struggled to keep his own anger in check. "I know you're confused right now, 18 yfrench creampie chinese exchange student I am not going to let you act like a bitch," he glowered at her.

Sara knew she had gone too far when she saw David's face. She had seen him truly angry once before and it was frightening. She went still and lowered her eyes. His anger abated a little at seeing her cower to him.

"Apologize to me and I'll forgive you this time." Sara opened her mouth and closed it, not trusting what words would come out. She looked up at him and he was looking back at her intently. She knew that every second she waited to speak could be the moment he decided to punish her. "I'm sorry," came out of her mouth in a sob. David led her back to the bed.

He sat next to her and she leaned against him. "I know that you're fighting yourself right now. There is nothing wrong with who you are.You were beautiful last night." David hoped what he was saying was soothing her and not antagonizing her. Sara stopped crying. She didn't know what to say to him. "I'm going to go get us something to eat. I'll be back in a little bit." David said softly to her and got up.

He went to the closet and got her clothes for the day. Sara took them when he handed them to her. He left the room. She was grateful to have a little time alone to collect her thoughts. She laid down on the bed, her mind still in turmoil.

She couldn't deny that she had enjoyed last night or for that matter the chemistry between them. She knew that she had submitted to him by asking him to fuck her and certainly when she asked him to spank her. It made her feel good not fight him for once and to see his happiness.

David took his time going to the kitchen and making them some breakfast. He was gone for nearly an hour before he returned. He came back to find Sara clothed and sitting in the chair. She looked like she had been staring off into space. He turned on the television to break the silence while they ate. He made a joke at a stupid commercial and she laughed.

When they were finished eating, David went to his bookshelf and found the book he was looking for. He pulled it off the shelf and handed it to Sara. "Read this, I think it might help." Sara took it from him like it was a poisonous snake.

She looked at the book skeptically. It seemed harmless enough. It reminisced of a self-help book. Over the next few days, she read it. At some points she had to stop because it was too much for her, but then she would begin again.

It covered most aspects of BDSM. She found the section written from the submissive's perspective especially interesting. There were many parts of herself she recognized in it, such as the fantasies she'd had since childhood. There were also parts that repelled and frightened her, specifically the chapters covering anal play. It also brought up other questions that had not occurred to Sara before. During the days that she read, she continued to act cordially.

She did not refuse any advances from David again. She did not ask him any questions about the book until she was finished reading it. She finally pounced on him while he was at his computer. "Do you want to do everything that this book talks about?" She asked first. He smiled, "No, do you?" "Of course not.I was wondering if you are going to." She looked away from him, embarrassed. David knew exactly what her worry was.

"Fuck you in the ass?" Sara gasped as he finished her question. "How did you know?" she asked. "Lucky guess," he smirked at her, "and yes, I'm going to fuck you in the ass." Sara felt a gush of warmth between her legs. The idea of it scared her, but aroused her at the same time. David continued to log on to the computer. Sara sat in uncomfortable silence for a moment before asking her next question.

"Why don't I have safe word?" she asked. David mulled her question over, a little surprised at her candidness, "We aren't exactly in that kind of relationship.Would you use it when I fuck you in the ass?" "Yes," Sara admitted.

"Then you don't get one for now." He said simply and continued what he was doing. A few more days wore on uneventfully. Sara began opening up to David even more. She loved hearing his stories about the Army. He had been to so many different countries.

At a quarter to three one afternoon he went to his closet and handed Sara a pair of his jeans. "What do you want me to do with these?" She asked. "Wear them," he said. Sara looked at them with concern. She wasn't sure they would even fit her. She stood up to put them on and, to her delight, they were a little loose on her. "You've shaped up nicely," David commented, "very nicely." "Really?" Sara asked. "Yes, you look great." He admired her smile.

"Where are we going?" she asked, purposely changing the subject. "I'm going to work on a tattoo for a friend here," he said. Sara followed him down the hall and to the door of another room on the same floor. He knocked and a male voice on the inside told them to come in.

They entered and Sara saw the man that had delivered her back to David when she tried to escape. He was sitting on a couch watching television with his shirt off. It appeared he actually had small apartment instead of a room like David. "Your stuff's over there." Evan said, barely looking at them, and then taking another glance as he noticed Sara.

"Sara, say hello to Evan, I believe publicagent naughty blonde gets her ass covered in cum met before." David introduced her. "Hi," Sara looked away shyly. "Have you been feeding her?" Evan asked, admiring her new figure. "At least she's not as skinny as that stick you call a slave.where is she anyway?" David saw no sign of Jenny.

"She went into town. She's on her way back. Are you going to get to work or stand there and yap at me all day?" Evan joked.

He stood up and went to get some more supplies David would need. Sara watched as David went to the kitchen and scrubbed his hands before he found his kit with his tattoo machine and needles. He opened several packages of needles and arranged everything a table next to the couch. He also got out the ink and set it up. Evan returned and laid face down on the couch.

"Sara, you can sit in that chair." David pointed to a large arm chair adjacent to the couch. "Is she going to be good?" Evan asked. "She better be." David said as Sara shifted nervously. "Just as long as she doesn't fuck you up. I've had too much work put into this thing for it to get screwed up somehow." Evan added. David got to work and began making conversation with Evan. Sara continued to observe. She noted that the outline of Evan's tattoo was finished and David was working on filling things in.

It looked like it was a scene of naked female angels battling naked demon girls. "So, when are you going to tattoo your girlie?" Evan asked. David continued his shading work, "Oh, nothings popped into my head yet." He stole a quick glance at Sara who was now fully listening to their conversation. "I think you should tattoo the word 'slave' across her back." Evan suggested. "Hmm, I'll have to think about that." David smiled as he tried to continue concentrating.

He stopped for a moment when he heard the door open behind him. "Hi, Master." A tall skinny girl with shoulder length blonde hair cheerfully called from the doorway. Sara watched in disbelief as she took off her clothes in front of all of them before walking to the bedroom carrying her bags. Evan saw the look on Sara's face and explained, "I require my slaves to be naked at all times when they are at home." Sara did not say anything.

Jenny appeared to be proud of her body and did not mind showing it off. Jenny returned and knelt before them. She wore a thin shiny leather collar around her neck. Both of her nipples and navel were pierced with gold rings. Her breasts were a little on the small side, but they were well rounded.

Her pink nipples pointed upward a little. Her pussy was covered with short silky dark blonde hair. "How was shopping, little one?" Evan asked her. "Fine, Beauteous cutie is giving worthy blow girlfriend homemade Jenny answered and looked at Sara, "Is this Sara?" "Yes," Evan answered.

Jenny looked her over, "She's pretty. I love your hair." Sara was uncomfortable having a naked woman kneeling at her feet. She managed to thank Jenny for the compliment. "Why isn't she wearing a collar?" Jenny asked. "Mind your own business." Evan said, annoyed. David continued his work without commenting. Jenny kept quiet as well. "Go show Sara what you bought." Evan told Jenny after a while. Jenny smiled and stood up.

Sara looked at David and he nodded, "It's okay." Sara followed her into their bedroom. It was a very small room, but it had a large closet that was overflowing with clothes. "I'm a clothes whore," Jenny said still smiling, "I know it's kind of weird since I don't wear clothes at home, but I can't help myself." She reached into her bags and pulled out a stylish dress and held it up to her. "That's cute." Sara said with little enthusiasm. Watching this beautiful girl show off her clothes was not her idea of a good time.

"Thanks," Jenny said and pulled out more clothes. Suddenly, out of the blue, Jenny asked in a whisper, "Tell is David in bed? I've always wondered about him." Sara was struck speechless for a moment.

"I don't really have any other experiences to compare with," she admitted. "You mean you were a virgin?" Jenny asked in awe. "Yeah," Sara said in embarrassment. "That's so hot." Jenny said before asking, "Do you like being a slave?" Sara considered if she really wanted to confide her feelings in this girl that she barely knew, but she spoke anyway.

"It scares me.I scare me." Sara whispered. Jenny knelt down before her and said soothingly, "I felt the same way in the beginning. When I met Evan I was completely vanilla, but after one night with him I couldn't turn back. I was terrified of how heavy things would get.but David is very sweet and I don't think he would let you go too far." Their conversation was cut off when they heard the buzz of the tattoo machine shut off. Sara followed Jenny back into the living room.

"I think I've had enough pain for today." Evan said as David began bandaging him. Sara and David shortly returned to his room for the evening. Sara thought about the surreal conversation she had with Jenny. More days passed in a blur. Not much changed until the following Saturday afternoon.

"You need to get dressed." David instructed. "Where are we going?" Sara asked. "We're going to hang out with Evan and Jenny tonight.

She wants to try to cook us dinner." David answered, frowning a little at the thought. Sara picked out a pair of David's old faded and torn jeans and put them on. She wore a black tank top with them. They went over to Evan and Jenny's apartment at five o'clock. Jenny, of course, was cooking in the nude. Sara and David sat on the couch together as Evan helped her in the kitchen. Evan walked in the room and handed them both a bottle of beer.

Sara took it timidly from him. She had attractive teenie slut swallows his whole dick a little in high school, but she was leery of doing so now.

David saw her hesitation and said under his breath, "Don't be rude, one beer won't kill you." Sara took a drink. By the time they were finished eating, the bottle was empty.

She still felt in control of her senses. After dinner, Evan made everyone drinks. They found a comedy on cable to watch. After her second drink, Sara felt more relaxed.

She was laughing with everyone at the movie and agreed to have a glass of wine with Jenny. As they continued watching the movie, Sara kept stealing glances at Jenny who was kneeling happily at Evan's feet. Sara pictured herself doing the same in front of David and found the idea strangely appealing. When the movie was over they played a movie trivia game. If David didn't know an answer, Sara usually did and they easily won.

"I hate playing this game with you, fucker. You know more useless shit than anyone should." Evan said as he put it away and then added, "And that goes for your girl too." David laughed and Sara giggled. Jenny returned from the kitchen and handed her yet another drink. Sara shook her head, "No, I can't." Jenny nodded insistently, "Yes, you can. Drink it or I'll ask David to spank you in front of us." "And I will." David added playfully poking Sara in the ribs. "Well, if you insist," Sara blushed as she took the drink.

She was becoming acutely aware of the wetness in her panties. Jenny took her place at Evan's feet again and they continued watching television and talking. Sara was too aware of David sitting next to her and she kept fighting the urge to touch him. Her attention was diverted when Jenny asked her a question.

"Did you really used to be a goth?" Sara shot David a look that would kill before answering, "I guess you could say that." "I bet you looked hot." Jenny said. It was almost ten o'clock when Jenny leaned up and whispered something in Evan's ear.

He stared at David and Sara as she did. "You'll have to ask him," Evan replied to whatever question Jenny had asked. Jenny gracefully got up and knelt before David. "I was wondering if I could dress Sara see how she looks?" Jenny demurely asked David. "Sure." David said and patted Sara on the knee. He knew she was fuming on the inside. If it hadn't been for the drinks, Sara would have bolted from the room. As Jenny pulled her to her feet, they hit her and the room seemed to move a little.

Jenny continued to drag her into her bedroom. Sara sat on the bed as Jenny got what she needed. "I'm going to start with your hair. Do you mind sitting on the floor?" Jenny asked, holding a hairbrush and elastic hair bands. "Why not." Sara said as she slid down on the floor.

Jenny sat behind her on the bed and began braiding half of her hair. Sara hot couple sex on cam watch part on warmcamcom a glimpse of them in a mirror mounted on the wall and saw to her shock, Jenny's legs were open and she could see the inner folds of her cunt.

She tried not to stare, but Jenny caught her looking once. "Do you like girls?" Jenny asked as if it was a normal question. "I've never been with one." Sara said.

"I like it sometimes." Jenny said and then asked, "Do you ever think about it?" "Yes." Sara blushed. "Maybe one day you and I can play together." Jenny said as she finished up her hair. She got up to get the make up. Sara returned to sitting on the bed. Jenny nasty ex gf rides and sucks dick at picnic ex girlfriend and girlfriend next to her on the bed and began applying the make up.

Sara remembered the feeling of the heavy mascara weighing down her long eye lashes from high school. "My foundation isn't light enough, but it still looks good." Jenny noted and handed Sara a mirror. Sara felt like she had gone back in time as looked at her reflection.

Her eyes were surrounded by black make up and it made her blue eyes stand out. Jenny had found a dark plum lipstick that worked well with Sara's hair and skin tone. Her hair was tightly braided on each side down the back.

"You're missing something." Jenny said and began rummaging though her closet. She returned and held out a leather collar. "I don't think so." Sara said. "Yes, you have to, it'll look so cool." Jenny placed it around her neck before she could protest further. Sara stood up and looked at herself in the full length mirror.

For the first time in years, she thought she looked attractive. Jenny stood behind her and placed her hands on Sara's ass. "You should go out there naked and kneel before David. He would die a happy man." She whispered into Sara's ear. Goosebumps rose on Sara's neck. "I can't do that," she said as she stared into the mirror. "But, you want to, don't you?" Jenny whispered again, her voice heavy with seduction. "Yes, but I can't." A chill ran through Sara's body.

She wanted to turn around and kiss Jenny. "At least kneel in front of him." Jenny continued to persist as she guided Sara out of the room. Sara felt faint as she walked into the room. She felt David and Evan's eyes on her. They looked on in wonder as Sara allowed Jenny to direct her in front of David. She gently pushed Sara's shoulders down. Slowly, Sara descended to her knees. She did not dare look up. "My god, you're gorgeous." David said as he reached out to run his hand down Sara's cheek.

She peeked up at him as she shivered again. "She's a natural alright." Evan added. "I tried to get her to take her clothes off, but she wouldn't." Jenny giggled, breaking the tension.

They all resumed talking again about other things. Sara remained on the floor, but turned around so her back was facing David. She jumped when she felt him start rubbing her bare shoulders. His touch her set her body on fire. Evan talked David into watching one more movie and another beer. Jenny was still insisting Sara drink too and Sara's inhibitions were lowered even more when she dimmed the lights for the movie.

Sara looked over at one point to see Jenny and Evan kissing. Evan was playing with one of her breasts. David noticed Sara watching this with interest. He was having a hard time controlling his own urges. He found Sara incredibly sexy dressed as she was. "Sit on my lap." He nuzzled Sara's neck. Sara rose and sat down just barely on his lap. She felt her clit begin to pulse at being so close to him. She wished that he would just take her back to their room and fuck her. She leaned on him and rested her head on his shoulder.

David wrapped one of his arms around her waist. His hand was resting on her inner thigh. Sara fought with her desires. She felt a rush of relief when David's other hand found her breast. He rolled her nipple through her shirt and she moaned into his neck. His other hand tickled her thigh and she made a sound that was part gasp part giggle. "Evan, I'm sorry, but I think it's time for us to leave." David said and stood up as he still held onto Sara.

"Yeah, I understand." Evan said with Jenny's head between his legs. David walked Sara out following her closely behind. She could feel his hardness. When they were out of ear shot of Evan and Jenny, Sara giggled before asking, "Do you want me to act like Jenny, Master?" She asked in a mocking tone. "Don't call me that unless you mean it." David's hot assed teen sprayed young old and pornstars was unfaltering and his fingers dug into Sara's skin.

Sara's heart dropped, "Sorry," she squealed. They went back into his room and David passionately kissed her. Sara's tongue met his with equal force. He unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down with her panties.

Next he took off her shirt. He left the collar on. Sara laid obediently on the bed as he went to his closet to get out some things. "I want to play tonight." He told Sara as he returned to her side. He began by securing her wrists with silk scarves. He used rope to tie her ankles down and allowed enough slack so he could push her legs up if necessary. Sara was relaxed even though she was laying spread eagle on the bed with the lights on.

Calmly, she watched David as he approached her holding a blindfold. "I hate to cover your beautiful eyes, but I think this will help you." He said while putting it over her eyes. Sara did find the darkness soothing. It seemed like an eternity to her before he did anything.

He began by running something soft down her body. Sara squirmed in her bonds. The sensation intensified between her thighs. Sara couldn't stop from giggling. "Ah, so you're ticklish.that should make things interesting." David said almost gleefully. "Oh, please don't!" Sara desperately begged as he moved the feather to her breasts.

He tickled her at one spot and then another until she was panting. Every cell in her body seemed to be hypersensitive. David got out his next weapon, a small vibrator. Sara had never used one before and was not able to figure out what the sound was before it touched her.

She moaned as the waves reverberated through her cunt. David ran it along her inner folds for minutes until she was arching her back to try to make contact with it. "David, please, either stop or let me cum.I can't take this anymore." Sara pleaded in a voice louder than normal. "What will eden adams rides a stiff cock expertly pornstars and big tits do for me in return?" David asked from between her legs.

To make his point, he licked her clit. "Whatever you want!" Sara moaned. "Really? So you'd let me fuck your ass?" He asked, running the vibe from her clit to her ass. Sara would have promised him her soul if he had asked for it. "Yes!" she cried.

David smiled at his victory. He applied the vibe against her clit while his fingers probed inside of her cunt. Sara screamed as the first orgasm started. It quickly flowed into a second and then a third, smaller one. He left Sara for a moment while her head swam with the intensity of her pleasure. He returned with the smallest butt plug he had been able to find and a tube of lubricant. David applied the lube to the toy and then guided Sara's legs up. "As much as I would like to take you up on your offer, I think that I would prefer to start with something smaller than my cock." David told her.

Sara took a deep breath and tried to relax her muscles. She flinched when the cold lube touched her. To distract her, David gently massaged her clit as he started forcing the plug into her ass. "If you push out it will hurt less." David said when he felt her resistance.

Sara was surprised that it didn't hurt as much as she feared. She wondered how big whatever he was putting in her ass was. She could feel her muscles give way as the thing suddenly went in easily. She could feel something resting against the outside of her body.

"What is it?" she asked. "A small butt plug." David answered. He left to get his next tool, a leather riding crop. He ran it along Sara's ribs. "Do you know what this is?" he asked her. "Something you're going to hit me with?" Sara asked trying to sound calm, but she could hear her voice crack a little. "Yes, a crop." David was enjoying taking in the sight of her lying helpless, bound to the bed.

Tiny babe gets screwed roughly hardcore and blowjob was completely at his mercy. He slowly lifted the crop in the air and then flicked the tip against her right thigh. Sara yelped a bit in surprise. It really hadn't hurt, but startled her. David continued alternating between her left and right thigh until he felt she had become used to the sensations. She cried out in sudden pain as he flicked the inside of one thigh.

At the same time, she could feel a gush of fluid trickle out of her cunt. David returned to hitting the top of her thighs, but this time with the shaft of the crop. He began to notice that Sara was pushing herself up to meet his strokes.

He stopped for a moment to run his fingers along her cunt and discovered how wet she was. Sara moaned as she felt his fingers caress her. "Do you want me to fuck you?" David asked as he began to get undressed.

"Yes." It took a huge effort for Sara to say this single word. She felt like time had suddenly slowed down. "Beg me." He finished undressing and turned off the light. He was going to take the blindfold off of her and wanted her to be comfortable. He went to the bathroom, turned on the light, and cracked open the door allowing enough light for him to see.

"Please." Sara squeaked. "You can do better than that." She felt the bed dip down as David began untying her. Sara remained silent as he finished untying her and took of her blindfold. She blinked as her eyes tried to adjust to the light. She focused on David who was waiting. "Do you need a drink?" He asked. "Yes." Sara said quietly. She suddenly felt shy with him standing in front of her naked.

His cock was hard. David gave her some water. She lifted herself on her elbows to drink and became suddenly aware of the plug that remained in her ass. David noticed her flinch and smiled, "Now, were you about to ask me something?" Sara sighed a little, as he took the bottle of water away. She wanted him inside of her, but she still did not want to beg him to fuck her.

David returned to the bed and started caressing her. He motioned for her to roll over on her stomach and he ran his hands across her back and over the curve of her ass.

Suddenly, his hand rolled over a sensitive spot bringing Sara to her point of no return. "Fuck me please, I'm begging you." she began. "Show me." David said and laid down naughty girl punished and sleep sack bdsm talent ho his back "I don't understand." Sara sat up on her haunches and looked him in the eyes for a brief moment.

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David took her hand in his and directed it to his hard cock. He groaned as her soft hand wrapped around his shaft. She watched him intently as she fondled him. She had avoided touching his cock during sex in the past, but she found herself enjoying it.

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Growing bolder, she carefully felt his balls with her other hand. She jerked her hand away when he sucked in his breath. "Did I hurt you?" Sara asked. "No, you're very good at that." David sometimes forgot how innocent she actually was. Feeling more confident with his words, Sara returned to touching him. She kept her eyes on his as she lowered her mouth to his cock.

David could hardly believe his eyes as she began sucking massive fake tits on this webcam girl on her own. He briefly wondered if she was going to bite him, but he was soon distracted from that thought. Quickly, the pressure began to build in his balls and he knew he wasn't going to last much longer. "Stop." He reluctantly said.

Sara took one last chance to run her tongue around his cock before she sat back up. "Get on your knees." He ordered her. Once she was in the proper position, David retrieved the riding crop from the foot of the bed and slapped her ass with it. Sara involuntarily moved forward a little at the unexpected blow.

She settled back and David started flogging her with the crop. She could feel the heat building up again in her body. "Ohhh." she cried when he suddenly stopped beating her and twisted the plug. She was on the edge of cumming again. David roughly entered her cunt, slamming his cock in with one push. He felt Sara quiver a little as he started quickly fucking her. He carefully pulled out the butt plug about an inch and pushed it in again.

Sara squirmed as he did this. Her ass was burning and she wasn't sure if the feeling was pleasant or not. David continued to move it and she felt her muscles tighten as she was about to cum again. David let out a primal grunt when he felt Sara cumming.

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A rush of warm fluid surrounded his cock and he could feel it dripping from her thighs onto his. He couldn't stop himself as he came into her, flooding her cunt even more. Sara did not feel him remove the plug from her ass. She was gone again, her mind swimming in the depths of her orgasm. David gently laid her down on the bed and covered her up with the blanket.

He crawled in next to her and wrapped one arm around her waist. ========== As I said at the beginning, these are my stories, on a NEW account. If you want to get in contact, check my Forum profile. Any fans, well wishers, or if you just have any questions, suggestions or the like are welcome to get in touch.